customization – white fonts in white background in single product page

in WP woocommerce with Porto theme, inside the single product page where the categories and the brand are shown, the results are white on a white background and while they exist they do not appear,; no matter how hard I tried I could not change the color to make them appear

enter image description here

What is this S icon inside white square?

Anybody who knows about this app please reply.
Phone is Vivo

enter image description here

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python – How to generate a bespoke black and white bitmap

I want to create a black and white bitmap and have the ability to change individual pixels to either black or white using pixel coordinates, somehow, maybe via a dictionary?. I found something to generate a colour spectrum image but don’t know how to adapt this.

from PIL import Image

img = 'RGB', (300,50), "black") # Create a new black image
pixels = img.load() # Create the pixel map
for i in range(img.size(0)):    # For every pixel:
    for j in range(img.size(1)):
        pixels(i,j) = (i, j, 100) # Set the colour accordingly

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black and white – How do I remove yellow discolouration from a scanned B&W photo in Photoshop?

I have a b&w photo that seems to have been impacted by sunlight. It’s not an overall yellow cast, but lots of imperfections. I have photoshop, and although not an experienced user, I have some knowledge of the basics such as healing brush. I get a little lost on layers and stuff. Could someone point me in the right direction of the best steps / YouTube videos etc to try and get back to b&w. Ideally I’d like to print it again. It’s my late father in the picture and it’s one of my favourites.image attached for reference. Many thanks

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probability or statistics – Uncorrelated Gaussian white noises

How does one generate uncorrelated Gaussian white noises?

Is it enough to set, for example,

n = 100;
w1 = RandomFunction(WhiteNoiseProcess(), {0, n})((2, 1, 1))
w2 = RandomFunction(WhiteNoiseProcess(), {0, n})((2, 1, 1))

This might be a stupid question, but I’m not very familiar with stochasticity. Clearly I don’t have Covariance(w1,w2) = 0. Does uncorrelation mean $lim_{ntoinfty}Cov(w_1,w_2)=0$?

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