Domains – How to identify the company that hosts my website when hosting has been set up by someone else?

Have you tried He's going to get the A and NS @DocRoot records mentioned. It has several tools to search for additional information. Look for the tiny hyperlinks in the middle of the page – first run the DNS check and then the DNS lookup. You should be able to find everything you need, including your hosting company.

You said you were not technical, so let me help you with some of the things you might see in your field.

the A The records define the servers that physically host something: website, email, etc. NS The records define the servers / providers that resolve your Internet name, such as, into an IP address (such as

NS the records may actually point to another company, but they would have no other content than your name and address to identify the domain manager. the A and CNAME the records would be where your web pages reside.

If you see CNAMEit acts as an alias and points to your A recordings. You can see multiple records, but the only records to review are the A recordings

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Set up a multimedia content website (e-learning software)

I am currently planning a very content-rich website, described as an online learning software. Here is a prototype of very basic framework to make you an idea:

Thus, a page would look like the one above, containing many images, text (and a playable play by a voice actor for each text), audio and video samples. To get an idea of ​​the scale, the link above will have a page of approx. 100. Sometimes more content than in the example.

In addition, it should be available in two languages ​​(it would be nice to be able to build it dynamically). [like loading all the text from an xml file], but it would be good to build only two directories of the complete project, one for each language)

What is the best approach to this? Mine would build from scratch, just simple HTML, CSS, Bootstrap. Or is a CMS the way to go here? I have some experiences with WordPress, but I have always found it a bit inflated for my taste. I like to build from scratch, just add things like bootstrap, jquery, and so on. if needed. I just do not know if it's the right way to go here because it's such a big project and build everything in a simple text editor with tedious HTML tags with 1500 images, audio links and all that in two languages ​​already gives me a headache [​IMG]"data-url ="

I know this question does not have a real answer. I am looking for advice or suggestions from people who have experience in building projects of this type and who can shed light on the advantages and disadvantages of cms versus static html. this case.

in the expectation of your thoughts, thanks in advance

Schengen Visa – France The US VFS website does not allow the postponement of an appointment to another place?

I made an appointment for Visa Schengen (France) at the New York VFS office.
I see older dates for the visa interview in the VFS offices in Chicago and Boston. I want to reschedule my NY visa interview at Chicago VFS, with dates that suit me. The VFS Web site does not allow you to reschedule the different VFS location. If there is a way to do it, what is it?

Thank you.

Website Analysis | NewProxyLists – Webmaster Forum

My case study

I have created a website on the products of my affiliate program:

I created the site in my native language:

I've created a website about the benefits of the affiliate program:

I made a shortcut access:

I have defined the SEO parameters for these.

I have defined the parameters of Google Analytics.

Facebook and Twitter allowed no advertising activity.

I announced here:

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Nevertheless, there is no business figure for my products.
Few people watch.
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sitemap – How to tell bots to forget about a website and reindex it from scratch

This is not possible You need to map your old URLs on the news with referrals for SEO and user experience.

Google never forgets old URLs even after a decade. When you migrate to a new CMS, you must implement page-level redirects.

If there is no equivalent for a particular page, you can leave it 404 and Google will remove it from the index. Instead, using "deleted 410" allows Google to remove index URLs as soon as they are crawled without the 24-hour grace period used by Google for "404 no found".

There is no directive to tell robots not to use an old site in the search console or robots.txt file.

And if you do not redirect?

It may be that the redirection is too much work or that your new CMS does not make it easy to implement the redirection.

If you choose not to implement redirects, it will be something like starting over again. Google will see that your old URLs return the 404 status and remove them from the search index.

Your new URLs will eventually be indexed, but this may take some time. Changing any of your URLs without redirects is a serious sign that your site is not stable and can not be trusted. All your rankings will be lost and your site will start again.

Googlebot will continue to explore old URLs for years. For that, hope is eternal that you can one day go back these pages.

If you redirect, all your incoming links, user bookmarks, and most of your current rankings will be preserved.


So, why do search engines have no "reset" button? Because there are almost always better options. In your case, it is much better to redirect.

In the event that a site is penalized, Google does not provide a reset button, as this could remove all penalties.


So, how do you implement redirects? You need a list of your old URLs. You can start with a sitemap of your old site. You can also get the list from your server logs, Google Analytics, or even the Google Search console.

If you have planned in advance, your URLs in your new CMS will be similar and you can implement a rewrite rule to manage them. If there is a pattern between the old and the new URL, it can act from one line in one .htaccess file to send redirects for the entire site.

If you need to manually search for new URLs and map thousands of them one by one, you can consider: RewriteCarte functionality.