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The Second World War was para …. COUGH COUGH COUGH …. paradise compared to 2020.

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Recurring task every x month on a certain day of the week

For Todoist recurring tasks, is there a way to repeat a task on a certain day of the week that is more than one month per game?

For example, a task that repeats on the 1st Saturday every 4 months.

google calendar – Link to last week?

Is it possible to bookmark a link to last week in Google Calendar?

The link https://calendar.google.com/calendar/r links to today. While https://calendar.google.com/calendar/r/customweek/2020/2/10 links to exactly February 10.

Similar, it is possible to link to last week https://calendar.google.com/calendar/r/customweek/2020/3/23, of course, it only works today.

So is it possible to create a similar link that always refers to last week? Something like https://calendar.google.com/calendar/r/customweek/w/-1

I would like to use this in combination with the custom view "4 weeks", so that it is displayed last week and the following 3 weeks, rather than just the following 4 weeks.

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7 – How to limit the submission of forms per user per day and week?

The goal is very simple. I need a form to limit each user to 1 submission per day and 3 per week.

What I found:

Web form:
The "Form Settings" in the Web form has the "User submission limit" setting. This does not allow me to do more than one validation. I can't have both daily and weekly in the same form.

I found that people use the hook function on the node limit on Drupal 8. It can work on Drupal 7 Entityform but I don't know how to write this syntax.

It is possible to use the Rule module but I don't see any link with the validation of the time period.

usa – Are airline tickets to or from the United States purchased via Vayama refundable for free within 24 hours (the ticket was purchased> 1 week before)?

Are airline tickets to or from the United States refundable for free within 24 hours via Vayama, assuming the ticket was purchased at least 1 week before the flight?

https://s1.travix.com/vayama/US/vaycom-conditions-en.pdf (this link was found on vayama.com on the ticket ordering page:; Travix manages Vayama's website according to https: //en.wikipedia .org / wiki / Travix_International_B.V.) says:

If you decide to modify or cancel a confirmed reservation for an air travel, and such changes or cancellations are
authorized, Vayama will charge you a fee of up to $ 100 per person. Note that Vayama will charge you these fees
even if you cancel within 24 hours of receiving your booking confirmation.

However, the ticket conditions stipulate:


Ticket conditions can be found on the order page:

enter description of image here

So I am confused.

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[ Investing ] Open Question: Why did the stock market drop more than 3,000 points this week?

[Invest] Open Question: Why did the stock market drop more than 3,000 points this week?

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Return ranking of user points track week, month, year from multiple tables with mySQL

Here is the structure of my tables:


| id     | name       |
| 1      | Name1      |
| 2      | Name2      |
| 3      | Name3      |


| id     | content    | user_id     |   created_at       | 
| 1      | Content1   |  1          |2020-01-17 14:03:31 |
| 2      | Content2   |  1          |2020-01-17 16:18:23 |
| 3      | Content3   |  2          |2020-01-17 16:29:13 | 


| id     | comment    | user_id     | post_id  |   created_at        |
| 1      | Comment1   |  1          |   1      | 2020-01-20 18:29:19 |
| 2      | Comment2   |  1          |   1      | 2020-01-22 17:25:49 |
| 3      | Comment3   |  2          |   2      | 2020-01-28 11:37:59 | 


| id     |  user_id    | post_id  |    created_at         |
| 1      |   1         |   1      | 2020-01-20 15:08:55.0 |
| 2      |   1         |   2      | 2020-01-20 15:13:29   |
| 3      |   2         |   2      | 2020-01-20 15:13:32   |

I want to find the best score of 10 users per week, month, year according to the formula:

A user creating 1 position will have 10 points.
A user creates 1 comment in a post that will have 5 points.
A user votes in a post that will have 2 points.
Someone could help me, please!

Thank you so much.