Windows update made VirtualBox VM disappear and now I can’t enable shared folders or second screen in Ubuntu

Today I had Windows 10 update itself. I use Windows 10 as the VirtualBox VM host. When starting VirtualBox after the Windows update, I noticed VirtualBox didn’t show my VMs anymore!

With the help of I managed to re-add my main Ubuntu VM.

However, after booting the resolution was ridiculous 640×480 or 800×600, very small. Practically unusable. The guest no longer resized when I resized the window. I managed to make the display larger by manually changing the resolution in Ubuntu guest, but it was a herculean effort as the display was so small the full “Settings” dialog didn’t fit to the visible display.

I also noticed I cannot mount my shared folder. I also couldn’t enable my second monitor.

How can I restore auto-resizing, shared folders and second monitor?

Windows Remote Desktop Connection – An authentication error has occurred (0x609)

Authentication Error when trying to connect to my macincloud Remote Desktop Connection Screenshot

lightroom – Inconsistent colors across different apps in windows

I have finally pulled the trigger and got the monthly subscription for the PS + Lightroom CC. Yesterday when exporting the photo from lightroom I noticed a huge color difference when viewed with the Photos app. The photo is shifted more to red and there is a huge visible difference with what I see in lightroom before export.

Opening with Windows Photo Viewer however renders the colors fine. However, if I set the photo as desktop background it goes back to the reddish color. It is somewhat annoying to have such a discrepancy across the apps.

I have Dell U3014 monitor that was calibrated off the factory and never had this issue before. I could invest into color calibration tool, but they are rather expensive and I’d like to understand better what would that help me with. Also not sure I understand how color calibrating monitor will solve the issue of the same image being rendered differently on the same monitor. My understanding is that color calibration calibrates the color on the monitor with the color that you would see on the print. (?)

I have also tried exporting the photo with the older version of lightroom and it has the same issue, so it’s not the lightroom version per se, but I wonder if something in the Lighroom CC installation screwed something up.

Could you please help me understand what is the cause of this and how can one solve this problem?

Thank you.

networking – Security implications of directly connecting a Windows PC to ISP via Network Adapter with Ethernet cable bypassing the Router

When diagnosing Internet connection issues (slow speed for example), an ISP technician may ask a user to connect their ISP-provided Ethernet cable directly to a device (typically a Windows PC) to run speed tests in the browser or pings, etc. (to rule out the possibility of the Router being the culprit).

What are the likely (realistic) as well as theoretical security implications in as far as getting access to the device / retrieving information from it (accessing files, etc.) under the following assumptions:

  • This is done for a short period of time ~ 30 minutes
  • The new network is identified as Public (in Windows UI)
  • Remote assistance is enabled
  • Windows built-in firewall is OFF, but third-party application-level firewall is enabled (restricts Internet access to apps).

And does this compromise saved passwords of network-mapped drives and locations (which are normally only accessible within LAN via the Router)?

ı cant connect from "remote desktop connection" to wsl2 kali linux on windows 10

enter image description here

ı watch this video and ı cant connect to wsl2 kali linux what can ı do?enter link description here

sql server – Steps to apply windows updates to sql failover cluster?

You do not need to stop any jobs or services to manually failover. Please see the Microsoft Docs – Perform a Forced Manual Failover on manually failing over.

These are the general steps you should follow for applying any updates to your failover cluster instances:

  1. Backup all databases.
  2. Failover all SQL cluster roles to Node A.
  3. Install the patches on Node B (passive).
  4. Restart Node B.
  5. Failover all SQL cluster roles to Node B.
  6. Install the patches on Node A (passive).
  7. Restart Node A

More information on the installing updates process can be found in these Microsoft Docs – Upgrade a failover cluster instance.

Free anti-spam program for windows 10

You can use the build-in Windows Defender, which – last time I checked – has fairly good reputation for finding threats without too many false positive hits.
To add exclusions on-the-fly is not an option, but can be added manually in settings.

I have used AVG Free for years (easy adding exclusions).
It is free, but you have to be ready to deny offers to buy the paid version now and then.

I have earlier used Avast free, but is not sure if it is still a free option (often the free edition is “hidden” with small letters somewhere) 🙂

windows 10 – How can document bad internet performance frequency over certain time period?

Recently, due to bad quality of internet in my new flat, I tried to figure out to document internet-drops logs over a certain period of time (not asking about when a connection is made or lost, but when there are any issues with the connection) and report it to management. I have tried the following methods unsuccessfully:

  • Using Windows Event Viewer: to filter interested Event ID logs and export all Events in .csv file based on this answer unsuccessfully because of not being able to select all events in this environment.

