multi factor – If I receive Google verification codes that do not work, is my phone compromised?

I know that something similar has happened to other people before (see for instance here or here), but the situation and the question are slightly different.
I wanted to log in to my Gmail account from my laptop, and usually I receive a verification code to my phone number, sent by “Google”. This time it was sent from some random phone number, and it did not work. I tried a few more times to get a code. Every time it was sent from a different international phone number and had some oddities (wrong spacing or spelling), but the timing was almost seamless (it arrived perhaps 2-3 seconds after I had requested it, while usually it takes roughly 1 second). I did not try to use them anymore, as I was growing suspicious. I cleared the cookies and browsing history of my iPhone, restarted it, retried again to get a code, and still got a similar message from some random number. I tried again and then I got a usual message from Google, used the code, it worked, and then I changed my Gmail password (just to be safe). But now I am wary of using my phone for the 2-step verification process: it looks like someone is getting the message from Google instead of myself, and then is sending me a fake code (though I would not know why). I want to stress that I do not get these messages at random times (as other people on the internet have mentioned), but rather shortly after having actually requested a code. Does this mean that my phone has been compromised (though I would not know how…), and if so, what can I do about it?


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Getting a work visa at the border of Canada over the Weekend

I have a job in Canada and based on how the paperwork is going, I will need to get a work visa as I cross the border (US citizen taking a temporary position in Canada, so this is okay under current Covid restrictions).

With the way my schedule is working out, it looks like I will only be able to cross over on a Saturday. Can I still apply for a work visa at the border on a Saturday, or do I need to figure out a way to arrange for me to get there on a weekday?

dnd 5e – Does the whirlwind spell work during a battle at sea?

While I think that the surface of the sea ought to work as ‘ground’ in naval battles, where using whirlwind could clear the decks of the opposing ship’s crew and render it disabled, the spell says this:

A whirlwind howls down to a point that you can see on the ground
within range. The whirlwind is a 10-foot-radius, 30-foot-high cylinder
centered on that point. Until the spell ends, you can use your action
to move the whirlwind up to 30 feet in any direction along the
The whirlwind sucks up any Medium or smaller objects that
aren’t secured to anything and that aren’t worn or carried by anyone.
{snip damage and restrained bit}

It would also be helpful clarifying if the deck of the opposing ship constitutes “the ground” for this spell. I think that it should, but does it?

Data Entry Work

Hi everyone, I have around 20 people in my payroll who can do data entry work.
The works are as below but not limited to :

  • Web 2.0 Creation with anchor keywords and links
  • Forum Posting with rules, putting links in signature and profile
  • Blog commenting with relevant replies and link inside
  • Any kind of Data Scraping…

Data Entry Work

lightning network – How do zero-conf channels work?

What zero-conf channels are seems pretty straighforward (correct me if I’m wrong) — channels that are immediately usable without needed confirmation on the blockchain. These are very useful since Alice can get Bob set up on Lightning without needed to wait for confirmation.

But how do they work? Is it completely trustless?

networking – Why ping does not work on script started by udev

I try to run a script when I connect a device but I have a network issue.
Let’s assume I just need to ping google when a device is connected.

First I created a udev rule in the file /lib/udev/rules.d/99-mydevice_connect.rules:


Then I created the simple script /tmp/

ping -c 1 > /tmp/log 2>&1

So basically, when I connect the device, my computer should ping google and write the result in /tmp/log.

Before connected my device, I check if ping -c 1 works well and it does.

Then, I connect my device. The file /tmp/log is well created (so the script is well executed). But the ping returns an error:

ping: Temporary failure in name resolution

Do you know why? something like a private network namespace for scripts executed by udev?

dnd 5e – How does doubling tool proficiencies work?

Recently I have reviewed the Aereni Wood Elf stat and found an entry modifying their elven training:

Aereni Training. Choose one skill or tool proficiency. Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses
this chosen proficiency.

However, I am confused about what doubling my tool proficiency bonus would entail… Would doubling my skills in cook utensils mean that people who eat my food gain +2 to every hit dice regained? Or are a Herbalist’s potions twice as effective?

interplanetary – Will Nakamoto consensus work if a nontrivial portion of miners/nodes are on the moon?

The Nakomoto consensus should work regardless of where the miners are located, as long as they are using the same network. The internet on earth, as it currently stands, is fully connected. So miners in China, Germany, and the United States are all contributing to the network where information is travelling across the internet.

It could be conceivable that different planets (or the moon) would have their own internet at some point, disconnected from that of earth’s, but that seems less likely than being connected via satellite transmission. As long as the networks of the moon and Mars are connected to the internet on earth, everything should still work normally.

Edit: Thanks to @PeterWuille in the comments for correcting this information. Here’s what was said:

“Nakamoto consensus requires that the block propagation time between miners is negligible compared to the inter-block time. If it isn’t, miners which are latency-wise “close” to each other will find more blocks that proportional to their hashrate share (simply because further out miners have a delay before being able to start working on a block), resulting in a (geographical) centralization pressure. When the latency exceeds the inter-block time (like it would be between Earth and Mars) the networks will split and fail to converge even.”

dnd 5e – How do my spells work when multi-classing Ranger and Druid?

I’ve been reading through posts online and the multi-classing rules over the last couple of hours. And good lord, either I’m an idiot (highly likely) or this stuff is tough. Anyway:

In a campaign I’m playing with some friends, I am multi-classing UA Ranger and PHB Druid. I’m having a few problems with this since there are conflicting sources, I’m also having a hard time understanding that Druids prepare spells yet Rangers in 5e do not. More on that later.

Both of these classes can only learn Druid spells, and Rangers only gain spell slots at level 2. I’m having a hard time figuring out how all these rules fit together with these two specific classes.

For this example, a level 7 Ranger and a level 6 Druid with a Wisdom modifier of +2. Their base spell slots would be:

& 1st & 2nd & 3rd \
Ranger & 4 & 3 & – \
Druid & 4 & 3 & 3

Which normally would total:

& 1st & 2nd & 3rd \
Sum & 8 & 6 & 3 \

… but calculating where the character would be on the multi class table would be: (Druid level) + ((Ranger level)/2) which would be 9.5 rounded down to 9. So on the multi-class table the character would have:

& 1st & 2nd & 3rd & 4th & 5th\
Multiclass & 4 & 3 & 3 & 3 & 1 \

However neither of my classes at their level can learn 4th or 5th level spells.

Am I correct in saying that I can’t learn 4th and 5th level spells but I could cast a spell such as Cure Wounds in that 5th level slot?

The other problem I run into is that Druids prepare spells (their Druid level + wisdom modifier), which in the case of level 6 could prepare 8. Yet my Ranger does not have to prepare spells how: does that work? Since BOTH classes can only learn Druid spells anyway, can I just stick to “you don’t need to prepare Ranger spells”.

I’m sorry this post is so long but I feel like either I’m doing something HORRIBLY wrong or I’ve just chosen the two most hardest to integrate classes.