versioning – Maven: Should I increment the version on configuration change for WARs?

In What Semantic Version increment to use for a configuration file alteration? the question arose if the version of the artifact should be incremented when the configuration, which is part and deployed with the artifact, changes.

A rule of thumbs seems to be: Whenever the created artifact changes, increment the version.

But what about Maven projects which create WARs and simultaneously a JAR (i.e. maven-war-plugin with <attachClasses>true</attachClasses>?

The incremented version reflects the changes made in the WAR, which contains the configuration changes, but the resulting JAR stays the same and may confuse other developers depending on the project.

Are there any good practices how to handle these situations?

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c – How to implement Core War’s .X modifier

I’m trying to write an implementation of Core War for an exercise. I’m stuck with the implementation of the X modifier. This is the definition (all quotes from

 Instruction execution proceeds with the A-value set to both the
 A-number and B-number of the A-instruction (in that order) and the
 B-value set to both the B-number and A-number of the B-instruction
 (in that order).  A write to to core replaces both the B-number and
 the A-number of the instruction pointed to by the B-pointer (in that

Now the implementation of non-division operations in the spec is:

case X:
          Core(((PC + WPB) % M)).BNumber = (IRB.ANumber op IRA.BNumber) % M;
          Core(((PC + WPB) % M)).ANumber = (IRB.BNumber op IRA.ANumber) % M;

While for division operations (DIV and MOD) is:

case X:
          if (IRA.ANumber != 0)
             Core(((PC + WPB) % M)).BNumber = IRB.BNumber op IRA.ANumber;
          if (IRA.BNumber != 0)
             Core(((PC + WPB) % M)).ANumber = IRB.ANumber op IRA.BNumber;
          if ((IRA.ANumber == 0) || (IRA.BNumber == 0))
             goto noqueue;

Given the definition, the division operations seem to be implemented correctly, while the other doesn’t seem to follow the spec. I’d expect non-division operations to use this implementation:

case X:
          Core(((PC + WPB) % M)).BNumber = (IRB.BNumber op IRA.ANumber) % M;
          Core(((PC + WPB) % M)).ANumber = (IRB.ANumber op IRA.BNumber) % M;

Am I missing something?

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star wars edge of the empire – Can a character with Brawn 5 use a Heavy Repeating Blaster without the tripod?

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tools – New Star Wars Rev. Ed. GM in need of toolkit

I haven’t played SW Revised Ed. in about 15 years, and when I did I was only a player, not a GM. I decided to GM a game for my nephews but have never GM’d before. I think I’ll be ok on game mechanics (they’re ages 9-15 and I’m simplifying some things for mutual benefit), but I’ll be lacking on GM story-telling skills.

I’m not asking for story ideas, but need some cheat sheets for the descriptive story-telling filler to make things sound realistic and interesting.

Something like a list of planets, their unique traits, native species, languages, etc. Or common animals, common ships, etc. Right now I will have to say things like “a ship lands and out runs a Rodian riding a beast”. I would love to say “a C-class freighter lands out steps a Rodian riding a gundark”, or whatever. Sure I can look up some of these things and some will come with time, but has someone already thrown together a nifty cheat sheet so it doesn’t take me 20 minutes to come up with 2 lines of story-telling?


Can I publish a Star Wars game without copyright issues?

I want to create a Star Wars dating sim/visual novel, which uses characters and settings from the movies. Assuming I make the game available for free download, and if I create my own assets for it, will it be acceptable?

star wars edge of the empire – Freerunning talent clarification

The Fantasy Flight Games SWRPG talent “Freerunning” found in the Cyphers and Masks and Endless Vigil sourcebooks states:

Once per round, before performing a Move maneuver, the character may suffer one strain. If he does so, he may use his Move maneuver to move to any location within short range (even straight up) as long as there is some sort of object to move across or a path to move along.

Can someone explain what exactly this talent does, specifically clarifying:

any location within short range (even straight up) as long as there is some sort of object to move across of a path to move along.

star wars d20 – Where does this force skill bonus come from?

I’m taking like 10 years of dirt of an old PC from Star Wars d20 and found that my PC has a bonus to all force skills. This bonus is based on the jedi guardian level * 1/3 plus the jedi master level * 2/3.

I cannot find any rules that explain these bonuses. What feature grants this bonus and what book does it originate from?