Padma Aon Prakasha Famous Books

1: The power of the shakti

Padma Aon Prakasha: Shakti is the feminine life force that manifests, creates and activates constantly.
Ignoring this living power in us is the key to getting men and women to achieve their goals.
vital harmony, strengthened peace and sacred union. Unite the forms of Tantra Yoga
in sacred Indian, Tibetan and Hebrew traditions, Padma Aon reveals how
activate the power of Shakti by opening our 18 energy channels. Focused on
uterus in women and hara in humans, Shakti connects soul, body, emotions and
creative sexual flow in powerful experiential openings.

2: The nine eyes of light

Padma Aon Prakasha: We live in a time when many of us know other realities. Deeply
relevant to what we are experiencing today are key elements of the Egyptian tradition,
which served as a basis for their awakened civilization. Now, Padma Aon
brings the nine Egyptian keys of the light body to our time so that we can learn
Egyptian masters how to live, create and move our consciousness
multi-dimensionally. These nine keys are one of the oldest teachings of the
Light body work of a civilization that had mastered it.

3: The plan of Christ

Padma Aon Prakasha: The Master Plan of Christ is an inspiring card that was given to us by the apostles of Christ.
on the 13 qualities of Christ's consciousness. Revealed in communion with the
Masters of the Council of Christ of the first world church in Maries de la Mer
France, this book that opens the eyes and opens the heart offers a deeper connection with
Christ in you.

4: The sacred wounds: the original innocence

Padma Aon Prakasha: The wounds of our soul are our path to our original innocence. Our wounds are
our own unique and perfect design, a synchronous sacred pattern that takes us backwards without
fail, in our own sovereign soul. Our original innocence is our purity, to which we return
in after having fully felt all our pleasures and human pains, joys and sufferings, emotions
and ecstasies. It is by fully embracing our humanity through the path of life that we
have the opportunity to enter our twice born innocence.

5: Dimensions of love

Padma Aon Prakasha: 7 steps towards God brings new and sometimes radical truths to the soul in the 21st century.
In the journey of souls, we all go through 7 spheres or dimensions. Each sphere has clear
signs, lessons, opportunities and emotions that show us where we really are in our journey of souls,
where we have to go and how to get there. Sufis, Christ and Saint Teresa of Avila shared
these seven steps, and in Dimensions of Love, they come together to help us see what that means.
take for us to wake up today.

6: the wisdom of the uterus

Padma Aon Prakasha: Voted one of the top 30 books to read, Womb Wisdom is the pioneer who catalyzed
the current resurgence of uterine-based practices and spirituality. In the past and in the present
Native traditions, women have known that the woman's womb houses the greatest power that a woman
possesses: the power to create at all levels. This power can also be exploited in the birth of
projects, careers, deep healing, spiritual growth and deeper relationships. The uterus is the
a link between women and the web of life, and we can relearn how to exploit this
immense creative potential to revolutionize the way we live, heal and create.

7: The sacred relationships

Padma Aon Prakasha: We live at a time on our planet where we are called to reach the deepest of us
the courage to undertake an incredibly stimulating and incredible creative act: the birth
of the divine man. This genesis is happening all over the world: not just in humans,
but in all life and the Earth itself. We believe that this change is the answer to our crisis and to the
the deepest sense of it. The birth of the divine human is the key to our evolutionary destiny,
and that goes through the sacred relationship.


Do you believe that Trump was racist when he criticized the four women of Congress? (Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Omar and Pressley)?

Trump had the nerve to point out that the quartet (4 riders / women) stood up with intense vitriolic hatred and hid behind his protected class race to conceal his hatred. AOC among the quartet is the least odious just more silly than the rest. All 5 can have their opinions, but only one does not hide behind the victim.

