permissions – Whatsapp can access my microphone after disabling all sensors, other apps cannot

I’ve recently discovered the developer option “quick access toggle” for turning off all sensors on Android 10 on my Redmi and thought: “Finally a way to regain some control for when those apps can access the mic/cam”

But after testing it, i’ve noticed that some apps still are able to access the mic like usually. Whatsapp and the recorder app pick up everything like i didn’t turn it off, in telegram, a voice message is silent, like it’s supposed to be.

How is it possible for Whatsapp to just access the mic anyway?

ios – WhatsApp security code changes

I recently had to restore my iPhone as I wasn’t able to remember the passcode for it. Upon reinstalling WhatsApp on a group chat each of the members security codes have changed a number of times (3 times each) none of them have reinstalled Os/app or changed device. Can anyone shed some light on what could be the issue?

whatsapp messenger – Contact is showing weird name but shows propperly in Contacts

I noticed on whatsApp that my Moto Z4 Play is showing only for this contact a really strange name that doesn’t match at all with the contact name, I go to the Contacts App and try to edit it, but it is showing the rigth name. So… What could that be ?

enter image description here
enter image description here
enter image description here

How do you sort your chats by contact name in WhatsApp?

There doesn’t seem to be any way to sort them alphabetically in the chat list. If you click on the bottom right green button you can access the contacts list, and those contacts are sorted alphabetically. Currently the Whatsapp chat list is by chat date, meaning the most recent ones will come up.

Permanently turn off sound notifications on WhatsApp (macOS)

I often go to the settings of WhatsApp for macOS and turn off the audio notificaitons, but in a few days/weeks, they always come back:

enter image description here

Is there any way to keep this permanently off?

This seems like a bug for when, I assume, WhatsApp updates.

Generate whatsapp stickers from PC without any app

I am newbie when it comes to whatsapp stickers, and I don’t know about how stickers work.

But I am using a linux desktop where I have written a basic ruby script that could convert svg to webp, multithreaded. In a loop, it reads certain folders with svgs.

I have have 30 svgs in 4 folders, total 120 stickers. I want myself and people to add possibly a thousand more over time.

Currently I am used to copy the directory containing webp files to my android phone, use to manually select and generate stickers. That’s too much work.

I want my script to have the sticker generator code in the loop, where it will generate stickers from svgs, I can take the packs to my phone and add them to whatsapp. That way I will be saving a lot of time.
Is it possible?

applications – Can WhatsApp be used without granting contacts permission?

I’m trying to install WhatsApp, but I’m obviously uncomfortable about serving up my entire address book for Facebook to trawl through.

I’ve found plenty of posts from a few years back saying it is possible, but I’m wondering if something has changed.

On opening the app and going to the ‘chats’ screen, I’m greeted with a screen saying “To help you message friends and family on WhatsApp, allow WhatsApp access to your contacts” along with a link to open my settings.

If I push the green ‘chat’ button in the bottom right, I get a popup with the same message. If I hit the ‘not now’ option, it closes the popup and puts me back on the original screen.

There doesn’t seem to be a way forward here. Does this app just strong-arm you into uploading your contacts list in order to use it? Or is it potentially a more phone-specific issue?

php – Passar variável através de LINK Whatsapp

Estou fazendo uma consulta no banco de dados. Essa consulta me trás 3(três) resultados. Porém, quando eu tento passar essa informação através do link do whatsapp ele só passa o último que o while realiza a busca. Como fazer para que o ele passe toda a informação exibida pelo Banco?

header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8');
$conexao = new mysqli("xxxxxxx","cardapio_cheirinbao","d#m14e4E","cardapio_cheirinbao");


  echo "Impossível se conectar ao banco de dados";

@$pedidoLokos = $_SESSION('numero_pedido');

$mensagem = $_GET('mensagem');

$consultaPedido = $conexao->query("SELECT * FROM carrinho WHERE NumeroPedido = '$mensagem'");
$numero = $consultaPedido->num_rows;
if($numero < 0):

    echo "Nenhum pedido realizado";

        $valorTotal = 0;
    while ($exibePedido = $consultaPedido->fetch_assoc()) {
        $produtos = $exibePedido('produto');
        $valor    = $exibePedido('valor');
        $quant    = $exibePedido('quantidade'); 
        $valorTotal += $valor;

<span><?php echo  "$produtos";?> <?php echo  "($quant) <BR>";?></span>




    echo "Valor total ".number_format($valorTotal, 2, ',', ' ');



android – Telegram Camera vs. WhatsApp Camera

this is 3rd time that I asked this question. two times ago, told me this is a wrong site.
if this question does not belong to this page, please guide me.
I’m new in android.
as you may know, Telegram and WhatsApp android application have the capability to use Smartphone’s camera.
both used the same came on Mobile, but Telegram has the graceful Image quality while WhatsApp has not.
my question is: what are the differences between these two applications, coding? libraries? …

do Telegram and WhatsApp use Built-in Android Camera Application or don’t

and more:

is it possible to write an application that has more Image quality and Android’s built-in camera application?