wallet – Generating Multiple Addresses

Most wallets these days generate a set number of addresses when you create the wallet. For example, Electrum creates 30. But what if you need more? I know from talking to a LOT of people that there is safety in having each transaction to your wallet via a different address. So 30 addresses isn’t going to last very long. I’ve seen people talk about generating new keys from which to generate new addresses. However, that is as far as my understanding goes. So, let me ask it this way.

I currently use Electrum as my BTC wallet. I’ve got a new wallet just generated in that program with all 30 addresses. That’s how I am used to doing things. I’ve also recently installed bitcoind on my server where I expect/hope to be receiving BTC to. I got bitcoind so that I coulduse it to verify when transations have been verified. But I do not understand how to link bitcoind and the wallet I created in Electrum. Nor do I understand how to add additional keys/addresses to that wallet.

I’ve seen people talk about BTCPay server. But that seems to be more a storefront. I don’t need all that. I just need a way to display a randomly created address to each visitor, and to be able to query my Electrum wallet (or use bitcoind) to find out how much is in the wallet at the present moment, preferably in both confirmed and unconfirmed funds (i.e. 0.162567 BTC confirmed, 0.0125 unconfirmed).

Any easy way to do that is appreciated. I’m writing this site in PHP, so I can either execute an external program (like bitcoind or Electrum’s CLI interface) or I could make API calls in PHP directly if there’s a good set of PHP libraries around.

exchanges – Withdrawing Coins to hardware wallet

I have several coins in one exchange, and I want to withdraw them to my hardware wallet. The issue is, that the fees that I am asked to pay are actually higher than the total value of the coins.

Is there a way to move coins that do not rely on an exchange?

bitcoin core – Sweeping a paper wallet

I have a bunch of coin in BTC and BCH cold storage (paper wallets). And for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to sweep them out of there.

What is crazy is that DOGE has a spiffy site out there that makes this sort of thing super easy. As long as you have the private key, you can sweep the entire wallet to another wallet. Easy, secure, and reliable. It really makes me wonder how that joke coin meant to mock the entire crypto universe is the one that is best managed and easiest to use.

But I digress… This is about my holdings in these two paper wallets. The best attempt I’ve had so far was to download the Bitcoin.com app to my phone. There in the settings it allows you to sweep a wallet.

In both cases, I put in the private key, and it shows me how much is in the wallet. So it was able to unlock it. But when I “slide to sweep”, I get a simple toast message “Sweep Failed”. And nothing else. No help. No other information. No indication as to what the problem is. And doing a Google search on this has yielded exactly zero help.

So if anyone has any ideas, like something better, I’m all ears (eyes).

Default address in a Bitcoin core wallet

Can anyone tell me what a default address is in a wallet I have dumped with pywallet? What is it’s purpose and why that one address. It is an older wallet.dat.

recover private key – is there a way to find the wallet that my address goes to ?//

I two years ago had a cash out from a casino and i went to myapp store and downloaded what I was coinbase wallet which it was the cold storage wallet that really has no ties beside a wallet connect to coinbase I later figured out. I was brand new to btc and knew nothing about 12 words that i was to immediately write down. I did make an account at wallet.coinbase.com/kristymoser2018 is what I thought was it. I later on saw the money come into my wallet from the casino and at that point it shut my phone down and erased eveything.. when I came back online I found out that I no longer had an account at wallet under the credentials I thought were right

I guess what I am asking is there any other way to figure out where the wallet is cause it still has the money in it and is there any program I can use that may help me figure out where it is and if my private key is in cloud storage?

I have tried to recreate the same scenarfio and have never been ABLE TO understand this

Sent Bitcoin from coinbase to coinbase wallet (my own wallet) and its stuck in pending – Please help!

I purchased bitcoin with coinbase. I was trying to transfer to my my coinbase wallet but instead of transfer I sent it to my wallet. Now it is stuck in pending and I believe it is because I sent it from the same wallet not realizing it. Does anyone know what do for this?

BlockChain.Com Wallet – Why transaction FEE Is very HIGH

I have two wallets in BlockChain.Com web site.
When i want to transfer bitcoin from one of them situation is like this :

Money for transfer : $1000
Transaction Fee = Priority = $26

In another wallet situation is like this :

Money for transfer : $1000
Transaction Fee = Priority = $210

I am so confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why does BlockChain.Com act like this?
How can i reduce second wallet’s fee?

Recovery Words from ~2013 Wallet Contains 4 Invalid Words

I came across my wallet from 2013 on an old external hard drive along with info like the 12 recovery words, address, etc.

I’ve tried recovering/importing it to a bunch of different wallets, but all of them are marking 4 of the 12 words as invalid and I’m confused as to how they would’ve become invalid between then and now, and how I can recover the funds in that situation.

I’m unsure what wallet/service I used to create it at the time.

Does anyone have any idea what might have happened here or how I might be able to recover this?

I have lost my wallet, what can I do?

I had an account on a website, but don’t remember which one

Search your email account for an account creation confirmation email. Helpful search terms may include “bitcoin”, “wallet”, “exchange”, “btc”, “blockchain”, or “cryptocurrency”. If you purchased bitcoins, you may want to look at your old bank statements as well. There is no global register of bitcoin users or services, so if you cannot find anything you may be out of luck—we cannot help you, because we don’t know either.

I had a web wallet, but the service shut down since

If the service had custody of your bitcoin balance, it is likely lost. Research the name of the service to determine what happened to the service, in case it just rebranded and is still around.

My wallet service still exists, but I lost access

We don’t have insight into your customer relationship with services, so we cannot help you. Contact the service and initiate an account recovery process.

I had a self-custodial wallet, have lost the wallet, and have no backup

Bitcoin balances are tracked via the blockchain, and a user’s bitcoin wallet primary purpose is to secure the private keys which are used to establish ownership and to track any transactions related to those keys. The key space is enormous. If you have lost your wallet, the same keys will likely never be regenerated and no one will ever be able to spend the associated funds.

I had a self-custodial wallet, and still have the device that it was installed on

Looking over this selection of wallets may help you remember which one you used. If you still have the wallet files, you may be able to recover your funds. The name of the relevant files depends on the software that you used, but one of the most common file names is wallet.dat. If you find a wallet file, create a backup first before trying to recover the wallet.

I have a 12 or 24 word backup, what do I do?

This is called a mnemonic seed phrase. It is a standardized way to backup a wallet’s private keys. Keep the words confidential, do not enter the words in a website or untrustworthy software. You should be able to recover your wallet from the phrase. You can find instructions how to recover the wallet from it on this site.

Bitcoin.com wallet fails to import and send btc

I have an old Bitcoin wallet since 2017 and never updated it. I have BTC on it and I have the 12 words code. I tried to send btc from my wallet and it does not allow me to change the participant address to something other than my wallet and I don’t know what meant by my wallet in the participant address. It only allows me to send Bitcoin cash from my wallet which is zero in my case. I also trie to import my wallet on my phone app and it always results with fail on the Bitcoin.com app.
Any help would be appreciated 😭