web application – watch out for directory traversal/path traversal security problem

After some research on the internet and read some articles/posts about directory traversal/path traversal security problem, I still don’t quite get when I need to watch out for this kind of security problem, should I always need to watch out for this kind of security problem when I am developing a back-end or only when I am doing/implementing certain things/features?

reboot – Ways to find out uptime of Apple Watch?

Having to enter a PIN code could possibly mean that wristband wasn’t tight enough. Or Apple Watch booted. That question could be easy to answer had Apple provided uptime information directly. Alas, Apple didn’t. Any workarounds?

I only found an advice to check graph of the battery use, but given its scale and the fact that AW boots take minute or so I doubt it would reflect it.

Is there a way for me to view my Apple Watch Activity data on my mac desktop?

I’d like to be able to view my apple watch Activity data on my mac desktop or laptop.

So for example, workouts, steps, etc, today, and for the last week, much like what I can find in the Activity app on the apple watch.

Is there anyway I can do this?

keyboard – macOS Big Sur (11.1): How to summon “Unlocking with Apple Watch…” when Mac is locked but not raised from a sleep?

When I wake my Mac from a sleep, I’m always able to unlock it with my linked Watch first. If it’s unsuccessful due to any reasons, a prompt appears but in most situation everything works smoothly and I unlock without typing my password.

enter image description here

When I try to unlock my Mac just from the locked screen (not from a sleep) I always get a prompt.

The only way for me to unlock & log-in without typing password is to hit the Esc key on the lock screen to put it to sleep, hit any random key to wake it up and then I see “Unlocking with Apple Watch…”.

Is there any keyboard shortcut to unlock on demand my Mac by a Watch on locked screen?

enter image description here

Watch out for this site streamtape.com | NewProxyLists

I don’t understand where the stealing or cheating is,
You said you uploaded a video to his site and you viewed it and asked your friend to view it from his device, that is supposed to show that your file has 2 views but your file has only 1 view. You complained and he answered it.

Streamtape’s answer:
we dont count the ip from the uploader itself and VPN/proxy traffic.

the view counter is showing correctly, it has logged your friends view. Where is the cheating/stealing.

Connect my watch with family iPad for Fitness+

Ive got Apple Fitness* shared with my family.

My wife has an iPad (with her own account, but part of the family sharing group) running 14.3 – capable of running Fitness+.

Can I pair my watch to the iPad for the purpose of workouts only?

Has anyone had any luck getting their Apple Watch show up in Xcode’s Bluetooth Explorer?

I’ve tried "Show Device Discovery", "Low Energy Devices, and "Near By Devices". It’s likely that it won’t show up, but I was hoping someone might have had some luck.

❕NEWS – Watch out for a Bitcoin blow-off top | NewProxyLists

True the main target now is the $30,000 and i think what happened when bitcoin price got to $20,000 might repeat itself again , because the price would keep on increasing further to $40,000 , so going back to $20,000 and falling further won’t be possible i think

How to enable Cloud Watch logs for AWS DMS task?

I am creating AWS DMS task for migrating data from GCP SQL server to AWS Aurora MySQL. How can I attach log group which I created?

dnd 5e – Does Natural Explorer’s double proficiency apply to perception checks while keeping watch?

The Natural Explorer class feature is sort of vague about what skill checks count

When you make an Intelligence or Wisdom check related to your favored terrain, your proficiency bonus is doubled if you are using a skill that you’re proficient in.

I emphasized related to, because it doesn’t say “while in,” so I’m wondering whether keeping watch in your favored terrain counts as related to your favored terrain. This could represent something like being more familiar with what’s naturally around, and so you have an easier time spotting what shouldn’t be — i.e. the approaching enemy.

Does it apply?