quotes – The reference numbering system in my version of Word 10 is not correct

First, when I insert citations into the text using the numeric style choice, the results I get are wrong in two ways, the numbering system adds each citation number separately, for example (1 ; 2; 3; 4) or (1) (2) (3) (4) and not (1-4) as usual correctly done. Second, I only have two style choices for an ISO690 and IEEE numbered reference list, but in the latter, the names of the authors are messed up and in the first, the title precedes the names of the authors. I tried to change the type of ad, that is, from a newspaper article to a book, etc., but it doesn't work. How can I solve these two problems?

database design – Reserved word as table or column name

Designed as a generic question, but adding an example to make it easier.

Have a user interface where a section gives the possibility to display and order the data of several tables of a MySQL database in an HTML table.

... + 67 more

Position, visibility, alias, etc. are defined via a simple user interface by drag and drop and stored in a parameter structure, not in a bag of properties, but for reasons of simplicity, let's say:

| id  |  table  |  field  |  show  |  position | ...
|  1  |  data1  |  field1 |     0  |         3 | ...
|  2  |  data1  |  field2 |     1  |         2 | ...
|  3  |  data1  |  field3 |     1  |         1 | ...

Here both table and show are reserved words.

As a database noob, the question quickly comes to the surface: should I ignore the warnings and continue with the defined column names, or use other names?

For example, use something like data_table and display instead of?

A clear con is that one to have to use backticks, but from what I've read, you should always use them anyway … are there any other big drawbacks, etc. or great benefits, by the way? Are there DB agnostic issues to consider?

wordpress – Custom query with several categories for the Visual Composer publication grid in Word Press

I am using WordPress for my website.
For my messages, I have:
– the category = "smiles"
– custom taxonomy = "country"

The custom taxonomy "country" has the values ​​"siria", "turchia", "kenya".

I am using the Post Grid module of Visual Composer. It allows you to create a personalized query in "one line" format such as posts_per_page = 3 & post_type = post & post_status = publish & orderby = date & order = DESC


What is the query on a line to display messages that have both a category name = "smiles" AND a category name = "siria"?

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dnd 5th – If the Power Word Kill spell is cast on a polymorphic creature, what happens?

PWK declares that

If the creature you choose has 100 or less life, he dies.

And Polymorph declares that

The transformation lasts for the duration, or until the target drops to 0 points of life or dies.

Since, from SRD,

A dead creature cannot regain health until magic such as the revivifying spell has brought it back to life.

Then the creature returns to its original form, but remains dead and unable to gain life.

It may sound like a broken combo, but it will spend your precious 9th level slot and take a few turns while you burn the target's legendary resistors in order to function (in case the target fails the very common WIS save throw) . From experience, decent martial fighters will get a creature in the 100hp range almost as fast as a group of spellcasters burning the target's resistances, and will do it more efficiently.

dnd 5th – Does Power Word Kill kill druids in the wild?

In my opinion, according to the written rules, the Druid would not die. This is supported by the actual text. Unlike the first current answer to this question, there is nothing in the text to support the idea that Power Word: Kill "bypasses" the wild form. There is no separation or distinction between the Druid and the Wild Form. You cannot target one without affecting the other.

  1. The druid in wild form gains the effects of what is written in the text of the ability (ditto for the polymorphic spell). This includes the effect that the druid (or the person under the effects of the polymorphic spell) would return to their natural form with the same number of hit points they had BEFORE being under the effects of Wild Shape or Polymorph. The trigger for this effect is whether they should be reduced to 0 ch or die.

  2. Since Power Word Kill specifies that they would cause someone to die, this would trigger the effect of Wild Shape or Polymorph and bring the druid (or the person affected by Polymorph) back to its original state. original form with a number of horses he had before being wild or polymorphic form.

I understand that Jeremy Crawford tweeted about it, but the actual text of the book does not support this statement. It may have been the rules as expected, but these are not the rules as they are written.

In order to comply with what Jeremy wrote, the clause in Wild Shape and Polymorph which includes death as a trigger must be deleted. This is the only way I can see who would support this interpretation.

I'm just going to repost Jeremy Crawford's answer on Twitter below:

* Bobby the barbarian: If a druid forms a wolf and is then targeted with the word to be able to kill, does the druid become dead or alive again?

Jeremy Crawford: If you have 100 horsepower or less, killing the word power will kill you. Note that it does not say that you fall to 0 ch.

Airatome118: So what is PHB pg. 66 "You come back automatically if ….. drops to 0hp, or die . "tell us? The form dies, the druid returns, yes?

Jeremy Crawford: the form of the beast ends if the druid dies; things like power word kill can stop you without reducing hit points. "*

The problem with this exchange is that Jeremy does not seem to indicate that he remembered / realized that Wild Shape and Polymorph trigger when the druid dies as well as if they would reach 0 ch. It only mentions the 0hp trigger.

