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security – Unlocking new Mac not working with Apple Watch

I’ve grown accustomed to the convenience of being able to unlock my MacBook Pro with my Apple Watch, but I just got a new Mac Mini, and no matter what I do, it is not unlocking it for me.

I have checked “Use your Apple Watch to unlock apps and your Mac” in System Preferences → Security & Privacy → General. And I am able to use my watch to unlock (e.g.) settings in the Privacy tab of that same System Preferences pane, like Accessibility settings. I just can’t unlock the computer itself.

What could be wrong? Why would this work on one computer and fail on another (newer) one?

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I would like to present to Review your hdmovie2.Net Movie website.

Any suggestion to improve service

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Why watch time different in Youtube Analytics and Monetization page?

Recently my Youtube channel crossed 4k hour watch time in the last 365 days. I have 1301 subscribers and 4.4k hour watch time. Please see the attached image.

enter image description here

So, as per Youtube rules I can apply for monetization now. But in the monetization page, the subscriber count is 1290 and watch time is just 1661 hour. Why?

enter image description here

I waited 2 days thinking that it may take some time to update their databases, but nothing has changed. Why is there such a difference in Analytics and Monetization pages?

Casio G-Shock Fake vs Genuine Watch Comparison- I Prefer the Fake!

Casio G-Shock Fake vs Genuine Watch Comparison- I Prefer the Fake!

Fmoviesx | Watch Movies Online for Free | NewProxyLists

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You can give your own opinion or suggestion on how to improve this website.
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how to create a watch later list for netflix app?

I found 2 pseudo ways:

Easier and reliable: Just share the movie link with some app that you can delete later, eg.: share it with whatsapp (better if you have a 2nd cellphone to do that), but then you have to use an external app.
Tho, the best app I found for this is “Keep notes”: create a label on it “Watch Later”. On netflix app, share the link to keep notes with that label. On keep notes, search notes with that label.

UNRELIABLE (I kept this here so you can try, but as soon the netflix app restarts for any reason, the “pseudo watch later list” will be lost, unless they “fix” it…)
more complex, inside netflix app (only works with videos that can be downloaded):
1 – opt to download videos
2 – opt storage as the external sdcard
3 – fill up sdcard with trash (like a copy of 100MB files, i suggest using x-plore to make copies) in a temporary place that is easy to delete later (the trick step)
4 – try to download a video, it will fail, the item will remain on the download list as being unable to download it, won’t use storage space, it is pseudo-perfect :), the item will remain there (let’s hope they dont change this…)
5 – before watching or downloading, just delete some of the trash if needed
Obs.: starting a download and pausing it only allow us to “continue all downloads” after, what is messy.

any more tricks?

Youtube: Move “Watch later” to new Playlist

I want to add all search results to a playlist in youtube. The quickest way to do this seems to click the “watch later” icon on every video (1 click). Adding each video to an individual playlist is much slower (4 clicks)

However I want to create individual playlists for different searches, so I want to move all videos from the “watch later” playlist to a new one (simultaneously), so I can keep a structure.


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