Analyze the context: make your home country prosperous and great, then come back and teach the United States how to do it. Even the cities they represent are in very poor condition, controlled by (D) for decades. But rather than focusing on their city, they act as leaders of the congress and the country. It was a challenge to the immature arrogance of the quartet (4 riders / women) revolving around their expertise in government when the only accomplishment they had was to be elected and to hunt down taxpayers. The Ideal and the system of government they supported did not work or did not work or were not in any strait in any version of socialism.

Sweden turned to socialism in the 1960s, but abandoned socialism after 1994 while Sweden suffered economically under socialism. PBS had a documentary on why Sweden is not a socialist country after 1994.

The final game of any socialism (theology, fascist, tribal, nationalist or communist) is ultimately the total authoritarian control of the government (monopoly) and the people at the top derive the benefits.

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Why do women expect MAN to pay on the first date?

When a woman looks for a potential long-term relationship, she looks for three qualities in a man. They want a man who will love, protect and respect them.

The love expresses in (1) words of affection, (2) quality time, (3) gifts, (4) service works and (5) physical contacts.

Protection involves (1) physical protection, (2) tax protection and (3) emotional protection (security).

Respect is probably the most difficult for a man to give to a woman. He shows respect for a woman by communicating, understanding and sharing values ​​with her.

Women expect a man to pay on the first date when his fiscal security depends more on the wealth (income) of the man than his own. If she is financially independent, it's not a problem for her.


[ Politics ] Open question: How will America be led by women or gays?

Unfortunately, it seems that we are heading in that direction.

What are all these [bot] hits on my site?

Hello friends,

What are all these [bot] hits on my site?

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Trump tells liberal congress women of color to return to their country | Promotion Forum

"WASHINGTON (AP) – US President Donald Trump has strongly criticized Liberal Democrats, and said four women of color should return to" infidel "countries, ignoring the fact that all the women are US citizens and three were born in the US His attack provoked a blistering condemnation from the Democrats who described the remarks as racist and divergent breathtaking.

After a familiar scenario, Republicans remained largely silent after Trump's morning defamation against the four women. But the president's nativist tweets led the Democrats to put aside their internal divisions to rise up against the president. "

————————————————– ————————————————– ————-

So we have a president who said that there were "very good people from both sides" during the riots in Charlottesville and who is now calling a group of Liberal women of color who are ALL NATURAL-BORN CITIZENS to return in their country. There are at least four white men in Congress who are not born in the United States. Why does not Trump call them? I wonder why …

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What makes a website search engine user friendly?

Hello friends,

What makes a website search engine user friendly?

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Aside from the business benefits of women, what other laws treat women differently from men in the United States?

There are family courts and child care laws that favor women.

There are domestic violence laws that favor women, although, study after study, they show that women are at the root of violence as often as men.

We see how academic investigations of sexual assault favor the complainant.

In almost all areas of law concerning sexual interactions, almost everything begins with a presumption of guilt on the part of the man.

I'm sure I could add to this list.


How is it that men are good people while women are bad?

I think this is the type of American women who have just married in series and each time they get tired of the current husband (slave, fool … who is too stupid and too confident to get a marriage contract), they turn to a no-fault divorce court, destroy his life and take everything he has. Including children. I'm not saying that all women are like that, but too many are. The American legal system allows this. Treat so many men / fathers 10 of them commit suicide daily. But hey, it's America. Land of brutality. Where the search for profit always takes precedence over human compassion. There are women who worry about tearing up their children and ex-husbands who brought these children to the world with them. All they can see is it's $$$. The family court and divorce system is just a case. The judges, attys, the LAGs know it all. They do not sleep at night, knowing that they are part of a system that destroys children, destroys fathers, and tears families apart. $$$ is always the bottom line. $$$.

Victim of the system. An ex-wife worked for the same court where we held our divorce / custody hearings. I really had a chance. A therapist I was going to call a "light psychopath" when I told her about what she had done. She did not care what effect it had on our son either. All that interested him was to go to the jugular, to destroy me and destroy his own child. For $$$. She then married husband # 4 who mistreated his son, our son, and did not even care because he won his prize. Low