Looking for beta testers for WHMCS widget content, languages, templates, banners and addons

The behavior of the extension is similar to that of a CMS in that it creates and manages

  • The categories
  • Pages
  • Menu items
  • Banner ads with click and impression tracking
  • Copies of models and child models with display configurations
  • Simple language editor with language constants search tool
  • Placement widget / module
  • Individual product detail pages for easy social sharing
  • URL router SEF
  • Social sharing features
  • Formatting and page style with short codes
  • Several templates allow you to assign different templates by category or menu item

It provides a method for formatting the display layout by simply organizing short code placeholders that are replaced by specific data objects, for example: [image] Seeking beta testers for WHMCS content, language, template, banner, widget manager addon [text].

Easily replace primary and secondary main navigation with custom menu items managed by the administrator.

Create additional groups of menu items and place them as widgets in different positions (foot, side profile, side view, middle, up, down)

Place the main WHMCS widgets in any position.

Easily add multimedia content to messages, including videos, audio files, photo galleries and polls. View publication metrics such as author, date of publication, category, views, votes

It is suitable for developers to facilitate the development of templates and widgets, as well as an installer that allows the end user to install an extension that includes the XML instruction file.

Demonstration and test site


Full login of the administrator

User: betatest

Pwd: betatest

How to add list mode to the Catalog widget (catalog product list) in Magento 2?

I use the list of products in the catalog to display the products on my home page (not the category page). By default, all products are displayed in grid mode. And I see that there is only one grid mode option in the grid.phtml file. How can I add or change list mode? Pls help.

can I hide widget filters from some category pages?

Is it possible to hide widget filters from certain category pages? For example, if I have two categories, "cover art" and "logos", how can I make sure that the product label cloud filter option appears on the page? from the cover art shop, not on the page of the logos shop?

Thank you in advance for any help!

widget – Customize the native loader

I would like to challenge the model structure of the Magento 2 loader declared in the lib / web / mage / loader.js directory, but I can not find where this widget calls by Magento to replace the javascript?

I mean, I can extend the widget with this code:

to define(['jquery','jquery/ui','mage/translate'], function ($) {
& # 39; use strict & # 39 ;;

$ .widget ("custom.loader", $ .mage.loader, {
options: {
icon: & # 39;
texts: {
loaderText: $ .mage .__ (& # 39; Please wait ...),
imgAlt: $ .mage .__ (& # 39; Loading ... & # 39;)
& # 39;
& # 39; + & # 39;
& # 39; + & # 39; <img alt = "<%- data.texts.imgAlt %>"src =" http://magento.stackexchange.com/new path "> & # 39; & # 39;

<%- data.texts.loaderText %>

& # 39; + & # 39;
& # 39; + & # 39;
& # 39; } }); return $ .custom.loader; });

And call it from the Magento_Theme module in app / design but I still have the native (loading mask class)

How to make the small Google search bar widget open results in Google Chrome rather than in the Google Assistant

My Google search bar widget that I have on my home screen usually has the small G on the left and a microphone on the right. It now seems that Google Assistant has diverted it, because the small logo of this one was on the right instead of the microphone. Whenever I type it and ask him to do a search, he always does something in Google Assistant rather than opening it in Google Chrome the way I wanted and as he did before. How to make sure Google Assistant does not answer questions, restore the small microphone and open everything in Google Chrome as before. Thank you. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S8.

Lock the screen widget and wallpaper

I currently use motorcycle e. with Android version 5.1, I would like to change the clock widget on the lock screen with a custom screen background and even lock the screen is there a way to do itThis is the lock screen Currently, I use nova launcher premium … help me please

filters – Short codes in the text / html widget of the sidebar: How to keep the raw HTML output of the shortcode?

WordPress 5.2 destroys the structured data by adding rel = "noopener noreferrer" to the output of the widget (also to shortcodes): How to display the output of the shortcode without changing the code?

This feature has been added in 5.2: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/43280

Basically, there is nothing wrong with adding rel = "noopener noreferrer" at links, as this will protect against malicious comments or bad writers for example.

Whatever it is, I have a shortcode of a plugin that generates structured data (ranking stars) for a website and integrated via shortcode. The addition of the attribute rel at this point breaks the structured data (as confirmed https://search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool/u/0/?hl=de) .

How to use the shortcode in a sidebar widget with the code preserved?

magento2 – Adding reCaptcha to custom widget form (2.3)

So suppose that I created a form generator in the form of a widget. I am looking to integrate the default captcha system with any of these widgets added to a page, but I do not really see how I could draw another block in a widget. How can I get it there?

Just load the PHP reCaptcha library from Google and implement it myself in the block.

usability – Is it ok to add a notification area / widget to a dashboard where a notification icon is already present on the header?

This is not redundant, and can be expected.

If the header notification icon of your application requires action (mouse click, hover, etc.), it may be wise to automatically expand this information on the home page of the application. dashboard.

Many users expect the dashboard to be the main page for sorting and processing notifications.

You can see this model in action here on StackExchange:

  • The icons at the top right will change to indicate a new activity.
  • You can click this icon to see more details while staying on the page.
  • You can visit your user profile page, where you will see the full details of all interactions, which will include all new notifications.

Sometimes the widget does not work – Android Passionate Stack Exchange

(Use Google translation)

There is a phenomenon that the widget can not run under certain circumstances. Even Preview is invisible.

At first, this happened at the Galaxy S9 terminal or more, and now this is happening irregularly. I was wondering if it was a version problem, but it works fine on my phone and other test phones. This does not seem to be a problem of version.

If you have an experience or solution, help me please.