skills – Do you know of websites that link technical volunteers with humanitarian / non-profit projects?

There are of course many open source projects to contribute, but they don't always have a humanitarian purpose, the needs are generally more technological.
In my opinion, it is not easy to filter out dead projects, duplicates, or know where and how they are actually used (and therefore, if they are contributing to humanitarian aid).
To be honest, Mozilla and LibreOffice are probably useful for providing free web and office tools, yes. And this website looks pretty good for open source contributions.

These questions have many answers, pointing to (specific) projects and links (but mostly dead):
How can programming capacity be used to help people experiencing poverty?
Ways to use your skills as a developer to give back to the community / charities
Nonprofit technology for nonprofits?

Some websites seemed to be doing what I was looking for (i.e. listing the projects you could contribute to), but they are now dead or abandoned:
anti-poverty developers,, Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK),, Tech Soup

This answer has an interesting point:

Unfortunately, most causes of poverty do not respond well to programs
solutions. Google has made a valiant effort with the project,
but after 6 years of testing, they have largely found that only the don
money to lower level "field" organizations has a lot of effect. A
a recent New York Times article highlights the problem: Google
It's hard to reinvent

But I think, almost a decade later, that (software) engineering can be useful on certain projects (3D printing, embedded software, mobile applications …).

Such a website does not need to be IT oriented (it could cover all profile needs like UX, mechanical / electronic engineers, lawyers, people "on the ground" to get training and reimbursement, etc.) As long as it is possible to search for tasks / roles that a developer can help. is a good example of what I'm talking about.

Ipad – can you prevent websites from opening apps?

I have a situation where I would like to use both the app and the website of a particular service. However, when I search via safari, firefox or chrome, the website or link simply opens the app instead of the website.

Is there a way to prevent these apps from opening apps?

** for whatever reason, the website contains information and data that the app does not show, which is why I want to visit the site.

node.js – cannot forward port to 443 on my router (BGW210-700) for hosting home server websites

trying to transmit on port 443 on my ARRIS BGW210-700. but I get an error: "The port range 443-443 of the service is in conflict with the port managed by the device 443-443" not allowing me to transfer the firewall port under NAT / Gaming to host a web server from my local machine to the Internet. But for port 80, it is, but I need my site to be https. What ideal how to advance my 443 router?

for other information:
my server is a nodejs
Native https nodejs module that I use
domain name brought from godaddy

Unable to access one of my websites


My visitors and I sometimes cannot access any of my websites (especially from Safari), although my other websites are still accessible. All are wordpress.

What do you think of that? How can I overcome this problem?

Which websites are recommended for trading stocks with bitcoins?

I was going to ask the same question.LONG Bitcoin, SHORT stocks.

I heard that accepts Bitcoin.

It was good:

Maybe there is a chance for an open source clone? LEX DAO as a broker: (fiduciary duty)

How to set a different currency symbol according to website currency in multiple websites on the administrator product edit page in Magento 2.3.2

I have 2 websites A and B with currency CA and CB and I did all the configuration for the configuration of the currency and the exchange rate, but still in the product edit page administrator, his motto “ CA & # 39; & # 39; appears for both website products

links – Would spamming developer Stack Overflow's story increase SEO evaluations of my websites?

Imagine starting to create hundreds of Stack Overflow accounts. ((I am not and I do not intend to do it in reality). I add a link to my site in the personal site space of the profile. I then make public the developer story (CV). for example.

If such pages are searchable on Google and contain links to my website, will this help the SEO of my website? Would that allow me to get a higher ranking in Google because of this?

sitemap – Is there an SEO or pagerank advantage in grouping (rel = "alternative") multilingual websites (using multiple domains) together?

I am building this website which will be multi-region / multi-language.

And for that, Google suggests the following:

enter description of image here

Since, my domain will have to change according to the language of the country, I will have to go there with Option 1.

A country-specific area.



Since they all have different domains, if I don't let Google know that this is the same website, they will all be treated as unique and unique websites.

Google suggests "grouping" them using one of these 3 options:

enter description of image here

If I do, I will use the Sitemap option.

But my question is:

What do I gain by letting Google know that all of these websites are identical, but in different languages? What will be different if I let Google think that these are unique and separate websites?

Do I need to gain SEO or pagerank by doing this?

I mean, what if I get a lot of traffic to my website in English Does it benefit my other languages ​​in other areas?

Please review this startup – Websites


Please rate this startup – which helps you build a great "business website" with ecommerce features

You can download our app from Playstore and give it a spin to create a website for your domains.

Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

Ps: We asked for a similar review when we launched and we've come a long way since then because of your …

Please review this startup – Websites

Azure Active Directory – Openid authentication for multi-domain websites

we have a website hosted in IIS, we pointed the multiple domains to the same website.

similarly, we have pointed over 30 domains to this website.
Before, there was no authentication on this website, now we need to implement authentication. so we used OpenID connect and Azure AD for authentication ( .
This works well for a domain, as we can configure the redirect URL for 1 domain. But how we can make sure it will work well for all areas.
or any other approach to implement it.