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I want to know an appropriate way to rank my website among my competitors

Can someone explain what to do for that? What should I buy for this?

In fact, I do not have a lot of knowledge about it. I've heard of web 2.0, panda and many other things of the same kind, but I really do not know what to buy nor what can increase the rank of my website.

Please, help me

What to do with a website and a pirated WordPress server?

My WordPress site has been hacked. Google has sent me an e-mail stating that the site would be listed in browsers such as Google Chrome and a warning when users visit or download certain files from your site. I've checked the server and found a bunch of folders with random characters and files that are not part of WordPress core files like add-admin.php. I downloaded a blank copy of the website from my local computer and then I installed the iTheme Security plugin. I've also changed the password of the administrator in wordpress and changed the root pw to the server. Fortunately, nothing bad has been done. It looks like they're using the server to store files to share. From now on, there is a folder named networkl in the root directory. I've deleted the folder but it still reappears in less than 5 minutes. At this point, I do not know what to do.

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applications – How can I open an offline website on Android?

I have a directory with .html files, some .jpgs, a index.html file, and some other stuff. If I drag the index.html in chrome (or from other browsers) on my desktop, this static / offline website displays in the browser and I can navigate the site without problems.

When I go to the same directory in Android Pie and open it index.html file in Android-Chrome I get the error "the file was not found". I have tried other Android browsers with the same result.

How can I open a simple offline static HTML website on Android? Is there a specific application or browser that I need to use?

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javascript injected into a website – Information Security Stack Exchange

I have recently found that the following 3 lines have been added to several content elements of my website:


I removed them but I still have the following questions:

  1. is there a way to know what this malware does? I've opened the javascript in a text editor, but it was a bit too complex for my knowledge of javascript; I had the impression that this script was supposed to show ads in iframes by modifying the page, but as I said before: it's too complex for me to understand it ; any help to provide more insight would be welcome
  2. does anyone have any idea how this code could have been inserted into my site?

ads – Using AdSense on a website without homepage

Suppose I manage multiple Twitter-based communities and want to set up a series of blogging projects written for each community.

I also own a company website and wish to host the projects as an extension of this domain.

So if I have, I would like to create his projects on id ).

As you can imagine, the extra and projects-for-community-one the directories are completely empty because my visitors simply connect to project-() directly from Twitter.

So if the extra The directory is (and will always be an empty operating page). How can I make AdSense work with everything that is an extension?

I do not want to create a new ad for each project, or have each project checked, because some only last a few months.

Any ideas on how to check this type of site and without risk of being reported?

Why SEO is important for your website? – SEO help (general discussion)

If you have a the Web website, blog or online shop, SEO can help you get targeted free traffic from search engines. Search engine optimization is important because: … users trust search engines and have a presence at the top of the keywords that the user is looking for the Web the trust of the site.

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