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bitcoin core – Does mining use with cpu (some websites) or not

In general, mining requires two things:

  • Processing power (CPU / GPU)
  • RAM

For Bitcoin, a small RAM is acceptable, but for Ethereum, some GB of RAM is needed.

So, how do some websites exploit mineral resources with the help of the client's processor?

Using Javascript (unfortunately, there are more efficient ways, such as TurboJS or GPUJS or WebAssembly). Basically, they try Xs with different nuncio fields up to Hash (x) is less than a target value.

The extraction of bitcoins is possible wherever there is versatile processing power. Is it feasible? Because of ASIC miners, the operating costs of processors or even graphics processors are higher than those of mining products.

On the other hand, this could be different for other rooms, such as Monero. You may have heard of CoinHive, which has Proof-Of-Work captchas that require Monero for a few seconds. Because Monero is ASIC-resistant, CPU operation in the past was effective. (Until February 2019, when CoinHive Miner was shut down due to the decline in Monero's value).

It is likely that they are fraudulent, otherwise it is not profitable for you (provided you pay for electricity).

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Promoting websites in YouTube videos | Promotion Forum

YouTube videos are incredible for promoting your forum or website. A high quality tutorial, a list of the top 10 events, or even video blog content can generate a lot of traffic to your other online content. I have done it too many times to count and I want to share helpful tips with you. Do not worry, we will not simply post videos on YouTube that advertise our websites. It can actually be a huge waste of time! We will focus on the good content that people can enjoy on YouTube, whether they visit your site or not. That's what we want. I create videos for myself and our clients in my website development company to help them promote their sites, new products, etc. We use these videos on the web, on social networks and even on their own sites to show their existing customers and members.

In this brief tutorial, we will not discuss creating an account on YouTube, editing a video, or putting it online. Instead, we'll focus on some basic concepts such as content type, description and tags, thumbnail, and some basic marketing elements to get you started. This article will help you understand why you should be creating content for YouTube to promote your website, and if you need more help, you can always ask it to me or another contributor!

How it works
YouTube is only another platform that you can use to get a considerable number of views on your websites. We use video as "the hook". It's the content that can drive traffic more easily than your site because we leverage the power of YouTube's search algorithms. In fact, ranking a video on YouTube is so much easier than classifying a website on Google. Just like a search engine, YouTube will look at countless statistics to determine if your video deserves to be presented to users. It's not just about the title or the vignette, the tags and the description. It's all about the content. Good content allows viewers to watch and this allows YouTube to know that the content deserves to be shared with other users. A smaller channel is much more likely to receive thousands of views on a new video than a new / small blog with a new article. For this reason, creating a video to go with your article (eg for a blog) can have a huge impact on your success.

What we want

  • Informative
  • entertaining
  • trends
  • Interesting
  • Specific
  • Unique

Follow these guidelines correctly. Your video should be informative. This should teach the viewer something that he did not already know. When someone learns something, he is more likely to tell a friend or share the video than it is about something quite obvious.

Entertaining. You should show your personality. Do not do it too seriously or long because people will get bored. If this is difficult, focus only on the other aspects of your video. You will improve with time.

Trend: This is one of the most important aspects. You do not want to get lost in a list of thousands of related videos. For example, a video on the early career of Lebron James would be one among others. However, if Lebron James breaks his leg tomorrow and you publish a video in the first hour, you would have an incredibly greater chance of getting thousands of views to be one of the first videos online. So we always want our content to be a bit modern and trendy for the news or the social climate.

Interesting … We need our content to be not only informative, but interesting for your target audience. If your website is entirely devoted to music, you do not want to make video on hair products. And even if the video is about music, you do not want to pick a topic that is too obscure or boring just to make a video.

The videos must be specific. Let's use our example of Lebron James. "Lebron James Playing Basketball" is very generic. "Lebron James has broken his leg!" is much more specific. Another specific example would be "Lebron James playing basketball against Dave Chapelle". This is because these titles are keyword rich. Here we have the ranking power of Lebron James, and the keywords "broken" and "leg" if this story was true. Plus, if he was playing against Dave Chapel tomorrow, people would probably be more likely to watch "Lebron James Dave Chapel" than just Lebron James, or just Dave Chapel. So, when I say specific, I do not mean "obscure". Just pick topics that have a higher chance of ranking because of the multiple keywords for which your video can be ranked.

Finally, your video should be unique. Even if the subject is interesting, connected, entertaining, specific and informative, you must create content that is not excessive. It must relate completely to your website, but also to something you love to create – something in which you can put your heart and your soul. Do not just follow YouTube's trends because it's already too late. Look for trends on reddit, Facebook, news and create unique content for YouTube in the early hours. This is likely to mean that you will be one of the first videos related to an ongoing event.

