pathfinder – How does bonus advancement work in ki points for monk's vows?

I would like to use the optional rule to take vows as a monk, taken from the Ultimate Magic Rulebook.

My player has made a vow of poverty and assigns 1 ki point for each monk level. Clear as water of rock. But he also vowed to fast, with a bonus of ki points of 1 every 6 levels with a minimum of +1.

It's difficult for me to know if:

  • As stated, my player will earn one ki point every 6 levels with a minimum of +1, which means that he will have +1 from the vow up to level 11, +2 from level 12 to level 17, +3 level 18;
  • My player earns a fraction of 1/6 ki per level rounded to +1 if the monk is at level 1 to 5.

When I took a look at reddit (this comment in particular), we generally understand that it works as a fraction at all levels, functioning as the class of special bonuses of predilection. And that would mean that the fractional bonus of a preferred bonus class would stack with the wish bonus. And it would easily be a headache:

If the player earns 1/4 ki point per level of his preferred bonus class, plus one 1/6 ki point of his wish, he will actually earn 10/24 ki points per level. With a minimum of +1 of the wish. Easy to count, right?

I plan to use the first rule, even if the bonus of points ki is very strange, but I may have missed a rule or something …

What is the correct interpretation?

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