🌳 S4 – Sustainable and ethical web & mail hosting 🌳

At S4 we are passionate about creating a Sustainable, Speedy, Secure and Stable internet.

We offer ethical, sustainable, and affordable web and mail hosting, made easy with human setup and support, monitoring & backups, and ethical Matomo analytics.

We like to keep things simple, every hosting plan with S4 gets the following:

  • 100% Renewable energy, in one of the most modern and green datacentres in Europe.
  • Litespeed Enterprise, MariaDB, PHP 7.4 & 8, Redis, IPv6 & QUIC.
  • Free SSL, Anycast DNS & DNS failover.
  • Network level firewall, daily vulnerability checking and 24/7 monitoring.
  • 3 levels of backups, including off site backups and failover.
  • SSH & SFTP, plus 2-Factor authentication
  • Matomo Analytics (a private and ethical alternative to Google Analytics)
  • Human setup and support

We also offer free managed WordPress & WooCommerce, and free Flarum forum installations and updates.

Oh, and we plant trees for every site you host with us. 🌳🌳

All of our plans include mail hosting on our dedicated mail servers:

  • Roundcube webmail
  • 10 Free email addresses
  • Unlimited aliases and catch-all addresses

You can host any kind of site on S4, but if you are running on WordPress then we offer you these extras free of charge:

  • Pre-installed & Optimised WordPress
  • Free WordPress Migration
  • Safe managed updates
  • One-click staging sites
  • Optimised Litespeed caching
  • WordPress Brute Force Protection

Shared pricing plans are €10 and €20 per month, and all of our plans come with a 7 day completely free trial

We can also offer a customised plan to fit you and your business, from shared hosting up to multiple VPS high availability setups. We are happy to offer a free consultation to everyone to discuss how we can help you make your web presence as sustainable, speedy, secure and stable as it can be.

Find out more at https://s-4.host and check our sustainability and pricing pages.

You can also get in touch with our contact form or drop us a mail: hello@s-4.host

S4 may be a young company but the team behind it has a lot of experience in web design, development and server management. We are passionate about sustainability, ethics, open source software, net neutrality and internet freedom.

We spent more than a year, and a lot of thought, work, testing and development before launching to create web hosting on our own terms. We’ve spent another year since then happily offering the same hosting service to other people who need a web presence that works but also care about a sustainable, fast, and affordable internet.

Chicago Single Server Colocation | Web Hosting Talk

Looking for single server colocation service providers around Chicago, preferably in the downtown area. Been looking online but the search engines just really like the big guys that don’t do single server colocation.

My requirements:

  • Server maxes out around 550W
  • 30TB+
  • /29 IPv4 allocation
  • DDoS protection
  • Network/power/cooling redundancy (at least N+1 preferred)
  • SLA preferred

Requirements can be included in the base cost or can be extra.

Thank you!

Multiple WordPress Management Options | Web Hosting Talk

I have my own WHM managed Linux server, but I manage the websites on the server. I have WP Toolkit installed in WHM, but I have noticed wpCentral (by Softaculous), recently. What I’m trying to figure out is what is the best option? I don’t use Softaculous scripts; I install WordPress using the Toolkit. I only ever use WordPress sites, so I’m didn’t see the benefit of paying for Softaculous.

I can still install with Toolkit and manage with wpCentral, as the free version of Toolkit allows the creation of theme packs. I like that I don’t have to dig to find the sites in wpCentral.

I’m not interested in opinions, but experiences or knowledge of either product or questions that I haven’t thought of.


APAC transit | Web Hosting Talk

APAC transit


We are expanding into the APAC region and wondered what to expect from a transit cost perspective? Will Cogent, Telia, etc price that region similar to the states, or is their a premium.

¦ Brendan – TeraSwitch Inc.

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¦ Los Angeles | Pittsburgh | Jacksonville | Dallas | DDoS Protected Network |

¦ bmannella @ teraswitch . com| 1-412-945-7045 | Skype: live:bmannella_1 | Discord: Brendan#0007

web app – Should my webapp’s tabs use browser tabs or an in-page tab?

That depends on how tabs/pages are related in your application; but speaking of a more general scenario:

Are the tabs related amongst them i.e. different parts of the same information? Or are them different instances of the same page with different information?

In the former, tabs inside the app make sense, while in the latter navigator tabs (or “different windows”) are more like it.

