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We all know many HYIP shared hosting service providers. They provide hosting services worldwide, but only some providers provide services at a reasonable and affordable cost to customers. It is difficult to choose especially for a new user who are the cheapest as well as the best service provider but I know someone who is better than in compression for others.

BlueWebStore offers you the ultimate shared HYIP hosting plans with impressive features like professional email hosting, DDOS protection and 99.9% uptime. You can manage your web hosting with a powerful and intuitive control panel. You can also ask questions to the support team, who will provide you with 24/7 technical support.

Bronze, silver and gold are the different plans that you can buy with multiple features.
For more details, visit the website.


40,000+ free proxies per month – Transparent | Anonymous | Elite [] – Hosting, VPN, proxies


Adam Greer

Dear forum users!

We are pleased to present the INXY Hosting Marketplace!

INXY is the single market where you can choose from the wide range of hosting services, get the most advanced solutions for your budget and ask for help and advice from quality engineers.

Why choose INXY?

Practical server catalog with a large number of solutions. Many suppliers in the same place. Come, compare prices, check performance and buy.

A unique CDN calculator combining many premier CDN providers. Compare the geographic coverage, prices and other features CDN, then buy everything in one place.

Many hosting services in one place – forget to shop around and keep the access information of more than 10 sites to watch everything.

All suppliers are tested and only the best are in our market.

Benefit from a double support – from our team as well as from any referenced supplier.

Choose us and you will also benefit from:

Free consultation on any question related to accommodation by quality specialists.

Different payment methods.

Your advantages with dedicated servers:

High performance servers with discounts of up to 50%!

Our data centers are located in Europe, the United States, Asia and Russia, with many more sites to come.

Best Internet Providers, including Tier-1 – Level3, GlobalCrossing, Telia, Deutsche Telecom, Tata Communications, IP Transit, IPTP Networks, PCCW Global, Cogent Communications.

We can provide up to 40 Gbit / s of bandwidth per server.

For some servers we give free up to 8 IP addresses.

Catalog of more than 500 servers ➨

Your benefits with our CDN solutions:

Free trial period up to 1 month!

Our professional expertise in CDN. We will review your project for free and we will prepare the most suitable offer you will receive!

The best suppliers in the world – AhCDN, EdgeCast (Verizon), Highwinds, UCDN, CDNnow and Leaseweb with more to come!

Global coverage (including North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, Russia and CIS).

Quick connection – our engineers will stay in touch with you and contact you as soon as possible for the connection.

We offer free tutorials on how to connect your project to CDN and help you set everything up on the CDN side.

CDN Calculator ➨

Your benefits with our storage and backup solutions:

High availability and high speeds.

Reliable protection against theft or loss of data.

Support for most programming languages ​​and frameworks.

Other goodies:

Order a managed server.

Verizon DNS Service.

SSL for CDN – we connect secure websites with SSL technology and help fix everything.

Hosting Audit Service – Review your current infrastructure and optimize your costs with us.

Colocation Services – Host your equipment in the most secure and powerful data centers with us.

P2P video distribution – for a wide audience, there is an obvious benefit – you can save on CDN bandwidth and thus increase performance.

Server Management – take complex IT tasks to our quality engineers and focus on your business.

We will be happy to answer all your questions here on the forum, live chat on the official website or Skype

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Christmas Offer eUKhost | Save 50% on WordPress Hosting | Free migration – Hosting, VPN, proxies

This Christmas, eUKhost offers 50% discount on its WordPress hosting to allow novice users to easily configure their own website / blog. Use the coupon code "WPXMAS50" until 31 December 2019 until the end of 23:59 BST!

Here is a list of WordPress hosting plans to choose from:

WordPress Starter

5 GB SSD storage

Optimized environment for WordPress

Unlimited data transfer

Host up to 5 WordPress sites

WordPress Toolbox

Free domain (annual billing)

25 mailboxes

24/7 live phone and chat support

Price: € 3.99 / month incl. Order now

WordPress Standard

20 GB SSD storage

Optimized environment for WordPress

Unlimited data transfer

Host up to 20 WordPress sites

WordPress Toolbox

Free domain (annual billing)

200 mailboxes

24/7 live phone and chat support

Price: € 9.99 / month incl. Order now

WordPress Pro Server

50 GB SSD storage


Unlimited data transfer

Host unlimited WordPress sites

WordPress Toolbox

Free domain (annual billing)

Unlimited mailboxes

24/7 live phone and chat support

Price: 29,99 € / month incl. Order now

For the full list of WordPress hosting features, visit:

If you have any questions, you can contact our sales department by starting a chat or sending an e-mail to or call us 0800 862 0380.

