website – How to access a USB device using the kernel

I created a desktop application that controls USB device now i want to convert the app to webapp but the problem is the core does not detect the USB device, I have tried many solutions, but the same result, the USB device and the website are all in my PC, I have tried other technologies like the node js and python django, it worked well, but I want to do it on core I used ActiveX and WCF but they did not detect any other solution on my device thanks in advance

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website design – Age slider for filtering

Don’t forget to consider the mobile touch screen and disabled users.

To use a cursor, the movement must be dynamic and the displayed numbers clickable so that exact values ​​can be entered in each box to correct the choice made with the cursor tool.

A "dynamic slider" would slightly change the number for larger moves at the start – and the right side Ball would roll by 5 if it was held halfway and by 10 if it was pushed in and held at the far right.

Letting go would center the bar generically so that each ball could easily be clicked and swiped left or right as many times as needed to refine each number. For example, you chose 24-28 and now they are so close to each other that they cannot be readjusted; instead display this:

Fixed cursor

An additional control could be a grapple located in the center. Once the width of the range is correct, you can press the center of the bar and drag the range up or down without adjusting the ends.

Slider with central clamp

See how each ball is easily accessible on a touch screen (or with a mouse) and swiped left or right to adjust the number. Do not worry Functionality don't get the length and movement of the cursor to fit the numbers perfectly.

Think of how you would do it with two wheels that you pushed up or down to adjust the upper or lower limits, you don't care about the spacing of the balls you want to move each and get an appropriate movement of the corresponding number.

A "simple cursor" is too simplistic and comes up against the problem you described. FWIW: Increase the upper range ~ 40 years to avoid age discrimination.

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Sale – Automotive website for sale

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wp cli – WP CLI: critical error on your website

I want to use the cli to update my wordpress instance.
Unfortunately, I still got the message "critical error on your website".
I have already checked the error.log file for my web server as well as the debug.log file for wordpress itself, but no error message appears there.
I have the following settings in my wp-config file

define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );
define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true );
define( 'WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', true );

What can I do to find out what the error is. I have also already executed an order with --debug at the end. But there, I see only the last successful command and after that, there is again the message "critical error".

Can someone help me with that?

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