The custom dimension of the session scope does not display data in the widget

I have a web application in which, at the time of connection, I set the custom dimension. The scope of the dimension is "Session". The value of the custom dimension may be the US or UK markets. When the user logs in, he makes a few clicks and I want those clicks captured by the market. The problem here is that my custom dimension does not give the proper data even after 2 days. Data from the UK market are forgotten or sometimes data from the US market. Sometimes the data from both markets are combined.

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Add fields at the top of the widget form

I have read this and create custom fields:
How to add custom fields to settings in widget options for all registered widgets?

but I want to add these custom fields to the top of all other fields. (before all other fields exist)

how to do ?

Thank you .

plugins – How to remove the "Contact Form by WPForms" dashboard widget

Add it to functions.php in your code or theme:

/ **
* Cures cancer WPform
* /
function remove_dashboard_widgets_by_jasom_dotnet () {
remove_meta_box ("wpforms_reports_widget_lite", "dashboard", & quot; normal & quot;); // wpform

add_action (& # 39; wp_dashboard_setup & # 39; ;, remove_dashboard_widgets_by_jasom_dotnet & # 39;);

Online website booking widget!


Let's Forum is an Internet chat community that helps people (webmasters) involved in online marketing, search engine optimization and website development or design. Learn with us what you need to boost your website. Visit our site on how to earn money where we discuss ways to make money online on the internet and / or work from home. Fast | Easy | Free.

widget – Add to wish list for mens, from wordpress

Use a plug-in to download a website (WordPress WordPress).
Esse plugin conc um um Widget for the formulation of monthly payments and automatic orders for e-mails and for customers who visit this page.
We have a problem with the archiving operation (jpg, png, doc, docx and pdf). Segue em anexo o código do Widget.

    & # 39; dokan-store-contact & # 39; & # 39; description & # 39; => __ (& # 39; Dokan & # 39; s supplier contact form, & quot; dokan-lite & quot;);
parent :: __ construct ("dokan-store-touch-widget", __ ("Dokan: Contact form with store", "dokan-lite") , $ widget_ops);

/ **
* Displays the HTML code for this widget.
* @param array An array of standard settings for widgets in this theme.
* @param array A parameter array for this widget instance
* @return void echoes its release
** /
function widget ($ args, $ instance) {

if (dokan_is_store_page () || is_product ()) {
extract ($ args, EXTR_SKIP);
$ title = apply_filters (& # 39; widget_title & # 39 ;, instance['title'] )

if (is_product ()) {
global $ post;
$ seller_id = get_post_field (& # 39; post_author & # 39 ;, $ post-> ID);

if (dokan_is_store_page ()) {
$ seller_id = (int) get_query_var (& # 39;) & # 39;

if (empty ($ seller_id)) {

$ store_info = dokan_get_store_info ($ seller_id);

echo $ before_widget;

if (! empty ($ title)) {
echo $ args['before_title'] . $ title. $ args['after_title'];

dokan_get_template_part (& # 39; widgets / store-contact-form & # 39; & # 39; & # 39;
& # 39; seller_id & # 39; => $ seller_id,
& # 39; store_info & # 39; => $ store_info,

echo $ after_widget;

/ **
* Deals with the settings when they are registered by the administrator. here is
* where any validation must be processed.
* @param array An array of new settings as submitted by the administrator
* @param array A table of previous parameters
* @return array Validated parameters and (if necessary) modified
* /
update function ($ new_instance, $ old_instance) {

// update logic goes here
$ updated_instance = $ new_instance;
return $ updated_instance;

/ **
* Displays the form for this widget on the Widgets page of the WP Admin area.
* @param array An array of the current settings of this widget.
* @return void echoes its release
* /
function form ($ instance) {
$ instance = wp_parse_args ((array) $ instance, array (
& # 39; title & # 39; => __ (& # 39; Contact Vendor & # 39 ;, & quot; dokan-lite & # 39;),

$ title = $ instance['title'];

<label for = "get_field_id (& # 39;) & # 39; ?> "> <input class = "widefat" id = "get_field_id (& # 39;) & # 39; ?> "name ="get_field_name (& # 39; title & # 39;); ?> "type =" text "value =""/>

<? php } }

magento2 – Magento 2: how to add a date filter to the new product widget

I'm using a new product widget in my custom phtml template. It shows the new products. but I want to add the date filter to these products. How can I do it. Any help appreciated.

template file code:

getLayout () -> createBlock ("Magento  Catalog  Product  Widget  NewWidget") -> setDisplayType ("new_products") -> setProductsCount ("20") -> setTemplate ("product / widget / new / content / new_grid. phtml ") -> toHtml (); ?>

I've added fields from and to date in product / widget / new / content / new_grid.phtml but I do not know how to pass these dates to work and get filtered results. Thanks in advance. Any help appreciated.

Would you use this widget? (Increases the number of visitors)

This is not a spammy / blackhat waffle but a widget / site on which I worked.

The site itself is a gift lists creator, which I now plan to publish as a widget.

I evaluate a) do it and b) what to change, based on the comments received.

The proposal / presentation is:

Do you want to use it? If not why not

thank you,

gui design – Control type for a non-interactive widget

You ask a very specific question, and for this question, your current way of solving the problem is certainly unreasonable from the button control (for example, I'm not sure it will look as good in all themes) . I would also consider:

But, even if that's not your question, I think you might be interested in looking at the design from a higher level, thinking about the tasks to be done and the overall design.

One of the things that jumps out at me is that the layout seems wrong, as in, the two columns should not be exchanged? The current command prompts users to enter text in the text input control first and then to choose the drop-down value. What happens if users put text in the input control and then change the value of the drop-down list to "prompt"? Their text was – was it intentional? Is he still here? Maybe you can always back it up so you do not lose it if it was unintentional, but in some cases it was intentional and the user did not want you to back it up, even as a backup.

You should therefore try to steer the flow towards the drop-down value selection first, and then only to complete the text control for the drop-down values ​​that require one.

It would also be interesting to know if you need the grid. Note, for example, how QueryBuilder handles exactly this problem. I would suggest that research on similar query creation interfaces be inspired.

css – The height of the widget being limited by something?

I've inserted a Facebook page widget in the sidebar. It worked well. I do not know what has changed, but it seems that the height of the widget is limited to 156 pixels. I can not find where the CSS is, which is the cause.

The live example can be viewed at the following address:

Any tips on how to allow widgets to be fully natural?

[AH] Discord Widget

The administrator has submitted a new resource:

[AH] Discord Widget – A customizable discord widget.

Third-party libraries

This addon uses the Resting Coder discord-widget.

What does this addon do?

This addon allows you to add a discord server widget to your list of forums …

[AH] Discord Widget