[ Politics ] Open question: A black girl in class m likes. I am white?

[Politics] Open question: A black girl in class m likes. I am white?

Is the dark or white color theme best for the eyes?

There has been a lot of research on this topic since the 1980s and it is still true today. A study of the 1980s says this:

However, most studies have shown that dark characters on a light background are louder than light characters on a dark background (when the refresh rate is quite high). For example, Bauer and Cavonius (1980) found that participants read the text 26% more accurately when they read it with dark characters on a light background.

Reference: Bauer, D., & Cavonius, C., R. (1980). Improvement of the readability of the display screens thanks to the inversion of the contrast. In E. Grandjean, E. Vigliani (Eds.), Ergonomic Aspects of Visual Display Terminals (pp. 137-142). London: Taylor & Francis

The reason why this is important is concentration. As this article on UXMovement says, "white stimulates the three types of color-sensitive visual receptors in the human eye in almost equal amounts." It causes the focus of the eye by tightening the iris. Since the eye is focused, the dark letters on the light backgrounds are easier to read. When using a dark background with strong forms of bright letters, the iris opens to let in more light, but the shapes of the letters become blurred. Why?

Astigmatics (about 50% of the population) have more difficulty reading white text on a black background than black text on a white background. This concerns in part the light levels: with a bright display (white background), the iris closes a little more, which decreases the effect of the lens "deformed"; with a dark display (black background), the iris opens to receive more light and the deformation of the lens creates a much more blurry focus at the eye level.

Jason Harrison – Postdoctoral Researcher, Imager Laboratory Lead – Sensory Perception and Interaction Research Group, University of British Columbia

Now, there seems to be various factors of contrast and readability. Ambient lighting of the room. Brightness of the monitor. You can also attenuate the effects of white (#FFF) on black (# 000) by simply decreasing the contrast, for example by using a light gray (#EEE, #DDD, #CCC) on a dark background (# 111, # 222). .

Further reading:

How can I shoot an item that shines on a white background without losing its luster?

I have an object that I have to photograph on a white background. This is a light brown teddy bear with a LED in the belly. In the dark, the light emitting diode [LED] shines through the belly, but when you are going to photograph the element of my viewer on a white background, the glow becomes invisible.

Is there a simple way to photograph / edit this in order to a] show the object and all its details in a bright light AND b] always show the glow emitted by his belly?

I would appreciate your suggestions very much.

an amateur.

android – white action bar or dark action bar

I find that many applications are heavily using shades of white in their design.
Even the color of the action bar is the shade of white that was previously darker in Android. This seems to be a trend.

As I read in this post, it seems that it is better to have dark letters on clear backgrounds, but the message seems old, including the resources mentioned.

This may be because of the introduction of the dark theme in Android 10, in order to show a clear contrast between the dark theme and the clear theme, the designers making the bright theme clearer by even making the action bar light.

I'm about to design a theme for an Android app that supports the dark theme. I already use the shade of white in my drawing, with the exception of the action bar and some other places. Is it better to set the color of the action bar to a shade of white?

(I ask this in context material design in Android apps)

color palette – The clearest "gray" shade of gray to contrast with white

I often use a slight shade of gray such as rgb (242,242,242) in my designs to create a subtle contrast with the white, eg. for the background of lines alternately in a table.

I can easily distinguish between this gray and white on my screen (a 27 "4K), but on other screens, this is not always the case, which affects my designs and could affect the user experience.

Reasons may include poorly calibrated / poor quality screens.

Assuming all accessibility standards have been met, is there a "lighter" shade of gray that:

  • Provides a contrast with a white background
  • No significant impact on the readability of the text in the dark foreground
  • Will be displayed reliably for most users under normal conditions

Why do people refuse to believe that white Latinos exist?

Basically, because we treat Latinos as a distinct racial group rather than as an ethnic group, the popular image has been distorted to view them as something non-white, despite the number of existing white Latinos. This does not help that our images are related to problems such as illegal immigration, where the majority of people who arrive are people with darker skin, and that the Latin American pop culture has adopted this distinctive image and attributes the fact that they are non-white. .