Using your sample image about invoices:

  • If tab1 is product info and tab2 is payment info and tab3 is shipping info, all from invoice F00001, then they should appear as tabs inside the app (UNLESS each tab is a completely different process)
  • If tab1 is info from invoice F00001 and tab2 is info from invoice F00002 and tab3 is info from invoice F00003, they should appear as different pages. It’s up to both the navigator and the user wheter they’ll be grouped as tabs in a window or as separate windows.

But then again, it completely depends on your application and how the information between pages is related.

amazon web services – Can i run docker compose on an already exisiting AWS EC2 instance?

I currently have a t4g.medium AWS EC2 instance with my clients application on an Apache server but i have been working on migrate to Docker more specifically docker compose, all the apps are running on my local computer and are production ready but i cannot find if EC2 supports Docker compose without using ECS.
I have been researching but cannot a definitive answer and i don’t know what to do, i don’t want to use ECS because i already have a savings plan with this instance and a lot of experience with, is there a way to use docker compose or to force ECS to use my existing EC2 instance, thanks

Asia Dedicated server recommendation | Web Hosting Talk

Asia Dedicated server recommendation | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. Asia Dedicated server recommendation

    Please recommend me dedicated server company in Asia , Preferably Japan or Korea. Must be located in those country .

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Artichost.com offline | Web Hosting Talk

Artichost.com offline | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. Artichost.com offline

    Anyone here work for them? The site and all the VPS’s that I have thru them are offline.

  2. Their site is up from here though.

    Specially 4 U
    JoneSolutions.Com is on the net 24/7 providing stable and reliable web hosting solutions, server management and services since 2001

    Jones.Solutions | Jones.Hosting | Estela.Cloud

  3. Did you try to reboot your modem/router or try to access from a different line? Your IP could be blocked. It opens here.

  4. Its down again. Hope it comes back up so I can get my customer moved off there.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by sfalcis
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    Its down again. Hope it comes back up so I can get my customer moved off there.

    Try from a VPN, could be a local issue or call them up to see if they have noticed any issues.

  6. Yea they are offline (even their website is according to cloudflare) hope they haven’t done a dissappearing act. Not answering phone.

    Last edited by sfalcis; 06-29-2021 at 11:42 AM.

    Reason: edited

  7. Artichost.com suspending paid VPS’s and unreachable.

    Does anyone have contact with them? I have had a bunch of paid vps’s suspended and can’t even log into my account to check.

  8. Threads merged, since this seems to be an ongoing issue you’re having. Maybe @pingednet could step in and assist?

    Going out? Wear a mask!

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web development – Will QR code in this scenario be able to be implemented?

User registers on the website. Upon registration, the system will generate a QR code for the user. The user then goes to be vaccinated, and upon vaccination, someone will be able to scan his/ her QR code and the status of the user will be updated as vaccinated with the 1st dose of the vaccine. Additional information will also include, the date for the 2nd dose of vaccination, the doctor who was responsible for the vaccination, date and time of the vaccination. The user can also give his feedback for the side effects per dosage.

Most tutorials with QR code scanners are in a mobile application. However, my laptop might not be capable of handling mobile development.

  1. Will the QR code in this scenario be able to be implemented?

  2. What are some packages for this qr code generator and scanner?

  3. If I’ll use reactjs, are there still any npm packages for qr code? From what I’ve researched, some of them were not maintained anymore. Other recommended technologies are open as well.

  4. If perhaps, we could develop the user in a mobile application, would it be more difficult developing in a mobile application or web application? Considering that, I’ve never developed a mobile application. But there are tons of tutorials in YouTube. For a web application, i’ve already developed a online food ordering. However, there were not much tutorials on how to implement the qr code in a web app. The time frame for our project would be only around 3-4 months and also, this QR code scanning and generator will only be a feature. There are still other modules as well.

catalina – Browser web page gets sync’d across different macBooks

I have 2 macBook Pro’s (Catalina and Big Sur) and somehow when I open any web page in Chrome/Brave browser on 1 macBook, it gets synced to the other macBook and a new Chrome icon opens up on the dock. And when I click that, the exact same page what I have opened up in my macBook gets opened on the other macBook.

I checked if the browser has sync enabled but it is not.

Can anyone suggest something I can do to stop the browsers from syncing across the macBooks ?

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