semantics – Validation Tribulation – Multiple simultaneous meanings for the word & # 39; Cancel & # 39;

I got mixed up with a lot of different Cancel buttons.

In this scenario, the user launches the "Document Packer" and begins adding items to his new pack. Before saving their new pack, they can change their mind and get rid of their current work by clicking the "Cancel" button. [Step 1 in the diagram below]. The validation seems to confirm their premature exit.

However, what words should I use to cancel / confirm this validation? [Step 2 in the diagram below]

I now have two opposite meanings for the word "cancel".

Rather than "cancel", I reformulated the validation confirmation at "Exit Now", but even that sounds a little complicated.

Help me!

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vim – Search the word unix online and if there is, delete the word at the end of the line

My file contains the following lines

Unix is ​​good
Linux and Unix is ​​different?
Linux is also good, what about the unix?

Here I want an exit
(1st empty line)
Linix and
Linux is also good, so what about

Here, the vi command or any other command will give this output?
Look for a particular word when it is online, then delete it then all the words in that line.

Complexity Theory – Change the distance between all word pairs in less than a quarter

Let be a dictionary of N words. We want to compute an N × N matrix of editing distances between all the word pairs.

Since there are two pairs of words and the pairwise editing distance has a time complexity of O (N²), the upper limit of the time complexity of our problem is O (N⁴).

Is there a higher upper limit than O (N⁴) on the temporal complexity of our problem?

[ Teaching ] Open question: Do you go door to door to get Father Carmichael's word across?

[ Teaching ] Open question: Do you go door to door to get Father Carmichael's word across? .

How to hide the name of the document property field in word 2016

We have the obligation to update a Word document from SharePoint list field data. I can update, but how can I hide blank fields in the Word 2016 document?

Please provide your suggestions.

Thank you in advance.

C # Copy multiple Excel cells in Word in the same column

I'm trying to fill a Word document with Excel data, but I can only fill the first cell of each column. How can I fill multiple columns?
I want to change "missing" into "credits" in one way or another but I really do not know how to do it properly:
app.Selection.Find.Execute ("", missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, tmp [0], 2);
Thank you in advance.

private void Button1_Click (Object sender, EventArgs e)
Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.Application app = new Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.Application ();
Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.Document doc = null;
object filename = "D: \ Exceltowordtemp \ report1.docx";
missing object = Type.Missing;
for (int i = 0; i <2; i ++)
doc = app.Documents.Open (file name, missing, missing);
app.Selection.Find.ClearFormatting ();
app.Selection.Find.Replacement.ClearFormatting ();

chain[] tmp = new string[4];
tmp = readExcel (i);

app.Selection.Find.Execute (""missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, tmp[0], 2);
app.Selection.Find.Execute (""missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, tmp[1], 2);
app.Selection.Find.Execute (""missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, tmp[2], 2);
app.Selection.Find.Execute (""missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, tmp[3], 2);

SaveAsFile object = (object) "D: \ Exceltowordtemp \ results" + tmp[0] + ".doc";
doc.SaveAs2 (SaveAsFile, missing, missing, missing);

I want multiple cells in the same column to produce in a Word document. At the moment, there is only one per column

dnd 5th – If a Cleric of the Order targets a character at 0 HP with Healing Word and uses Voice of Authority, can the character attack in reaction?

The authority voice function of the domain member of the order (GGtR, page 26) says:

If you cast a spell with a level 1 or higher hex and target an ally with the spell, this ally can use his reaction immediately after the spell Make a weapon attack against a creature of your choice that you can see.

If your ally, the target of word of healing, is at 0 HP and makes lifejackets, they are unconscious and probably inclined. The voice of authority goes off after the casting word of healing on them. When you launch word of healing on them, they recover a quantity of PV equal to 1d4 + your spell casting ability modifier, which makes them more oblivious.

As they are no longer unconscious, they can take action and react normally, provided they are not affected by another disorder or effect that prevents them from doing so. So, the ally that you have healed might well use his reaction to make a weapon attack against a creature of your choice that you can see, as long as the creature you choose is within range of the creature of your choice. ally that you have healed. As Miniman notes in a commentary on Derek Stucki's response, the attack would be at a disadvantage because of the risk condition.

Best application, Web application, script or method to exchange two lists of words, one word at a time

For example, if Gulliver's Travels was digitized in the program, the words would be rendered as text and added to a file. Then, when I typed in a new story, the words I used that matched those in the story would be removed from that file. decreasing one by one as they were reused in the new story, but in a new order. Words added to the new story that did not exist in the original will be highlighted so that they can be edited.

Why links to an image take up disk space in Word

I write my thesis and build a thick Word document. I have hundreds of images to include. To try to reduce the disk space required by the .docx file, I inserted all the images using the "Link Files" option when inserting > Image / Image.

I notice today that the size of my document has exceeded 100 MB. I tried to delete a number of images from the document and saved the document and the file size immediately dropped to 36 MB. I checked if I had accidentally inserted these images without using links, but when I used the function "Edit links to files", I confirmed that these links were still intact.

In addition, the growth in size from 36 MB to 100 MB is disproportionate because the deleted images are only 10 MB in size …

So what's going on? I hope everyone can shed light on this.

c # – Hidden Word Generator

I've created a hidden word generator in C #. This is not a playable game and it does not solve the riddles.

Find the complete code base here:

I would like to optimize it so that the puzzles can be as small as possible, with as many overlapping words as possible.

Currently, I just move the words randomly until they match:

        public void Solve () {
foreach (Word w in candidate.words) {
int n = 0;
bool done = false;
while (! done) {
double f = board.Fitness (w);
if (w.errors == 0) {
done = true;
Log.Post (w + "can be placed");
this.score + = f;
this.percentageSolved ++;
board.PlaceWord (w);
board.Reposition (w);
if (n> maxIterations) {
Log.Post (w + "can not be placed");
this.score = 0.0;
done = true;
n ++;
this.percentageSolved / = candidate.words.Count;

What would be an effective and efficient method?

In addition, any improvement in code quality, organization and performance is welcome.