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Trunkspace Hosting – VPN Deals with 25% Off Exclusive LEB Coupon Codes! Prices start at $ 4.87 per month on 48 different locations!

Trunkspace Hosting has sent great deals on VPN plans that provide an exclusive LEB coupon code, offering a 25% discount on their VPN service. They have multiple servers in each location and Trunkspace Hosting branded Windows, Linux and Mac software – software they are proud of. See the plans that they have provided below!

Their WHOIS is public and you can find their ToS / Legal Documents here.
They accept PPayPal, credit cards via Stripe, BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC via Coinbase Commerce, gift cards and bank transfers in many countries via PaymentWall as payment methods.

As always, if you decide to buy one, we would like to know your experience below in the comments section!

Here is what they had to say:

"Our company Trunkspace Hosting, was founded in February 2005, starting by providing shared and dedicated website hosting for small and medium businesses on dedicated servers from Portland, Oregon. We have since expanded our offer to include VPS solutions, voice servers, game servers, dedicated servers, SSL certificates and now VPN.

Our VPN solution extends to the world, with service in 48 countries,
– see the list of countries here.

We were incorporated in the Province of Quebec in September 2015 and are now known as Trunkspace Hosting Inc. We have servers in our data center in Montreal, the city where we have our head office, colocate servers used to web hosting and some of our other dedicated services. hosting services, while we remotely rent and operate servers for the rest of our offerings. "

Here are the offers:

VPN 1 month

  • Open VPN
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 48 countries to choose from
  • Easy to use VPN client
  • Coupon (25% OFF exclusive to LEB) for registration: LEBVPN2019
  • $ 4.87 for 1 month (normally $ 6.50)

VPN 6 months

  • Open VPN
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 48 countries to choose from
  • Easy to use VPN client
  • Coupon (25% OFF exclusive to LEB) for registration: LEBVPN2019
  • $ 23.62 for 6 months (normally $ 31.50)

VPN 12 months

  • Open VPN
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 48 countries to choose from
  • Easy to use VPN client
  • Coupon (25% OFF exclusive to LEB) for registration: LEBVPN2019
  • $ 37.46 for 12 months (normally $ 49.95)


Host Node Specifications:

Please let us know if you have questions / comments and enjoy!

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vpn – How to put Google Store on Chinese Samsung Note10 +

I currently live in China and I decided to buy the Samsung Note10 + (installed Android 9) (had an iPhone from America before), I did not know the headache that m & # 39; waiting. I do not know Chinese (Mandarin) and I can not continue to ask my Chinese relatives for translations on my phone, so even if I set the language of the phone system to English, I do not know. still do not have access to Google services.

I tried to install Google Play Store (ver.17.5.16), Google Play Services (ver.19.8.29) and Google Account Manager (ver.6.0.1) from AndroidAPKsBox (used this site since apkmirror and other apk sites are blocked), all apks are installed EXCEPT for Google Play services which indicate that the application has not been installed but without error code. Is the apk of the incorrect services that I need?

At the moment, VPNs are blocked even ExpressVPN, so I can not visit many other useful sites except this one. I know that Google Play can not be fully used until the VPN starts working, but I wanted to at least have everything I need on my phone so I can start using Google. Play immediately when it will be available.

Edit: I just realized that there are many variants of services that have a different architecture and PPP screen. My note has a Qualcomm so I guess I should choose the download that is made for ARMx64 chips with nodpi, correct?

VPN or IP routing help (ITALY +)

Hi guys,

Not 100% if it's even something that the WHT community can help me find and / or the right section, but I'll try.

I'm trying to find either a VPN service or a type of network that I can rent and that has multiple IP addresses in Italy, but not just a city (as most cheap VPN providers offer as North VPN. Express, etc.).

I just need an outdoor IP address in at least 5 or 6 major cities in Italy and Milan or maybe Rome. I can not find a service offering something like this. It should of course be a simple tunnel / proxy with confidentiality.

Anyone can help me determine if I just need to track down all the virtual private network companies or there is a better way to rent / use multiple IP addresses in a given country (for the moment in Italy but it will probably have France / Spain). l & # 39; future.

thanks for all the advice, etc. not really my domain.

vpn – Whonix with Remmina to connect to RDP – Is it safe?

If you have Whonix and install RDP, it is secure enough for almost everyone. Unless your government is especially interested in you, of course.

Now, if you do not trust your VPN, switch to a more reliable network. There are many suppliers on the market.

Vpn L2TP connects but no Windows 10 devices

We have no problem connecting to the VPN, however we can not map any devices or ping anything on the local network. The Cisco switch and the VPN client are correctly configured. it is obvious that some Windows configurations need to be modified .. you do not know what .. help!