Web Crawlers – How to distinguish users from robots so that they use server-side rendering with all robots?

How can I reliably distinguish users from robots?

We have an ecommerce store that sometimes experiences significant traffic spikes. We would like to move all / part of the load during these peaks to client-side rendering (CSR), while allowing robots to continue to crawl our site with server-side rendering (SSR) enabled only for them.

PS: the content is exactly the same for SSR and CSR.

This is the basis of our situation: Operate Node.js for server-side rendering – Airbnb Engineering & Data Science – Medium

[UDEMY] – Web Scraping with Python, Ruby and import. io for pleasure and profit | NewProxyLists

Web Scraping with Python, Ruby and import. io for pleasure and profit

Web Scraping with Python, Ruby and import. io for pleasure and profit
Learn exactly how to extract web data from many popular websites, even if you have very little experience as a programmer!

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What is the best web design company?

The fact is that there are more bad web design companies than good ones,

Look for reviews (not on their website because they are mostly fake) and do a little research. If they offer free designs or websites for less than 100 USD, it's probably models or a club-cookie site that you do not own and that you will not be able to take with you if you move.

Avoid hosting free website creators such as intuit or the Godaddy website tonight.

If you want an original and quality design, you can expect to pay between $ 300 and $ 1,000 or more, depending on your needs. If it's a lot cheaper, you should understand why.

Do you know any application case studies created by converting Excel sheets to web applications?

I want to prepare my new project. My client is currently working in Excel and wants to create a web application. I'm doing research to inspire myself, but I do not find a case like this. Do you know of any case studies on converting excel to web application?

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build a responsive wordpress website for $ 70

build a responsive wordpress website

I am a professional website designer and I have been working with WordPress for a few years and I know everything about WordPress.
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How can I ensure the volume of instance traffic (web server) on AWS VPC?

I want to install the instance to collect the traffic that is created in the instance (web server) of each VPC.
I plan to select the instance type based on traffic (max / min / avg).

To solve this problem, how can I do? Help me.,!!

Web Development – Is it possible to host a website on a domain that is not owned by a registrar?

If a registrar does not own or manage a URL, can I still buy that domain and host my own website for help? If a URL does not belong to a registrar, how can I host my website with the help of this URL, if possible?

Is there a utility to use URLs that are not owned by a registrar for a personal website, for example to add this URL to the DNS registry in order to redirect it to the IP address of my server?

Sorry for the questions overload :]

Amazon Web Services – Can you help me develop lambda script on aws?

I want to reflect the traffic between ALB (src eni) and NLB (dst eni). However, as the ALB ENI changes from time to time, adding a session to the hand poses problem. Therefore, I think we need a script that automatically records a session (src eni-id) if I want to apply a real service. I plan to use the Lambda to solve this problem.

How can I develop a script that automatically adds eni-id as a VPC mirroring source?

Amazon Web Services – Can not ping a Windows server instance from a redhat instance

Running a ping problem of the RedHat instance to a Windows server instance. I have tried several things in the security settings without any luck. I can ping the RedHat instance from the Windows server but I can not ping the RedHat instance to the Windows instance.

  • Update security groups for both instances to allow all ICMP traffic on Ipv4 and 6.
  • Tried custom rule for ICMP to allow all traffic.

Considered some other issues here too that are similar without result.
– The AWS EC2 instance does not respond to the ping request (Petr Mensik)
– The AWS EC2 instance can not query certain addresses (Petr Mensik)

All ideas would be greatly appreciated.