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[ Politics ] Open question: I heard that Trump was watching for suicide. Do you know if that's true?

[Politics] Open question: I heard that Trump was watching for suicide. Do you know if that's true?

Is it possible to renew the MCSD SharePoint 2013 certifications just by watching courses?

Is it possible to renew the MCSD SharePoint 2013 certifications just by watching courses?

A few years ago, we could renew their certifications for MCSD for SharePoint 2013 by viewing online courses. Does anyone know if it still works?

Thank you

Why is Google Assistant enabled at certain locations when watching videos on your mobile phone with headphones?

I noticed that Google Assistant is enabled, like when we say "OK Google". I've noticed this twice and this only happens at some point when playing some animated videos. Why does this happen? Is it possible that the assistant listens to what is playing on a device even with connected headphones?

Need help to create and optimize a dense forest in Unity with a bird watching camera

I am developing a RTS game with a bird vision camera running while playing. One of the fundamental aspects of my game are the trees.

So, in the days before, I was playing with trees in Unity.

  • First, I played with Unity Tree Creator, but later I realized that it's broken since 2018.3, and the developers said that it would not be corrected because it would be a package developed by the community in the future.
  • Then I downloaded store resources that are said to be highly optimized trees, but they are mainly meant for "3rd person camera projects", which represents about 7 to 14,000 triangles.

After these experiments, I decided to export a prefabricated tree to fbx, then manually reduce the number of triangles to about 2.5k in 3ds max, and then re-import it into Unity. With this technique, I was able to produce quite good results, but I still am not very satisfied with it.

My point of view of the camera and my "dense forest" between 180 and 300 images per second … and only as 3 or 4 shadows
enter the description of the image here
For the above image, I used a tree with 2 LOD and a display panel (BB).

After playing this, I realized that I could do better, especially by playing with LD numbers, optimizing materials, and optimizing default trees.

However, the problem is that I can not model pins that meet my needs in 3ds max. So I started to look at the SpeedTree documentation, but it seems a bit too professional for all my needs (all the tutorials also make trees with a poly / sort of 20k, for example).

So, concerning this story. I would like to ask the following question + a bonus on LOD:

  • Can you model quality trees with SpeedTree for Unity that have triangles of about 1k-2k, or SpeedTree for high quality / high density trees, their algorithms will not work with a lower number of polygons, etc.? (I've heard that they have a simplify modifier, is it good? Like making a 7k triangle and then cutting it to 1k-2k)
  • I think using 4-5 LOD and a BB for a smooth transition. In my photo, I use 2 LOD and a BB and sometimes, when you quickly move the camera, the transitions are not as fluid as I wish. So I would rather have meshes detailed below before moving to BB. So, does having a 4-5 LOD-s is a common practice or a better idea for this?

Goosebumps while watching movies

What scene in a movie always gives you goose bumps every time you watch it?

I always get goose bumps when I look at LOTR: The king's return, when Rohan fights against all the orcs of this plain.

YouTube watch time rules when someone is watching my two video channels, device, browser at the same time

I have 2 YouTube channels and one of my friends has subscribed to both channels. He says that sometimes he simultaneously opens my two video channels, using the same device and the same browser, but using different tabs.

  1. Will I see the time of watching in my two channels in this case?
  2. Will it be treated as an hour of spam monitoring in the future?
  3. Will I be faced with problems in this case in the future?
  4. Will it have an impact when I request monetization?

I had informed him that it was not a good approach and asked him to stop that, but he said that it was not a problem. Can any one please share your thoughts on this? Please advice. I am a new YouTuber, I am learning step by step. Waiting for your answers.

[Method] Beginners: quick $ 36 – $ 106 cryptocurrency by watching videos on Coinbase

I just found this great resource for those newbies who need a quick boost or maybe those who are bored and want a quick $ 36 – $ 106 crypto. Coinbase now has a new part of their website where you earn cryptocurrency by watching short (Generally 2min) videos and replying 1 question about each video.

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EOS video 1 ($ 2)
Reply: Distributed application.

EOS 2 video ($ 2)
Reply: Delegate POS.

EOS 3 video ($ 2)
Reply: Fast, free.

EOS 4 video ($ 2)
Reply: EOS of stake.

EOS 5 video ($ 2)
Reply: Smart contracts evolutive.

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Stellar Lumens (XLM) Answers

XLM Video 1 ($ 2)
Reply: A decentralized protocol that unites the global financial infrastructure.

XLM Video 2($ 2)
Reply: Facilitate universal payments at low cost.

XLM Video 3 ($ 2)
Reply: Transactions are fast, inexpensive and comprehensive

XLM Video 4 ($ 2)
Reply: To issue, exchange and transfer tokens quickly and efficiently.

XLM Video 5($ 2)
Reply: It relies on the cooperation of trusted nodes to confirm transactions.
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DAI Video 1 ($ 2)
Reply: A decentralized office that aims to be worth a US dollar.

DAI Video 2 ($ 2)
Reply: Decentralized and without borders.

DAI Video 3 ($ 2)
Reply: Open a CDP with Maker.

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Activities – Bird Watching at Langkawi Island, Malaysia

I plan to go to Langkawi Island in early July and I would like to try new things. I have never done snorkeling or bird watching before. There are a lot of resources on snorkeling, so I am fully prepared. But I also wanted to do something when I felt exhausted, so I thought I could try to observe the birds.


Are there areas of interest for bird watching in Langkawi (the main island or other islands in the archipelago)? If possible, indicate which species I can expect to see. I would like to know which ones are common and which ones are rare. Other general tips on bird watching in Langkawi are also welcome.