how to add API to a wordpress site….thnks in advance

I have a JavaScript plugin that removes the background of images but i need a form to parse the image from the website to the script…please help. Thanks

php – How to restrict particular page and directory for browser using .htaccess file in wordpress?

Hello I have face issues in WordPress that some directory page and some pages of WordPress code is opening in browser.

Below links are opening in browser

etc etc

And lost of links are which I don’t want to open in browser.

So is there any way that I can direct these links on HomePage Or 404 Page with .htaccess file or any other way.

I have also tried below code and some pages are blocked for browser. but still few links are still open.

Options -Indexes

So, is there any way to restrict particular page and particular directory with .htaccess.

If I have to write a single code for restrict single file or directory it will be fine.

Thanks in Advance.

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Posting to WordPress PBN Sometimes it Works sometimes it Doesn’t ? — GSA SEO Forum

I go into:  project->modify project->import->account data

and import

The thing is, out of the 3 websites that I tried, 1 is working fine, the other 2 also says successful login but doesn’t post to the PBN, any idea why?

php – How to add JS script in specific pages in WordPress?

I’m new to WordPress, have tried to put the chat bubble JS script into specific pages.
Though I’ve found few answers, but still can’t fully understand how it works.

When I tried to put the code below in the theme function.php.The chat bubble doesn’t show up at all.

I wonder there’s some error in the code.

Thanks in advance if someone can help me out with this!

Here’s my website

function wpb_hook_javascript_footer() {
    if(is_page( array('3854','253') ) ) {
        <script type="text/javascript">
    (function () {
        var options = {
            line: "//", // Line QR code URL
            call: "+886225588812", // Call phone number
            call_to_action: "Message us", // Call to action
            button_color: "#FF6550", // Color of button
            position: "right", // Position may be 'right' or 'left'
            order: "line,call", // Order of buttons
        var proto = document.location.protocol, host = "", url = proto + "//static." + host;
        var s = document.createElement('script'); s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.async = true; s.src = url + '/widget-send-button/js/init.js';
        s.onload = function () { WhWidgetSendButton.init(host, proto, options); };
        var x = document.getElementsByTagName('script')(0); x.parentNode.insertBefore(s, x);
add_action('wp_footer', 'wpb_hook_javascript_footer');

php – Does adding a csv file to a wordpress plugin introduce security risks to the site?

I am currently working on an implementation reading data from a csv file from within a WordPress plugin. It was suggested the file be added within the plugin in an assets directory. I have concerns in doing this. In particular, I’m worried about security and whether this makes the site vulnerable to attacks.

That being said, I looked at the assets folder in the frontend on my local environment and was not able to see the csv file.

Does anyone know if adding a csv file directly to a plugin introduce security risks?

Issue: Custom wordpress plugin .scss asscociated file won’t translate, no gulp install within plugins folder

I have a custom built plugin installed from a past developer incorporating a .scss file for styling. Currently the file will not translate, does it require a separate gulp package install for me to run and compile the .scss to .css? Not much is mentioned upon research of this workflow setup.

It is possible NGINX + WordPress + server push?

My team wants to implement this concept of server push. We have nginx 1.20 running on our servers, this servers has multiple wordpress sites (virtual hosts), and everything works fine.
Our doubt here is, it is possible to implement this server push concept with wordpress? Is there a way to implement it without touching code? I mean, only measing with the server configuration, devs team won’t allow us to touch code