cisco – Webex not using DNSSEC

our government issued a statement that all video/voice online enabling software needs to use DNSSEC for all address translations and all used DNS servers need to support DNSSEC.

I tried few DNSSEC checkers and analyzers ( for “” or even “” and to me it seems like this domain doesn’t use/support DNSSEC.

I can’t find any relevant information on Cisco/Webex website.

I for one can’t believe Cisco Webex wouldn’t use DNSSEC so my question is: Am I missing something? Or is there a reason to not use it?

Thank you

macos – Automate a Webex Meeting outside of work?

I’m trying to schedule a daily meeting, end the meeting, then open it back up each day. Its just a meeting where agents / friends can join to chat outside of the regular work meeting.

The main issue I have is that the computer I intend on automating this with, is my work computer on days I work, so any foreground tasks / scripts can get in the way.

Right now, I’m just using AppleScript and SystemEvents to open Safari page, click a few things and then the meeting is opened. I am testing the simplest way to do this first, before I turn it into a scheduled task.

Since I have to log into Webex, adding credentials in AppleScript would be nuts, so I’m stuck having to log in before starting the script, which pretty much defeats the purpose, since most days I’m not working and leave the computer and when I’m there, I start it up like normal anyway.

I was thinking of maybe using my backup Android phone to just be plugged in all the time, and use some Root Macro app or if I can, a terminal script or something. Its all cracked and beat up so i dont vare about screen burn and all that.

Any tips / advice? Webex Meetings does have a scheduler, but I dont think it actually starts the meeting

webex – Add Attendees to Meeting

You‘re using the web interface to schedule a meeting. The web interface doesn’t have access to your contacts, so have to type in or copy/paste all addresses.

Alternatively, you can schedule meetings from MS Outlook or possibly similar products. Inside Outlook you have Access to your normal contacts, which might be what you want.

Note: Webex web interface remembers emails entered, so next time you don’t have to type them in manually again.

Is it possible to change the volume per user in Webex?

During many Webex meetings there is often a disparity of volume between various users making it so that I need to continually adjust the volume.

Is there a Webex feature or Windows workaround that would allow me to control the volume output of each user, or a way to normalize the volume of all users?

Some users have delay In Webex

In recent conferences, Webex (and ms Teams actually), some users had feedback and delay while others didn’t.

I suspect that this is related to the fact these users (and only these users) run Webex via Remote Desktop or virtualization Setup that adds to latency to an extent that normal feedback killing logarithm doesn’t work anymore.

Has anybody experienced similar symptoms?

Cisco Webex Events video recording: audio lags behind video for some participants

Learning my ropes with Cisco Webex Events and discovering one quirk after another.

Just had a meeting with 1 other person. She’s using a Mac with its built-in camera/mic. I was hosting using a Win 10 laptop but using an external USB webcam/mic. Recorded the meeting.

When I played it back I discovered that audio and video were aligned fine for the other participant. But when I spoke, the recording had my audio lag behind video. That is, I see myself say something but than hear what I said with a short delay.

So it’s not a case of audio/video misalignment of the entire recording. It seems to have something to do with my audio/video streams get processed by Webex software/my hardware.

How can I fix this?

Auto sharing recordings in webex

When I use MS Teams for meetings, I start recording. Then MS Team automatically uploads recording to my account in MS Stream. My team member can go to my account page on stream and find all recorded meetings there. Is same possible with webex, so that I just have to hit record button and do nothing for sharing, people can simply go to my account page in Stream and check recordings?

design – What does it take to create a videoconferencing application like zoom and webex from scratch?

Recently, the government of many countries has banned Zoom, a video conferencing application, due to security concerns. Meanwhile, the government. of India thought that India should have its own video conferencing application and announced a challenge to create one. It's really a great idea to have a native app for security reasons.

But, if we think about it, these apps like Zoom and Webex that we use today have actually taken years to develop and deploy hundreds of qualified people to reach the level we are looking at today. It is not just about writing code, as it requires different types of other knowledge such as operating system, networks, information security and compression alarms. etc.

I'm not against the idea or discouraging it, but creating an advanced, robust and refined videoconferencing application is not child's play, given the challenges of this type of idea. ;application.

So my question is exactly what are the different types of knowledge areas needed to create such an application and what will be the main challenges encountered when creating this application?