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I cancellede flt. 202 Res Code TFNWYM I was told I would receive a voucher. ROR 217546138601

With my voucher I would like to book flight for 8 Oct 2021 to Venice Italy from Newark NJ [EWR] USA

air travel – Can I get a cash refund from British Airways after applying for a voucher?

I booked my flight back in January with BA, the flight got cancelled in March due to Covid19.

Many people have fallen into the trap they had on the website, where you try to get a cash refund and they force you to fill the form to get the voucher. So they sent me the voucher.

I tried to call in today and they said because you applied for the voucher you can’t get a cash refund.

I am trying to book tickets for this month, BA don’t have any flights available. The company is likely to go bust and fire all their pilots.

Is there a class action suit for this?

Is there a way to still get the cash refund?

airlines – Can I receive a voucher without my consent?

During the COVID-19 2020 pandemic (ongoing at the time of writing, 2020-05-06), many airlines cancel flights and then offer coupons instead of refunds. Several questions already address this problem.

If I accept a voucher, I can no longer request a chargeback on the card used for the reservation, as the transaction will be completed. Now Condor Airlines writes:

Allen Gästen mit einem geplanten Abflug von 12. März 2020 bis zum 28. May 2020 (Kurz- und Mittelstrecke) sowie bis zum 25. Juni 2020 werden persönlich kontaktiert und erhalten bei Flugannullierung automatisch ein Flugguthaben, das flexibel und vielfältig eingesetzt werden kann.


All customers with a departure scheduled between March 12, 2020 and May 28, 2020 (short and medium distance) and until June 25, 2020 are personally contacted and in case of cancellation automatically receive a voucher, which can be used flexibly and in several ways.

It looks like they are going to issue coupons, whether we like it or not. Condor is still legally obligated to reimburse me, but it can be difficult to obtain one, so we can try the card issuer alternately. However, if Condor gives us a voucher without our consent (rather than offering it to us with the possibility of refusing), does this mean that the route via the issuer of our card is closed to us?

(our departure date for an intercontinental flight is later than June 25, but I suppose that the situation will not have normalized in July and that our flight will not take place)

Need a full refund and not a voucher due to Covid

We bought a ticket to Spain and the airline was TAP Portugal for this summer for my daughters' study abroad program. She was due to leave on May 24. She received a voucher to use in a year but she will not be able to use it, she is going to be a senior at university and will not have time to return to Spain. We would like a refund. I understand that we bought a ticket without insurance, but all of this is beyond our control. HOW CAN WE GET A REFUND ON OUR CREDIT CARD PLEASE !! Any direction would be greatly appreciated. the cost for a one-way trip was $ 499.03 and we were really able to use the money.

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cancellations – Ryanair offering a voucher in lieu of the refund I requested

My flight with Ryanair was canceled due to Covid-19.

They sent an email about a month ago, offering to change my reservation for free or request a refund. I requested a refund. The form used mentions a processing time of 20 days + 7 days for the actual payment. So that puts the payment a bit today.

However, today I received another email from them, simply offering a voucher and the invitation to book a flight within one year. The email indicates that the voucher will be valid for one year, nothing on the money refund after this period, which seems to be the case now with most other airlines.

They also say that I could still get a refund, but only after the consequences of the pandemic are brought under control, when that happens. They provide a link, which is the same as what you would get by accepting their voucher and you have to scroll down to the last section and only there they talk about refunds. They say I should contact them if I still want the refund. However, no way to contact them is provided. They can't seriously expect to write an email because their customer support is absolutely unresponsive. What should I do? It appears that they no longer really offer refunds, which would be against the law.

The question posed here and here seems only weakly linked.

Can I cancel a flight due to COVID-19 and use the voucher for the same time and a cheaper plane ticket?

I have reserved a ticket for future trips but I now see that the price has dropped considerably. Should I cancel due to a coronavirus and modify my reservation with a voucher?

Flight canceled due to COVID19, and they offer a voucher instead of a full refund. Is it legal?

The airline is Tap Air Portugal. My flight leaves the United States for Lisbon. Can i do something?

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