    Run --> eventvwr.msc

  • Using freaking ping: to select interesting events manually. Despite lots of tools, currently, PowerPing came to my attention which is a fancy command line ICMP ping program. Sadly, I couldn’t manage to use it since it disappears right after executing using run as administrator as I issued here on Windows 8.1 and 10. I’m also wondering if it potentially is malware or malicious in a class of rootkit.

I’m aware of possibility of using other ping-based tools like TestMy.Net for multiple attempts. Additionally, even web-based, open source ones, like zabbix and nagios ntop or Little Snitch.

Any inputs or guidance, particularly regarding the second scenario, will be appreciated.

Get Install Package of linux distribution to the Windows Subsystem for Linux

I would like to install Ubuntu or other distribution of linux to run a terminal a linux terminal on my pc in window 10. It is explain on
But I can not acces to windowstore on my Professional computeur for get a linux distribution for windows.
Can I a have the package to install in other way?
thank you

python – Error al instalar Odoo desde el código fuente en Windows 10

Es mi primera pregunta y soy bastante nuevo en esto, por eso mis disculpas de antemano.
Estoy instalando Odoo desde el código fuente (no con el instalador) en Windows10. Ya tengo todo configurado, pero al ejecutarlo y crear la base de datos me aparece el siguiente error.

Error al crear la base de datos que se ve en el navegador

Ahora bien, al dirigirme a la consola desde donde lo he ejecutado me aparecen los siguientes errores:

2021-01-15 13:05:35,411 10144 INFO ? odoo: Odoo version 12.0-20200401 
2021-01-15 13:05:35,411 10144 INFO ? odoo: Using configuration file at C:odoosrcodoo_dev_12setupodoo.conf 
2021-01-15 13:05:35,411 10144 INFO ? odoo: addons paths: ('c:\users\usuario\appdata\local\openerp s.a\odoo\addons\12.0', 'c:\odoosrc\odo_dev_12\odoo\addons', 'c:\odoosrc\odoo_dev_12\odoo\addons', 'C:\odoosrc\odoo_dev_12\odoo\addons') 
2021-01-15 13:05:35,411 10144 INFO ? odoo: database: odoo@localhost:5432 
2021-01-15 13:05:35,627 10144 INFO ? odoo.addons.base.models.ir_actions_report: You need Wkhtmltopdf to print a pdf version of the reports. 
2021-01-15 13:05:36,675 10144 INFO ? odoo.service.server: HTTP service (werkzeug) running on CHRISTIAN-PC1:8069 
2021-01-15 13:06:06,404 10144 INFO ? odoo.http: Generating nondb routing 
2021-01-15 13:06:06,574 10144 INFO None odoo.service.db: Create database `ut4`. 
2021-01-15 13:06:08,366 10144 ERROR None odoo.service.db: CREATE DATABASE failed: 
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 58, in _initialize_db
  File "", line 34, in initialize
    for i in odoo.modules.get_modules():
  File "", line 408, in get_modules
  File "", line 401, in listdir
    for it in os.listdir(dir)
FileNotFoundError: (WinError 3) El sistema no puede encontrar la ruta especificada: 'c:\odoosrc\odo_dev_12\odoo\addons'
2021-01-15 13:06:08,387 10144 ERROR None odoo.modules.loading: Database ut4 not initialized, you can force it with `-i base` 
2021-01-15 13:06:08,641 10144 INFO ut4 werkzeug: - - (15/Jan/2021 13:06:08) "POST /web/database/create HTTP/1.1" 200 - 13 1.673 0.614
2021-01-15 13:06:35,858 10144 ERROR ut4 odoo.sql_db: bad query: SELECT latest_version FROM ir_module_module WHERE name='base'
ERROR: no existe la relación «ir_module_module»
LINE 1: SELECT latest_version FROM ir_module_module WHERE name='base...

Me he fijado que uno de los errores dice:

FileNotFoundError: (WinError 3) El sistema no puede encontrar la ruta especificada: 'c:\odoosrc\odo_dev_12\odoo\addons'

Y no entiendo porqué me muestra las rutas con doble barra en vez de con una sola barra. ¿Qué tendría que hacer? Me parece que está ahí el error y por eso no me puede crear la base de datos, pero no consigo solucionarlo y que la ruta correcta aparezca con tan solo una barra.

Paso también mi archivo de configuración de Odoo (odoo.conf) por si es útil.

admin_passwd = (contraseña)
db_host = localhost
db_port = 5432
db_user = (usuario)
db_password = (contraseña)
db_name = False
dbfilter = odoo12
log_db = False
log_db_level = warnings
log_handler = :INFO
addons_path = c:odoosrcodo_dev_12odooaddons
list_db = True
log_level = info
#logfile = C:odoosrcodoo_dev_12setupodoo.log

¡Gracias por adelantado!