split function does not give the result I'm waiting for

the value a1 is 485065/1, 2, 3 and I'm waiting at 485065 and 1, 2, 3 but
he leaves 485065 and 1, 2, 2003.
help me please why he does it.



waiting time, waiting for the captcha result. last answer: CAPCHA_NOT_READY -. :: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.

Hi, I have to show this error to the GSA community -> http://prnt.sc/o3wode
I'm using 2Captcha and I've added the 2capcha API to GSA SER. But I do not know why I'm getting this error?
Can any one help me understand the problem I am facing with this 2Captha?

Below, I will copy-paste this complete error into the text:

SerEngines: failed with 2Captcha: delay waiting, waiting for captcha result. last answer: CAPCHA_NOT_READY – https://passport.yandex.ru/registration/mail?from=mail&require_hint=1&origin=hostroot_homer_reg_ru&retpath=https://mail.yandex.ru/&ba

Should I use another captcha support? or it is a recurring problem that will be solved automatically by 2capctha (riddles). Looking forward to hearing from the community.

schengen – Traveling while waiting for the French residence permit

I moved to France last year and I am still waiting for my residence title, I have a valid receipt and I know it is not a valid document for traveling (back) to France. I have (after asking more than a few times if this was correct) but I have already booked and paid for an expensive trip to the Schengen area inside which must take place very soon. The people of the prefecture have now washed their hands and denied having assured me that the reservation was possible (more than 6 months after my first application for a residence permit). I've already renewed my recepisse once and the new one is about to expire soon too.

But whatever, I come from a country that enjoys a 90-day visa waiver for tourism. My question is: Would it be nice (and by that, I mean legal) to travel a few days outside Schengen and then come back for my passport to be stamped as if I were just here for tourism? According to what I understood with this stamp, I would then have no problem flying inside the Schengen area, to cross borders and to come back in. France afterwards, is not it?

People in the prefecture are not really nice and just say that I have to wait and reject my questions, so there is no need to ask them. So, if it's okay, I'd like to have something to mention, if possible, in case I would face a completely random document check & # 39; at the border.

Equation Resolution – Why does Mathematica just come back waiting for my entry?

Solve[x^2 + a x + 1 == 0, x]

give the right answer. Except if x or a are defined.
It is virtually guaranteed to return the correct answer if you erase the symbols before they run or use a block.

x = 1
a = 1
Solve[x^2 + a x + 1 == 0, x]

does not work, even if only x is defined. This is actually quite confusing and may be due to the fact that the expression is not properly maintained. To be aware!

x = 1
a = 1
Solve[x^2 + a x + 1 == 0, x]


x = 1
a = 1
Block[{a, x},
Solve[x^2 + a x + 1 == 0, x]]{x, a}

does as well while preserving the potential values ​​of x and a

What's waiting for the blockchain wallet? – The corner of crypto-currencies

Cryptocurrencies are not tangible assets. They exist on a blockchain and can be exchanged with other users. So what are the cryptocurrency portfolios? Unlike traditional portfolios, cryptocurrency portfolios do not store the currency. They only store access keys. No user can store their crypto-currencies without a wallet. Cryptocurrency portfolios are becoming safer and more impenetrable. As technology advances, the risk of hacking reduces multiples. Superior protection is built into portfolios, allowing users to have peace of mind when they know their digital assets are safe. Want to create your own futuristic portfolio? One place I would advise experienced and up-to-date developers is Blockchain App Factory. Consult them for high quality services and Blockchain White Brand Portfolios.

Waiting for deduction – Ruby Package | Promotion Forum

Waiting for the user – When recovering the password, what if the device is already connected?

Suppose that a user requests a password recovery on a computer. Our system then sends an email with a unique link to retrieve the account.

However, now consider that the user receives this email and opens it on his cell phone (or any other device). He clicks on the link, but on this device he is already logged in under another account.

