browser – Does sync work on Firefox Lite for Android

As a privacy conscious user I am trying to decouple as much as possible from our internet overlords Google, Facebook, Twitter et al. To that end I have decided to shift from using Google Chrome to Firefox as my primary web browser both on my computer as well as my Android mobile device.

The main Firefox app for Android is quite big, and there is a smaller substitute for called Firefox lite. My preference is to use Firefox lite but it is essential for me to be able to sync my bookmarks and saved logins across my computer and mobile device. While the main Firefox app allows me to sync, I haven’t been able to figure out how to sync over the Firefox lite app. Has the sync feature been excluded for this “lite” version of Firefox?

mobile data – My Galaxy J7 phone is not connecting to the Internet without WiFi anymore, anything I can test / verify to make it work?

What would be the reasons for which my Android would not connect to the Internet using the Mobile Data mode? (that open is ON)

I don’t go out much these days since there is Covid, but I’d like to have Internet once in a while and somehow the Mobile Data doesn’t seem to connect, yet I can do phone calls just fine. It’s it using the same connection for data?

I do have a data plan in good standing and it definitely worked before (last time I can say I tried was some time last summer, so about 6 months ago).

Any idea what I could try next?

php – Mails don’t send on live server but on localhost they work using PHPMailer

I am having a really weird issue which I can’t manage to fix.

The thing is, we had a website hosted in a VPS using Apache, everything was working well. We decided to change the VPS, and I re-installed everything and configured everything exactly like I did on first one.

My problem now is that I have a user registration form that send an activation link, but for some reason it stopped to work on live server.

I am using:

Here is my code:

        //Require PHPMailer class     
        require APP . 'libs/PHPMailer/Exception.php';      
        require APP . 'libs/PHPMailer/PHPMailer.php';
        require APP . 'libs/PHPMailer/SMTP.php';
        $mail = new PHPMailerPHPMailerPHPMailer();
        $mail->Host = '';
        $mail->SMTPAuth = true;
        $mail->Username = 'user'; // Sendinblue Username
        $mail->Password = 'pass'; // Sendinblue Password
        $mail->SMTPSecure = 'tls';
        $mail->Port = 587;

        $mail->setFrom('', 'Example');

        $mail->Subject = 'Example | Account Verification';
        $mailContent = '            
        Thanks for Joining Example! Please activate your account by clicking on the link below.<br/>

        <a href="'.$email.'&hash='.$hash.'">CLICK HERE</a><br/>
        If you did not sign up for an account please disregard this email.

        $mail->Body = $mailContent;

Do I need to open the port 587 on my VPS? I don’t remember doing this before in the old VPS.

design – What does Stackoverflow comment system work

When someone comments on my question/answer/comment I will see the notification from the inbox, and it also shows under my response tab. Later when the comment is edited, the comment shown under the response tab changes; when the comment is deleted, the comment disappears from response tab as well. And the inbox message updates correspondingly during the process.

I think the system sends the notification through the queue service, and at the same time push the comment to my response tab. After that my account tries to pull the system periodically to update any changes (edit/delete). Is my understanding correct? Will it be a bottleneck for the system if so many users account pulls at the same time?

pathfinder 2e – How does Channel Smite work?

At level 4, Berric the cleric takes Channel Smite. He then attacks someone, expending a Harm spell. From the text:

Make a melee Strike and add the spell’s damage to the Strike’s damage.

Does this mean that the basic Fortitude save mentioned in the text for Harm simply isn’t used? If Berric used a first level spell slot, which of the two possibilities below is the case when he strikes and hits?

  1. He strikes, dealing his normal weapon damage and then simply adding another 1d8.
  2. He strikes, dealing his normal weapon damage. The enemy takes 1d8 damage, but rolls a basic Fortitude save: it takes none of that 1d8 damage on a critical success, half damage on a success, full damage on a failure and double damage on a critical failure.

I think it’s the first, because the text for Channel Smite doesn’t mention any saving throw, but I’d just like to confirm…

paperwork – How is the Hawaii agricultural declaration form supposed to work?

Normally agricultural declarations work somewhat like this:

  1. You fill out a form which asks you about fruit/vegetable/meat
  2. As you exit customs, there’s a customs agent collecting the forms
  3. If you declared something, they either ask you some questions about it or confiscate it

But it worked this way on a recent flight to Hawaii:

  1. On the plane we filled out a form
  2. The stewardess went along the plane and collected the forms
  3. At the airport no one asked anything about fruit or vegetables, we just received a COVID test and went along our merry way. I’ve actually declared some fruit so it was surprising no one wanted to see it.

So how is it supposed to work? Why did the stewardess collect the form rather than agricultural inspection agents?

pathfinder 1e – Does the bane magic weapon property work like greater magic weapon or weapon enhancement for DR

The weapon property bane is a wonderful boost to a weapon on the occasions where its the right bane. One effect is that the weapon enhancement is +2 than what the weapon states, so a +1 bane (human) sword is actually a a +3 weapon against humans. But when dealing with creatures that have DR, the difference enhancement levels matter for overcoming DR, and other sources like magic weapon greater while increasing the enhancement, do not affect DR.

from magic weapon greater

This bonus does not allow a weapon to bypass damage reduction aside from magic.

Since the weapon property doesnt have the same wording as the spell, my thoughts are that it would be effective against higher DR types, but I have nothing to stand on for this.

How do cryptocurrency API services work?

I came across this site –

Has anyone else used an API aggregator to buy and sell crypto before?

Would a polarizer filter work on the ipad camera to stop screen glare reflections on eyeglasses?

Screens/monitors are polarized in order to improve their viewing angles. So the light they emit is polarized and a polarizing filter will block it.

However, you may find it is not completely effective due to different angles involved (i.e. uneven effect on heavily curved lenses)

virtual machines – How to get Azure File Share to work with WordPress multisite domain mapping when file share mounted to wp-content to resolve eorror 520

I am getting an error 520 on my images from sub-sites that domain mapped in wordpress. I am running azure file share with an azure vm that I plan to expand to more vm’s. The File share is mounted to the wp-content blogs.dir folder. If I move the images off the file share to the server everything works fine, but if I remount the file share then the images and content stored on the file share is inaccessible to the sub-sites, they are blocked from loading. This leads me to believe its a cross domain issue with Azure File Share, or an issue with the file share handling the mod rewrite, but that is all I have so far. I can’t figure out how to resolve.

My goal is to setup a scalable server hosting wordpress that I can connect other servers to for load balancing. So the file share would grant site content no matter the server the user connects to.

The main domain works fine ( as well the original wordpress domains unmapped (i.e., if I access the subsites through their original domains the images load and there are no errors. This only happens with a mapped domain ( and when the blogs.dir (running a multi-network) is mounted to the fileshare.

Please help