how to know that a wordpress plugin supports the use of the API?

I would like to ask the wordpress plugins how I can know that the plugin supports an API and can be used to create applications with Rest-api and a platform like React Native to create applications.

the plugin requires users to log in and each user also has training programs and custom plans.

Thank you !

Domain Masking and WordPress – WordPress Stack Exchange Development

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[GET][NULLED] – Swift Performance – WordPress Cache & Performance Booster v2.1.1


(GET) (NULLED) – Swift Performance – Cache and Performance WordPress Cache 2.1.1

Ethics – When cleaning a hacked WordPress site, I had access to the hacker's database. What action should I take?

I just finished cleaning a compromised WordPress site; it was hacked through a vulnerable plugin and several fake sitemaps and redirections configured to pollute Google's results with pharmaceutical ads, etc.

After dealing with this, I noticed that the hacker had also compromised files from an old copy of the site that was still in the public_html directory (or that they had created it). themselves).

By checking the wp-config file here, I found information identifying access to a database containing several thousand tables, all of which were WordPress tables with different prefixes. I've looked at some of the "options" tables to find the address and visited this URL, thus confirming my suspicions that it was copies of the data from the site. other hacked sites.

It is important to note that I have not accessed any personal data, only public URLs of wordpress sites.

I do not know what to do about it. My instinct is to try to get a list of the site owner's emails from this database, then delete all the tables and contact the owners of the site to inform them of the violation. However, I'm not sure if I can be held responsible, because I'm obviously not allowed to get that data either.

I am in the UK, so the GDPR is relevant.

Should I take action?

looking for a new host for one of my sites (wordpress shop woocommerce)

Hi everybody,

I have a reseller account at hostmantis and things are generally great. I'm using whm account only for my own sites of less than 10 sites. Recently, I launched a new wordpress store site (woocommerce) (on the said server) and everything was fine until last week.

I feel like when I'm editing pages on my wordpress store website, it's so slow and I checked Cpanel's statistics for this site and it says that

Your site has been restricted in the past 24 hours.

CPU resources were limited for your site & # 39;

The description Use Limit fault
The use of the processor 0.0% 100% 0
Use I / O 0.0 KB / s 51200.0 KB / s 0
IOPS 0 5024 0
Process of entry 0 30 0
Number of processes 0 100 0
Using physical memory 0,00k 3.00G 0

Now I have almost no more visitors (about 60 visitors / month or so) and no load on the server. I do not use a lot of bandwidth. I do not use a lot of discs. Sometimes late at night when I edit articles, the wordpress backup action seems to be enough to trigger that message and the site will then be in lame mode.

Is it time for me to switch to another type of web host? as a VPS? dedicated weaning (prolonged overwork for the moment)? or just another shared server with an upper limit on the physical memory threshold on the account?

Thank you

In search of WordPress niche sites


I am looking for niche WordPress sites for sponsored messages.

If you can get 5 WordPress related sites with good stats, let me know the links and prices.

Thank you.

Add custom SVG icons to the Social Icon menu in Twenty Seventeen Child WordPress Theme

I have problems adding custom SVG icons to the social icons menu in WordPress Twentyseventeen Child Theme.The menu works fine with all the prepackaged SVGs included in the theme, but I can not add custom SVG to the child theme.

Here's what I've done so far to add the "Etsy" SVG in the social icons menu:

  • Copy the /assets/img/svg-icons.svg drop in the theme of the child
  • Stuck the way to the Etsy SVG in the svg-icons.svg file with all other icons

Screen capture adding SVG Etsy path to svg-icons.svg file in TwentySeventeen WordPress child theme

  • Copy the /inc/icon-functions.php drop in the theme of the child
  • Add & # 39; & # 39; to the range of social media sites

Adding to all registered social media sites with the function twentyseventeen_social_links_icons ()

  • Then I called "the /inc/icon-functions.php at the bottom of the child's theme functions.php

add icon-functions.php to file functions.php

It did not work. WordPress Core recommended to use the get_template_part function in the new WordPress functions and hook behaviors for WordPress4.7, but I've also tried:

  • get_theme_file_uri()

  • get_template_directory()

  • get_template_directory_uri()

  • get_stylesheet_directory()

  • get_stylesheet_directory_uri()

All in nothing.

I've also tried to use require instead of understand but this threw a 505 error and said "Site Down For Maintenance"

All caches erased. An idea of ​​what I'm doing wrong?

These articles refer to very similar problems, but none of them solves mine in particular:

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. (tagsToTranslate) wordpres (t) blog site (t) design (t)

[GET][NULLED] – Rocket Genius Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin v2.4.11.6


(GET) (NULLED) – Rocket Genius Gravity Forms a WordPress Plugin v2.4.11.6

WordPress Mobile Navigation Bar Menu – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

please, can anyone help on this matter?
How can I fix the navigation bar of the mobile menu, header, only on mobile is messed up.
If you click on the menu icon, on the left at the top, it's completely missed.

Can you check and help please:
(You can check how to minimize your slot machine on PC and the mobile menu will appear, click on it and see the messed up mess).

What can I do?

Thank you