default settings – Changing the Microsoft Word past option for Excel tables?

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How to do seo for single word?

I want to rank a single word like curtains on the website
instead of speed and design what else i have to do?

dnd 3.5e – Can the continuous effect of Power Word Pain be negated?

As this fine answer explains, a dispel magic effect may end a power word pain effect, but the earliest such an effect’s available is typically the 2nd-level Sor/Wiz spell dispelling touch (abjur) (Player’s Handbook II 110). This makes a potion of dispelling touch (300 gp; 0.1 lbs.) or an arcane scroll of dispelling touch (150 gp; 0 lbs.) (both created using a 2nd-level spell at caster level 3) a reasonable purchase for anyone in a party that—so far—has only been watching the spell power word pain be used against foes.

Any effect that renders a creature immune to mind-affecting effects likewise renders a creature immune to the effects of power word pain as all spells of the school of enchantment are mind-affecting. However, immunity to such effects is typically a high-level effect (e.g. the 8th-level spell mind blank (abjur) (Player’s Handbook 253), the face slot magic item third eye conceal (Magic Item Compendium 141) (120,000 gp; 1 lb.)).

A DM that’s struggling to challenge a group that’s decided to run away after opening every encounter with a power word pain spell—letting the spell do the killing for them—might find the game more interesting if he confronts such PCs with more creatures of the types construct, ooze, plant, undead, vermin, and so forth as such creatures are, by default, immune to mind-affecting effects.

Note that even the handful of things that should prevent the effects of a power word pain spell often, in fact, don’t. For instance,—and I’m not making this up—the nipple clamp of exquisite pain (Book of Vile Darkness 118) (8,000 gp; 0 lbs., and let’s thank heavens for that) that makes “(t)he wearer… immune to debilitating pain effects” also says that the wearer “is not immune to actual damage described as pain,” which should likely include the damage dealt by a power word pain spell’s effect. Similarly, the 2nd-level Clr spell ease pain (conj (Book of Exalted Deeds 97) says, “If the target creature is under some effect that causes continuing damage, the pain is eased only for a moment,” and so the power word pain spell’s effect would be briefly abated… then start up again! It’s almost like the power word pain spell was written to bypass such effects deliberately.

In short, the spell power word pain kills creatures… and PCs. If the PCs are using it in every fight, then enemy wizards should be just as willing to use it in return… as should clerics that pick the domain Magic and anyone with sufficient ranks in the skill Use Magic Device, an arcane scroll of power word pain costing a mere 25 gp. The spell’s big limiter at low levels is its range, so wizards—or those mistaken for wizards—should remain the obvious target in any group of foes if the spell is common in the campaign. And any foe affected by a power word pain spell should behave like a PC who knows that he’s going to die anyway: by extravagantly expending all of his resources to kill the dude who has already killed him, especially since his death will be—in terms of combat rounds—slow and, of course, painful.

Also, although the spell power word pain lacks the descriptor evil, the spell is, by any measure, cruel, and this DM has many folks treat with contempt and hatred those dishonorable casters that employ the spell against intelligent creatures. Your campaign, of course, may vary.

Manually Edited Word Files Created From HTML Documents Stored in Doc Libs Have Black Image Placeholders

I have an app in SharePoint that builds HTML markup containing an image (logo) inserted in the markup using base64-encoded and then creates a Word (doc, not docx) file in a SP document library

You can open up the file from the standard view of the doc lib and the Word file text and image are there.

Now open the Word file from the doc lib, do some manual editing of the file, save and close.

Re-open the Word file from the doc lib, and the image of the logo has an image placeholder area and the background is solid black.

Something happened between Word editor and SharePoint during the manual editing that it saved everything else in the Word file but not the image. Playing around with Word doesn’t recover the image. File=>Inspect Document does not report anything. Continued editing actually causes the image part to disappear, with Word reporting that “header.htm” is missing

Why would Word lose data like that?

UX writing – different word instead of "default"

I’m seeking help 🙂.
I look for a different wording for the "default" view…The user is able to customize its view and choose which one he would like to preview by "default" (or maybe the default one will be set as default 🙂. The problem is that during usability testing we’ve discovered that our target audience might have a problem with the wording "default". Does someone have some suggestions on what would be a good ux writing for this 😅 ?

sharepoint enterprise – word document issue

In SharePoint 2016, one of the user is having issue where the user tries to open a word document and it automatically checks-out the document and never opens it.

Other users are not having this issue.

The auto-checkout functionality on the document is disabled and user is not trying to edit the document.

Did anyone encounter this issue?


postgresql – How to find the counts of word occurrences in a column?

I have a column containing text in postgresql. Now I want to find, for a given input word, the counts of occurrences of the word in my text column.

So I have

  date_col   |  text_col
 2021-04-02  | This is a test.
 2021-03-30  | A test is a test.
 2021-03-30  | How to test?
 2021-04-01  | One more test

and I want this result for the word 'test':

 count | num_occurrences
   3   |  1
   1   |  2

meaning 3 times there was excactly one occurrence of "test". Once there were two occurrences of "test" in the same row.

Later, I want to be able to query a given period with the same query.

My initial take was to create a new table with a row for every word like so:

  date_col  |  word 
 2021-04-02 |  This
 2021-04-02 |  is
 2021-04-02 |  a

and do some counting and grouping. But is there a better way?

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cryptography – Why a custom CSP dll isn’t accepted by aplication like Adobe Reader or Word if it has dependencies to another custom dll?

I have developed a custom Cryptographic Service Provider that has two parties:

  • an c++ dll that implements the CryptoSPI functions (CPAquireContext, …);
  • an c# dll that makes get and post http requests, because the signature is performed in cloud by a signature web service.

To use the c# dll from c++ dll i have made a c++/cli wrapper. From a custom c++ console testing program all goes fine but if i want to use it from Adobe Reader it crashes with fallowing error message “Provider dll failed to initialize correctly”. The problem is that my CSP isn’t called (I have checked with log messages).I have tried also implicit linking (from visual studio) and explicit linking but it doesn’t work.

The problem is linkage because if i remove the linkage to c++/cli wrapper, my CSP is called and Adobe Reader rrecognize it.

So, why Adobe Reader crashes if my custom CSP has dependencies to another custom dll?

PHP strpos() as a way to implement an swear word filter

I wrote a short function that should check if user input does contain any bad words that I predefined inside $bad_words array. I don’t even care to replace them – I just want to ban if there are any. The code seems to work as it should – in the example below will detect the quoted string badword and the function does return true.

My question: Is this a good way to use foreach and strpos()? Perhaps there is better way to check if $input contains one of the $bad_words array elements? Or is it just fine as I wrote it?

function checkswearing($input)
    $input = preg_replace('/(^0-9^A-Z^a-z^-^ )/', '', $input);//clean, temporary $input that just contains pure text and numbers
    $bad_words = array('badword', 'reallybadword', 'some other bad words');//bad words array
    foreach($bad_words as $bad_word)
    {//so here I'm using a foreach loop with strpos() to check if $input contains one of the bad words or not
        if (strpos($input, $bad_word) !== false)
            return true;//if there is one - no reason to check further bad words
    return false;//$input is clean!

$input = 'some input text, might contain a "badword" and I'd like to check if it does or not';

if (checkswearing($input))
    echo 'Oh dear, my ears!';
    echo 'You are so polite, so let's proceed with the rest of the code!';