php – Woocommerce specific product model for product type

I am creating a custom plugin based on woocommerce and I have created a product type "Product Poster"
Now I want to create a specific product model for the product displayed and the model must be created and controlled by the plugin itself

Please help and thank you in advance

css – How to display 2 products per line for mobile using WooCommerce?

I am developing an e-commerce with WooCommerce and I am using the following code to display 2 products per line when the user uses a mobile phone:

@media only screen and ( max-width: 980px ) {
.woocommerce-page ul.products li.product:nth-child(n) {
width: 47.5% !important;
margin-right: 2.5% !important;
.woocommerce-page ul.products li.product:nth-child(2n) {
margin-right: 0 !important;

in the Shop page it works very well.

The problem is Home, where the code doesn't work.
Probably because the products are treated differently:

Products on home page

As you can see, Featured and Best sale the products are elements of the house.
I also used the inspector to retrieve the CSS class for these, but they are the same as in the added CSS (like ul.products).

I'm sure I'm missing something.
Could you please suggest a way to fix this problem?
Thank you!

WooCommerce Custom Price Plugin

The WooCommerce custom price plugin allows you to suggest a price and allow customers to decide what to pay for the product. It allows customers to name their prices. The WooCommerce custom pricing plugin allows you to set the minimum and maximum amount to confirm that you will make a profit. You can also create donation products and allow supporters to decide how much they can donate. You can also hide the suggestion and the minimum price of the products. The cost of this extension is only $ 49 with a money back guarantee.

woocommerce – SQL bulk delete request for pending subscription

I have in a woocommerce store 69,000 subscriptions "pending cancellation".

Is there anyway a massive removal of these by SQL?

Here are the URL parameters to display them:

post_status = pending & post_type = wc_user_membership

I tried to display 999 messages per page and delete them, but I get an NGINX 414 error.

thank you in advance for your precious help.

Make the custom field searchable in woocommerce

I have a product field which is by default in woocommerce and I have added another custom field (ACF) which is stock_number on my product / shop page I can search for products by title only I want to include the data from the custom field stock_number in the search so for example so if someone searches for something that is in a custom field, the result should appear the example below will explain it a little more.

Title   Stock_number
 A          B
 C          D

currently what woocommerce is doing is that if i search for a or c it will display the result but if i search for b or d it will not display the result so i want the stock_number field to be viewable

WooCommerce product bundle plugin

The WooCommerce product bundle plugin allows you to sell bundled products. You can add simple, variable and digital products in bundles. The WooCommerce product bundles plugin is the best plugin to offer product offers to your customers. You can also define an optional or mandatory product for your customers. This plugin also allows you to define the quantity of each product that you want to sell in bundles. The cost of this plugin is only $ 29 with a 100% money back guarantee.

WooCommerce Countdown Plugin

The WooCommerce countdown plugin allows you to display a countdown on the home page or product pages. You can easily customize the timer. The WooCommerce countdown plugin allows for different types of timer styles so you can choose the one that suits your website. It allows you to set the position of the countdown below the product image or below the product price. You can also customize colors and text. The cost of this extension is only $ 49 with a money back guarantee.

woocommerce – Change the layout of [products] small code

I would like to display additional products on my simple product pages. I use the shortcode as such in the short description of the simple products.

[products ids="2113"]

The problem is the layout of the resulting loop. Is there a way to customize the layout to just provide the Name – Price – "Add to Cart" button on one line. Almost as a variation option. Currently, I don't think it's possible with only CSS.

Thank you

WooCommerce store as a client plugin

The WooCommerce store as a customer plugin allows you to use your online store as a customer to create an order on behalf of your customers who are unable to shop. The WooCommerce store as a customer plugin allows you to access your front end store as one of your customers. It allows you to collect details via smartphones or emails and create an order on their behalf. When using your site as a client, a toolbar appears, with one click to return to the administrator. It only costs $ 49.