windows – Consonants accentuated

What is the easiest way to type consonants with accents (treble, bass, circumflex) on windows, android and iphones? I've tried searching for alternative codes, but they only cover vowels with accents. Some tutorials use "dead keys" but they do not work on my keyboard.

windows – How to configure remote win10 reboot from mstsc

j & # 39; uses mstsc remotely control a Win10 computer on the local network, but it sometimes loses connection because of the network or some terrible actions on my part.
So I have to restart it to continue my work. But for some reason, I can not restart it by pressing the restart button directly.
So I wonder if it's ok to set up figurations to restart it remotely. But I only find how to configure it in Remote Desktop (RDP), not mstsc.
If you do not mind, could someone help me?
Thank you in advance.

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Claymore Dual Ethereum AMD + NVIDIA GPU Miner v14.7 (Windows / Linux) – Cryptocurrency Corner

Dual Ethereum + Claymore's Decred & Siacoin / Lbry / Pascal / Blake2s / Keccak AMD + NVIDIA GPU.

The latest version is v14.7 – Supercharged Edition:

– From now on, the miner driver no longer needs to switch from Windows to test mode. If you want to disable the test mode, use the "-driver uninstall" option (with administrator rights) and reboot.
Then start Miner with administrator rights to automatically install the new driver if needed (or use the "-driver install" option directly).
If you have problems with the signed driver, you can use the "-driver install_test" option. It uses the old approach: activates the test mode (reboot is required) and installs the unsigned driver.
– Adding the "-showpower" option for the GPU's power consumption statistics, press "s" to see it. AMD and Nvidia cards are supported, except for Linux gpu-pro drivers and Radeon7 cards.
– Update Remote Manager to display the total power consumption.
– fixed a problem with the "-logsmaxsize" option when the "-logfile" option is used to specify the log file directory.
– some minor bugfixes and improvements.

DOWNLOAD LINK: MEGA Download Claymore's Miner v14.7

the version is v14.6 – Supercharged Edition:

– The "-rxboost" option now supports older AMD cards (Hawaii, Tonga, Tahiti, Pitcairn). Use the "-rxboost 1" option to improve the hashrate up to 5% by applying additional memory timings.
– now the option "-rxboost" supports all AMD drivers.
– now "-strap" for AMD cards also supports AMD blockchain drivers.
– a few modifications to reduce even a little outdated actions.
– added option "-minspeedtime".
– Added statistics for actions accepting time (min / max / average), press "s" to see it.
– Update Remote Manager to display shares that accept the time.
– some minor bugfixes and improvements.


– Supports optimized synchronization of memory (tapes) on the fly in Windows, without blinking the VBIOS (currently, Polaris, Vega, Nvidia 10xx only), up to 20% faster. The best straps for Ethereum are included.
– Support for the new "double extraction" mode: simultaneous extraction of Ethereum and Decred / Siacoin / Lbry / Pascal / Blake2s / Keccak, without impact on Ethereum extraction rate. Ethereum extraction mode only is also supported.
– The actual Ethereum extraction rate is 3 to 5% higher due to a totally different miners code: far fewer invalid and outdated partitions, higher GPU load, optimized OpenCL code, optimized assembler kernels.
– Supports AMD and nVidia cards, even when mixed.
– No DAG files.
– Supports all versions of Stratum for Ethereum: can be used directly without a proxy with all pools supporting eth-proxy, qtminer or miner-proxy.
– Supports individual Ethereum and Siacoin extraction.
– Supports HTTP and Stratum for Decred.
– Supports HTTP and Stratum for Siacoin.
– Stratum support for Lbry, Pascal, Blake2s, Keccak.
– Supports failover.
– Displays detailed information about the extraction and a hashrate for each card.
– Supports remote monitoring and management.
– Supports GPU selection, built-in GPU overclocking functions and temperature management.
– Supports Ethereum forks (Expanse, etc.).
– Windows and Linux versions.

This version is POOL / SOLO for Ethereum, POOL for Decred, POOL / SOLO for Siacoin, POOL for Lbry, POOL for Pascal, POOL for Blake2s, POOL for Keccak.