If you go to Latin American countries, you will find that they see the race differently from ours. The differentiation in black and white is, well, not so black and white. They have many individuals who are clearly white or show a greater ancestry of Europe.

The funny thing is that I imagined that Latinos were whiter than they really are, because those who were closer to me were whiter. A close friend of mine has a Mexican father, but he is a redhead. A friend who is very close to the family is also Mexican, but she is considered Jewish and fits well into her husband's Polish Jewish family. Latinos are all colors because they are not a homogeneous race, so they are naturally white.

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    It seems like a really nice thing. I would not consider this "black hat for white hat" but rather the use of your resources. ;) To be honest, you can even do manual searches and see how they rank organically.

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    I have been doing this for a while now and it works very well. It just takes a little while.

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    Very good advice. However, the comments must be really good, in order to generate traffic.

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    do not forget that you can also use it to find forums, a guest post

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    I need more details.
    You think you can give me the e-mail address to chat privately.

plot – The white triangles in ListContourPlot

j & # 39; uses ListContourPlot with InterpolationOrder -> 0 to draw data and end up with seemingly random white triangles:

res = {{0,0.01,0},{0,0.03,0},{0,0.05,0},{0,0.07,0},{0,0.09,0},{0,0.11,0},{0,0.13,0},{0,0.15,0},{0,0.17,0},{0,0.19,0},{0,0.21,0},{0,0.23,0},{0,0.25,0},{0,0.27,0},{0,0.29,0},{0,0.31,0},{0,0.33,0},{0,0.35,0.00130814},{0,0.37,0.00331164},{0,0.39,0.00737524},{0,0.41,0.0144195},{0,0.43,0.0247061},{0,0.45,0.0370453},{0,0.47,0.0485595},{0,0.49,0.055606},{0,0.51,0.055606},{0,0.53,0.0485595},{0,0.55,0.0370453},{0,0.57,0.0247061},{0,0.59,0.0144195},{0,0.61,0.00737524},{0,0.63,0.00331164},{0,0.65,0.00130814},{0,0.67,0},{0,0.69,0},{0,0.71,0},{0,0.73,0},{0,0.75,0},{0,0.77,0},{0,0.79,0},{0,0.81,0},{0,0.83,0},{0,0.85,0},{0,0.87,0},{0,0.89,0},{0,0.91,0},{0,0.93,0},{0,0.95,0},{0,0.97,0},{0,0.99,0},{0.02,0.01,0},{0.02,0.03,0},{0.02,0.05,0},{0.02,0.07,0},{0.02,0.09,0},{0.02,0.11,0},{0.02,0.13,0},{0.02,0.15,0},{0.02,0.17,0},{0.02,0.19,0},{0.02,0.21,0},{0.02,0.23,0},{0.02,0.25,0},{0.02,0.27,0},{0.02,0.29,0},{0.02,0.31,0},{0.02,0.33,0},{0.02,0.35,0.00160089},{0.02,0.37,0.0038474},{0.02,0.39,0.00819232},{0.02,0.41,0.0154255},{0.02,0.43,0.0256423},{0.02,0.45,0.0375832},{0.02,0.47,0.0485203},{0.02