core – Swagger doc and Entity Framework include not working

I tried to create a .Net core API using Microsoft Documentation but I ran into some issues.

The app is working but only for a “single” table. The includes are empty.

        var contact = await _context.Contacts
            .Include(c => c.ContactSkills)
                .ThenInclude(cs => cs.Skill)
            .FirstOrDefaultAsync(m => m.Id == id);

Also the Swagger documentation is not generating, I tried the attributes and swapping some settings but didn’t managed to make it work.

Here’s my repo git :

Any ideas?

javascript – SPServices is not working in one environment and working in one SharePoint environment/

We deployed solution in one SharePoint server, and uploaded the js file after solution deployed. we are getting the following errors on debugging JS.

SCRIPT438: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘autocomplete’

SCRIPT438: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘SPServices’

SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property ‘SPGetCurrentUser’ of undefined or null reference.

Or is there any other issue.

Thanks for the response in advance.

hardware – Help! Android factory reset not working

I have a Samsung Note 8 with Tmobile and put in the phone pin after startup (not sim pin) wrongly 3 times. I got a message saying – “pin blocked. Your pin has been blocked. To unlock your device, contact your service provider”.

I had no access to any phone functions except 911 and SOS calls, so I reluctantly did a factory reset which seemed successful (i can hear Samsung voice prompts to set up phone), but i am still getting the screen with the message above and no access to the phone itself.

I have no idea what Android version i’m on but it cannot be older than Pie.

Any ideas??

ssh – fail2ban not working with SSHD

I am running fail2ban (0.9.6-2) on Debian 9 with busybox-syslogd logging to /var/log/auth.log
setup with the following line in /etc/rc.local to get logs written to file.

/sbin/syslogd -O /var/log/auth.log || exit 1

SSHD jail is enabled but does not see failed login attempts

running fail2ban-regex on the auth.log file with the sshd filter gives no fails.

sshd_config set to AUTHPRIV and VERBOSE

Here is a sample of auth.log logs:

   Jan 14 17:12:41 Fire-Video sshd(2556): Failed none for video from port 56068 ssh2
Jan 14 17:12:42 Fire-Video sshd(2556): Failed password for video from port 56068 ssh2
Jan 14 17:12:42 Fire-Video sshd(2556): Failed password for video from port 56068 ssh2
Jan 14 17:12:42 Fire-Video sshd(2556): Connection closed by port 56068 (preauth)
Jan 14 17:12:49 Fire-Video sshd(2558): Connection from port 56074 on port 22
Jan 14 17:12:53 Fire-Video authpriv.debug sshd(2558): pam_usermapper(sshd:auth): pam_sm_authenticate flags: 00000001
Jan 14 17:12:53 Fire-Video authpriv.notice sshd(2558): pam_usermapper(sshd:auth): aliasing to 'root'
Jan 14 17:12:53 Fire-Video authpriv.notice sshd(2558): pam_unix(sshd:auth): authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=ssh ruser= rhost=  user=root
Jan 14 17:12:55 Fire-Video sshd(2558): Failed password for video from port 56074 ssh2
Jan 14 17:13:15 Fire-Video authpriv.debug sshd(2558): pam_usermapper(sshd:auth): pam_sm_authenticate flags: 00000001
Jan 14 17:13:16 Fire-Video sshd(2558): Failed password for video from port 56074 ssh2
Jan 14 17:13:21 Fire-Video authpriv.debug sshd(2558): pam_usermapper(sshd:auth): pam_sm_authenticate flags: 00000001
Jan 14 17:13:21 Fire-Video sshd(2558): Accepted password for video from port 56074 ssh2
Jan 14 17:13:21 Fire-Video sshd(2558): pam_unix(sshd:session): session opened for user root by (uid=0)

