user meta – profile_update works on second update only

I am using PODS to add info to a users profile. I want to add data to the usermeta then do something with it right away. One the fields created by PODS is ‘estimated_delivery_date’. I have simplified the code as show below.

 add_action( 'profile_update', 'initiate_participant_profile_update', 10, 2 );
     function initiate_participant_profile_update( $user_id, $old_user_data ) { 
     $estDD = get_user_meta( $user_id, 'estimated_delivery_date', true );
     $pathBodyFile = dirname(__FILE__) . "/$user_id" . "ParticipantData.txt";
     $fileBody = fopen($pathBodyFile, "a");
     echo fwrite($fileBody, "Estimated Delivery Date: $estDDnn");

When I add the info using the Update User profile page $estDD does not appear in the file. But if I go back to the edit profile page and hit Update User again, boom, there it is.

So I am surmising the the action is running before the usermeta is updated. How can I fix this?

Minolta x-370 shutter works only without film loaded

what does it mean if the shutter advances and releases without film but will not release the shutter with film loaded? Minolta X-370

disk utility – External drive’s files not showing, but I know it has been half-filled with data. It works fine on Ubuntu but not on macOS?

My external hard drive used to work just fine (my OS is Mojave) – I can read and write because I used NTFS Paragon software free trial. But now that I wiped all traces of said software, my external hard drive won’t show its contents anymore. I know it’s not a problem of the hard drive because when I click on Get Info it says it’s half-full. And when I use Ubuntu, I can see and edit the files.

I tried Disk Utility (unmounting,mounting,repairing), booting into Recovery Mode and using Disk Utility to perform the same steps, leaving the external drive for hours, but none worked.

Please help!

Will it be the most humiliating day of every libs life if studies prove that hydroxicholoroquine works as a preventative measure?

That is not the way that sensible people handle things. 

. The question is not whether it works as a preventative measure, as much as whether it is a relatively safe chemical/drug to take..If it was suggested that swallowing battery acid might work, it is a bad idea even if it did kill the virus or the common cold or anything..I think you are just hoping for a little more drama  

[ Politics ] Open Question : Hydroxychloroquine works! Why do Liberals want conservatives to die from Coronavirus?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Hydroxychloroquine works! Why do Liberals want conservatives to die from Coronavirus?

Ubuntu 16.04 Postfix works, but email goes to SPAM

Hello i follow this guide to install Postfix

and i added SPF, dmarc and DKIM
I follow this guide for dkim

But still email going to SPAM.


dig +short txt

"-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----10MIICXQIBAAKBgQDW25bTkpFlqxFhUG1kgTtSVGq0jloWB0rN7iNdXy/6OHZIUvmm1040cZkqCn+AuiOeKYR68uA/wRabS2z3TkX2Xm25y4XArbc7LzRDg4M" "Eo79bm+q/Hr10RBfgkvKs7namKBP7krdXNDg0Das14+DQ5hNlKgyyfeH5ZHXsfli64zJnwwIDAQAB10AoGBAKeWE+jm074HVsEe6JSSMGEhMzGuLxorie9iJfd4fYWgcLIs9klz0UtjESiy100vAwUkwQ" "7dToir5SQwCshDJ1LpcarXlHTTt+wszEzvQsML8uv6HtfMLI8u3q9g0D10Vx266tK5CYUUV4JBJP1/a/CfUvaNwcG9LNHs5ECpUqE58t5xAkEA9whbib14P9of104iKIV3Q32+4ABPDTenbZMG7LXtFz" "1hktNDUMTV+KIwb3WTc4e4DO3U2wlks48/1510arRqW6up/wJBAN6oPBCt/P0l3Iedv/olDkUC0c60VCAt1wxG9rKw1wD6KrpQlRdc10cRoxBszhn/jaQKOVadD/+Yg/aRAUZr35Gj0CQQCDvEQ8dvra" "ajLYf/vfT02+jfQa10rmbIhvqZlmwDm4S/ZtuxXJy74jgjJ8LeI9GOIwmuAJEsBN9RVhnaqm2Rh0D3AkAq10tKXgpR5zB4IG2PDrb5QPFH1dYiUIjwJCLpI+r8BtRY5QcghGlMp0tZaSUWw3dNUV10CyF" "intYjldX26ZLTOSYZAkBeaZwaCPT/Y/sMf0iVGhxbwcn8DJmTLMW6uLtzdWyG10NWHaANKPwNqsl8426ZZ27YPtPUJpaFxTBy5mE2K+UXSc10-----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----"
"v=spf1 ~all"
"v=spf1 ?all"

dig +short txt


Is there any way to fix this?

python – my works good but when try to search already included charcter ,it wasnt matching and it keep saying not found

from array import *

alphabets = array(‘u’, ())

lettersRange = int(input(“Enter how many letters do you want to enter “))
for i in range(lettersRange):
addLetter = input(“Enter Alphabet “)

print(“alphabets that you’ve entered are “, alphabets)

for i in range(len(alphabets)):

searchLetter = input(“enter the letter to search if its is available or not”)
count = 0
for i in alphabets:
if i == searchLetter:
print(‘The Letter “‘,searchLetter,'” is available and it’s position is’,count )

    print("Letter Not found")

count += 1

Enter how many letters do you want to enter 3
Enter Alphabet A
Enter Alphabet B
Enter Alphabet C
alphabets that you’ve entered are array(‘u’, ‘ABC’)
enter the letter to search if its is available or notB
Not found

enter image description here

How the ‘move’ command works on the storage system?

I know that moving files with the ‘move’ command is distinct from copying them to a new folder and deleting the old ones. I’d like to know how the ‘move’ command works on the storage system relocating the files.

Domain reselling still works?

Domain reselling still works?

I see a lot of new people registering domains, asking upraisals, hoping to resell their domain for $100 or $500 or even more.
No website, no traffic, just a domain…

Does that still works?

I don’t see myself buying a domain at 10 times or 100 times higher price from someone.
Would you buy?


JQuery calling a custom PHP function (works in Dev but not in WordPress)

My code works fine on my local host in my development environment which is outside of the WordPress press environment. I know the PHP function works. I can send test votes to my server from my local host on my PC.

Problem: I can't seem to get this to work in WordPress.

My minds
I think this is a path problem, but I tried to put the PHP script at the root and use a full path.
I am not getting any errors in the web browser console (f12).

WordPress Version: 5.4.1
I put my custom php code in "/wp-contents/custom-php/votifier.php"
My JQuery script is in the header. (yes, I know I should put it in the footer.)

The button

Local host version

WordPress version

My custom PHP script