flutter não roda nem a pu no VSCODE

migrei do win7 para o win10… agora nada faz meu flutter abrir no VSCODE , no Android Estudio consegui iniciar um projeto novo, mas tbm não consegui abrir 2 outros projetos que eu ja tinha…. da mais de 300 erros, parece que não reconhece os packcages e imports, e não consigo abrir no VSCODE, e como eu não tenho tanta facilidade no Android Studio gostaria de saber se há alguma orientação para que volte a funcionar no VSCODE, desde já agradeço

visual studio code – Open a local folder in a VSCode Remote-SSH session

I am using Microsoft Visual Studio Code 1.50.1 on Windows 10.

I’d like to develop on a remote virtual machine running in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). This works fine, but I can’t open a local directory on the remote VM.

I would specifically like to be able to mount a local folder on my development system as my working directory. The functionality I’m seeking is similar to how the Remote-Containers extension works, where you can mount a directory into a container.

Question: Is it possible to mount a local folder into a Remote-SSH session in VSCode? If so, how?

debugging – Drupal + XDebug + VSCode = can’t break on PHP notice or warning

Using Drupal (8.9), PHP (7.2.34) with xdebug, and VSCode (1.50.1) with PHP Debug (1.13.0), the debugger will no longer break on PHP notices and warnings, even if those option checkboxes are set.

The behavior starts as soon as Drupal installs its error handler in DrupalCoreDrupalKernal::bootEnvironment().

As an example, if I insert strlen();, a function call which triggers a PHP Warning (error type 4), immediately before set_error_handler('_drupal_error_handler');, execution will stop and the VSCode debugger will display the offending line. As soon as the error handler is installed, VSCode will no longer stop.

The same behavior is true of PHP Notices. Execeptions and regular breakpoints work as expected.

Turnning on logging shows that the debugger is sending the command to break on notice and warnings:

> setExceptionBreakpointsRequest
  command: 'setExceptionBreakpoints',
  arguments: { filters: ( 'Notice', 'Warning' ) },
  type: 'request',
  seq: 4

<- setExceptionBreakpointsResponse
Response {
  seq: 0,
  type: 'response',
  request_seq: 4,
  command: 'setExceptionBreakpoints',
  success: true

… but then there’s nothing further in the log about the notice or warning exceptions.

Now I can believe this is simply a limitation of xdebug — that the use of the drupal error handler (which does NOT return FALSE to trigger default error handling), except that I know that at some very distant time in the past, using different tools, I could break on notices and warnings. For example, using Drupal 6, PHP 5.3, KomodoEdit (unknown version), this used to work.

If anyone is successfully getting the debugger to stop on PHP notices and warnings using tools similar to what I’m using, I’d love some details. I’ve looked over the xdebug and php configuration settings and I don’t see anything that be relevant. Note: I’m not trying to display the warnings/notices — that is working according to the Drupal configuration. And I’m not trying to halt on warnings/notices. I’m trying to get xdebug to break execution.

vscode git commit +50 carácteres

Alguien ha encontrado como hacer commit en el plugin de VSCODE con más de 50 carácteres?

Estoy buscando por foros / videos pero no encuentro como hacerlo.


How do you run git in Microsoft Powershell inside VScode?

I have installed git in Windows 10. It works in cmd and Powershell but it doesn’t work (get error can’t find file) in Powershell in VScode. If I type the path c:”Program Files”itcmdgit it works in Powershell in VScode. I originally installed VScode as User but then reinstalled it as System but still same problem. I checked path in Environment in Windows 10 and it is there. I can run other programs (e.g notepad calc) in Powershell in VScode. I would prefer not to have to type the path time.
Is there some setting I have to set in VScode?
Any help appreciated

I’m looking for a good SQL autoformatter for PostgreSQL that integrates with VSCODE

I’ve noticed that it’s somehow hard to find a good SQL formatter for PostgreSQL.

Some of the things I’m preferably looking for are:

  • color coding of all postgreSQL keywords
  • a way to easily NOT autoformat on save (e.g. by including a top line with -- no autoformat)
  • configurability of style options

A particular style that I like (but never found a formatter for) is this one (from https://www.sqlstyle.guide/):

SELECT file_hash  -- stored ssdeep hash
  FROM file_system
 WHERE file_name = '.vimrc';

Any suggestions?

visual studio code – For a large number of layers of curly braces, how do I have VSCode render multiple collapse indicators?

For a couple of layers of curly braces “{}”, when I move mouse to the line number, there are multiple down arrows that indicate the code block can be collapsed.

enter image description here

For a large number of layers of curly braces “{}”, when I move mouse to the line number, there is only one arrow that indicates the code block can be collapsed

enter image description here

How do I have VSCode render multiple collapse indicators?

ios – VSCode não builda (Flutter) o app diretamente no iphone físico

Ao tentar buildar o app para teste pelo VSCode o deploy fica sendo realizado infinitamente e o aplicativo não é iniciado no iphone mesmo com o VSCode identificando o dispositivo.

Já tentei buildar pelo terminal e ocorre o mesmo problema.

Ao buildar com o XCode o app é iniciado normalmente.

inserir a descrição da imagem aqui

unity – How to fix problems with connecting VsCode to Omnisharp server?

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visual studio code – VsCode Server, high CPU use

The issue is probably not a problem with VsCode, but an extension. Try to manually disable each extension that is installed in WSL.

In you particular case look at the Stream Deck extension that may be trying to establish a connection from the WSL side.