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Websites / Design and Development Service for Web and Mobile Applications – Consultation and FREE quote first!

We understand that every project, small or complex, requires a unique, intelligent and creative approach. Our digital experts, software engineers and development architects are ready to take on any challenge in order to provide you with the most efficient, structured and secure solutions that meet the needs of your business.

We serve as a consulting team in development and project. Our development team is ready to ensure that your project is executed correctly, from the initial consultation phase, properly planned, executed and, of course, delivered on time. We provide a true full-cycle development service. Beginning with first advice, planning, integration, quality assurance and delivery. Each project comes with a contractual commitment to maintain and support the delivered project.

If you have an advanced CRM to develop, an API to integrate or build, an open source project modification / development, a complete e-commerce or a professional website design and coding or a simple project such as PSD to CMS / HTML or HTML / WIX to code on a CMS platform such as Drupal or WordPress, projects of any size, are welcome.


During this phase, our team of experts will review the requirements of your project to identify existing challenges and take advantage of opportunities.


Our team has significant experience in the vast majority of the latest web development and software development technologies and has a successful track record with over 25 years of combined experience.

Our team members have project management experience in several vertical IT industries. We offer an AZ development cycle followed by consultation, planning, analysis, design, coding, integration, testing and fast and economical delivery.

It is essential to understand the objectives, critical points and deadlines of each project before starting the implementation phase. All projects require critical thinking and a detailed strategic plan, deliberately created by passionate people who understand exactly what you want to achieve.


Behind every big project, there is a good man standing behind. In addition to our in-depth knowledge and over 25 years of experience, we have access to extremely talented enthusiasts who are eager to join your next project.


Whether you are an independent or a business, you need additional developers to deal with current or future projects.

We can not show everything because most of the projects we develop are subject to a strict NDA and yet we can share some projects for you:

  1. https://emmycook.com/
  2. https://evolvefitness.co.uk/
  3. https://davehakkens.nl/
  4. https://www.pokebowl.nl/
  5. https://codecanyon.net/user/codieslab/portfolio (some of our developed software is offered via CodeCanyon)
  6. http://marvelproducts.in/

    (More portfolio projects available and can be presented during our call / conference)


Among the strongest skills are OOPs (Object-oriented programming) and among the latest projects, we had a great opportunity to work with content management systems (WordPress, Magento, Drupal), PHP Core, Jquery, Laravel, Codeigniter, PHP Cake, Yii and Symfony, and I can say in all honesty that I have great strength with those.


Transparency and communication are among our main benefits, whether it's a small, medium or large project. We are here and we are fully committed to providing you with daily updates and detailed workflow, ensuring a surprisingly crisp and clean code, a well-documented process flow of all modules under development, so that you can easily follow our work or anything new. developer can easily understand the system and join the project on the fly.

If you have a project in mind but you do not know how to do it, we are ready to consult you for free, to provide you with a detailed estimate and to set a detailed timetable for you to decide and decide with clarity and easy if you have to go further. with us on this project.


Among the members of our team, we have those who have a very good experience of Cloud and SaaS solutions. If you have a project to develop with Cloud, do not worry, we have specialists who can ensure that it is correctly executed.

We are ready for the next challenge, whether it's an advanced mobile app, a CRM platform, enterprise software development, a simple or advanced website. – We have the knowledge, the experience and can assure your satisfaction of the results we will provide. you with.

Send us an email to:

We are here to help you today!

Magento2: Create programmatically clients and link them to multiple websites

I have written a client import that works perfectly.
Now that the requirement has changed. The Magento instance now runs multiple stores / websites and I have to change the client's import so that imported customers have access to all the stores.

What would be the best way to achieve this?
Do I really have to go through all the websites and create a separate client for each one of them? Or is it possible to create global customers?

Can my IT administrator see the websites I've visited via VPN?

I have access to a VPN network when I am in my office. If I am in the VPN, I can access the sites blocked by my company's network. Can IT administrators see that I go to these sites? And if so, which part of the network is visible?

