OpenVPN. Is there other ways to get PUSH_REPLY by client, than parsing a log?

I want to get some options from PUSH_REPLY.
Is there some other ways to get them besides parsing a log output?

Looked at the update-resolv-conf script and it does something similar with –up option.

Maybe the PUSH_REPLY part falls under some script execution points, like update-resolv-conf and provides needed info/variables?

combinatorics – There are 8 events that can be scheduled in a week, then find total number of ways that these 8 events are scheduled on exactly 6 days…[CONT]

There are 8 events that can be scheduled in a week, then find total number of ways that these 8 events are scheduled on exactly 6 days of a week. (Assume arrangement of multiple events on any particular day as immaterial)

I have been struggling with this question for quite some time now. Here is what I managed to do

The events can be distributed in the following ways


Now one of the expressions that apparently gets the answer is
$$left ( frac{8!}{3!5!} + frac{8!}{4! (2!)^2 2!} right)7!$$

Now the expression inside the bracket seems familiar, basically they are trying to distribute the events on various days, but I could still use an explanation for that. I also have no idea why they multiplied by $7!$

applications – Any apps or ways to categories group apps folders in menu view

Question :- Any apps or ways to categories group apps folders in menu view

Is there any apps or way setting to categories group move apps installed icons in folders as there is jumble of apps to search in alphabetical order which cant be moved or.clubed in Android 6.0 unrooted mobile phone.

I had searched Google and.finded smart launcher go launcher x or drawer to. Circle launchers but all just change wallet create widgets folder organizer manager but no one manages the menu view

Yes I know we can create folder in home (mobile desktop views) but making it jumbled slow down booting Android starting and many time it don’t display icon image on reboot of mobiles.

Can we create self menu (as start menu in Windows properly organised) through app and hide the original menu and replace our own menu. I have seen a recreated by some apps.

Any stable good app to create organize categorise apps icons shortcuts in a menu or app it’s self.

import – Dealing with data from multiple individual spreadsheets. Should data be merged OR are there better ways to deal with multiple sheets?

I have transactional data (spreadsheets) from different time periods and would like to know if there are better ways to import the data to a mastersheet, than to merge all the spreadsheets into one? If I merge the data, I will have to append items to this master document in the future which could be an option, but am wondering if there are methods to consider?

Kind regards

❓ASK – Different ways to fund your business at start up | NewProxyLists

Taking a loan from a bank is a high risk you’ve got to have a collateral just in case the business doesn’t pull through. But if you know yourself, you know your strength, you’ve done your research and you are sure that the business will bloom then it is worth the risk. If you have a sponsor though, it would be much easier.


seo – What are the best ways to improve a site’s position in Google?

There is no definitive answer and all answers will be completely opinion based.

Keyword meta tags are NOT used in search engine ranking. If you would like a more definitive answer see the following post here.

The best thing you can do is:

1.] Keep adding fresh content, comments and blog posts and create RSS feeds for Google and submit these as sitemaps to Google.

2.] Keep all content unique and don’t duplicate content. Google is currently fighting to keep all content on there search engine unique and non-duplicated. So make sure you add canonical links to your page. See here to learn how to do so.

3.] Make sure your website is responsive. Google also wants sites to display fast and correctly on all devices and you may be penalised if your website is too slow on mobile device.

4.] H1 tags, Meta descriptions, titles, and Meta Tags. This said, with meta tags not being relevant, it won’t hurt to make them relevant to your content. However have one and only one H1 tag, and make sure it is relevant to your content. Same goes for your meta description and title tags.

5.] Website speed is an important factor. Google recommends that all websites should load in less then 2 seconds. In this case make sure all images are optimised, don’t load unnecessary resources, set a cache in your .htaccess, enable persistent TCP connections, add gzip to your resources, and combine all off your CSS files into one and minify them, same with you JS files.

All my suggestions are of my own opinion and they are all onsite optimisation. You will be required to gather relevant backlinks but make sure you don’t participate in a linking scheme. Please also note that bad links and spam content can potentially harm your website causing much bigger issues.

Social Media can also be a good source of traffic and can be used as a very powerful SEO tool if used properly.

The main point would be: Don’t expect results overnight, this process will take a very long time and it may take a lot of work and time before you start seeing results. Make sure you target the right keywords for your site doing research on your target keywords, analyse your competition, what are they doing that you aren’t doing, how many backlinks do they have. None of this however will guarantee you a top spot. If it was that easy then everyone would be doing it.

The best place to start is by looking here, as this is written by Google and will advise you on the best practices.

transactions – What are the ways to obtain public key of a wallet with no outputs

I assume that you are talking about a Pay to Public Key Hash (P2PKH) address.

Cryptographic hash functions have the pre-image resistance property:

Given a hash value h, it should be difficult to find a message m for which h = hash(m).