Although I appreciate Jeremy's response, I would not at all agree that this is a correct decision as the text in the book does not support not this statement and I have reason to think that he simply forgot or didn't pay attention to the fact that Wild Shape and Polymorph have a second trigger, not just to reach 0hp.

So, again, the only way to support the idea that the Druid would die as a result of Power Word Death or would be if the clause where you automatically return if you die is removed. Because it's literally the only kind of thing that the power clause MAY affect. Not many things out there kill you outright. Wild Shape and Polymorph respond specifically to this.

user interface – How to approach the user interface for this single page word press application?

I am currently developing a single page application that I intend to eventually put into wordpress. I have a picture of what I am trying to achieve, and I want to achieve it in the most efficient and modern way that I suppose.

What makes me ask for help is that it is not as simple and dry as a standard web format. I have floating boxes on my page which all represent an object that my backend will fill. I want to organize my page in three sections:

Section 1: 4-6 free floating symmetric boxes in this section of the page

Section 2: 12 to 20 free floating boxes in this part of the page

Section 3: 1 large section that switches between sections, each displaying elements like the previous sections of the page but with different amounts of encapsulated elements.

They are expected to also appear to be suitable for mobile devices.

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database – automate document upload, switch from Word to Excel or similar

People, I hope you understand that this is a special situation. This is a question that doesn't follow the rules, but right now the world is a mess and I really need someone to be able to help me. Fill me with negatives if you want, but don't close the question.

I work at the Ministry of Security of the Province of Buenos Aires and we handle any complaints regarding COVID-19 by hand. The problem is that this virus is growing exponentially, which is why our work is also growing, and we are behind with the statistics, partly because of this, the known number on cases is less than this that it really is. Without further ado, I will show you what I have:

We received a .doc file (ask in the chat before asking the question here, and they asked me for the version of Word. In fact, we are working with different versions, I have the latest version at home because I'm a student and MS always gives it and updates it), but at work I have 2010, I think the version can be indifferent since I want to work with text, I could even copy it and take it in a notepad for example)

This .doc file contains about 100 texts which have more or less this form

Illicit Investigation – Illicit Point (COVID-19 Coronavirus) – Senior Female
03/19 – PU.81027 – Student 07:06hs – CP Campana; 05: 00hs. he
received a call to XXXX (Dda. XXXX 1000), realizing that his neighbor
XXX, eve of return Brasil, not respecting
isolation protocol. Staff continued to provide
corresponding telephone numbers for these cases, informing
Personal health.

Each of these texts must be transmitted to a table in a database, which includes about 20 fields. I would at least be able to get the 3 data that I put in bold, which is, the urgent part number, which is always after PU., the hour, which is always the one after the word alta, and in case there is a country or continent name, extract it (only the first appearance, as it could mean that the person came from Brazil and was previously in Germany)

If you don't know how to do it but you know the tools that can do it, it would also be of great help

The point is, we run them by hand, and this virus grows by leaps and bounds with it, and we can't load it.

The idea is that each new text (could be identified by the appearance of the string PU.) create a new row (it can be in an Excel or Access table, whatever) and put these 3 fields.

I hope you understand an exceptional question at an exceptional time. Be careful, don't leave your homes. This is not a joke.

Can I attach a Word document to a Google form so that respondents can DOWNLOAD it (not download it on a Google form)

I'm in the process of creating a Google form for respondents to use as a course registration method. I have a document, in written form, that I would like to attach to the Google form with the intention that respondents download this form, have it signed by their administrator, then download it and attach it to the form when completed . I understand the process for respondents to attach a form. However, I don't know how to attach a document that users can download. Is it possible? Is there a simpler way that I haven't thought of? (Maybe embed a link to a shared google folder where they can download the form?) Thank you very much!

gmail – Automatic reply to emails containing a specific word in the subject or body

I don't know where else to ask so I apologize in advance.

He looks like an idiot with the same initial initial as me who used my email address to subscribe to a bunch of car and house sales mailing lists in Milwaukee (I'm not even in the States -United)

I want to be able to reply to any e-mail containing the name of this person with a message of the type

"This is an automated response. I am not (silly with the same initial as
me). This person gave you my address in error. Please remove
me from your mailing list "

I tried to do this using gmail templates, but in gmail filters, the 'send template' option does not offer an option to choose who to send it to to send. There is no option to "reply with a model".

I know I can just include a deletion filter (and I did), or click on "unsubscribe", but in my years of experience with spam it is practically useless to click on the "unsubscribe" link in the emails, and I would like to inform the people who received my email address that they gave it in error so that they stop waste their time.

I tested the rule by sending me emails containing the name, the delete rule seems to be working but I am not receiving automatic replies.

Is there another way to automatically reply to emails with a specific word in gmail?