So the naive implementation is that the user gets a password recovery already connected. Potentially to another account. It sounds weird and unintuitive: but I can not really decide what to do, I see several options and I wonder what follows the principle of the least surprise:

  • Should the current behavior be retained and allow a logged in user to change another user's password?
  • Should the current session be disabled / the user logged out when opening the password recovery link?
  • Should the link simply "not work" (error prohibited?) When trying to open on an already connected device?

And would this behavior change if the request is for the "same" user? (IE on the other device on which it is already connected, the user asks for a password)?

object-oriented – Single-link waiting queue under PHP 7 – Tracking

I have improved this post. Now I have this:

item = $ item;
$ this-> next = null;

function __destruct () {
$ this-> item = null;

getItem () function
returns $ this-> item;

The QueueIterator class implements Iterator {

function __construct ($ queue) {
$ this-> queue = $ queue;
$ this-> current_node = $ queue-> head;

current civil service () {
return $ this-> current_node-> item;

public key ():  scalar {
return null;

public service next (): void {
$ this-> current_node = $ this-> current_node-> next;

public service rewind (): void {
$ this-> current_node = $ this-> queue-> head;

Valid Public Service (): bool {
return isset ($ this-> current_node);

The Queue class implements IteratorAggregate {

__construct () function
$ this-> head = null;
$ this-> tail = null;
$ this-> size = 0;

function __destruct () {
$ this-> head = null;
$ this-> tail = null;

push function ($ item) {
if ($ this-> size === 0) {
$ this-> head = $ this-> tail = new QueueNode ($ item);
} other {
$ new_node = new QueueNode ($ item);
$ this-> tail-> next = $ new_node;
$ this-> tail = $ new_node;

$ this-> size ++;

pop function () {
if ($ this-> size === 0) {
throw a new exception ("Popping an empty queue.");

$ ret = $ this-> head-> getItem ();
$ this-> head = $ this-> head-> next;

if (- $ this-> size == 0) {
$ this-> head = $ this-> tail = null;

return $ ret;

getFirst () function
if ($ this-> size () === 0) {
throw a new exception ("getFirst () on an empty queue.");

returns $ this-> head-> getItem ();

getLast () function
if ($ this-> size () === 0) {
throws new Exception ("getLast () on an empty queue.");

returns $ this-> tail-> getItem ();

function size () {
returns $ this-> size;

isEmpty () function
return size () === 0;

public function getIterator ():  Traversable {
return new QueueIterator ($ this);

$ queue = new Queue ();

for ($ i = 1; $ i <= 10; $i++) {
    $queue->push ($ i);

echo "Iteration:";

foreach ($ queue as $ item) {
echo $ item. "";

echo "
Jumps: "; for ($ i = 1; $ i <= 10; $i++) { echo $queue->getFirst (). "". $ queue-> pop (). ""; } echo "
Goodbye!"; ?>


Iteration: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Popping: 1, 1 2, 2 3, 3 4, 4 5, 5 6, 6 7, 7 8, 8 9, 9 10, 10

As always, any criticism is very appreciated!

front end – Ability to create an input cell containing Graphics / Graphics3D without waiting?

I'm trying to implement a function that takes a Graphic instruction as argument and then duplicated in a new InputCell. I am aware of the rendering of Graphic is the composition process as explained here. And use the techniques of this post, I came up with the following

Unprotect @ Keep;
mk: MakeBoxes[Blank[Hold], _]/; ! TrueQ[[[[$ hldGfx]^: =
Block[${[${[{$[{$hldGfx = True, Graphics, Graphics3D}, mk];
Protect @ Hold;

SetAttributes[printGraphics, HoldFirst];
printGraphics[graphics_] : =
      ToBoxes[Hold[graphics]]}]], "Contribution"]] 

OperationprintGraphics @ Graphics[{Red, Disk[]}] will create a cell with hold[Graphic[Graphics[Graphique[Graphics[{Red, Disk[]}]].

My question is that if it is possible to create a cell without hold.

If you are interested in why I need it, here is the feature I'm working on: see section Minimal example here (Github: PrettyColorize). Ground, Plot3D or another tracing function can be easily printed in Graphic and Graphics3D are a bit difficult and I do not know how to finish it.