This is my sshd.conf in filter.d

      # PasswordAuthentication in sshd_config.
    # "Connection from <HOST> port d+" requires LogLevel VERBOSE in sshd_config
    # Read common prefixes. If any customizations available -- read them from
    # common.local
    before = common.conf
    _daemon = sshd
    failregex = ^%(__prefix_line)s(?:error: PAM: )?(aA)uthentication (?:failure|error|failed) for .* from <HOST>( via S+)?s*$
                ^%(__prefix_line)s(?:error: PAM: )?User not known to the underlying authentication module for .* from <HOST>s*$
                ^%(__prefix_line)sFailed S+ for (?P<cond_inv>invalid user )?(?P<user>(?P<cond_user>S+)|(?(cond_inv)(?:(?! from ).)*?|(^:)+)) from <HOST>(?: port d+)?(?: sshd*)?(?(cond_user):|(?:(?:(?! from ).)*)$)
                ^%(__prefix_line)sROOT LOGIN REFUSED.* FROM <HOST>s*$
                ^%(__prefix_line)s(iI)(?:llegal|nvalid) user .*? from <HOST>(?: port d+)?s*$
                ^%(__prefix_line)sUser .+ from <HOST> not allowed because not listed in AllowUserss*$
                ^%(__prefix_line)sUser .+ from <HOST> not allowed because listed in DenyUserss*$
                ^%(__prefix_line)sUser .+ from <HOST> not allowed because not in any groups*$
                ^%(__prefix_line)srefused connect from S+ (<HOST>)s*$
                ^%(__prefix_line)s(?:error: )?Received disconnect from <HOST>: 3: .*: Auth fail(?: (preauth))?$
                ^%(__prefix_line)sUser .+ from <HOST> not allowed because a group is listed in DenyGroupss*$
                ^%(__prefix_line)sUser .+ from <HOST> not allowed because none of user's groups are listed in AllowGroupss*$
                ^(?P<__prefix>%(__prefix_line)s)User .+ not allowed because account is locked<SKIPLINES>(?P=__prefix)(?:error: )?Received disconnect from <HOST>: 11: .+ (preauth)$
                ^(?P<__prefix>%(__prefix_line)s)Disconnecting: Too many authentication failures for .+? (preauth)<SKIPLINES>(?P=__prefix)(?:error: )?Connection closed by <HOST> (preauth)$
                ^(?P<__prefix>%(__prefix_line)s)Connection from <HOST> port d+(?: on S+ port d+)?<SKIPLINES>(?P=__prefix)Disconnecting: Too many authentication failures for .+? (preauth)$
                ^%(__prefix_line)s(error: )?maximum authentication attempts exceeded for .* from <HOST>(?: port d*)?(?: sshd*)? (preauth)$
                ^%(__prefix_line)spam_unix(sshd:auth):s+authentication failure;s*logname=S*s*uid=d*s*euid=d*s*tty=S*s*ruser=S*s*rhost=<HOST>s.*$
    ignoreregex = 
    # "maxlines" is number of log lines to buffer for multi-line regex searches
    maxlines = 10
    journalmatch = _SYSTEMD_UNIT=sshd.service + _COMM=sshd

# DEV Notes:
#   "Failed S+ for .*? from <HOST>..." failregex uses non-greedy catch-all because
#   it is coming before use of <HOST> which is not hard-anchored at the end as well,
#   and later catch-all's could contain user-provided input, which need to be greedily
#   matched away first.
# Author: Cyril Jaquier, Yaroslav Halchenko, Petr Voralek, Daniel Black

theming – DrupalVM not working

I followed the DrupalVM installation for windows 10. I got the following message when I ran “vagrant up” after installation, and it seems Drupal VM box is ready to use, but when I enter “http://dashboard.drupalvm.test” in browser, the page does not load. Please suggest.

==> drupalvm: Machine ‘drupalvm’ has a post vagrant up message. This is a message
==> drupalvm: from the creator of the Vagrantfile, and not from Vagrant itself:
==> drupalvm:
==> drupalvm: Your Drupal VM Vagrant box is ready to use!
==> drupalvm: * Visit the dashboard for an overview of your site: http://dashboard.drupalvm.test (or
==> drupalvm: * You can SSH into your machine with vagrant ssh.
==> drupalvm: * Find out more in the Drupal VM documentation at

unity – .isGrounded is not working reliably

New to Unity and C#, though, I got the code from the official doc page for Character Controller and thought that should work by default.

