Activities – Bird Watching at Langkawi Island, Malaysia

I plan to go to Langkawi Island in early July and I would like to try new things. I have never done snorkeling or bird watching before. There are a lot of resources on snorkeling, so I am fully prepared. But I also wanted to do something when I felt exhausted, so I thought I could try to observe the birds.


Are there areas of interest for bird watching in Langkawi (the main island or other islands in the archipelago)? If possible, indicate which species I can expect to see. I would like to know which ones are common and which ones are rare. Other general tips on bird watching in Langkawi are also welcome.

Someone is watching the tennis championships?

Someone is watching the tennis championships? What is the game schedule for this year?

I am a man and I only like watching movies with main characters. What's wrong with me?

I only like innovative movies. Unfortunately, it could be the same thing.

In fact, no, there are too many movies directed by men that are absolutely not innovative.

In a too recent number of recent cases, women have cast the leading roles of women on the reissue of a film, another mouthful at the apple of finance, claiming that the genre of characters makes it innovative and deserves to be looked.

The problem is that right now it works. That is, many of these movies actually report less money than they really were … hmm … good.

Was the female Ghostbusters as good as the original? I do not think so, but even if you could in one way or another ignore the original, see the new one first, then compare and then decide that it was better, it is not the world we live in.

If you want to make a movie with female roles to not make one, do not do it.

If you want to make a film with innovative material, then do not hesitate and consider throwing against tropes.

The problem is more difficult to get financial support for innovation than to reorganize a blockbuster with demographic changes.


[ Politics ] Open question: How many of you like watching the NRA implosion?

[ Politics ] Open question: How many of you like watching the NRA implosion? .


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Post time: April 22, 2019 at 9:19.

If the Chicago Bears are not in 2018 at the Super Bowl, would you stop watching the Super Bowl 53?

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