Air Travel – Is there a website or code that will suggest the cheapest flight dates for you?

For example, I want to travel from London to New York. My dates are flexible departure (July) and return (September).

I want my exit to be the dates for which I will get the cheapest flight (instead of trying several options manually on Skyscanner or any other flight search site)

Free WAF for Shared Hosted Website

I am looking for a free analysis tool for my custom PHP website. Since I use cheap shared hosting, they charge me so that their security package has an antivirus / firewall service.
Unfortunately, my website is not WordPress, which helped me add various free WAFs.

If anyone can recommend a free usable WAF that I can use on my website, without placing orders on the server.

I tried a called WebCop which is useless. How do I get CWAF to work on my website?

domains – How do I create a button to redirect to another website?

I know you are all pro here.
I am Noobmaster69, I want to create a button that will redirect to another website. I created the button but I don't know how to redirect it to another website.
Can you help me please ???

Website –
Button – Connect with

Is Perfect Money's legal website Can we buy or sell perfect silver?

Hello sir i ask that the perfect money website be the legal url and can we use this site without any fear

seo – Question about aligning website and URL architecture with the pillar and subject cluster model

I am working on the restructuring of our website, including all top level pages and blog topics and articles due to the topic cluster model.

Our website deals with medical treatments and offers the best health centers and doctors in every region, city and country.

the main and upper parts of our website are:
Home page:

  • hospitals: include hospital profiles
  • clinics: include clinic profile
  • Doctors: include doctor profile
  • treatments: Include a complete informational refraction profile for each treatment.
    for example: Rhinoplasty, Lipomatics etc …
  • blog
  • about us

We choose our treatment profiles (rhinplasty …) as pillar pages, then create blog articles for sub-themes linked to these pillars (Open surgery method in rhinoplasty etc.)

And each treatment, alongside its sub-theme of medical problems, it presents one of our most important landing pages offering the best of these treatment providers in each region:

  • rhinoplasty:

    • rhinoplasty in Turkey

      • Rhinoplasty in Istanbul
      • Rhinoplasty in Ankara
    • rhinoplasty in Germany

      • Rhinoplasty in Berlin
      • Rhinoplasty in Frankfurt
  • Face lift:

    • Face lift in Turkey

      • Facelift in Istanbul
      • Facelift in Ankara
    • Face lift in Germany

      • Facelift in Berlin
      • Facelift in Frankfurt

Each of these landing pages addresses the main suppliers, cost analysis, etc.

Here is our URL structure:


and sub-themes related to treatments (rhinoplasty):


but I don't know how to design an appropriate structure to list our treatment in each region,

My questions:

  1. Is it necessary that all the pages of the cluster are in the sub-directory of the Pillar page and follow its URL as a parent? because in our diagram, the pages of the Treatment pillar receive links from blog articles.
  2. What is your suggestion to best structure our regional processing landing pages? Do they need a new top level category as "destinations"?
  3. Are our treatment landing pages in the regions (Rhinoplasty in Berlin) considered as groups of pillar pages of rhinoplasty and do they get a link from this page and a link to it as well?
  4. We also have a similar geographic grouping for our suppliers (hospitals, clinics, etc.) in each country and city. What do you think of its structure which does not conflict with the treatments?

I appreciate if you help me do my best for my business. Thank you

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Sale – Outdoor Niche Product Review Website | NewProxyLists

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The site:

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Pet Niche Product Review Website

I want to sell my pet niche product review website.

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Cordially. – Remove and deposit on cryptocurrency exchange website

In an exchange website, we simply book transactions in our database and when the user wants to withdraw their BTC balance, we make a real transaction in the bitcoin network for them. Consider a scenario where a user deposits 2 BTC and after certain exchanges, he now has 5 BTC. Its public address balance is 2 BTC and the server must send 5 BTC to the user's address. The server must therefore carry out several transactions: 2 BTCs from its own deposit address and the other 3 BTCs from another address managed by the server. In this scenario, we have to pay a fee for at least 2 transactions. We usually collect fees for a single transaction from the user. The problem is that the server must now pay the other fees?
What is the solution to this problem?

In the BTC scenario, I want to use the api of the wallet app. As I understand it, we can have a lot of public addresses corresponding to an extended public wallet key. We therefore assign each user to a different public address at the time of filing. In the event of a withdrawal, we can pay from the blockchain wallet to withdraw the address from the user. Am I right about this approach?
I can generate a new blockchain wallet address with the URL "http: // localhost: 3000 / merchant / $ guid / new_address". But this URL simply generates a BTC address. How can I generate a new address for Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash in the Block API?

Is it possible to use such a solution for ethereum, litecoin and …

How else to handle the problem of deposits and withdrawals of many users on an exchange site?

Excuse me for many questions

Thanks in advance

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