Would you support a public vote to allow Donald Trump to serve more than 2 terms?

There is no doubt that Trump will easily win the 2020 elections. The problem, however, is that, according to the constitution, he can only serve two terms.

Trump is considered one of the best, if not the best, president in history, and no one on planet Earth can beat him in an election.

Given that Trump is unbeatable and that an overwhelming majority of Americans want it, would you support a bill that would pass in the House of Commons and Senate to allow for a public vote, but if the American people still voted, authorize the constitution allow Donald Trump and only Donald Trump to serve for more than 2 terms?

If Trump could serve 3, 4, 5 or more terms, his policy would probably be irreversible for centuries and America would prosper for over 100 years.

Would you be in favor of allowing a public vote, because if America voted yes, would Donald Trump sit for more than two terms?

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I will be 18 at the time of the next elections. Who should I vote for?

Nobody. The bottom line is that nothing is free. You will be one of those American taxpayers who will pay these college studies and those of all others until the end of their days. With the interest of irresponsible politicians in Washington, DC, Republicans and Democrats, continue to dramatically increase the public debt.

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How does it sound for next November?

When were women allowed to vote in the United States?

Lydia Taft's vote in 1756 is generally recognized as the first woman confirmed to vote, but I read that it was certain that women had already voted before.

Obviously, it was colonial America. Men and women landowners could vote in New Jersey in 1776.

Will the House vote this week on the investigation for Trump (and the GOP) to stop crying and crying like a little beeotch?

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