How to use real paths in windows and not “This PC” as the parent folder?

So I’m used to Linux and work with proper paths all the time. I use windows only for Visual Studio and some games that wouldn’t run on wine or mono otherwise.
There is this annoying “feature” that makes file paths in the explorer show up for example as

This PC/Desktop

instead of “C:/Users/<username>/Desktop” and hitting the parent folder button will not bring me to my user directory, but instead to this This PC virtual folder, which I guess is nice, but I wouldn’t want that unless I go up from C:/ or click it directly. The same is true for Documents, Music, Downloads and other such directories. They all appear under this “This PC” folder and it’s really annoying me.

Is there some way to change that behavior?

Windows 10 Pro keeps changing keyboard layout

I’m using Windows 10 Pro build 19042.330 and the Insiders Edition.

For several months now I’ve been experiencing the following problems (even AFTER resetting Windows to factory defaults):
I work as a software developer and several times a day, Windows changes my keyboard layout (I use a German keyboard, and it’s changed to English (UK)).
My system language is English (UK), but with only the German keyboard configured.
I’ll add some screenshots.

Configured languages
Configured keyboard layouts

However, the taskbar would indicate otherwise:

Available keyboard layouts in taskbar

I’ve not been able to discern the key combination to switch between these keyboard layouts, in fact I’m beginning to think there isn’t one and that it’s random.

Is there a way to disable the second (apparently configured) keyboard layout?
It’s not that I can’t type with the English layout, but having gotten used to the German layout, it’s somewhat confusing when all of a sudden a question mark appears where a dash should be.

windows – The description for Event ID 2 from source PHP-7.4.5 cannot be found

I recently moved to another server and moved my PHP logs to the Windows event viewer. Since, I have been getting these information events:

“The description for Event ID 2 from source PHP-7.4.5 cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.”

These occur when using PHPMailer which by itself works fine, so I don’t see reason for alarm.

Is there a way to disable these events? NL WINDOWS Virtual Servers| 99.9% Network Uptime! | NewProxyLists
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Can’t See External Hard Drive Files Anymore After Installing A Windows 10 Boot

I wanted to fix my old laptop and for some reason I thought it would be okay to install a Windows 10 Boot onto my external hard drive. After installing it, I was unable to see all of the files I had on there. I was wondering if there is any way to reverse this or recover my files. It’s a 2TB WD Elements Hard Drive and was nowhere near to full yet. I have included an image below of what it looks like on explorer.

View post on

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windows 10 – fixing a heavily fragmented HDD

on my laptop I have a ssd(ubuntu) and hdd(windows10 +storage).
my main OS is the ubuntu and I use windows mostly for games.

the hdd acted really slow so I checked it and windows defragmantation tool reported that it’s 24% fragmented. when I run the optimization I just run to consolidating twice and doesn’t defrag it.

then I checked with auslogic disk defrag and got this horrible result of 55% fragmantation!
It literally shows all disk block as red(fragmented).

what should I do with it? Is the difference normal?

windows defragment report

ausligoc screenshot

Wake from sleep with external Keyboard or mouse after these have been unplugged and replugged on Windows 10

I am working with two computers, an Asus laptop with Windows 10 and a Dell Optiflex Desktop PC with Ubuntu 20.04. The Asus laptop is also used as if it was a a desktop computer, i.e. the lid is always closed, so it is inconvenient to open and close it to use the built-in keyboard or power button. For both computers, I use an external keyboard and mouse.

During the day, I have to switch between the two computers. When I switch computers, I set the one I will stop using for a while (say, computer A) in sleep mode, I unplug the external keyboard and mouse and plug them to computer B (since I do not have a KVM switch). When I want to use again computer A, I do the inverse operation – I unplug the mouse and keyboard from computer B and plug them to A.

Now, suppose I set to sleep the Windows 10 laptop, I unplug the keyboard and mouse, plug them to the Ubuntu PC, then replug everything to the Windows 10 laptop. If I do this, I am no longer able to wake-up the Windows laptop from sleep. Note that if I set the Windows laptop to sleep without unplugging anything, I am perfectly able to wake it up (both with the mouse and the external keyboard). Is there any way to wake-up my Windows laptop after all the unplugging/replugging? Is there any other workaround I could use that does not involve opening the lid of my laptop? E.g. wake-up after plugging a pendrive, if such a thing exists.

My question is similar to this one, where, however, the problem involved a computer running Linux (while mine is running Windows 10) and using a KVM switch (which I do not have).

windows 10 – Error code: 0x80070035. The network path was not found. AND 0x80070043 The network name cannot be found

The first error shows when clicking in the icon of the computer I’m trying to access (MacBookPro) in Network browser. It takes some time and shows the error. The second is shown when I try to access through run (MacBook name).
I followed all the solutions in but no help.
On Cmd, net view and ping work, though. The computer is in the network (also the fact that it’s showing an icon with name in network browser means it should be available).
It worked some time ago, but now it doesn’t.
Any help very appreciated.

windows – network printer setup on win10 domain clients on a LAN

I have a computer work lab, it is a simple LAN with no real internet access. It started out as only a few PC’s (years ago) and when it was just 4 or less the admin’s did everything local on each pc manually. Now we have over 10 pc’s and a windows domain server was setup to facilitate managing 10+ pc’s.

Picture one large room, 10 win10 PC’s and a domain server off to the side, and a network printer.

Issue we are having is it seems any user (in their profile?) can have any number of network printers show up, and when you select any one of them they don’t work it gives some kind of error. And it’s nearly always the same xerox printer name & mac showing up but then you see something like copy of. Now the printer does work, people can successfully print to it provided they have enough computer knowledge on how to set that up on whichever PC they are sitting at at the time. But it is often frustrating… and having gone from win2000 to winxp to win7 to win8 to win10….

is it too much to ask that for any user new or existing on this little LAN with a Windows 2016 domain server that just one printer show up cleanly in devices & printers, and all anybody should have to do is do File – Print and it simply prints ?

How do you make the following happen?

  • For any user who logs into a client PC on this little LAN having a Windows Domain Server, they see only one printer under devices & printers
  • The User does not have to do anything other than mouse click File – Print. Mouse click file print always works!

networking – Error connecting Windows 10 PCs to a MAC on a LAN

The Setup:

1x Mac Mini (MM), running OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.6(not Mac server)

5x Windows 10 (W10) PCs

1x LAN wifi

1x LAN ethernet

The Challenge:

Connect all 5 PCs to the MM over the wired LAN or Wifi and map folders on the MM as additional Drives (Eg, P, Q, R etc) on the W10 PCs, as so as to share files stored on the MM. BTW: The MM is not used as a workstation, more as a “server” or pseudo-server.

The Method:

From the PCs Command prompt on the W10 PCs run “net use T: “1nn.nnn.1.14ffffff” /persistent:yes. (real values hidden for security)

The Initial Outcome:

2 of the 5 PCs connected and drive letters assigned – no problems,

3 of the PCs could not connect, error message 71, “No more connections can be made to this remote computer at this time because there are already as many connections as the computer can accept.”

Attempted Solution:

On the W10 PCs; increased the number of currentlogons in the registry from 10 to 100, but this made no difference. I think i should be doing something like this on the MM…

Second Outcome:

No effect.


How do I increase the number of (network?) connections that the MM can accept? I believe this would solve the issue, but if I’m barking up the wrong tree, I would gladly be pointed to another one.

Thanks in Advance