Can I use older MySQL workbench with newest MySQL server?

MySQL newbie here.

  • I’m using Ubuntu 16.04 (64-bit).
  • I’ve successfully installed MySQL Community Server 5.7 and MySQL Community Workbench 6.3.

Unable to find these answers in the MySQL forums. I’ve asked this on Stack Exchange and it was suggested that I ask here instead. I’ve searched on Ubuntu Forum and here also but did not find an answer.
One would think they are common questions but maybe not. Additionally, I cannot find a way to ask a new question on the MySQL Forum.
I’ve spent a ton of time reading/researching/installing/uninstalling and reinstalling MySQL and community workbench on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 (64-bit) and do not want to lose the momentum I’ve gained. I’m actually making forward progress after a week or so of trial and error working on this up to a few hours per day.

It appears that I cannot load MySQL Community Workbench 8.0 without Linux server installed. That seems to be one of the requirements if I understood correctly.

  1. Can anyone tell me if MySQL Community Workbench 6.3 will work with MySQL Community Server 8.0 on Ubuntu 16.04 (64-bit)?
    I would still like to upgrade and use MySQL community server 8.0 if I can.

  2. Can I use MySQL Community Server 8.0 on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 32-bit?

I’ve spent many hours googling it and looking on MySQL Forums but couldn’t find the answer.

Thanks much. …Rick

Calculate time difference in minute on SQL workbench J

I tried to calculate time difference between two time stamp column in minutes, but the timestampdiff function does not work on it, the error is telling me that “minute” column does not exist in the table I query, at same time some answers suggest that timestampdiff does not work for postgresql, but postfresql function like date_part does not work on my end as well, could anyone share experience or any document for the grammar and function on SQL workbench J? Thanks!

Wolfram Workbench slow to open notebooks

Has anyone found a way to speed up the launch of .nb files within Wolfram Workbench? On my computer it takes a good 30 seconds at least, which is a lot longer than Mathematica takes to load. I wouldn’t complain except I’ve also been having issues with my project setup in Workbench, and so I’ve found myself starting and restarting it a lot.

Alguém sabe como fazer?? Usando o MySQL Workbench [fechada]




• Curso (Codigo (PK), Nome, NumeroVagas)

• Instrutor (Codigo (PK), Nome, Apelido, Fone, Celular).

• Horario (Codigo (PK), Sala, Hora)

• Ministrado (DataCurso (PK), CodigoHorario (PK,FK), CodigoCurso (FK)
, CodigoInstrutor (FK))

Debugging mode in MySQL Workbench

When running queries in MySQL workbench, some of them are captured to the log file at either:

  • MySQL/Workbench/logs
  • MySQL/Workbench/sql_history

However, I’d like to see ALL the possible queries that MySQL workbench does. Is there a way to do this on the client-side, i.e., where MySQL workbench is running? For example, it would be nice to see how these graphs are being generated and the system data is being grabbed, etc.:

enter image description here

sharepoint online – ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED when trying to run local spfx workbench

Hi all,

When I run gulp serve, on chrome it does not load the local workbench.

I am able to go to https://localhost:4321/ and see all the directories
It is the same behaviour in all other browsers.
I have chrome version:86.0.4240.75 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I have Node v10.22.1
My npm is v6.14.6
My gulp is , 3.9.1
sharepoint generator is 1.11.1
I use Windows 10
I have run gulp trust-dev-cert
I have not run npm audit fix
I don't have postgress sql installed which usually blocks port 5432
I have tried unistalling all (gulp,yeoman, node,..) and reinstalling
I have disabled my antivirus and tried
I don't have any extensions in my chrome browser
In my temp folder, I don't see workbench.html created

Basically I have tried to create a webpart for sharepoint online and then run gulp serve
Below is my gulp serve output

