Honda smartkey Honda is the leading manufacturer of Air Blade

Where to attach the original Honda Smartkey key to Air Blade?

Do you know where in Ho Chi Minh City you should bring your beloved driver to be consulted to install a real Honda smart key lock for your Air Blade? If you want to install Original Honda Smartkey key – Cao Sang decal We are currently one of the most reliable places. Let's see why we should attach a smart key lock to the Cao Sang store and assess the professional level of our unit.

1. Attach an original Honda Smart Key to Air Blade in the Cao Sang store

Your Air Blade car will be safe if it is brought to the Cao Sang decal center:

– Our unit is specialized in supplying original Honda locks, so it is very suitable for installation for your beloved driver, thus ensuring the most effective anti-theft device.

– Commitment to a true 36-month warranty, to be renewed when manufacturing errors occur within the first 12 months.

Come here to take advantage of the most professional lock installation service, promising to allow only skilled workers to do the construction or contact for more information. How much more is the smart key redone? okay.

2. How to Use a Genuine Honda Smart Key for Air Blade

You can control and use the Air Blade smart key very easily, just follow these steps, How to use the smart car key for Air Blade very simple:

– On the locking control device with the power button, hold it down and wait for the light to turn from red to green.

– Press the button once to check whether the car is running or not, if normally the lock indicator light comes on with the sound of a signal.

– Then just turn the lock knob to each position corresponding to the operation you want to use yourself.

Right now, please quickly bring your beloved driver to our Cao Sang store for advice on installing an authentic Honda Smart Key Lock for your Air Blade. Currently, our unit is the leader in the industry of installing smart key locks for this vehicle. The most advanced and modern smart key lock models on the market are now available at Cao Sang store, just visit the store directly and you will be introduced and provided with all the information on this line of locks can be used more efficiently.


– Installation 1: DECAL CAO SANG, 88 Nguyen Van Dau, Ward 7, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

– Installation 2: DECAL CAO SANG, 272 Thong Nhat, Ward 16, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline 1: 0947490391

Hotline 2: 0838723979

Facebook: Caosangdecal


dnd 5e – Can a divination assistant use the Wear function himself while being blind?

The blind condition states (it is me who points out):

A blind creature cannot see and automatically fails any ability test that requires a view. (…)

Meanwhile, the Portent feature of the divination assistant states (it is me who points out):

(…) You can replace any attack roll, save roll or ability test made by you or a creature you can see with one of these prediction rollers. (…)

It seems clear to me that a divination assistant could not use the Carry function on another creature while the assistant is blinded because the target would no longer be a creature they could see. However, I don't know how this applies when you change one of the assistant's rollers.

Can a divination assistant really use the blind function but only on its own rolls?

Do Trump supporters wear MAGA hats in public just to get attention?

I went to Culver's today. I saw a man wearing a MAGA hat and made sure that I glared at him. This is the second time this week that I have seen someone wear a MAGA hat in public. I understand the concept of freedom of expression, but it seems that Trump supporters are succeeding in attracting attention. This man had several dirty looks and seemed to appreciate the negative attention he was receiving lol.

Can we wear the skin of another creature as a disguise?

I want to create a character who can wear the skin of his victims to infiltrate their ranks. Ideally, it would be a robot – a forged type character. Is there a way to do this?

dnd 5e – Can we wear or carry the object created by Minor Illusion?


First, drawing on the guideline "Spells do what they say they do", the description of the spell says nothing about the ability of the image to be moved or animated.

Second, it is difficult to suggest that an object moving in concert with another object is not due to physical interaction. A crown on a person's head moves as that head moves, and a battle pole attached to someone's back moves when their torso moves, etc.

The relevant part of the spell description indicates that

Physical interaction with the image reveals that it is an illusion, because things can go through it.

Yes the picture could be animated, you could may be overcome this problem. But even then it would be difficult to do it perfectly. And there is little support from the spell description that suggests you could move the picture – the only changes it describes allowing relate to sounds.

As for the follow-up question on the practical limits of Minor illusion the following are worth considering:

Spells that can do what you are looking for already exist (especially To disguise oneself, Major Image, and eventually Scheduled illusion), and these are all levels above Minor illusion and require resource expenditure (in the form of hardware components and rare spell locations, or by taking specific class characteristics to obtain).

This is a good guideline only for what Minor illusion should and should not be able to do for any practical application: a lower level spell, and especially a cantrip, should not be able to trivially reproduce the effects of higher level spells or racial and class characteristics.

Android encryption: can an attacker obtain the master key due to the default password and the level of wear and tear on Android?

Since Android 5.0:
When first started, the device creates a randomly generated 128-bit master key, then the ax with a default password and stored salt. The salt and the encrypted master key are stored in the cryptographic footer.

When the user sets the PIN / password or password on the device, only the 128 bit master key is re-encrypted and the cryptographic footer is updated.

Due to the level of wear, several "versions" of the same sector may be available to an attacker. To my knowledge, Android cannot guarantee that the old encrypted master key is really replaced.

Would it theoretically be possible for an attacker to decrypt user data by recovering the old encrypted master key (derived from the default password) and thus calculating the unencrypted static master key with the known salt and the password default.

Pathfinder 1e – Can you wear armor on aegis astral skin?

Yes, astral skin, like psychoactive skin, can be worn under armor. That's all the interest. This does not interfere in any way with the armor, although any armor bonus you get on the astral skin does not stack with your armor, any more than certain abilities weave if they are both on the skin and weave.

It’s rather unfortunate because there is simply no good reason But the astral skin as a result of that. With astral skin, you can combine the abilities of the aegis with armor that you buy, which is just great. But since you have real armor on the way, you cannot easily change astral type for another circumstance.

requests – Have you ever asked to enter or stay in Canada? What should I wear?

I applied for a permanent resident visa for Canada, they refused in 2005. In 2012, I entered Canada with a Swazi passport (while allowing entry to the port). Now, I apply for a visit visa with swazi passport.

So what should I put yes or no?

If yes, what should I write. Ex. In 2012, I entered Canada but I did not ask to stay in Canada.

android wear – What can I use watches connected with a microphone for?

There are connected watches on the market with a built-in microphone.

Most of them don't say much about its functionality in details, especially just that it's there and you can use it for voice commands and calls.

Do calls mean through the connected watch or by using the watch as a Bluetooth headset?

I want to use a smartwatch as a microphone for voice memos and maybe even VoIP applications, does any microphone work or should I look for something specific?
Preferably, I would like to get the cheapest possible, I don't need any functionality besides a microphone which I can use for any application like s 39; it was the phone's built-in microphone.

I'm on version 23 of the SDK, if that matters. Rooted. (Android 6.0.1)

Android Wear – Huge RAM requirement for Samsung Galaxy Buds

I was about to buy Samsung Galaxy Buds, but then I saw in the system requirements 1.5 GB of RAM to function!

"Compatibility" section under "specifications"

I am using an old S7 Galaxy Android phone. Right now it is using 2.9 GB on 3.5 GB of RAM available only with the apps I have open.

I am concerned that my phone does not have enough RAM to use the headphones.

Do the headsets really require 1.5 GB of RAM to operate?