Do you want a forecast of what will happen next time the minimum wage is increased?

Add a bookmark because you are wrong. Payroll isn't even close to Arby's biggest expense, it's marketing, followed by R&D on cloned soybeans that have a vague taste of beef broth, then pay officers, litigation fees, insurance premiums, facility maintenance, equipment, then waaaaaay at the bottom of the list. the hourly rate of drones finally followed by the costs of the ingredients.

Any business operating with a margin as thin as you imagine is anyway on a sneeze away from bankruptcy.

I believe that capitalism is horrible and has failed everyone. I see people who work at minimum wage, and they are older, and I think the heck?

I see people who are 40 or 50 years old and who do minimum wage stuff.

Like cleaning floors or being a cashier.

I stop and think about how much the capitalist system has failed them, how can anyone in this world aim to clean the floors or be a cashier. I own a business, I earn around $ 120,000 a year. I also think that capitalism has failed, because what I do is nothing interesting, I have magazines and what I do is sell products not because it's fun, but because I need the money.

In the end, people dedicate their lives to uninteresting and repetitive things, their whole lives, especially we all become slaves to the system

Why do people want to raise the minimum wage?

1. Vocational training costs money. You need money to get a good paying job. Everyone does not have parents who can pay for their training / education, so some people have to work to pay for it. Raising the minimum wage would make that easier.

2. What if you are unable to get a job with your education / studies? You should be able to do some paid work while you search.

3. Even if you get a job with your training / education, this job can:

A. Pay a salary not much higher than min. salary
B. Pay a good salary but not enough so that you can meet all your needs, forcing you to get a second job.

Why does the cost of living increase with the minimum wage?

It has always been and always will be. THE WORK works like this. Do not forget that when a family member was working and that things were actually less than half what they were now costing.

Remember when Dad could actually get a job and pay the bills, buy a house and a car …

IT'S ARRIVED … WOMEN BEGAN TO WORK, the cost of everything has been doubled and tripled and the situation gets even worse …

Are you in favor of the minimum wage of $ 15?

No, simply, the regional differences make a standard salary pretty stupid. LOL

Update for commentator: I think you make a good point. Many localities have decided to set their own minimum wage. This is a sensible solution for many communities. Should the federal minimum wage be increased at some point? It is up to our elected officials to rush. LOL

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Why is the minimum wage in America much lower than the minimum wage in countries like Germany, Sweden, Switzerland? …

The cost of living in Switzerland is 71.92% higher than in the United States (aggregate data for all cities, rent is not taken into account). Rents in Switzerland are 22.34% higher than in the United States (average data for all cities).


Liberals, would you be willing to wage a civil war to maintain your abortion?

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