Unable to decrypt wallet.wallet file

I have a wallet.wallet file that I think was created with Android bitcoin wallet or Multibit. It’s base64 encoded.

Putting it in a decoder, it gives me this information, redacted just in case:


When I try to upload any part of that, including just the raw base64, into Electrum (the recommended alternative since multibit was deprecated) I get errors that its invalid. The android bitcoin app either can’t read it or I don’t know my password.

Does anyone have any idea what this is or what its for? Is it even cryptocurrency related?

Also, the last string has a ton of characters including forward slash “/” and plus signs “+”. Not sure if that helps.

I did attempt to try and follow with this thread Bitcoin Wallet for Android – Issues decrypting the wallet backup BIN file using OpenSSL , but to no avail.
I get “error reading input file”