Buying physical links on quality websites

Wanted Hardlinks from quality websites
Alexa less 500k
Index in google (homepage)
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nginx: two websites under an IP address without DNS

I have two shirts /var/www/html/website1 and /var/www/html/website2and the IP address of my server is

I would like to have :

  • pointing to /var/www/html/website1
  • pointing to /var/www/html/website2

What should I change or add to the server { ... } paragraph of the two nginx configuration files website1 and website2 ?

Currently, I have the following configuration:


server {
    listen 80;
    server_name localhost;


server {
    listen 80;
    server_name localhost/ws2;

I will make a post on DA + websites with traffic for $ 30

I will make a post on DA + websites with traffic

Get a powerful link on a website with real long-term traffic from search engines.

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Transfer of websites from HTML to WordPress


Do you have a site with Hundreds / thousands of pages created with HTML or other CMS and want convert your website in WordPress?

I will import HTML content to WordPress from your old site.

Neat transfer according to the rules of referencing with:

  • save titles, meta-descriptions, meta-keywords;
  • register permalinks, custom URLs;
  • content transfer, images, categories, tags, comments, dates, etc.
  • generate thumbnails (attachments);

In addition I can:

  • clean someone's advertising website;
  • convert the html template to wordpress;
  • correct your model;
  • install WordPress on your hosting.

The price of the content transfer starts at $ 40.
All details must be discussed individually.

Please, PM ME, or contact me via skype: vetyshev

STEADYIO.com | Starting from 2,50 / m | A proven platform ideal for hosting all your websites.

Hello, web hosts!

We understand that your performance depends on our performance and we promise you to be content with excellence.
Datacenter located in Dallas, Texas, which offers excellent connectivity for users from all over the United States.
Our environment has been designed for security, high availability, connectivity and redundancy. Administrators work day and night to protect your assets.


||| Features |||

Intel Xeon E5 – Powered by E5 processors (24 in total) and DDR4 memory
Solid state – Makes the websites load instantly.
CloudLinux – Improved performance, stability and reliability.
LiteSpeed – 8 times faster than the Apache web server.
MariaDB – Improvements of the database via MySQL.
Imunify360 – Total protection against attacks, spam and viruses.
JetBackup – We provide the self-service backup and restore features you deserve.
cPanel – Leader hosting platform on the market.
PHP selector – Up to 7.3 – Choose the version of PHP to use for your account.
Softaculous – Install the best apps on the web in just a few clicks.
CloudFlare – Integrated security and performance for websites.
SSL Certificates – via Let's Encrypt
Website builder – Create a beautiful site fast and easy.
Super support – Experienced agents with many years in the industry.
Stable availability – Average platform 99.997%
Unlimited sites – Host all your websites with us!
Instant activation!
Let us migrate your sites / domains!
Unsatisfied? We provide a full refund within 30 days.

50% recurring discount with promo code "WHT" *

||| Plans |||


Disk space: 10 GB
Bandwidth: 100 GB
CPU: 1 Core x 100%
Memory: 1 GB
I / O disk: 3 MB / s
* $ 2.50 / MONTHLY With 50% periodic discount using the promo code "WHT" *


Disk space: 30 GB
Bandwidth: 500 GB
CPU: 1 Core x 100%
Memory: 2 GB
I / O disk: 5 MB / s
$ 10 / MONTHLY
* $ 5 / MONTHLY With 50% periodic discount using the promo code "WHT" *


Disk space: 50 GB
Bandwidth: 1 TB
CPU: 1 Core x 100%
Memory: 2 GB
I / O disk: 5 MB / s
$ 15 / MONTHLY
* $ 7.50 / MONTHLY With 50% periodic discount using the promo code "WHT" *


Disk space: 100 GB
Bandwidth: unlimited
CPU: 2 Core x 100%
Memory: 2 GB
I / O disk: 10 MB / s
$ 30 / MONTHLY
* 15 $ / MONTHLY With 50% periodic discount using the promo code "WHT" *

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