woocommerce – How to bulk download a csv file containing data from custom text fields?

I create an online store with WooCommerce. I have 2,000 products that require up to 5 custom text fields for customers to customize before adding them to the shopping cart.

All products are already on the site. I have a CSV file with the headers below to add custom text fields.

How to bulk download custom text fields?


I can use WP All Import to add custom text fields to each product.

Thank you so much.

How can I add a prefix to the Woocommerce user ID?

Is it possible to add some sort of prefix, so that Woocommerce users get the ID when saving, like 00001,

permalinks – How to remove the sub-category of Woocommerce product URL

In the permalinks settings, the tab 'Shop Base with Category'. / shop /% product_cat% / permalink setting places all hierarchical categories in the URL, for example:

http: // mystore.com/shop/Parent category/ child-category /product

I want to remove anything between the parent category and the product so that my URLs look like this:

http: // mystore.com/shop/product-category / product

I'm pretty sure that the URL configuration like this is not a problem because I can manually type the shortened URL in an address bar and it's in the same place. than the longest.

Thank you.

woocommerce – Get an attribute in the product page

I have layout:

How can I display woocommerce attribute lines in this structure?

[GET][NULLED] – Advanced WooCommerce Reports v5.1


[GET][NULLED] – Advanced WooCommerce Reports v5.1

[GET][NULLED] – Advanced WooCommerce Reports v5.1


[GET][NULLED] – Advanced WooCommerce Reports v5.1

Woocommerce – Replace the default template location under the theme directory

According to the official woocommerce documentation (here), the appropriate and safe way to replace the default woocommerce templates via the theme is to create a subfolder in the theme directory with the & # 39; default & # 39; first name / woocommerce Copy the targeted templates and make some changes.

Example: to replace the archive-product.php model,

wp-content / plugins / woocommerce / templates / archive-product.php 


wp-content / themes //woocommerce/archive-product.php

So there is a possible way to replace the default woocommerce templates folder: / woocommerce under the theme directory and move it to another folder, let's say // plugins / woocommerce ?

In fact, many plugins (woocommerce, bbpress, among others) suggest creating a subfolder under the theme directory with the name of the plugin (/ woocommerce, / bbpress) to contain the replaced templates and to bring an organization into my themes folder, it is useful to create a subfolder / plugins under my theme directory where I can hold my own models so archive-product.php would be located under


and not


as expected.

I have looked at these basic functions: wc_get_template_part, wc_get_template, wc_get_template_html and wc_locate_template under /includes/wc-core-functions.php but I did not find how to replace the default location (apply filters ..)

I appreciate your kind help.

woocommerce – How to activate a landing page for woo

I have created (with SiteOrigin) and tested a new landing page for one of our product categories.
The test showed that this new page works better than the default woo category page.

Since this page is created with a page builder and not programmed, the question:
How can I enable this default page for woo?

the quick and dirty solution would be a hard redirect to the old URL … but there must be a cleaner solution, right?

Thank you!

I want to remove the tab on the woocommerce product edition page

I use the flatsome theme and it uses UX Builder, but I want to remove UX Builder from the woocommerce product editor page. [refer screenshot] for the different user role. Someone will help me, I am a beginner in the functions functions.php of WordPress.

enter the description of the image here

How to get rid of the mobile scan function for WooCommerce unique product pages?

On mobile, is there a way to remove the function that allows you to slide your finger to scroll through the product images? I just want users to be able to touch the thumbnails and show the main image.