P2PKH addresses encode a locking script that commits funds to the hash of a public key. Given that the address only provides the hash, it is not possible to guess the public key from the address as that would require breaking the pre-image resistance property of RIPEMD-160.

c# – Proper ways to manage evolving inter-communicated microservices APIs?

I’m working on a big C# application that is currently under development so we have some room for structural refactoring.

The application is divided into 10 microservices, which some of them communicate with each other.

That intercommunication is done via 2 different approaches at the moment: A) using Apache Kafka as an event bus and B) creating an internal facade/service-object approach when need to request some data from another microservice. I want to focus in the later approach.

This facade/service is done by literally copying all the important data types definition and having the HTTP requests hard-coded inside each project (ie. we have local copies – duplicated – of each type related to a given microservice request/response inside each microservice project that needs to communicate with it).

I’m not very well versed in microservices and Rest API, but this seems to me a recipe for disaster. If microservice A is requested by 5 other microservices, and we change A’s API, now we need to update all other 5 microservices projects with all the new data types or changes that was made rather than having some sort of shared library with that facade or something like that.

I know managing API versioning is difficult and painful, but this certainly doesn’t seem right to me.

I didn’t find a straight forward guide that addresses a problem like this.

Can anyone shed some light on this? How should we manage those duplicated data type definitions? And lastly how should we manage versioning properly between those different APIs?

What are good ways to remedy an untested codebase?

In particular, I have found that some codebases are well-tested on unit tests but lack functional or system (integration) specs altogether.

What strategies should be used to remedy such codebases?

dnd 5e – What are all of the ways a character can gain a supernatural gift/blessing/epic boon – through class, feat, or other player facing methods?

There are no player facing methods for these things.

Epic Boons and Supernatural Gifts are DM facing options to be used as quest rewards. As such, there are no player facing choices that guarantee receipt of one of these gifts. Supernatural Gifts are described:

A supernatural gift is a special reward granted by a being or force of great magical power. Such supernatural gifts come in two forms: blessings and charms. A blessing is usually bestowed by a god or a godlike being. A charm is typically the work of a powerful spirit, a location of ancient magic, or a creature that has legendary actions.

These things are given as options to the Dungeon Master for rewarding players for completing quests or other tasks incident to epic adventuring. We see this often in published adventures – these supernatural gifts, charms, and blessings are given as quest rewards at some point in most adventures.

Epic Boons are generally reserved for the DM to give rewards to player characters who have reached 20th level1, but as you have observed, the Aberrant Dragonmark feat gives the DM an option for providing an Epic Boon to character as early as 10th level:

At the DM’s option, a character who has the Aberrant Dragonmark feat has a chance of manifesting greater power. Upon reaching 10th level, such a character has a 10 percent chance of gaining an epic boon from among the options in chapter 7 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide. If the character fails to gain a boon, they have a 10 percent chance the next time they gain a level.

I have bolded the crucial phrase here: at the DM’s option. Even taking the Aberrant Dragonmark feat does not make gaining an Epic Boon a player facing decision – it is still entirely up to the DM to grant the boon, even after a player has chosen the feat.

Theros and Ravenloft have setting specific gifts and mechanics.

We see similar features given in Mythic Odysseys of Theros, but these features differ from the ones in question in two distinct ways:

  • The list of gifts is unique to the Theros setting
  • Every character gets one to start the adventure

So this is sort of what you are looking for, but the application is quite specific to one setting and does not reference the gifts and boons from Chapter 7 of the DMG at all. It is also worth noting that the gifts here are generally much stronger than the blessings and charms, akin more to full feats.2

Additionally, in Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, we see another character creation and development option – Dark Gifts:

A character can select a Dark Gift from the “Dark Gifts Descriptions” section. This supernatural gift expresses both a mysterious power and insidious influence. Work with your DM to determine how your character gained this Dark Gift. Is it the manifestation of a family curse? Is it a reward for a sacrifice you made at a forgotten shrine? Did you bargain with a voice whispering from a mirror, the sea, or the Mists? Does the Dark Gift compound with your other character choices to reinforce your unique origin? Each Dark Gift can be expressed in various ways, with the following options exploring various manifestations to spark your imagination.

Dark Gifts are intended for starting characters, but characters who don’t choose one might be presented with opportunities to gain a Dark Gift as their stories—and desperate circumstances—unfold.

The available gifts are again specific to the setting, but they do provide a player facing option for gaining them, but are again not the ones found in Chapter 7 of the DMG.

1 DMG, Chapter 7, pg. 231, Epic Boons: “An epic boon is a special power available only to 20th level characters. Characters at that level gain such boons only if you want them to and only when you feel it’s appropriate.”

2 As an alternative to the gifts unique to Mythic Odysseys of Theros, the section on gifts also offers several Player’s Handbook feats as alternatives: “If your campaign uses the optional feat rules from chapter 6 of the Player’s Handbook, your Dungeon Master might allow you to take a feat as a variant supernatural gift.”