,0.49,0.0551391},{0.02,0.51,0.0551391},{0.02,0.53,0.0485203},{0.02,0.55,0.0375832},{0.02,0.57,0.0256423},{0.02,0.59,0.0154255},{0.02,0.61,0.00819232},{0.02,0.63,0.0038474},{0.02,0.65,0.00160089},{0.02,0.67,0},{0.02,0.69,0},{0.02,0.71,0},{0.02,0.73,0},{0.02,0.75,0},{0.02,0.77,0},{0.02,0.79,0},{0.02,0.81,0},{0.02,0.83,0},{0.02,0.85,0},{0.02,0.87,0},{0.02,0.89,0},{0.02,0.91,0},{0.02,0.93,0},{0.02,0.95,0},{0.02,0.97,0},{0.02,0.99,0},{0.04,0.01,0},{0.04,0.03,0},{0.04,0.05,0},{0.04,0.07,0},{0.04,0.09,0},{0.04,0.11,0},{0.04,0.13,0},{0.04,0.15,0},{0.04,0.17,0},{0.04,0.19,0},{0.04,0.21,0},{0.04,0.23,0},{0.04,0.25,0},{0.04,0.27,0},{0.04,0.29,0},{0.04,0.31,0},{0.04,0.33,0},{0.04,0.35,0.00193285},{0.04,0.37,0.0044244},{0.04,0.39,0.00903305},{0.04,0.41,0.0164194},{0.04,0.43,0.0265318},{0.04,0.45,0.0380659},{0.04,0.47,0.0484474},{0.04,0.49,0.0546643},{0.04,0.51,0.0546643},{0.04,0.53,0.0484474},{0.04,0.55,0.0380659},{0.04,0.57,0.0265318},{0.04,0.59,0.0164194},{0.04,0.61,0.00903305},{0.04,0.63,0.0044244},{0.04,0.65,0.00193285},{0.04,0.67,0},{0.04,0.69,0},{0.04,0.71,0},{0.04,0.73,0},{0.04,0.75,0},{0.04,0.77,0},{0.04,0.79,0},{0.04,0.81,0},{0.04,0.83,0},{0.04,0.85,0},{0.04,0.87,0},{0.04,0.89,0},{0.04,0.91,0},{0.04,0.93,0},{0.04,0.95,0},{0.04,0.97,0},{0.04,0.99,0},{0.06,0.01,0},{0.06,0.03,0},{0.06,0.05,0},{0.06,0.07,0},{0.06,0.09,0},{0.06,0.11,0},{0.06,0.13,0},{0.06,0.15,0},{0.06,0.17,0},{0.06,0.19,0},{0.06,0.21,0},{0.06,0.23,0},{0.06,0.25,0},{0.06,0.27,0},{0.06,0.29,0},{0.06,0.31,0},{0.06,0.33,0},{0.06,0.35,0.00230473},{0.06,0.37,0.00504018},{0.06,0.39,0.00989243},{0.06,0.41,0.0173967},{0.06,0.43,0.0273736},{0.06,0.45,0.0384954},{0.06,0.47,0.0483427},{0.06,0.49,0.0541818},{0.06,0.51,0.0541818},{0.06,0.53,0.0483427},{0.06,0.55,0.0384954},{0.06,0.57,0.0273736},{0.06,0.59,0.0173967},{0.06,0.61,0.00989243},{0.06,0.63,0.00504018},{0.06,0.65,0.00230473},{0.06,0.67,0},{0.06,0.69,0},{0.06,0.71,0},{0.06,0.73,0},{0.06,0.75,0},{0.06,0.77,0},{0.06,0.79,0},{0.06,0.81,0},{0.06,0.83,0},{0.06,0.85,0},{0.06,0.87,0},{0.06,0.89,0},{0.06,0.91,0},{0.06,0.93,0},{0.06,0.95,0},{0.06,0.97,0},{0.06,0.99,0}};

ListDensityPlot(res, InterpolationOrder -> 0)

Mathematica graphics

An idea on how to get rid of it? PlotRange -> All do not help.

(* 12.0.0 for Mac OS X x86 (64-bit) (April 7, 2019) *)

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magento2 – cdn adds white space to the main product image see magento 2.2.9

Any help will be appreciated.

When I use cdn in magento for media, magento adds white space to the product's main image. How can I solve this problem?

I use a custom porto v318 theme, varnish, nginx and apache.

I tried without luck:

< frame > 0 < / frame > in view.xml



since I am not expert, any module available to create a plugin as mentioned here:




Thank you