For older AMD cards, Catalyst (Crimson) 15.12 is required to optimize performance and compatibility.
For AMD 4xx / 5xx (Polaris) cards, you can use any recent driver.
For AMD cards, set the following environment variables, especially if you have 2 … 4 GB cards:


This minor is free, however, the current developer's fees are 1%. Every hour, it is extracted for 36 seconds.
For all cards of 2 GB and 3 GB, 0% devfee, so you can exploit all ETH forks without devfee, this minor is completely free in this case.
If some cards have a capacity of 2 … 3 GB and others> 3 GB, 2 … 3 GB still belong to you during development, only cards with more than 3 GB of memory will be used for mining. Miner displays the appropriate messages at startup.
The second piece (Decred / Siacoin / Lbry / Pascal / Blake2s / Keccak) is extracted without developer fees.
So the developer fee is 0 … 1%, if you do not agree with the development fee, do not use this minor, or the option " -nofee ".
Attempts to cheat and suppress development costs will result in a slower extraction rate (similar to "-nofee 1"), although the miner displays the same hashrate.
Miner can not simply stop if a fraud is detected because its creators would know that it is not working and would find new tricks. If minor shows no error or slowdown, he is happy.

This version is for recent AMD video cards only: 7xxx, 2xx and 3xx, 2 GB or more. Recent nVidia video cards are also supported.


You can use the "config.txt" file instead of specifying command-line options.
If there is no command line option, Miner will check the "config.txt" file for options.
If there is only one option in the command line, it must be the name of the configuration file.
If there are two or more options in the command line, Miner will take all options from the command line, not the configuration file.
Place one option per line, if the first character of a line is ";" or "#", this line will be ignored.
You can also use environment variables in the "epools.txt" and "config.txt" files. For example, set the environment variable "WORKER" and use it as "% WORKER%" in config.txt or in epools.txt.

If for Ethereum extraction only:

EthDcrMiner64.exe -pool -wal 0xD69af2A796A737A103F12d2f0BCC563a13900E6F -epsw x

EthDcrMiner64.exe -pool -wal 0xD69af2A796A737A103F12d2f0BCC563a13900E6F -epsw x

EthDcrMiner64.exe -pool -wal 0xd69af2a796a737a103f12d2f0bcc563a13900e6f -epsw x -employed rig1

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal 0xd69af2a796a737a103f12d2f0bcc563a13900e6f -epsw x -worker rig1

EthDcrMiner64.exe – group layer + tcp: // 3353 -wal 1LmMNkiEvjapn5PRY8A9wypcWJveRrRGWr -epsw x -esm 3 -allpools 1 -estale 0

Ethereum Mine:

EthDcrMiner64.exe -pool -wal 0xd69af2a796a737a103f12d2f0bcc563a13900e6f -epsw x -allcoins -1

Ethereum SOLO mining (suppose geth is


Use the "epools.txt" and "dpools.txt" files to specify additional pools (you can use the "-epoolsfile" and "-dpoolsfile" options to use different filenames).
These files have the text format, one pool per line. Each pool has 3 connection attempts.
Miner disconnects automatically if the pool does not send new jobs for a long time or if the pool rejects too many shares.
If the first character of a line is ";" or "#", this line will be ignored.
Do not change the spacing, spaces between parameters and values ​​are required for analysis.
If you must specify "," character in the parameter value, use two commas – ,, will be treated as a single comma.
You can reload the files "epools.txt" and "dpools.txt" at the time of execution by pressing the "r" key.
The pool specified on the command line is the "primary" pool. Miner will try to come back every 30 minutes if he has to use a different pool from the list.
If no pool has been specified in the command line, the first pool in the failover pool list is the primary pool.
You can change the 30-minute period to a different value with the "-ftime" option or use "-ftime 0" to disable failover to the primary pool.
You can also use environment variables in the "epools.txt", "dpools.txt", and "config.txt" files. For example, set the environment variable "WORKER" and use it as "% WORKER%" in config.txt or in epools.txt.
You can also select the current pool at runtime by pressing the "e" or "d" key.


Miner supports remote monitoring / management via JSON over raw TCP / IP sockets. You can also get the latest lines of text from the console via HTTP.
Start "EthMan.exe" from the "Remote Management" subfolder (Windows version only).
See the built-in help for more information. The "API.txt" file contains more details about the protocol.


