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When a user selects a different color on the product page, I want to directly open that specific product in the selected color instead of just changing the selected image. This plugin does exactly the same thing, choosing a color changes the product's URL. So, if I have a product A in black and red colors and the user selects a red color on the product page, I want to open the product link. I just need a few tips, the function to which I should refer or usable hooks. I had used to edit some free plugins, but they contain a lot of code which I do not even need. I know that it only takes a few lines to code this, so I want to avoid using a plugin.

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Develop a WordPress site using an existing domain name

Of course, this can be easily done by updating the host file of your system.

Basically, your domain would continue to use the name servers of Company A.

You would like to create an hosting account with Company B using the same domain name. They would usually provide you with the shared IP address to which your account is assigned, but otherwise, contact their support to ask what is the shared IP address you have assigned.

Once you have received the shared IP address (, you can update the host file of your system (the procedure will vary depending on your computer's operating system) to direct your domain to that shared IP address ( Once this is done, loading the domain through your computer would direct you to Company B's server. Anyone else visiting your website would continue to upload Company A's server data. When you are satisfied with your new site Web, you can then update your domain to use Company B's name servers.

However, take note of any other data that may need to be transferred. For example, email data, custom DNS entries, and so on. These must be copied separately. Your new hosting provider (ie company B) should be able to help you.

Blogger vs wordpress

I was a longtime fan of Blogger, and although I still love Blogger, I'd rather go with WordPress.

Pro – Blogger is best for quick setup of Adsense, polls, photos, etc.
Con – It seems effect cheese / dime-a-dozen

Pro – If you know basic HTML coding, you can turn a free blog into a top-notch site.
Con – If you are new to blogging, you will not be able to get the most out of it right now (if you can study / search / practice with the WP blog consistently for a few weeks, then you can go)

Again, Blogger is great if you just want to be really lazy for Blogger / adsense, but also for beginners …. but in reality, WP has a lot more to edit and will give you a much better blog than blogger, and if you All new at WP, its use / customization does not take much time and energy.

Premium WordPress Themes Trail Website

Why are you selling this site?
I do not have time to manage because I was busy with a new project

How is it monetized?
I did not focus on monetization, I just used the shorter link for the download link. You can use contextual ads or other monetization techniques to earn more.

Is this site provided with social media accounts?
Yes a facebook page

How long does this site take to run?
You can spend an hour a day, it is very simple and easy to rank the website

What are the challenges of managing this site?
You must spend a minimum amount of time creating content for the site

The main source of traffic is organic traffic

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Bad Facebook image quality 600×315 from the WordPress blog posting link

Not sure this is the best place to ask this question.
I have a WordPress blog. Some messages only contain a photo with a few words.
Images are downloaded at a width of 1280 pixels (landscapes only).
They are resized to fit the blog publishing frame to a width of 625 pixels (the ImageMagick plugin is used).
When I share the publication link on Facebook, the image loses a noticeable quality.
Facebook is reframing the image at 600pix x 315pix.
I created this culture by myself, uploaded to my WP multimedia gallery and I use it as a selected image in WP.
According to "Selected image: If a selected image has been uploaded for an article / page, we will recommend to Facebook that this image be used first."
Nothing has changed. It seems that Facebook does not take into account Image featured when the blog has an image.
I've also tried the blog article only with text and the 600×315 as the selected image.
It seems very compressed, not as fuzzy as when FB reduces and reframes the original image.
Is it possible to get a better picture output on Facebook when publishing a WP URL?

Links to the WordPress site


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