When pressing the Jump button here it doesn’t always work. When checking if the player is grounded the variable groundedPlayer not always provides true when idle/not moving. Instead the value is constantly changing between true and false.

Below is my current code which was modified a little:

public class PlayerController : MonoBehaviour
  private CharacterController controller;
  private Vector3 playerVelocity;
  private bool groundedPlayer;
  private float playerSpeed = 2.0f;
  private float jumpHeight = 1.0f;
  private float gravityValue = -9.81f;

  private void Start()
    controller = gameObject.AddComponent<CharacterController>();

  void Update()
    groundedPlayer = controller.isGrounded;
    if (groundedPlayer && playerVelocity.y < 0)
      playerVelocity.y = 0f;

    Vector3 move = new Vector3(Input.GetAxis("Horizontal"), 0, Input.GetAxis("Vertical"));
    controller.Move(move * Time.deltaTime * playerSpeed);

    if (move !=
      gameObject.transform.forward = move;

    print(groundedPlayer); //this will constantly return both false and true while idle

    // jumping mechanic
    if (Input.GetButtonDown("Jump") && groundedPlayer)
      playerVelocity.y += Mathf.Sqrt(jumpHeight * -3.0f * gravityValue);

    playerVelocity.y += gravityValue * Time.deltaTime;
    controller.Move(playerVelocity * Time.deltaTime);


It’s just that I feel dumb since basic jumping is this difficult to implement for me. I feel like I’m missing something very obvious. I found 1 working solution for me which is implementing coyote time, but it looks like a workaround and might provide more glitches in future. I also could try working on creating my own character controller, though that’s a whole different field.

Anyone had this issue before? How did you fix it?

Are airport car rentals always open until the last flight has landed, regardless of the official working hours?

Recently I had a flight to Kona/Hawaii that arrived at 10pm. The local car rentals all appeared to close at 10:30pm and there’s now a secondary COVID test in Hawaii that can take up a lot of time, so I’ve decided I’ll just get a taxi and come back for the car the next day. But to my surprise, I saw a car rental shuttle at 10:45pm and was in fact able to pick up my car. Their employee told me that they’re always open until the last flight has landed and picked up their luggage, so their hours vary.

Is this the case for all airport car rentals, at least in the US? Can I always book a car without worrying about my flight being delayed?

User panel at NovoServe is Not working


I have been using the NovoServe 10Gbps server for 4 months. I try to reinstall new OS (ubuntu or debian) with their Automatic OS instal… | Read the rest of

“`ResourceFunction“` not working on my system

When I try to use ResourceFunction it doesnt find a file. I’m afraid it’s because my user name on Windows include spaces and an "é".

In[1] := ResourceFunction["AbundantNumber"][1] returns

ResourceFunction::lfail: Failed to load resource function from LocalObject[file:///C:/Users/Juan%20Jos%C3%A9%20Alba/AppData/Roaming/Wolfram/Objects/Resources/6eb/6ebae805-287b-40a4-b883-c9c6330d8a61/download/1-0-0/DefinitionData].

Out[1] = $Failed[1]

It’s not the first time I have problems because of my user name.

Anyone knows a work around for this?

magento2 – Filter on custom attributes – elasticsearch – not working on simple products

I have a project where I have a lot of configurable products and I need to make some filters there. I’ve manage to make the filters and everything related but the issue is that when I apply filters


I am getting that for size 34 there are 22 products in total and from those, there are 22 products with stock_custom filter on “In stock” and 18 with “Out of stock”. The “Out of stock” value is ok, but the “In stock” value is not because is showing me the total count of products and is not taking into consideration the size filter.

I want to mention that the size filter is the super attribute for configuration so it should get the simple products with “stock_custom” values.

What do I do wrong here?