The oldest animal in the world …?

Hello friends,

Please tell me, what is the oldest animal in the world …?

Amazon web services: accelerate and make cloud-based applications available around the world

I work on cloud applications. These applications include a web portal that allows merchants to place new orders and REST APIs to integrate into their platforms.

These applications are currently hosted on the AWS cloud in the Singapore region.

But some of our clients (based in Thailand and Vietnam) complained that we felt that our application was slow.

Also recently, one of our China-based customers said that he was unable to call our APIs or access our Web applications.

How can I optimize the optimization of an existing cloud application to serve customers around the world to make it faster and more accessible?

Our solution is to deploy applications in different regions and to expose different endpoints to different clients.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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Why are whites the most racist in the world?

Because non-whites are what's wrong in the world. Especially blacks and Jews.

China causes the most pollution. The United Arab Emirates causes more pollution per capita. Slavery was invented by ancient brown Africans. The first gun (not just gunpowder and fireworks) was invented by the Chinese. The nuclear bomb was invented by a native Jew. The Portuguese began the Atlantic slave trade. The Spaniards colonized and killed the majority of the Amerindians. The Mongols have killed 1/3 of humanity. Mao Zedong killed 70 million people. Stalin (of Georgian origin, not white) killed 40 million people. Central Asians brought the black plague to Europe. Sexism and homophobia are ancient African inventions. Jews invented Christianity. The Arabs invented Islam, sharia and jihad / terrorism. The original thugs were in fact Indians (India).

How exactly are whites again the problem?

@guardian, genetically they are mixed (because of colored men, for example the African Moors raping white women).

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[ Politics ] Open question: Is the United States the most divided country in the world?

[Politics] Open question: Is the United States the most divided country in the world?

Where in the world should we go?

My husband and I will be celebrating our 10th birthday next month and trying to plan a vacation. I have never been anywhere, so I want to go somewhere great! No suggestion?

Badges – NulledTeam UnderGround | The best script site in the world

See attachment 25018
The description

XenForo has a "trophy" system. You can use trophies to reward users who have done cool things. But the trophies are occasional and boring. Everyone can have one :(

Darkness world – Which geographical area would be the easiest start for vampire players: The masquerade today?

After talking with friends visiting a country around the world, I found myself thinking about "Where will it be easy to be a vampire?" (Yes, I know, I'm wondering strange questions), that I turn into "Which geographic area would be the easiest start for vampire players: The masquerade today?"

While searching, I decided to cut the world into 9 areas (I tried to use facts and only that, and it was really interesting):

  • Western Europe: Firearms are prohibited, so hunting is easier in the early hours of the night, but many people do not go out late at night.
  • Eastern Europe: more weapons and arms being allowed officially or indirectly, making hunting more difficult, but the government has more means of controlling information to facilitate the preservation of the masquerade, but Firstlight will find it too.
  • North America: The use of the weapon is allowed in most cases, making hunting more dangerous, but their people stay outside all night and it is easier to find prey, but all is open 24/7 so you can live without the need for a ghoul.
  • South America: like Eastern Europe, but with more nature, werewolves could kill you more often
  • Africa: the whole region is more or less at war, it is difficult to live as a human being
  • Middle East: The Antediluvians are here and wake up, so this is not a good place to be a Kindred (or a human being)
  • Northeast Asia: Most of Northeast Asia is Russia, so it is like Eastern Europe
  • South Asia: The government is strong, so it is easier to preserve the masquerade, but Firstlight will find you easier too. The Kuei-Jins are here so maybe it's hard to be a vampire
  • Oceania: the word "all the fauna and flora want to kill you" does not apply to you, and the control of weapons is enlarged, so hunting is easier

So I think Oceania is the easiest region to start as a vampire, followed by Western Europe and North America. But I may be wrong in the statements I made with my research (I only take 2 hours to do it).

Mining equipment – Is Bitcoin the most powerful computer network in the world?

I read an article from twenty-three THIRTEEN that said that at that time, Bitcoin was more powerful than the 500 largest supercomputers. At that time, the difficulty was 21.3 million. Now, it is close to 11 trillion and is expected to exceed this number by September 2019. So, using this information, the computer indicates that the network is using 350,000 times more (the SHA256 brutal forcing) of the computing power of these computers. Is it still true and if so, what is the number of times more powerful now?

Push.House – the doors of the PUSH world are open!



Push.House – the doors of the PUSH world are open!