– AMD cards: On some cards, you may notice a non-constant extraction speed in dual mode, the speed sometimes becomes a little slower. This problem has been mostly solved in recent versions, but not completely.
– AMD cards: under Linux with gpu-pro drivers, the list of GPUs may differ from that of temperatures. You can use -di to change the order of the GPUs so that they match both lists.
– nVidia cards: Dual mode is not as effective as AMD cards.
– Windows 10 Defender recognizes Miner as a virus, some antivirus do the same. Miner is not a virus, add it to the Defender exceptions.
I've been writing minors since 2014. Most of them are recognized as viruses by some paranoid antiviruses, maybe because I compress my miners to protect them from disassembly, maybe because some people include them in their botnets, or maybe these antiviruses are not good. I do not know. During these years, many people used my minors and no one confirmed that it had stolen or done anything wrong.
Note that I can guarantee clean binaries only for official links in my posts on this forum (bitcointalk). If you have downloaded minor from another link, it can be a virus.
However, my minors are closed sources and so I can not prove that they are not viruses. If you think I write viruses instead of good kids, do not use this minor, or at least not use it on systems that do not contain any useful data.


1. Install Catalyst v15.12 for older AMD cards; for Fury, the Polaris and Vega cards use the latest Blockchain drivers.
2. Disable overclocking.
3. Set the environment variables as described above.
4. Set 16 GB or more of virtual memory.
5. Restart the computer.
6. Check the hardware, the risers.
7. Set an expiration time in the .bat file before starting the minor at system startup (30 seconds or even a minute) and try "-ethi 4" to check if it is more stable. This can help if the miner is not stable on some systems.


– Miner runs too slowly when I operate ETH / ETC but works properly when I operate an ETH fork.
Check if you have enabled "Calculation Mode" in the AMD drivers. You can also press the "y" key to enable "Calculation Mode" in the AMD drivers for all cards (Windows only).

– I can not use ETH / ETC with the Nvidia 3GB card under Windows 10.
Windows 10 internally allocates about 20 percent of the GPU memory so that applications can only use 80 percent of the GPU's memory. Use Windows 7 or Linux.

windows 10 – wake up monitor with ssh

After giving up for months, I would like to come back to the idea that seems incredibly simple. I want a script that wakes up my monitors after they are put to sleep. I've tried almost all the approaches I can think of, please, do something that prevents me from adopting a dog that will fetch a bluetooth mouse in shape bone by making it move in the process (yes, I'm desperate)

What I have done so far:

1) Installing OpenSSH on Win10 Remote Machine (works)

2) Get the Windows interactive session to have authority over the actual session:

FOR / F "usebackq tokens = 4"% s IN (to-do list / nh / fo table / fi
"imagename eq explorer.exe"
) MAKE …

3a) Start one of the many programs that keep Windows awake. These do not work because they are never launched by psexec or powershell. Or at least if they run, they do not show up and do nothing. That's for any process that I'm trying to start.

3b) Use SendMessage as I do to send it to sleep:

psexec -accepteula -nobanner -d -i %% s -w "% windir%" powershell (Add-Type & # 39;[DllImport(“user32.dll”)]^ external static public int SendMessage (int hWnd, int hMsg, int wParam, int lParam); & # 39; -Name a -No) :: SendMessage (-1,0×0112,0xF170, -1)
If you pass 2 as the last parameter, it works perfectly to turn off the monitor. Passing anything else (for example, -1 for ON) does nothing.

3c) From now on, I try to do a simulation of the mouse, etc .:

FOR / F "usebackq tokens = 4" %% s IN (list of tasks / nh / fo table / fi "imagename eq explorer.exe") DO psexec -accepteula -nobanner -d -i %% s -w "% windir%" powershell (Add-Type & # 39;[DllImport(“user32.dll”)]^ external static public void mouse_event (uint dwFlags, int dx, int dy, uint dwData, int dwExtraInfo); & # 39; -Name user32 -PassThru) :: mouse_event (1,40,0,0,0)
Works executed locally with high fees. Will pop up PowerShell briefly when it is used with SSH. Do not move the mouse.

