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Hi, I am selling the WordPress dooplay theme key with 20 site options to activate.

The key price on their website is $ 100 with this option.

Please make your offers.
The payment method would be PayPal.

I will change the email and account password as you wish

I only have one key to sell.


php – Does WordPress disable system functions?

WP itself does not deactivate these functions. This is a security mechanism for one of your plugins or theme that disables them. It is common to hide malicious code by encoding it, then decoding it and executing it when the site loads.

You can deactivate plugins one by one until the function works to determine which one deactivates it. Logically, any security-related plugin would probably be the one that does it, and for good reason, that is, Wordfence, Sucuri, etc.

WordPress admin categories sorting is incorrect

I create categories like:

-- A1
-- A2
---- A21
---- A22
-- A3
-- B1
-- B2

But in a new message on the left side, the administrator is wrong:

-- A1
---- A21
---- A22
-- B2

Why? How can I fix it?

Sales – Readymade WHMCS / Blesta / WordPress Hosting + Images Knowledge Base | NewProxyLists Readymade WHMCS / Blesta / WordPress Hosting + Images knowledge base -209 KB

Reselling our Sale of our items is not allowed.

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Step by step tutorials for cPanel, Softaculous, DNS, etc.

Step by step 209 Professionally Article written with images.

Item Category:

  • Backup restore
  • cPanel – Control panel
  • Data base
  • DNS – Name server
  • Domain management
  • Email (+ Mozilla Thunderbird client)
  • FTP
  • E-mail and SPAM filters
  • Other
  • Mobile – iPhone / iOS, Android
  • WordPress
  • security
  • Softaculous

Price: $ 51
– Only.
Order and more information with list of items:

– Step-by-step articles with images (screenshot)
– Professional articles
– Easy installation
– Currently available for WHMCS and Blesta only
– We are working on 50 other items
– Articles are reviewed by our team for errors and grammar
– Logo watermark on the images of your company / name.
– Free updates up to 6 months
– We will provide images with the water mark of your domain name or company name.

permissions – WordPress will not allow plugins or WordPress Core updates

It's been about a month since I can no longer update plugins or the wordpress kernel on my website. When I try to update the website, it is disconnected. Jetpack then reactivates the website for me after 5-8 minutes. When it comes back online, I get it in the admin section:

A critical error has occurred on your website. Please check your
site administrator's inbox for instructions.

Unfortunately, I am not actually receiving this email. So no further information.

Despite these problems, I can continue to publish articles and the rest of the website works as expected.

I have read what could be the problem and I think it might have something to do with my hosting settings (DigitalOcean) and directory permissions.

What should I look at to determine if directory permissions are the problem? Or what could be the problem, for the website to behave like that? – Help me, I have a bootstrap like this, I want to switch to wordpress

WordPress is not really bootstrap compatible for most things, including navigation, but it can be done by creating a custom navwalker to generate the correct classes and markup structure.

Since this is something that people have come across quite often, there are predefined solutions to help you go fast. The most popular is wp-bootstrap / wp-bootstrap-navwalker. Just make sure you follow the documentation and examples and you should be able to get the navigation to work fairly easily.

Another good alternative would be to use a ready to start WordPress startup theme. A popular choice for this is the underlay / subband, which includes the navwalker, and several other modifications to accommodate Bootstrap in a WordPress theme as a starting point for theme developers who wish to use Bootstrap.

Convert bootstrap to wordpress

Help me, I need to convert this bootstrap to wordpress but I don't know how. Help me, please.




User profile

the tables

S & # 39; identify

S & # 39; register

plugins – WordPress Custom publication status not public but visible via the link: Publications published privately

I worked on my site to post private messages on my site. I have created a custom publication status for this purpose.

My goal is to exclude messages belonging to this status from search, blog page, WordPress requests, RSS feed, etc. In principle, it should not be mentioned anywhere on the site.

So far it sounds simple, but the problem is that I WANT people to be able to see the message via a direct link.

Basically, I want it not to be mentioned throughout my site, but if someone visits it from a direct link, they can see it.

function custom_post_status(){ 
register_post_status( 'privatised', array( 'label' => _x( 'Privately Published', array('post', 'download')),
'public' => false,
 'exclude_from_search' => true,
'show_in_admin_all_list' => true, 
'show_in_admin_status_list' => true, 
'label_count' => _n_noop( 'Privately Published (%s)', 'Aggregated (%s)' ),
 ) ); 
add_action( 'init', 'custom_post_status' );

Here, if you see in the table, the first option is public, and I set it to false, which basically guarantees that my post is not there on my blog page, or research, or taxonomy page, or RSS FEED etc. Etc. But if I open the same message via its direct URL, it gives a 404, because not found …

Please help me, my message is only visible by the direct link of it.

As a sidenote, is it possible that I can make it public, then exclude it from taxonomy and everything, as I can do with exclude from research …

Sell ​​WordPress sites, paid or free themes?

To sell wordpress sites, should I buy a theme to pass on to the client or can I still use a free theme? What would be the most common and / or the "right" one? Any recommendations for theme packs if any?

plugins – Nextcloud integration with wordpress

We have a contact form on our website and we want to allow the user to download a pdf file.

We would like the downloaded file to be downloaded to our nextcloud system.

Could someone tell me if there is such a plugin or any other way to achieve it?

We found but the developer was not found, so buying it is not really an option.

Thank you all