It does not have to be News!
Do not worry, you will not be creating new videos all day long. You must follow all these tips and apply them to your own content in a unique way. You can look to news and use it to your advantage without even creating a press article or press release video. If Lebron James broke his leg, you can create a video list of 8 athletes with career-ending injuries. This can be a much more interesting video that mentions Lebron, but is not just a news video. This is a video that people can enjoy for years and that simply shows up on the back or uses the news of the cycle to his advantage. So, although you want your video to be relevant to your site, it does not have to be newsworthy. Just understand that creating videos that have relevance to the news can generate thousands of additional views.

The basics

  1. Your title must have multiple keywords related to your content.
  2. The title should always be readable, short and not click
  3. Your thumbnail must use large fonts for easy reading.
  4. Your thumbnail should include at least one image, otherwise a background image with a darker overlay for your text to come out
  5. Your tags should not be excessive
  6. Make sure your keywords are keyword rich and take into account different searches (eg: Lebron James, broken, leg, broken, broken, hurt, hurt)
  7. Your description must be accurate and draw the viewer into your content in the first sentence. Do not be afraid to have a long description with more details and a link to your site, but never include your site's link in the first sentence. It seems spammy
  8. Use hashtags in your description. This is becoming more fashionable and can have a positive impact on the ranking of your video

Get viewers on your website
This can be the most difficult part. I found that it was easier when my website contained more content related to the video. For example, I can say something in the video & description & comment pinned about my site: "You will find the discount codes for these products at the address …. mylink …." or to "For more information on the benefits of Linux, check out my article here …."

When I create a video for myself or for a client, I always try to make sure the video does not cover everything. I always want to create a link to an article or page that will contain more information. For forums, you can say things like: "Follow the discussion here …" or "Vote in our poll on the whole site here …"

When creating video content for particular forums, I think it's very important to have a dedicated video thread. Links to the forum in general may sometimes work depending on the video content, but you will be much more likely to get visitors if you create a thread with the same content as the video, integrating the video itself, having a poll related to the content of the video and also provides information that the video did not include. This way, members of your forum will appreciate the video and your observers will enjoy your forum. It works both ways!

A last marketing advice
If you want to get more views on your video, you want to embed it or link it to multiple places. I highly recommend sharing it on Reddit. You can find a good subreddit (ex: reddit.com/r/gaming) and share the link. Be sure to follow their rules and contribute to the community with answers and other sharing that do not go to your YouTube site or website. You can be banned if you only share your own content and nothing else.

In addition to Reddit, you can write content related to your video on other forums, blogs, and websites. Even if it is only a few paragraphs and the integration of the video, it can go very far. A popular forum can bring several hundred views to a new video. If you are doing so on multiple forums, it is very easy to get more than 1,000 views from the first day of a new video. In this case, YouTube probably sees your content as very interesting and begins to share it. I've found that if I get more than 1,000 views the first or first two days, this video has an extremely high chance of reaching 5 to 20,000 views the first month without a problem. I have more than 5 million views on YouTube with only 8,000 subscribers, which is explained by the fact that I share my content on reddit, forums and blogs.

[WTS] KVChosting.net SSD VPS quality deals with high availability and low prices.

This is a discussion on KVChosting.net SSD VPS quality deals with high availability and low prices. in the Webmaster Marketplace forums, part of the enterprise category; KVC Hosting was launched in 2010 for the sole purpose of creating a host society that is affordable for everyone. …


confidentiality – The page views of websites for non-existent pages, is it spam or malicious activity?

I recently bought my first domain name and installed Google Analytics, partly to learn and also out of curiosity.

I noticed that I get several hits a day (although my site is not registered on any search engine), but on non-existent pages and also containing strange queries.

For example, some of the strange hits for which I've had page views are:

/ about? dm_device = mobile
/ contact? dm_device = mobile
/ categories / 54920394
/ shop / shoes-38932522

Even if I do not have an access path for / contact / categories or / store, or many other pages that I have tried to access, on my site.

I've looked at the host name of these page views and these do not match the correct host name to access the site. I guess so another site may be using my GAID?

My biggest concern is that it may be acting malicious attacks.

The reason I think is that since I notice that these pages are visited in GA, I get many phone calls spam on my cell phone (5 or 6 a day), recorded voice messages no having not been left in English, I have no idea what it says.

I've verified that my Whois protection works and that on the surface, it seems that my information is protected. So it may be just a coincidence about these spam calls.

If someone could clarify what could happen here and possibly reassure my mind, I would really appreciate it and I would apologize if I did not ask it in the right place!

Thank you

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What is the cost of developing ecommerce websites?

Having an ecommerce website that truly reflects your brand is one of the most crucial aspects of any successful retail business. So, "how much do you charge for creating an anecommerce website?

Please, share the best websites to read the news on cryptocurrency!

Hi! Please, share the best websites to read the news on cryptocurrency!