Build target: DEBUG
(15:45:43) Using gulpfile H:GitCentralRepocentralspfx1gulpfile.js
(15:45:43) Starting gulp
(15:45:43) Starting 'serve'...
(15:45:43) Starting subtask 'configure-sp-build-rig'...
(15:45:43) Finished subtask 'configure-sp-build-rig' after 6.44 ms
(15:45:43) Starting subtask 'spfx-serve'...
(15:45:43) (spfx-serve) To load your scripts, use this query string: ?debug=true&noredir=true&debugManifestsFile=https://localhost:4321/temp/manifests.js
(15:45:43) Starting server...
Starting api server on port 5432.
Registring api: /workbench
Registring api: /
(15:45:44) Finished subtask 'spfx-serve' after 435 ms
(15:45:44) Starting subtask 'pre-copy'...
(15:45:44) Finished subtask 'pre-copy' after 15 ms
(15:45:44) Starting subtask 'copy-static-assets'...
(15:45:44) Starting subtask 'sass'...
(15:45:44) Server started https://localhost:4321
(15:45:44) LiveReload started on port 35729
(15:45:44) Running server
(15:45:44) Opening https://localhost:5432/workbench using the default OS app
(15:45:44) Finished subtask 'copy-static-assets' after 64 ms
(15:45:44) Finished subtask 'sass' after 312 ms
(15:45:44) Starting subtask 'tslint'...
(15:45:45) (tslint) tslint version: 5.12.1
(15:45:45) Starting subtask 'tsc'...
(15:45:45) (tsc) typescript version: 3.3.4000
(15:45:48) Finished subtask 'tsc' after 3.38 s
(15:45:49) Finished subtask 'tslint' after 4.9 s
(15:45:49) Starting subtask 'post-copy'...
(15:45:49) Finished subtask 'post-copy' after 1.27 ms
(15:45:49) Starting subtask 'collectLocalizedResources'...
(15:45:49) Finished subtask 'collectLocalizedResources' after 4.43 ms
(15:45:49) Starting subtask 'configure-webpack'...
(15:45:50) Finished subtask 'configure-webpack' after 757 ms
(15:45:50) Starting subtask 'webpack'...
(15:45:51) Finished subtask 'webpack' after 1.52 s
(15:45:51) Starting subtask 'configure-webpack-external-bundling'...
(15:45:51) Finished subtask 'configure-webpack-external-bundling' after 1.98 ms
(15:45:51) Starting subtask 'copy-assets'...
(15:45:51) Finished subtask 'copy-assets' after 20 ms
(15:45:51) Starting subtask 'write-manifests'...
(15:45:52) Finished subtask 'write-manifests' after 1.06 s
(15:45:52) Starting subtask 'reload'...
(15:45:52) Finished subtask 'reload' after 2.08 ms

This my serve.json

"$schema": "";,
"port": 4321,
"https": true,
"initialPage": "https://localhost:5432/workbench",
"api": {
"port": 5432,
"entryPath": "node_modules/@microsoft/sp-webpart-workbench/lib/api/"

Please help

MySQL Workbench Schema tables are missing

just started exploring MySQL Workbench and I recently restarted MySQL Workbench and I couldn’t find the table in the model. I believe it’s still there but I’m not sure how to display it like before. On the second picture(earlier), I can see and edit all my tables
enter image description here

enter image description here

sql – Erro 1064 no MySQL Workbench

Escrevi o seguinte código para a aula de Banco de Dados da faculdade:

USE estoque;

CREATE TABLE produtos( /*o erro ocorre aqui nesse parêntese*/
    INT codP,
    CHAR (20) nomeP,
    FLOAT precoP,
    PRIMARY KEY (codP)
    FOREIGN KEY (id)
CREATE TABLE fornecedores( /*e nesse parêntese*/
    INT id,
    CHAR (40) nomeF,
    PRIMARY KEY (id),
    FOREIGN KEY (codP)

Todavia, ocorrem erros de sintaxe onde comentei. E mesmo pesquisando manuais em sites ou na própria documentação, estão escritos da mesma maneira que eu escrevi, então não sei como corrigir e nem tem como dar procedência nessa código.

SharePoint Online Workbench layout much different from deployed .sppkg webpart – Using React

I’m using SPFx/React to create a simple custom form.

Using Fluent UI grid, controls, etc. and it looks fine in the dev workbench area, but as soon as it’s deployed the layout is completely ignored.

I can see that my grid/columns are there in the console and can’t find much information on why the layout is so different once it’s deployed. Seems like my CSS is also not there, but shouldn’t it be bundled in the package?

I’m still very new to all this so the fix may be simple but it’s definitely got me stumped right now. I can’t find much information online about the issue. It seems to just be losing my grid and the width is way wider than the SP workbench.

Is there any way to have the SP Workbench have the same layout as the actual environment?

Any help or a bump in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thank y’all, stay safe!

Layout in SharePoint Workbench
layout in SP Workbench

Layout deployed as .SSPKG – Layout lost
layout deployed in actualy SP Environment

7 – Change workbench moderation state with VBO does not work properly

I have two workbench moderation states draft and publihsed

When I try to change the state of a node from draft to published using VBO’s set moderation state action, It actually republish the published revision. While it should publish the draft revision.

enter image description here

In the screenshot, it move the draft to published with revision 4 and that should be the published revision. But it is pointing to the revision 3 that this is the published revision.

Is there any workaround for this issue?