Freebies – Win 250 BMF every week! | NewProxyLists

Here , I am with another giveaway but this time it’s more interesting concept!

You guys need to guess what would be the price of Bitcoin on every Sunday ( Time – 6:00 A.M , GMT). And comment in this thread, the price of Bitcoin in USD. You can comment anytime , any day between Monday 6:00 A.M , GMT and Sunday 6:00 A.M , GMT. (anytime between the gap of 6 days).

I would be looking at the price of Bitcoin every Sunday at 6:00 A.M GMT and rewarding a single user with 250 BMF Points whose guess is exactly the same or very close to the real bitcoin price on Sunday , 6:00 A.M , GMT.

This would happen every week , YEA!

So , start posting the bitcoin price from tomorrow ( September 14) (6:00 A.M GMT onwards) !

Goodluck guys !

Note – It is not allowed to post 2 bitcoin prices for the same week , otherwise he/she will be ignored from rest of the giveaway. One user should post a single bitcoin price for a week giveaway.

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oracle – Cluster design: if I expect to insert data into several tables every week, is it a bad idea to cluster them?

I have yet to see a real world user scenario where the benefit (saving a bit of disk or I/O or block access) of using a cluster instead of just regular tables (or IOTs) with joins is so significant that it worths the hassle of dealing with it.

5-20 records per week: that is nothing. Paper and pencil can do that.

FYI: The data dictionary tables use a few clusters for identifiers. These identifiers never change. They are inserted, deleted, but never updated. In some environments, 5-20 records are inserted/deleted in a matter of seconds or minutes (due to dynamically creating and dropping objects) without causing any problem. So 5-20 records per week will not be a problem. The question is: do you really want to use something that is almost never used, that may not even improve performance noticeably (or even make it worse), but requires extra attention.

❓ASK – How to make 10$ In a Week as a part time online? | NewProxyLists

I’m not going to lie, these days it’s not easy to earn even $10 a week via beer money sites. To start, you’ll likely need 2-5 different sites if you can actually find them. You’re in the right place because this is one question that’s asked frequently, so there are many discussion threads you can check out for ideas.

But you can also try Humanatic, MyLot and ForumCoin – those are the ones I can definitely recommend. Good luck :]

spain – Transport pass for one week in Mallorca

I’m not aware of any such scheme for Mallorca.

Public transport in Mallorca can generally fit into 3 categories – EMT buses which are local services around Palma, CTM buses which are longer distances buses across the island and rail services.

CTM don’t seem to list any form of unlimited travel passes on their website ( – you can pre-purchae blocks of tickets in groups of 20 or 40 – these look to be designed for people traveling the same route so may not be suitable. You’ll also need an intermodal card to purchase these tickets which you’ll need to obtain on the Island – they are not posted off it – from one of these places: – note that only a small number can issue the passes instantly, you’ll also need to take ID. I can’t fine anything about this on the CTM website, but others do report that the pass is only issued to local residents:

EMT also don’t have a clear solution on there page (, they do offer an unlimited pass but the minimum period is 30 days and you’ll need a citizens card – which requires you be a local resident. EMT do pre-sell blocks of 10 tickets at a discount, but these cannot be bought on the bus, only from seperate approved outlets, list:

cognito forms – Is there a way to only allow visitors to select specific days of the week from the Date field?

I have a form for booking testing appointments. Testing dates are limited to Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 10am-2pm. I would like the ability to only allow visitors to select those days from the calendar in the Date field. If possible, I would also like the ability to only allow visitors to select 10am-2pm from the Time field. I have searched for a solution but have been unable to find any for my dilemma. Thank you.

Telegram Web inconsistency: showing as “read” a message sent yesterday but also showing “last seen over a week ago”. How is it possible?

Yesterday i sent a message to one of my contacts, after a few hours the message showed the double check, so it was marked as read, but the last access was still over a week ago. Does anyone know how is it possible? I tried to browse the web and i found out that Telegram Web sometimes screws up with the “Last seen” feature, so maybe that’s the issue, does anyone know more about it?

I already did some experiments:

  • tapping “Mark as read” on the telegram notification also changes your status to online;
  • turning on airplane mode / disabling Wi-Fi before reading the message does not show the message as read until Telegram is opened again with an internet connection, so this also affect the online status.

popular post for week and month

Unless you’re storing that data, you can’t.

It looks like posts_views_count is just a running total, so unless you’ve stored per month/week data, it simply does not exist.

What’s more, you’re storing that data in a post meta value, which has a lot of performance and accuracy problems. It’s:

  • incompatible with any form of page caching or CDN
  • creates write queries on the frontend, slowing down your site and reducing how many people can visit at the same time
  • extremely innacurate due to race conditions. The view counts will be lower than they actually are

If you want to do it properly, and have per month/week data, you’ll need to use an external service such as Google Analytics, or a dedicated traffic software solution.

Otherwise, to make the plugin track per week and month, you will need to contact their support routes. 3rd party plugin support is offtopic here. If it does store that data, then you’ll need to contact their support routes to ask how to access it.

How could I modify the script to output day of the week + date + time?

Could anyone offer an answer of how to add the day of the week to this script so that I get: day of the week + date + time in the cell?