dnd 5e – As a Werewolf who is immune to non-magic physical damage, can Swarm of Rot Grubs get past my skin

You are infested but take no damage

A Swarm of Rot Grubs Bite action reads:

Bites. Melee Weapon Attack: +0 to hit, reach 0 ft., one creature in the swarm’s space. Hit: The target is infested by 1d4 rot grubs. At the start of each of the target’s turns, the target takes 1d6 piercing damage per rot grub infesting it.

Unlike in the case of Injury Based poisons the effect of Bite is not contingent on damage. This is especially clear in that when Bite occurs no damage is actually dealt.

You will, however, be immune to the piercing damage dealt by Bite. So you are infested by grubs but they cannot harm you.

How is being infested relevant?

Being infested matters in two basic ways.
Firstly it is relevant for role play/narrative reasons. There is a degree of body horror to having maggots inside you that could create an interesting scene. People who know you have grubs inside you might be disgusted and your character might be disturbed to feel them inside.

Secondly if you ever cease to be immune to non-magical piercing damage without having first removed the grubs (such as via Lesser Restoration) then you will start to take damage from the grubs. This could be relevant if you ever find a cure for your Lycanthropy.

World of Darkness – What rules can I use to emulate a werewolf of the W20 Wendigo clan with the V5 rules

I'm doing a vampire scenario using the rules of the V5 masquerade where I want my players to deal with a werewolf from the wendigo clan because those werewolves are in the Werewolf Apocalypse W20 (the wolf). Were has the characteristics of a newborn equivalent to the werewolf for his powers). Since in V5, they only give rules for "basic" werewolves, I have to adapt these powers from my W20 book.

The problems are that I'm not as good at homebrew things, so if I can use vampiric powers that work the same way, I prefer to use them; and that I'm not very good at understanding some of the rules of the W20 (maybe because I'm too influenced by the V20 vampire)

I have some ideas (for example, use blood sorcery rituals used to follow someone to imitate the functionality that makes the wendigos so dangerous), but I think the experience of the peoples who have a lot more experience in this area can only improve it.

5th dnd – Do I have to tell my player that he is a werewolf?

Although I am tempted to encourage you to criticize the player in question as the rules lawyer for attempting to throw the paladin's immunity card, I would really check the rules on this particular point.

Especially if you told an ooc that you were aware of the implication, unless you mastered the rules yourself, he would rightly feel betrayed if you remove a "he's a paladin but I'm the DM and it's a plot point so I declare by pure fiat that he's cursing himself anyway. "

The potential problem of metagaming is just as important. This guy has already shown a slight tendency to legislate by throwing you immediately the paladin thing right after, and pushing the evidence to see if anything funny happened.

To be quite frank, I think the template is already ready for you in this case and that he already knows very well what has happened.

The chances are that your player is already a little metagaming just how much he pushes the question. Assuming the dice roll was aimed at something his character could not ignore, he should not increase his suspicion of suspicion beyond just throwing 1.

This is also one of the reasons why many dice rolls are done secretly by the DM. This particular roller probably should have been one of them.

I like to put the role in the role play, so, since the player is already suspicious, ask him if his character is just as eager to find out, then let him play the role of the detective. Make him discover by himself whether he is cursed or not. Play the holy paranoia of his character.

Investigative roles and the like are nice recipes for polarized intrigue and arouse the curiosity of the players as their character is a great way to start an investigation plot.

If the player embodies the suspicions of his character, especially with a minimum of meta-metamorphosis, I would even be moved to give him bonuses on his detective skills tests.

This is a DMG question, not a question from MM. The MM only speaks to you about the real effect. Whether or not you find a clue to the character's player in question is a DM problem.

werewolf the apocalypse – catching a sneaky scourge

Our Kaganmadi has just met a Bane on the last trick, which is sneaky and tries to influence a Beast by whispering them sneakily. Now we stopped at a cliffhanger after discovering the following:

  • A Ward Ward silences and breaks the influence, possibly during the time the victim stays there.
  • The Spirit is pretty good at dodging Meaning Wyrm, having sometimes given us extremely conflicting readings, but enough evidence to try the room, confirming that it was a spirit / scourge.

As other weapons of our arsenal, we have:

  • a bunch of Beast that could enter the Umbra and drag everyone in there
  • the same group could probably rip the Bane a new one, provided we can force him to reach our claws
  • Rite of Invocation (several)
  • Rite of Liaison (a)
  • Rite of purification (several)
  • Spiritual speech (several)
  • Truth of Gaia (many, including a fetish)
  • Smell of true form (one or more)
  • A Bubasti slightly soaked with Wyrm (as all Bubasti do)
  • Maybe 4 to 6 hours to do what needs to be done until we have to move.

As we prepare plans to try to "leave the flail behind", we try somehow to use the Umbra and Ward Ward. But we should surely have more options provided we can … Uh … force him into a rock?

What rules would apply to bind the said unknown power Bane without knowing the name for now, maybe turn it into Talen, and how our arsenal could it make it easier for us?

Werewolf The Apocalypse – In what ways can a vampire (VM) kill a ghost or something related to the world of Umbra?

I play with my friends a combined version of Vampire. In this world, there are werewolves, ghosts and other creatures. I have a mission to get some people to no longer believe in ghosts and make them believe in the power of blood. I was thinking of summoning a ghost and killing him. Is it possible by the book? Or maybe you have other ideas?

How many gifts can a werewolf have at the same time?

Most of the gifts have a duration and last until it expires (usually a scene). So, could a werewolf stack up gifts like Razor Claws and Luna's Armor?

Thank you .

Werewolf Apocalypse – Of the 21 fictitious companies listed as belonging to Pentex in Book of the Wyrm, there are references to real companies?

The werewolf supplement Wyrm's book describes the company Pentex and other objects contaminated by Wyrm. Pages 37 to 39 present 21 fictitious companies owned by Pentex.

Two of these elements were immediately recognizable by me as parodies or references to real-world businesses. For example, "Endron International", a petrochemical company known for its large oil spills, is a travesty of Enron Corporation (which owns a subsidiary called Enron International). Enron was a global energy company with diversified commercial interests, accused of ignoring pipeline leaks.

Which of these 21 companies are parodies or references to real-world companies?