applications – Make WhatsApp download media automatically on Wi-Fi?

I have settings set to download all media automatically. However, WhatsApp (Android app) does not do. How can I force it to download all media?

Here are my settings (note that I am on Wi-Fi now; I have 6 GB free storage):

enter image description here

and still the images are not downloaded until I tap on them:

enter image description here


I’ve tried to add a WiFi driver.
the operation was partially successful, now I can scan WiFi, but I can’t connect (connection fail + MAC address can’t be found – unavailable)
and can’t create AP when Ethernet is connected (for tethering)
any ideas ?

windows 10 – Weird symbol next to WiFi options

windows 10 – Weird symbol next to WiFi options – Super User

wi fi – Wifi, mobile data, bluetooth isn’t working after flashing stock rom

So I have an Asus ROG phone 2 device which was stuck into boot loop before. To get rid of that situation, I flashed the stock rom, and wiped user data by going to recovery mode.
But for some reason, my wifi isn’t turning on, my phone can’t detect any sim cards at all, and Bluetooth is also not working.
Side note, my phone’s sound is also gone. No single bit of sound is playing at all. Not even warning, notification nothing.

What should I do to get rid of that situation? I need immediate assistance.
thanks a lot

dual sim – Double SIM hotspot WiFi problem

I use a dual-SIM on my Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1) running on Android 9 to have data from an Italian and a German operator at the same time.

It works fine on the phone, but I noticed that when I use it as a WiFi hotspot (to connect my laptop), most of the times I got messages like “connected, no internet”.

My workaround solution is to disable one of the 2 SIM (toggling the SIM-selector in the Android settings), disconnect the laptop, and reconnect. It works, but it is very frustrating.

I suppose there is a better way to set my network properties on phone and laptop, such that they can communicate better.

Any idea?

Additional info:

connection – Err_Connection_Closed on windows 10 when connecting via WIFI

I am taking some courses on udemy and everything was working fine until a few days ago. Now i get an Err_connection_closed when my browser tries to fetch the udemy cdn when loading videos from
This happens only when i am connecting on my windows 10 PC via my home WIFI network on any of my browsers; chrome, firefox and edge.
I am unable to reproduce the issue

  • on any other device on my WIFI network
  • when i connect my own PC to my mobile network instead.

I am able to successfully tracert and ping the url via cmd. i have a d-link router

wi fi – Why can’t I share Wifi to Linux mint if I can share it via USB?

I have a mobile phone with Android. I can share its internet connection to Linux Mint via USB. But if I try to share the connection via wifi, Mint gives an error: “Connection failed, Activation of network connection failed”. How can I debug the problem, like if this bug is in Android, Linux Mint, or if some setting has a wrong value?

How do I set up my Netgear wifi range extender?

Extending the range of your existing Wi-Fi is easy using the Netgear extender. All you have to do is to perform the Netgear extender setup. If you want to know how to set up and install the Netgear wifi extender, you can get in touch with the technical team.

networking – LAN (Wi-Fi): Cannot ping android to pc and vice-versa, but pc to pc works

I have 2 independent routers(each with its own WAN). All my devices have the same static IPs with these routers.
Router 1 gateway, Router 2 gateway

I connected these 2 routers with an ethernet cable by their LAN ports. I have 2 win 10 pcs, chromecast v1, and an android 11 device. Each pc is connected to one router, chromecast to one router and the phone can connect to any router.

The pc connected to router 2 can ping the other pc and chromecast connected to router 1 and vice versa. But it can only ping the mobile if its connected to router 2.
If a pc and mobile are under different routers, they can’t ping eachother. But all other devices can communicate irrespective of router.

Why aren’t android device and pc on different routers not accessible to the other whereas pc-pc and pc-chromecast can discover eachother?

Is this an android issue, what can I do to fix it?

After further testing, I found that if I connect the pc to router through ethernet, the problem does not arise and all devices are discoverable.

network – MacBook Pro 2020 can’t connect to specific wifi

I purchased the MB Pro 2020 last year. It was all working great until I got back to my university after summer break. The first two weeks of school the wifi was working great. After two weeks my Mac decided that it doesn’t want to connect anymore. Any time I tried connecting to it I would get the Network diagnostics error.

*Side-note – My computer is able to connect to every other wifi network.

A bit of information on the university wifi:

  1. The wifi has no security. (None)
  2. We don’t have a login page – you just connect and start using it.
  3. I have an iPhone which connects to the uni wifi perfectly
  4. Other MBs have been successfully connecting with no issues.
  5. During the first 2 weeks of school my Mac was ABLE to connect to this wifi.

What I have tried (and failed):

  1. Contacting apple support – they weren’t able to fix the issue
  2. Changing the location from automatic to custom in network settings
  3. adding the network in manually
  4. Renewing the DHCP License
  5. Changing the DNS Server
  6. Made sure no Proxies were blocking the network
  7. Tried connecting manually through the terminal
  8. Checked my keychain to see if there were any firewalls preventing me from connecting to this specific network

What frustrates me the most is that everyone else is able to connect just fine.

As you all can see I’ve tried everything. PLEASE any help possible would be greatly appreciated!

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