apocalypse world – Can I pump my damage repeatedly when using the ‘Burned Over’ battle move?

Here’s the do battle move from the Burned Over hackbook:

When you do battle with someone, exchange harm, but first roll+Hard. On a 10+, you hold 4 against your enemy. On a 7–9, you hold 3 against them. On a miss, you hold 1 against them. If a PC, your enemy rolls simultaneously to do battle with you. If an NPC, your enemy holds 2 against you on any hit, and 3 against you on a miss.

To conduct the battle, spend your hold on the following. Commit to your spends without knowing your enemy’s.

• Fight for blood: Spend 1 to inflict +1harm.

• Fight defensively: Spend 1 to suffer -1harm.

• Fight opportunistically: Spend 1 to inflict harm on an additional enemy.

• Guard someone: Spend 1 to protect an ally from 1-harm.

• Seize initiative: Whoever spends more to seize initiative,

(Initiative rules omitted for brevity)

Can you pump damage or defense by choosing the same “fight for blood” / “fight defensively” option multiple times? (You can’t using AW2e seize by force, but that is a “choose” move whereas this is a “spend your hold” move.)

where on earth – What is the highest pass in the world that is kept open (plowed) in winter?

Winter is here (for those in the Northern Hemisphere at least), and with it comes the bane of travelers just about everywhere, snow. Furthermore, snow tends to be more prevalent at higher altitudes, due to the weather being colder there.

This means that if one is interested in driving high mountain passes and roads, one should wait for the weather to improve, right? Or, are there high passes one can drive that are kept open (plowed, sanded, salted) for traffic during the winter? Currently, the highest pass I know of that’s winter-maintained is Loveland Pass at 3655m (11,990′) on US 6, but are there others in the world that are higher still? It’s OK if the road undergoes temporary closures during winter due to snowslides/avalanches, but the slide must be cleared from the road promptly. No “temporary closures” that last all winter long!

budget – Are there cheap GPS or other navigator devices with downloadable maps for the whole world?

FIrstly, even if you COULD get offline Google Maps, it’s not that useful in non western countries. Murmansk – the largest city in the arctic circle, is shown as just two streets in Google Maps. Most of their coverage of Central Asia is next to useless as well.

In addition, you need some serious storage for offline google maps. What I eventually settled with was NavDroyd – for Android, but there’ll be equivalents for iPhone etc. It cost a few dollars, but not much – and the maps are all totally free, as they just download the free Open Street Maps maps, which are vector graphics anyway. It was fantastic. The interface was a little clunky to me and took a few minutes to get used to, but once I had it sorted it was brilliant – even in Siberia, Kyrgystan and Mongolia!

And being back in London it’s pretty fantastic here too, although I find it easier to use Google Maps here as it inclues other information I look for (Latitude).

where on earth – What is the highest road in the world that is accessible by conventional vehicles?

I’m looking to drive up the highest road in the world but I don’t have access to any special vehicles. Where can I do so? The exact conditions are:

  • The road must be accessible to civilians, so military roads by the Chinese-Indian border are excluded for example.
  • The road must be accessible to international tourists.
  • You can drive up the road on your own without needing to hire a guide.
  • You can use a regular car, the likes of which one can rent at airport car rentals. In the US this usually means something like a stock 4WD Jeep at most, but nothing more fancy like cars with reinforced undercarriages.

I’ve found this list on DangerousRoads.org, but it includes many enthusiast-only roads.

Has the ☰ (three horizontal bars) menu icon received much adoption outside of the western world?

A lot of web sites use a menu icon consisting of three horizontal bars to indicate a button that will trigger a navigation menu.

It has, for example, been included in Twitter bootstrap (which is used at over a million sites). It is also used to indicate the main menu in Firefox and Chrome.

However, I’m curious how much the symbol is known outside of the western world. For example, if a Chinese web site were to use it, would users understand it?

Why are world maps cut off?

I’m afraid that this isn’t strictly a travel question, but I scoured the list of StackExchange sites and couldn’t find any that seemed more appropriate.

When I look at a world map, I always need to remind myself that the equator is lower (farther south) than where I expect it to be. I always chalked this up to some kind of unconscious bias towards the Northern Hemisphere because I live there.

But today I was looking more closely at the latitude lines on a world map, and discovered that there were more northern latitude lines than southern latitude lines! The bottom part of the map must have been cut off, I guess. I clicked through the search results and discovered that this seemed to be ubiquitous. Here are some examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Some even cut off Antarctica entirely!

I did find a few counter examples, like this one. But they seem to be a tiny minority.

This is extremely disorienting to me. I strongly feel that the equator ought to go through the middle of the map, and that a world map should show the whole world. Why are most maps made this way?

air travel – What is the longest passenger flight (with a flight number) in the world?

According to this CNN article, the record has been broken because of the COVID-19 outbreak:

On March 14, French airline Air Tahiti Nui flew the longest ever scheduled passenger flight by distance — transiting 9,765 miles across the world from Papeete, in Tahiti, French Polynesia, to Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport.

This one off milestone was a direct consequence of the coronavirus-induced US travel restrictions.

This route usually involves a scheduled stopover at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). But when an airplane stops over in the US, all passengers must alight the aircraft and proceed through US Customs and Border Protection before they’re allowed to advance on with the next leg of their journey.

Current restrictions rendered this part of the journey untenable, so instead, flight TN064 just carried straight on, departing at 3 a.m. local time from Papeete airport and arriving in Paris at 6:30 a.m. local time on March 15.

This is a scheduled flight, but a one time deviation from the schedule (though the situation may continue to be like this in the near future).

What is the oldest building in the world still in use?

What is the oldest building or structure in the world that’s still in regular use today?

For the sake of the question, I’m not looking for something that still exists purely as a tourist attraction. (Unless the building is closed to the public part time to allow it to serve its purpose. ex: a church that’s open to tourists, but still runs regular services.)

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