blockchain – fourth word The sixth word:craft (whallet id : 164416d1-2e1b-bda3-ac63144cf522 ) This is also my wallet ID

I forgot 12 words to recover 6, now I only have 6. Give me the other 6, please. The first word:detect -Second letter:lab -The third word:fiscal -The fourth word :victory -The fifth word:shield -The sixth word:craft (whallet id : 164416d1-2e1b-bda3-ac63144cf522 ) This is also my wallet ID. I forgot the password. I have these two documents. Please return the rest to me.

Search for word in previously visited websites

I am currently trying to find the website from which I read a certain word / phrase. I’m sure it’s buried in my browser history somewhere but I am not keen on sifting through the hundreds of websites I browse to find it. Is there a way to google search the websites in my browser history?

How can I search for a specific word in an email thread in Gmail for Android?

I have opened an email thread (aka conversation) in Gmail for Android. I would like to search a string (e.g., word or phrase).

How can I search for a specific word in an email thread in Gmail for Android?

can not access bitcoin in an address that belongs to a discontinued wallet, although i have the 12 word phrase?

I am still a Rookie regarding bitcoins and therefore apologize beforehand if I might use some words wrong.

I started a bitcoin wallet through a provider some years ago and bought some bitcoin. The wallets they provided were in the cloud and the didn’t want to continue with that solution after some time so they discontinued their wallets. At that time I transferred my bitcoin to a new wallet.
This week I transferred the bitcoins back from the new wallet to the old wallet as I still had the old address written down and I thought that I could sell the bitcoin through my old provider (had forgotten about that they discontinued their wallets). I can see the public key or address which contains the bitcoin.
I have the 12 word recovery phrases for both wallets. I tried to recover my wallet with the 12 word phrase but the balance is 0. When I log on to the blockchain app i can see the old address under “imported addresses” but it says “not payable”.

Is there any way to access these bitcoin on the old address or are they burnt?

I tried the steps in I have my 12 word seed from @Abdussamad, even with different import methods but unfortunately it can’t see the balance.

Really appreciate your help.

microsoft word 365 – How to disable MS Office 365 “while you were away”

MS Office recently rolled out “while you were away” popups in the web ui. I do not want them – they cover content and are an annoyance that I need to waste time and mental effort to dismiss. They interrupt my workflow. They don’t contain any content that is of any use or value to me.

Other than using an ad-blocker, how can an individual user to configure Office so that it never shows me these popups?

Does abstraction have a relationship with the abstract key word in java?

No, it does not. Those are two different things.

The abstract in your case is a language keyword, which is also adapted by several other OOP languages, such as PHP or C#. On the other hand, C++ does not know the abstract keyword and instead uses a concept called pure virtual functions. It is a keyword directly related to OOP and polymorphism, making it possible to choose a valid implementation e.g. during runtime.

The other abstraction of hiding implementation details is a general programming concept, revolving around the idea that when you call some code, you shouldn’t rely on its inner workings, but on the provided API (e.g. method signature).

Given an example function to add two numbers:

public class Calculator {

    public int addInts(int left, int right) {
        return left + right;

you are inherently hiding the implementation detail that adding two numbers requires placing the plus (+) symbol between them. Thanks to this, some other code may use your method without such knowledge:

int result = Calculator.addInts(10, 15);

However silly this example is regarding addition, introduction e.g. of a more complicated function, such as sqrt for square root calculation, simplifies callers of your sqrt method which no longer need to focus on the inner working of how a square root is calculated. Also, given a stable definition of your API (in methods analogy the input and output arguments), you could perhaps completely rework the implementation of your sqrt method. Given the calculation would still be correct, the algorithm could suddenly be 10 times faster and the consumers of the sqrt method would automatically benefit from this, without having to change anything (as long as the consumers of the method relied only on its input and output arguments semantics and not on the method’s inner workings).

And of course, abstraction can be applied on entire layers of software. Perhaps you have some method which loads users:

List<User> loadUsers() {
   // ...

which internally calls a database by running a SQL statement. By introducing this method, you added a level of abstraction to shield other layers of your application from interacting with SQL directly and instead put the SQL into this method. Thanks to this you could in the future decide to store the users in a completely different way, and the users of the loadUsers method wouldn’t be bothered by it at all, since they didn’t know anything about a SQL database in the first place.

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system agnostic – What does it mean for a word or phrase to be a “game term”?

These two questions use the phrase “game term”:

Both answers seem to make a distinction between game terms and regular English, but what exactly does it mean for a word or phrase to be a “game term”?

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