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pathfinder – Should the prismatic wall be on the ground?

Like the similar fate wall of strength, the only real restriction to the placement of a prismatic wall the effect is that if the spell "goes out to materialize[the[tea[la[theWall effect]in a space occupied by a creature … the spell is lost. "

In fact, the prismatic wall spell is even a spell of the school of abjuration that creates an effect, so the prismatic wall effect is do not bound by the boundaries of a conjuring school spell that creates an effect:

A[n] object brought to be or transported to your location by a conjuring spell can not appear inside another … object, nor appear floating in a blank space. It must arrive in a clear place on a surface capable of supporting it.

(That's me who points out.) So, as a spell of abjuration, the prismatic wall effect can be put in place so that it is in contact with the environment – obstacles will always prevent Wall effect of having its full effectiveness when the Wall The effect is related to these obstacles, but if they were removed, it could continue. For example, create a space 30 feet wide prismatic wall effect of blocking a corridor 10 feet wide then widening this corridor would see the prismatic wall the effect seems to widen with the widening of the corridor, the Wall This effect was once constrained by the corridor but now seems to be developing with the widening of the corridor. (See also this question about the spell prismatic sphere.)

Contrast the spell prismatic wall with the spell stone wall that "must merge with the existing stone and be solidly supported by it" and the spell iron wall either "inserts into a surrounding non-living material", or "is created vertically, resting on a flat surface but not attached to the surface".

[ Politics ] Open question: Is my biology teacher right in saying that the boundary wall has an impact on wildlife?

Today, my biology teacher told us that the border wall would kill many wild animals because the Rio Grande (where the proposed boundary wall would be built) was their main source of water. Is she right? I am not a fan of Trump, but I like to check information. .

5th dnd – Is the wall of the force blocking teleportation?

No, Wall of strength do not block teleportation. The relevant parts of the description of the spell are as follows:

Nothing can physically go through the wall.

It's pretty clear, but teleporting is not "physically going through" the wall, so that's fine.

The wall also extends into the ethereal plane,
block the ethereal passage through the wall.

This is certainly a little less clear. However, nothing in the description of teleport this suggests that it involves the Ethereal plan. In fact, it does not really say how it works:

This spell transports you instantly […]
to a destination that you select.

The destination you choose must be known to you,
and he must be on the same level of existence as you.

That's all we know. However, there is much more convincing evidence in the description of Forcing:

If the creature tries to use teleportation or
interplanar travel out of the cage, you must first make a
Charisma saving throw. If successful, the creature can use this magic to get out of the cage. In case of failure, the creature
can not get out of the cage and wastes the use of the spell or
effect. The cage also extends into the ethereal plane,
block the ethereal journey.

This is a pretty clear distinction between teleportation and air travel (one is difficult, the other is actually impossible). So, they are different, and the barrier to travel ethereal in Wall of strength Is do not apply to teleportation.

Need to update name servers for a website, but DNS settings are managed by Office 365 – Hitting a Wall

Hi people,

I bump a little to the wall and hope someone can have the answer.

I have just taken charge of maintaining the website of a new client. Their current hosting provider has given me cPanel access, but this allows me to create 4 other clients' websites. Since my client has had hacking problems, I need to take this site out of this unsecured sandbox as soon as possible.

I transferred the site and the database. All I need to do is change the NS records so that they point to the new server, it's simple … The problem is that the registrar's NS records point to Microsoft Office servers. (For example,, not where the site is hosted. After extensive research, I realized that Microsoft Outlook / Office 365 was handling their email. Office has therefore transferred the DNS settings of the website. The thing is, the domain settings should be located in the Office 365 admin panel. However, my client is using Office 365 Home and therefore has no access to the panel. administration or domain settings.

Since domain settings should not be possible with Office Home, I am not sure where they are configured. Could this have been done in an old version of Office that allowed it, or maybe downgraded from Biz to Home? Does it look like they could be other add-on products where could this be configured? Business Essentials or an Outlook / Exchange service type?

I work there remotely and my client is not very clever, so it's a bit of a headache. If anyone has any tips for finding these hidden domain settings, please let me know. In one way or another, they use custom domains with Outlook, I've remote them a few times but I can not find where it's going. But Microsoft Office is my kryptonite, so something obvious could escape … I logged in with the main account and no Admin / Domain settings appear to exist, as shown in the Home Edition documentation .

Thank you.

Why do Trump supporters want to do American socialism? Pay for your own damn wall. Why should MY taxes fund this?

Oh my God, your gross ignorance is rather embarrassing.

You ask, "Why should MY taxes finance this?" What you should really ask for is "Why should my taxes pay for the consequences of NOT having a wall?"

You see, not having enough border security is a higher cost for Americans than securing the border. If you really sit down, open minded and reflect, you may be able to see the reality of what you simply do not understand about the overall cost. NOT having a wall does not actually cost you taxpayer money.

Texas pays more than 2 billion euros a year to enforce the laws regarding illegal immigration. This does not include the larger picture of overall financial consequences. According to you, who pays ALL for illegal and legal immigration? Tax dollars do. Billions of dollars more per year than the taxes you complain about to build this wall.

For example, US taxpayers' money is used to pay for inmate accommodation centers, which legally and illegally shelter free shelter, food, clothing and free health care. Well, it's not really free because our taxes cover all that. Our justice and justice systems are paid to handle legal and illegal immigrant affairs, good or bad. We pay for it too. Cartel smuggling is responsible for 90% of the drugs that enter America. So there are drug addicts who need help, add to the crime rate, increased the number of overdose deaths by leaps and bounds, the criminals (illegal firearms) that surround the drug trade. Immigration brings here non-English, uneducated and unqualified people who end up working under the table without increasing our tax base, the money they need to support themselves through programs. government benefits. All these consequences dilute the strength of our nation. What about our already overcrowded schools that have to educate these immigrants (illegal and legal) who, without a doubt, have not been vaccinated (more of our money to protect us from the diseases we controlled?). previously). What about human contraband, which is ignoble? What happens when these immigrants can not find work and a desperate region? Well, we all know that desperate people do desperate things and resort more often to crime. This then adds to the fact that the police are receiving tax money to deal with crimes that usually end up clogging up prisons. Right there, what I mentioned and what I failed to mention is costing US taxpayers, in ONE YEAR, the cost of building the wall.

You have to think long term and remove the blinkers.


Haha. I am a great Mexican who will build a 50-meter ladder for the 50-foot wall of racist Trump. What are you saying to this gringos? I take your wife too!

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