Search Engine Indexing – The Google Webmaster Tool does not contain more than 8 keywords. It's been 2 months since the last keyword appeared.

The Google Webmaster tool does not recover more than 8 keywords. It's been over two months since the last keyword was generated. I want to know the reason. I've installed the Google Webmaster tool in the same niche website and for which the main Google tool has extracted 47 keywords. in search queries within two to three weeks. Can any one tell me what is the possible reason? I just checked the difference between the two sites and the website that does not retrieve keywords on the Google Webmaster Tool. There, I installed a plugin (Really Simple SSL) to secure my website, it's a free plugin to secure the website, I just disable it, this could be the reason? | NewProxyLists – Webmaster Forum


A flawless stay

I would like to introduce both file (DDL) and video (VUP) hosts to you. I am also the official support and known under Xim.

We have become more and more focused on hosting to provide a very good download and streaming speed. Our service is totally free for everyone. There is no traffic or download limit. Users download with passion for their own community. We are aware that Wjunction is a forum where affiliates go first. Many users here are interested in making money. We can understand that very well and know that many people would not use this service because they can not make money. This service only offers users a possibility that is not possible with other providers.

We do not plan to offer rewards in the future for It does not belong to our business model. has been in existence for over a year now and the service is growing as more and more. DDL.TO is the only vendor currently offering PPD and PPS files. was founded more than a month ago and has now reached the same size as

sample file:
video example:

What are the differences between us and others? What do we propose?

  • We do not limit traffic and speed. (except at peak times).
  • Our storage servers are located in exotic countries.
  • has unlimited storage for users.
  • A service where availability is guaranteed. We use the latest technologies.
  • We offer music, video player with integrate.
  • We offer support via chats and emails.
  • Tools such as Z-o-o-m and others are supported.
  • Download tools such as JDownloader or Mipony are supported.
  • Link protectors such as Filecrypt or other providers are supported.
  • You can download via browser, tools, FTP, remote URL or other possibilities.
  • Many user options such as unzipping .ZIP archives or creating archives. Upload your own SRT files directly through the player or settings. Try it yourself and use the possibilities offered.

These are just a few examples that have been presented. Sign up on the pages and use the possibilities we offer you.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us here in this thread.
Or contact me by email – (IMG)

This wjunction account is managed by Xim

Redirect errors generated from the Google webmaster console

My site has 2 redirection errors. These errors appeared during the last two months. There have been no ERRORS on the site for 10 years. Please indicate how I can remove these errors. The website

The following errors:

(1) Image…etc. Redirect error

(2) Image
The current code (I've tried adding the screen capture. I have an error message?

Error redirecting the account of the Webmaster console completely

Redirect error
Picture Buffalo% 20Immigration% 2C% 20Visa% 20law% 2C% 20Attorney% 20in% 20New% 20York% 2C% 20U.SA% 2C% 20Lawyer% 2C% 20Family% 20Visa% 2C% 20F.% 20F.SU% 2C% 20C. 20crossing% 2C% 20United% 20States% 20Entry% 2C% 20Permanent% 20Visa & sd = 24 bits & sr = 412×732 & vp = 980×1741 & I = 0 & _utma = 181033250.1322411620.1571009347.1571009347.1571009347.1 & _utmz = 181033250.1571009347.1.1.utmcsr% 3D (direct)% 7Cutmccn% 3D (direct)% 7Cutmcmd% 3D (none) & _ utmht = 1571009347048 & _u = IQBCAEAB ~ & jid = 2134876339 & gjid = 1129389342 & cid = 1322411620.1571009347 & tid = UA-33066024-1 & _gid = 102343462930292929292929292929292929292929292929292929292929293029292929292929292929292929292929292929292930292929292929292929292929292929292929: 3 years old

Review: VpsTrial.Net | NewProxyLists – Webmaster Forum

Hi all !
VPSTrial.Net is a personal blog offering promotional information, VPS coupons, hosting, domains and free tutorials. We combine all the best offers of the Web on a website. You can find our website for special promos.

Please visit our website and leave us a return.

Review | NewProxyLists – Webmaster Forum

Hello guys,
I want to share with you my experience with orangewebsite, a web hosting provider based in Iceland.
I joined their service less than 2 months ago.
The things that encouraged me to buy with them are the reviews I read about them as a free voice hosting provider, so I said let me my luck with them.
Before buying the Webhost package for which I asked to transfer my domain with them, I quickly received a message from their technical support stating that they could not complete the transfer simply because the age of the domain is <60 days.
They paid me back my domain transfer fees within 24 hours.
So after buying the web hosting package and after the payment, I immediately received the login information for cpanel.
My experience with them was very good until now. The only technical problem that I faced at the beginning was the sending of emails, which was solved in less than 24 hours. It was a problem they were having with the data center. It never happened again.
The other great thing that I noticed about this host, is that their sales and support are very friendly and respond to the ticket very quickly. I just submit the ticket, wait a bit, refresh my email and their answer is already there. :)
The speed is very good too, I always use their service so you can check the speed of my website.
The uptime is 100% because I did not notice a downtime myself and I also use the upimerobot (see the image of my account today below):

So, finally, I just wanted to write this review to wjunction to introduce you to this host in case you have not heard about it :)

Support: 10/10
Availability: 10/10
Quality: 10/10
Flexibility of TOS 10/10

The web address:

Thank you :) .

Gab A Ton against the Webmaster Hut

Who is ready to fight against Gab A Ton?

50 FP for a banner ad in the Webmaster Hut | Promotion Forum

If you like to advertise your web hosting company or webmaster service in 50FP banners, please let me know.

I will place the banner in the header (468 * 60) or in the sidebar (128 * 128 or 256 * 256) for a period of one week. Once I approve the announcement, you have sent the FP, and then the banner will be added.

Currently, a location (468 * 60) is open.


How to find the current URL after the Google webmaster has broken a link?

I want to find the current link for the link below. The Google webmaster broke it and the Wayback machine did not index it.!category-topic/gmail/share-and-discuss-with-others/3J3r2JqFNTw

The link is to the post for the Iranian Fellow who asked about the [unexpected] change of the certification authority for GMail, which ultimately revealed Diginotar's failure.

WebMaster – phpFox Pro 4.7.8 Nulled | NulledTeam UnderGround

Bring your personal social network dream to life with phpFox! phpFox is a very comprehensive social networking solution. Our goal is to provide your community with the features found on major social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace.phpFox is …

Webmaster Hut reaches 500 positions

Happy to announce that Webmaster Hut has reached 500 positions and here are our statistics

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