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Get ready for the release of WHMCS 7.8 with our special pre-order package of 7.8!

WHMCS 7.8 pre-order package


– WHMCS theme … | Read the rest of http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1777505&goto=newpost

⭐ Start your own VPS hosting ⭐ Cheap VPS Reseller with the WHMCS CP⭐ ⭐ Fully White Label

WindowsVPS.Host is set up to serve customers in an excellent way by providing them with quality service. We strongly believe in high quality standards and you will always find our services better than any other guest in this sector. We understand the value of time and our order process is very simple. Customers can choose servers from multiple price levels to meet their budgets.What is included?

Pure SSD Drives
Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization
Dedicated resources, no overselling
99,9% of availability SLA incl. compensation for failure
Basic professional support 24/7
Fully white interface
Set your own plans and prices
Intel Xeon Multi-Core processors on VPS nodes

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Up & # 39; to 5 VPS
5 VCPU hearts
unmetered TRANSFER
5 IPs
1000 Mbps HARBOR
Windows license INCLUDED
VPS Control Panel for you and your client
Full white label VPS


WINDOWS VPS DEALER 2 – $ 80 / month

Up & # 39; to ten VPS
ten VCPU hearts
unmetered TRANSFER
ten IPs
1000 Mbps HARBOR
Windows license INCLUDED
VPS Control Panel for you and your client
Full white label VPS


WINDOWS VPS DEALER 3 – $ 150 / month

Up & # 39; to 25 VPS
52 VCPU hearts
unmetered TRANSFER
25 IPs
1000 Mbps HARBOR
Windows license INCLUDED
VPS Control Panel for you and your client
Full white label VPS


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cPanel Manage2 for WHMCS 1.4.0 module with new pricing model support! | NewProxyLists

1. cPanel Manage2 for WHMCS v1.4.0

To make cPanel Manage2 For WHMCS even more attractive to the public and fully aware of the latest cPanel pricing changes, we've added a few upgrades to our module. Let's take a look at version 1.4.0.

From now on, you will be offered the choice of two additional billing types, both are based on the current number of accounts assigned to the client's cPanel license.

  • Option "flexible" – charge customers the exact number of accounts assigned to a single license up to the specified synchronization date
  • "Multilevel" option – Define account number levels and charge customers based on the nearest available level

What's more, we have completed all the necessary test steps to confirm that the module can now be safely installed in the system. WHMCS 7.8 environment! What is the point of waiting then?

Learn more about cPanel Manage2 For WHMCS 1.4.0!

2 Custom Report for WHMCS – Promotion

Tracking a series of specific metrics to make the right decisions is the foundation for the steady growth of your business. And here is where our Report Generator for WHMCS module intervenes!

Do a search in the ever growing selection of ready-made reports, generate your own or better yet … let us build a tailor-made report exclusively for you, without additional payment!

Simply enter the module on our website and contact our team so that we can reflect on your needs in detail.

Jump on the opportunity to run your business like a pro!

3 the WHMCS 7.8 Support List is expanding day by day! Check if your favorite modules have already adopted full compatibility:

Look for more modules already integrated!

Do you need a bespoke software for your business?

We will specially tailor for you an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even an entirely new system built from scratch!

WHMCS Alternative 2019 | Talk Web Hosting


Since Oakley Capital has bought cPanel, Plesk, SolusVM and myself, we see that WHMCS is also part of it. their price is already monthly. The question is what other billing systems users have tried and are satisfied with.

Blesta – This sounds interesting and simple, but we will use DirectAdmin and I see that the plug-in does not have full features like that of cpanel, like that of managing an account from a user account.
HostBill – Quite expensive, even if it's a one-time payment.

Any other alternative?

thank you so much

Using two currencies in WHMCS with basic conversion problem

I'm using WHMCS in a local host environment with two different currencies: 1] A 2] B
And A = 10B for the moment.
I want to set all product prices to A, so that B's conversion base is considered here to multiply each price by 10.

For example:
Product1: Monthly 1A / Annual 10A
Product1 should then be monthly 10B and annual 100B.
For the first time, when I click to recalculate and update prices, it works well.
But the problem is if I change the conversion base of B from 10 to 12, then in this situation:
Product1: monthly: 120 billion and every year, 1200 billion!

That's the problem I'm having right now and I'm unfortunately unable to solve it.
I want to change the conversion base from B to 12, for example, so that the correct monthly price is 12B and 120B per year.

Can you help me what should I do to overcome this problem?

Multibrand 1.6.5 for WHMCS | NulledTeam UnderGround

Multibrand for WHMCS – features
Multibrand for WHMCS is a revolutionary module that will allow you to manage multiple brands across multiple websites using a single WHMCS installation! With its help, you can centralize the management of your customers under different brands.

Our module allows you to change your marks in seconds and preview changes on the fly. It allows your customers to connect to custom customer zones in accordance with …

Take the lead with our double update Proxmox modules for WHMCS! | NewProxyLists

We devote considerable development efforts to each of our products. And the ones our customers rely on most often, in particular. Today, we are very pleased to offer Proxmox VPS For WHMCS and Proxmox Cloud For WHMCS in a visibly modernized form.

1. Proxmox VPS for WHMCS 2.7.0

To help you understand the essence of this colossal update, we have highlighted the most essential points for you.

  • WHMCS V7.8 compatibility
  • Support Proxmox VE 6.0
  • Code rebuilt and totally revised interface
  • Ability for customers to take snapshots of their machines (added LXC virtualization type)
  • Protection against the reduction of the size of the disk functionality
  • Several new options related to virtual machine management

The server provisioning market has become extremely demanding. But with an automation tool as powerful as Proxmox VPS For WHMCS, you can leave the competition far behind and leave the audience alone to you!

Learn more about Proxmox VPS For WHMCS 2.7.0!

2. Proxmox Cloud for WHMCS 2.7.0

Are you more interested in the features offered by our second Proxmox module? We have good news for you then! The tool can now be safely installed in the WHMCS 7.8 environment, and the 2.7.0 update brings at least a few additional options from which to choose.

For example, you are eligible to select the VLAN tags of the Proxmox addon that can be used later for a particular product change the default user for the Cloud-Init template now from the Proxmox addon directly.

Learn more about Proxmox Cloud For WHMCS 2.7.0!

3. Open Source Promotion – 20% off!

There is no bad time to save money, do not you think? Take advantage of our wonderful promotion on all open source products – extended for extra time by your special request!

Choose any unencrypted software that seems most appealing to you, use our special software. #PayJustOnce code and you're done! You saved 20%!

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4. Latest versions

We are very proud to let you know that our list of modules integrated with WHMCS V7.8 always bigger! Here are some of our latest updates:

Do you need a bespoke software for your business?

We will specially tailor for you an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even an entirely new system built from scratch!

The best way to bill WHMCS for new cPanel pricing levels updated?

Should we configure configuration options in WHMCS for different levels or will the new WHMCS update include a feature that makes things easier? We do not want to have to adjust everything manually, but only for WHMCS to publish an update, which makes it easier because we will have to do it all over again.

WHMCS v7.8 is in the candidate version … anyone who tests it and can show screenshots of its operation?

[US/NL] MonsterMegs – Pure SSD Reseller Hosting – Backups • Crypton Us • WHMCS and more

Monstermegs has been providing business class web hosting solutions since 2010. We are proud of the reliability and the customer relationship as well as the guarantee to offer you the best possible service to make your online experience profitable and enjoyable.

Monstermegs focuses on creating a streamlined hosting environment that allows customers to focus on their websites rather than the status of our hosting servers. While the majority of hosts overvalue their services at the expense of their customers, Monstermegs guarantees that each server is under-sold and works best. Unlike many web hosts that offer you a lot of space and bandwidth to get your service, resulting in overloaded servers and poor performance, we believe in quality and not in quantity. We refuse to mislead our customers with "unlimited space" or "unlimited" bandwidth, which has resulted in a growing crowd of web hosts offering unlimited plans with no intention of allowing their customers to access the Internet. Really use what they pay for. We intend to stay honest and give our customers what they pay. If you order 5 GB of space, you get ALL 5 GB of space.


Coupon code: WHT-40%40% off once (No matter what term of payment)

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Any monstermegs Reseller plans include:
– Free configuration
30 days Money back guarantee
99.9% uptime Guarantee
Reply in 2 hours Time guarantee
– 24×7 monitoring (multiple locations)
– Physical security on site 24×7
– Technical assistance 24×7
Burning fast Pure SSD servers
LiteSpeed ​​& LSCache Web Server (9 times faster than apache)
CloudLinux / CageFS for maximum performance and reliability
PHP selector – Choose from PHP (5.2.x – 7.x)
CloudFlare CDN & Railgun
KernelCare Rebootless Kernel Updates
MariaDB – Better MySQL performance compared to standard MySQL versions
Free encryption of SSL certificates – Generate free Crypton SSL certificates directly from Cpanel. NEW
Protection against DDoS attacks at 20 Gbit / s – Protection against 20 Gbit / s DDoS attacks against UDP, TCP and ICMP attacks.
– DNS systems for cluster failover
– Premium Bandwidth Tier-1
– cPanel + Softaculous (One-click installation of 285 scripts!)
– Malware analysis and exploits
– FREE Website Transfer (we will move your entire website!)
– And more features – Check out all the features on our website

New tools for resellers:
– Free domain name
– Free private servers
– Free Enom Reseller Account
– Free license of WHMCS billing software *
– Anonymous DNS servers and server name

* On some levels …

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* Reseller Hosting Offers – (See all packages) *

The R-Basic reseller plan includes …

  • 25 GB Pure SSD storage space
  • 250 GB Premium bandwidth
  • 25 Accounts
  • Authorized overselling
  • FREE Domain name
  • FREE Encrypts SSL certificates
  • LiteSpeed ​​& CloudLinux operating system
  • WHM / Cpanel control panels
  • Unlimited features (Click here for more info)
  • Reseller tools available

From only $ 19.95 / month *


The R-Standard reseller package includes …

  • 50 GB Pure SSD storage space
  • 500 GB Premium bandwidth
  • 50 Accounts
  • Authorized overselling
  • FREE Domain name
  • FREE Encrypts SSL certificates
  • FREE WHMCS Billing System License
  • LiteSpeed ​​& CloudLinux operating system
  • WHM / Cpanel control panels
  • Unlimited features (Click here for more info)
  • Reseller tools included

From only $ 39.95 / month *


The R-Pro reseller pack includes …

  • 70 GB Pure SSD storage space
  • 750 GB Premium bandwidth
  • 75 Accounts
  • Authorized overselling
  • FREE Domain name
  • FREE Encrypts SSL certificates
  • FREE WHMCS Billing System License
  • LiteSpeed ​​& CloudLinux operating system
  • WHM / Cpanel control panels
  • Unlimited features (Click here for more info)
  • Reseller tools included

From only $ 59.95 / month *


The R-Premium dealer package includes …

  • 100 GB Pure SSD storage space
  • 1,000 GB Premium bandwidth
  • 100 Accounts
  • Authorized overselling
  • FREE Domain name
  • FREE Encrypts SSL certificates
  • FREE WHMCS Billing System License
  • LiteSpeed ​​& CloudLinux operating system
  • WHM / Cpanel control panels
  • Unlimited features (Click here for more info)
  • Reseller tools included

From only $ 79.95 / month *


* The price is based on a payment term of 2 years.

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All our hosting packages and our servers are provided with a free installation, no hidden fees and with an instant installation!

All of our accommodation plans accept the following payment options:

  • All major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)
  • Pay Pal
  • Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, LiteCoin
  • Personal check / money order

We guarantee that our servers will stay up 99.9% of the time or your money is refunded!

24 hours a day, at any time of the day or night, even on Christmas Day, a MonsterMegs engineer is always available to help you. Any request for assistance submitted via our specified support channels is guaranteed to receive a response within 2 hours.

30 day money back guarantee
We are so confident that you will enjoy our service and that, if you are dissatisfied during the first 30 days of your accommodation experience, we will refund 100% of what you have paid. No questions asked!

We now offer our new Price Blocking Guarantee on all accounts. What does this mean for you? This means that as long as you are a customer with us, any plan you buy will remain at this price for the duration of your stay with us. We will never increase the price of your plan. Even if we increase prices for new customers, yours ALWAYS stay at this initial price.


PhoenixNAP – All our US servers are located in the Phoenix platform (www.PhoenixNAP.com). Offering high performance bandwidth, our network offers direct connections to leading Internet Service Providers, over 60 Gbit / s capacity, 10GigE peering and transit links, and 100% Gigabit Ethernet ensuring stable, secure, scalable and redundant hosting environment with high throughput. packet capacity per second.

Our standard BGP blend includes Levels 3, Highwinds, Global Crossing and Cogent.

IP test: 174138175114
Test files: 100 MB – 500 MB – 1 GB

EvoSwitch – Our servers in Europe are located in the EvoSwitch data center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. All uplinks in the PhoenixNAP (NL) network are full 10 Gigabit connections, to provide bandwidth for the most demanding applications. PhoenixNAP network operators vary by location, but include Level3, Highwinds, Cogent, Tinet, and Centurylink.

IP test:
Test files: 100 MB – 500 MB – 1 GB

LiteSpeed ​​is up to 9 times faster than Apache web hosting, processes PHP 50% faster and 3 times faster than Apache SSL hosting. The LiteSpeed ​​web server fully supports .htaccess, mod_rewrite and all the rest for which Apache is well known. If your site is running on an Apache host, it will work even faster with our LiteSpeed ​​hosting solutions!

LSCache (LiteSpeed ​​Cache) is a highly customizable high-performance page cache for dynamic content embedded in LiteSpeed ​​Web Server. LSCache outperforms other popular caching plug-ins because it works at the Web server level instead of a simple application level. All of our web hosting plans offer the new WordPress cache plug-in from LSCache and Litespeed.

CloudLinux is advanced software that isolates individual accounts to effectively provide the most stable hosting platform of all time. At MonsterMegs, we use CloudLinux to ensure our reputation as a stable hosting provider. CloudLinux LVE technology controls the RAM, CPU, and disk resources that each client can use, preventing the Web site or client application from affecting the performance of other hosted websites. on the same server.

CloudFlare offers an amazing CDN service that will cache the content of your website to speed up the loading of your website, and filter the bad traffic to prevent spammers and hackers from accessing your site. Opt for our FREE CDN ​​in one click with the CloudFlare icon on your cPanel.

Railgun uses a new caching mechanism based on comparing page versions to determine what needs to be delivered over the Internet to the CloudFlare network. Using this mechanism, CloudFlare is able to achieve a typical compression of 99.6% (for example, taking a Web page of 100 KB to 400 bytes) and an acceleration of over 700%.

Data protection is very important to us. That's why we offer automated daily backups with 14 daily restore points and a monthly restore point available at all times, including reseller sub-accounts. Restorations can be done directly from cPanel in a few clicks. All backups are stored off the network and on multiple servers for maximum availability. Restorations can be done in just a few clicks in cPanel.

Unlike many providers, we do not sell our hosting from a reseller account. We manage all of our servers directly and have root access to ensure that we can perform all the necessary tasks on the server without working with an intermediary. This translates into lower prices and faster support for each of our customers.

All our staff have been working in this area for at least 10 years. This level of experience offers you a better service to you and to visitors to your website. By leaving you the peace of mind that your website is in good hands !!!

No contract – cancel at any time!
Instant configuration!
Free website transfer!

For a complete list of all features of our reseller service plan, visit Monstermegs

whmcs data feed does not work


The whmcs data streams display blank data with nginx and work correctly when checking with apache. Help us display data on nginx … | Read the rest of http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1775785&goto=newpost