3d) using the good old monitor nircmd.exe or a similar similar activated monitor on the utilities. Same result as 3a)

Many linked threads have supposed solutions, but not them works for me. The only difference I could see when running the script locally against ssh is that there is an output like

Powershell started with xxxxx process ID

Other than that, I have no way of telling what's going on. I put a 0 echo at the end of the scripts to check whether it has been run or not. That always gives me the 0. Someone has an idea of ​​what I miss? Especially 3b) is strange for me because it works to send the monitor to sleep.

Application Windows – Scientific Toolworks Understand 5.1.991 | NulledTeam UnderGround

Size of the file: 129 MB / 147 MB

Understanding is a static analysis tool for the maintenance, measurement and analysis of critical or large code bases. From metrics and graphs to dependency analysis, master your source code with Understand.
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Basic metrics

* Class number
* Number of files
* Number of functions
* Number of lines
* Number of blank lines
* Number of lines of code
* Number of comment lines
* Number of inactive lines
* Number of declarative declarations
* Number of executable instructions
* Ratio Comment to Code
Advanced metrics (partial list)
* Cyclomatic Complexity
* Knots
* Class linkage
* Percentage of lack of cohesion
* Number of paths
* Max inheritance
* Number of basic classes
* Number of inherited classes
* Number of instance methods
* Weighted class methods

What's up


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Windows App – Zplane Vielklang Instant Harmony v2.4.2 | NulledTeam UnderGround

Zplane Vielklang Instant Harmony v2.4.2 WiN | 27 MB

Vielklang Instant Harmony generates harmonies of 2 to 4 voices. It is bursting with musical intelligence and music theory: it detects the harmonies best suited to each input melody and automatically synthesizes up to four voices, so the voices do not just run in. parallel, but their voices are selected for a more natural sound (voice guidance). .

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Windows App – DVBViewer Video Editor 1.2.0 Multilingual | NulledTeam UnderGround

Languages: Multilingual | Size of the file: 32.48 MB

DVBViewer Video Editor is a paid upgrade for DVBViewer Pro. It represents a comfortable and fast solution without loss to edit your video recordings. Intelligent Commercial Detection automatically detects all commercials in no time. These breaks can be deleted by the editor or manually by the user. DVBViewer Video Editor supports all MPEG-2 and H.264 video standards at HEVC.
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Why complicated, if it could be simple?

Unlike other video editors, the main goal of DVBViewer Video Editor is to cut the recordings without complication. From the beginning of development, the basic idea was to offer exactly what 98% of users really need. This means cutting records without loss of picture or audio quality. Unlike other video editors, all other audio, subtitle and teletext tracks will be retained. This allows visible and hard of hearing users to reduce commercial breaks without giving up the extra information needed.

When designing the application, we spend a lot of time ensuring that visible impaired users can manage the software. An essential element in this regard was the development of a thoughtful operation concept, which works even without a mouse or touchpad. With a separate tool, you can edit your videos in a completely automated way.

Cut and edit .TS, .MPEG files
Supports AAC, MPEG-2, AC-3, H.264 and HEVC
Supports video text, subtitles, and subtitles
Automated Commercial Detection with the help of Comskip
Lossless editing of all your recordings.
Reencoding and storage in other formats such as .MP4 or .MKV.
Ability to edit several files successively (batch processing)
Built-in video playback using a Direct3D output (including Shader-Support).
Display of the exact time of broadcast in order to compare it to the lists of programs.
Full control via keyboard or mouse
Thoughtful menu structure

What's up:
• added: Cutter: Parameter% width% and% height% for ffmpeg commands. The parameters provide the correct information of each stream to be transmitted to ffmpeg
• added: Editor: alternative toolbar mode with reordered buttons
• fixed: general: refraction of the central parts
• resolved: general: problems with WideString to AnsiString and vice versa conversions
• added: Installer: updated comskip version
• Changed: Editor: The microseconds are now displayed on the OSD

Required configuration:
• Windows 10 32/64 bits
• Windows 8 32/64 bits
• Windows 7 32/64 bits


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Microsoft Patches Windows 2003, XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2

Windows 8 and Windows 10 are not affected.