9.0 pie – OsmAnd + Voice navigation does not work

I am using OsmAnd + 3.5.5 from F-Droid on my Samsung A3 2016 running LineageOS 16 (Android 9).

Everything seems to be working fine, but for some reason, voice navigation will not work, which means I have to constantly look at the directions rather than listen.

What am I forgetting here? Is there a way to get him to talk to me?

How to retrieve voice recording if I don't have a computer

I don't have a computer to connect my phone I need to recover voice recordings that I saved on my phone I don't know how they disappeared

iphone – How to cut incoming voice calls on WhatsApp?

I was forced by my loved ones to install WhatsApp on my iPhone. I only use it for text messages, so I have disabled the camera, voice, etc. and, what I thought, it was all the sounds of it in the settings of the iPhone.

But once in a while one of my older parents decides to call me. In this case, the WhatsApp app starts playing that annoying ringtone that I can't kill, which is very frustrating, especially if I'm at work.

Is there a setting (or some other way) to prevent it from ringing incoming voice calls?

PS. I don't want to silence my phone completely. Just WhatsApp.

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iphone – Alex TTS voice is automatically deleted

I use TTS voices for some of my applications. Sometimes I download new voices to check how they sound and probably move them later. I heard that Alex's voice is one of the best free voices on iOS, so I downloaded it. It weighs around 800MB, which is roughly.

After a while I filled up the storage on my device, so there is only about 50MB left. After that I started filling it up by downloading new apps and at some point given, that Alex voice started showing the app as not installed, so in the voice list it appears with the cloud button on the right. Also, in the app where I used it, another voice started to speak in place of Alex.

Is it possible that iOS will automatically remove some overly heavy voices in order to free up space?

mac – Is there a way to let "Add to iTunes as a voice track" use one of the voices from the browser?

One way to record text-to-speech on Google Chrome or Safari is to highlight the text, right-click and choose "Services" -> "Add to iTunes as a voice track".

But I think the voice that can be chosen is limited to the voices of the system. There is no way to choose voices from Google Chrome such as "Google US English" or "Microsoft Jessa Online" from Microsoft Edge. Is there a way to choose them?

data synchronization – How to synchronize iPhone voice memos with Mac via USB without using iCloud?

I have no interest in iCloud for synchronizing important data like voice memos. It's faster for me to just connect my iPhone to my Mac via the USB cable and sync this way.

Many changes have taken place in recent times, iTunes is now completely replaced on Mac.

On Catalina 10.15.2 and iOS 13.3, this is what it currently looks like:

There are many voice memos on my iPhone:

enter description of image here

But on my macOS Finder, I don't see any mention anywhere of the voice memos present on my iPhone:

enter description of image here

enter description of image here

Likewise, in Music.app on my Mac, nothing shows up as detected on my iPhone:

enter description of image here

As for Voice Memos.app, there does not seem to be any connection with the iOS counterpart, it is empty:

enter description of image here

Has Apple discontinued the USB transfer functionality between iPhone and Mac?

How can I do this? Do we now need to use third-party tools like AnyTrans when these two devices are Apple devices?

Australian citizens – Will it be difficult for me to travel to the UK as a voice member of Extinction Rebellion?

As Mark pointed out, the police refused to classify XR as extremists, claiming that it was a mistake. However, it is important to note that the UK is extremely proactive in prohibiting or denying entry or visas to people considered undesirable.

Repeatedly in recent decades, anti-vivisectionists, euthanasia activists and many far-right activists have been excluded from the UK, even in the absence of any convictions criminal.

Border officials have the power to refuse entry if they believe that a person "is not conducive to the public good". I think it is entirely possible that if a border agent came to believe that you were going to the United Kingdom to participate in demonstrations, especially those which involve major disruption, he would refuse you ;Entrance. Your simple association with XR could make the customs officer believe that you were coming to the United Kingdom to protest.

Given the brutal manner in which the XR protests in London were controlled, the prior use of counterterrorism legislation against climate activists and the right-wing ideology of the current government and in particular from the Home Secretary, it is entirely possible that a future XR demonstration could lead the government to harshly treat XR activists and try to exclude foreign activists from the United Kingdom.

I'm not saying that you should be particularly concerned about your future trips to the UK, but I would avoid carrying any type of XR material on you when you enter the UK, to avoid discussing your activism with the border agent.

Voice interface prototyping without the need to "click" or "hold" a microphone button

His general – no it will not work – will react to any sound wave (conversation, impact etc.)

For example:
You talk with colleagues – and the interface activates (when it shouldn't).

Specific voice control seems a better solution – like "Hey Siri".

It is possible to work on a voice wave (of the person) or a specific sound.
(the interface can only react to the tone of the owner's voice)

Instagram works like you mentioned – after a click and hold (2s)

enter description of image here

Of course, you can customize your voice interface:
enter description of image here

google, facebook, Whatsapp sms and voice verification

To integrate



Image of the link: