What is the best UI widget for ternary data?

In a form design wizard, users can define cue fields and then indicate their importance. Some fields will always be in the form (for other purposes). However, for one of these areas, a person may indicate 3 "levels" of operation:

  • Mandatory (the field is mandatory and can not be left empty by the end user)
  • Optional (the field is optional / can be left empty)
  • Disabled (the field can not be changed by the user / will always be empty).

Since each of these options is mutually exclusive, the use of multiple checkboxes / sliders is not correct.

One option is to use 3 radio buttons – however, this requires a lot of "room" for such a simple definition.

Is there a better tool? Where can I easily show the ternary status and have an easy return (also on mobile)?

Rocker widget widget for mobile and ipad under OCEANWP WordPress

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flutter – Add a widget Click a margin to get padding

Estoy creando a inkwell in el tiene como hijo a Container con valores en margin there padding error in the application after the error: & # 39; padding == null || padding.isNonNegative: is not true.

final buttonnHome = InkWell (
in cask: () {
Scaffold.of (context) .showSnackBar (SnackBar (
content: text ("Navegando"),
child: Container (
margin: EdgeInsets.only (top: 300.0),
padding: EdgeInsets.symmetric (horizontal: 32.0),
child: material (
borderRadius: BorderRadius.all (Radius.circular (30.0)),
child: Container (
decoration: BoxDecoration (
borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular (30.0),
gradient: LinearGradient (
colors: [Color(0xFF4268D3), Color(0xFF584CD1)],
start: FractionalOffset (0.2, 0.0),
end: FractionalOffset (1.0, 0.6),
stopped: [0.0, 0.6],
tileMode: TileMode.clamp)),
Child: Center (
child: Text ("Click the button"),

Magento 2 Calling widget / template_filter in .phtml format

Where is the equivalent way of writing the following Magento 1 code to call a custom widget in Magento 2.3.1?

Mage :: getSingleton ('widget / template_filter') -> filter ($ _ product-> getData (& # 39; variants & # 39;))

8 – Remove a widget item with an Ajax reminder (in an entity browser widget)

Use case:

-A "Companies" drop-down menu allows you to select a company

-When a business is selected, an Ajax callback is triggered

-The Ajax reminder returns the "Buildings" widget (each company owns one or more buildings). By clicking on this "buildings" widget (entity browser), I receive only the list of buildings of the selected company that corresponds to the expectations.

In the meantime, everything works fine. I'm using the & # 39; # widget_context & # 39; to filter the buildings and the user is allowed to select one.

But, if the user wants to change the selected company, I must delete any selected building in the "Buildings" widget.

Here is my default Ajax callback code:

function company_select_callback (array & $ form, FormStateInterface $ form_state)
$ form['field_buildings']['widget']['target_id']['#default_value']    = "";
// Rebuid does not work $ form_state-> setRebuild (true);
return form $['field_buildings'];

Sports Widget: viewing the default women's program

When you're looking for a sports event on Google, say Wimbledon, Google displays the upcoming games schedule.

I've noticed that, by default, Google displays the singles plan (second tab) rather than the first one, ie single men. One reason why? A way to change this behavior?

enter the description of the image here

tkinter – How to set the color of the laptop widget in python

Hello friends

I continue to learn more about python and more I learn more I doubt XD, I try to set the color of my tabs but I can not, I have 2 tabs "Students" and " teachers "and in the tab are the names of each, I could put the gray color in a frame, but around it appears blank: I was looking in the Tkinter documentation on the notebook and this is not the property background or bg, how can I change the color? I leave my code and the image so that the problem is observed more graphically

        Class product:

def __init __ (auto, window):


self.wind = window
self.wind.title (& nbsp; Technical High School # 91 & # 39;)
self.wind.configure (background = "gray")

# Tabs
self._tab_control = ttk.Notebook (self.wind)
self.tab1 = tkinter.Frame (self._tab_control, bg = "gray")
self._tab_control.add (self.tab1, text = & # 39; Students & # 39;)
lbl1 = Label (self.tab1, text = Jorge Alberto Rodriguez Gomez & # 39;)
self._tab_control.grid (row = 1, column = 0)
lbl1.grid (line = 1, column = 0)

###### Tab 2
self.tab2 = tkinter.Frame (self._tab_control, bg = gray)
self._tab_control.add (self.tab2, text = & # 39;)
lbl2 = Label (self.tab2, text = Roberto MacĂ­as & # 39;)
self._tab_control.grid (row = 1, column = 0)
lbl2.grid (column = 0, line = 0)

if __name__ == __ hand __:
window = Tk ()
application = Product (window)
window.mainloop ()

enter the description of the image here

On the image, it is clear that the eyelashes are gray but that the eyelashes are white, what should I do?
thank you so much

menus – Adding a widget to the sidebar containing the submenu of the current page

Need to insert the submenu of the current page into the sidebar of the current page.

Is it possible?

What interests me to develop would be a menu that looks like this:

menuItem1 => sub-element1, sub-element2

menuItem2 => subitem3, subit4

Navigate to the Item1 page where sidebarA contains the sub1, sub2 menu links.

Navigate to the Item2 page, Sidebar A contains the sub3, sub4 menu links.

Any suggestions on how to proceed, programmatically or with a widget?

Thank you.

Last Activity Widget

AnimeHaxor has proposed a new resource:

Latest Activity Widget – Last Activity Widget

The description

This add-on displays the "What's New" feed in a widget.

Feature Summary

  • Activity stream as widget


Last Activity Widget

unreal 4 – The elements of a widget plan do not appear if I click on simulate

I have created a widget that contains 2 mini maps and 2 texts related to the variables of a character.

When I click on the Selected Viewport button, everything goes well:

enter the description of the image here

Focus where I circled in pink.

It turns out that when I click the Simulate button, these two texts do not appear, but the mini-maps do:

enter the description of the image here

I did a test by first clicking on the Selected Viewport button, then I ejected the character (which for me is to simulate, except without closing or opening the game ) and the texts appeared. My problem is only when I'm done to start simulating.

I would like to know how to make these 2 texts appear even if I click on simulate instead of playing.