What is the worst technique in Seo ..?

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I want to know who is the worst technique in seo ..?

[ Politics ] Open question: Who is the worst user of the political section?

[Politics] Open question: Who is the worst user of the political section?

python – Why is the worst case for this function O (n * n)

I'm trying to learn how to calculate the BigO notation for an arbitrary function. I found this function in a manual. The book states that the function is O (n2). This gives an explanation of the reason, but I have trouble keeping up. I wonder if anyone could possibly show me the calculus behind the reason. Basically, I understand that it's something less than O (n3), but I could not land independently on O (n2)

Suppose we are given three sets of numbers, A, B and C. We will
assume that no individual sequence contains duplicate values, but that
there may be numbers in two or three sequences.
The problem of tri-fold disjunction is to determine whether the
the intersection of the three sequences is empty, namely that there is no
element x such that x ∈ A, x B and x C

Besides, it's not a homework problem for me – this ship sailed years ago :), just me trying to be smarter.

def disjoint(A, B, C):
        ”””Return True if there is no element common to all three lists.”””   
        for a in A:
            for b in B:
                if a == b: # only check C if we found match from A and B
                   for c in C:
                       if a == c # (and thus a == b == c)
                           return False # we found a common value
        return True # if we reach this, sets are disjoint

According to the manual;

In the upgraded version, it's not just that we save time if we get
fortunate. We claim that the worst trip time for disjoint is
O (n2).

The explanation of the books, which I have trouble following, is the following.

To take into account the total time of execution, we examine the time spent
execute each line of code. Management of the for loop on A
requires O (n) time. The management of the loop for over over B counts as
a total of O (n2) times, since this loop is executed n times.
The test a == b is evaluated O (n2) times. The rest of the time
depends on the number of corresponding pairs (a, b). As we noted,
there are at most n pairs of this type, and therefore the management of the loop on
C and the commands contained in the body of this loop use at most O (n2)
time. The total time spent is O (n2).

(And to give the proper credit …) The book is;
Data structures and algorithms in Python by Michael T. Goodrich and. all, Wiley Publishing, p. 135

(Edit) A justification; Below the code before optimization

def disjoint1(A, B, C):
    ”””Return True if there is no element common to all three lists.”””
       for a in A:
           for b in B:
               for c in C:
                   if a == b == c:
                        return False # we found a common value
return True # if we reach this, sets are disjoint

In the above, you can clearly see that it is O (n3) because each loop should work at maximum. The book would claim that in the simplified example (given first), the third loop is only a complexity of O (n2), so the equation of complexity goes like k + O (n2) + O (n2), which finally gives O (n2). ).

Although I can not prove that this is the case (hence the question), the reader may agree that the complexity of the simplified algorithm is at least less than that of the original.

(Edit) And to prove that the simplified version is quadratic;

if __name__ == '__main__':
    for c in (100, 200, 300, 400, 500):
        l1, l2, l3 = get_random(c), get_random(c), get_random(c)
        start = time.time()
        disjoint1(l1, l2, l3)
        print(time.time() - start)
        start = time.time()
        disjoint2(l1, l2, l3)
        print(time.time() - start)



Since the second difference is equal;

enter the description of the image here

, The simplified function is quadratic

(Edit) And yet another proof;

If I assume the worst case (A = B! = C),

if __name__ == '__main__':
    for c in (10, 20, 30, 40, 50):
        l1, l2, l3 = range(0, c), range(0,c), range(5*c, 6*c)
        its1 = disjoint1(l1, l2, l3)
        its2 = disjoint2(l1, l2, l3)
        print(f"iterations1 = {its1}")
        print(f"iterations2 = {its2}")
        disjoint2(l1, l2, l3)


iterations1 = 1000
iterations2 = 100
iterations1 = 8000
iterations2 = 400
iterations1 = 27000
iterations2 = 900
iterations1 = 64000
iterations2 = 1600
iterations1 = 125000
iterations2 = 2500

Using the second difference test, the worst result is exactly quadratic.

enter the description of the image here

what is the worst time to say "I'm leaving for Paris tomorrow morning at the first hour!"?

In the evening, when it's not a possible portion of tea, and the sex of the listener is another thing: I like that, but a sudden Paris and for the first time is nonsense, I do not 'do not like. We must always speak simply and modestly for the well-being of the other, so it is in return that the other comes to compensate orally.

Leaseweb .. The worst service of all time

We have been at Servint for over 15 years and Leaseweb has bought Servint. We were promised to get a better service than Servint, but Leaseweb has become a nightmare for us.

For more than two days, my server is down and I continue to open tickets again and again, nobody cares about the problem. My company assigns and leaseweb customer support is in no hurry to answer or even review the problem. I am with one of their dedicated buggy servers and now in a hurry I have to buy a dedicated Liquid web. Now they configure my server and will transfer the data.

Rental web support is a serious nightmare. If you plan to close your business, choose Leaseweb.


Alsycon.nl | Broken GDPR Policy | Stolen data and request from RANSOM MONEY | Worst experience | Fraud Company

The host alsycon.nl is Fraud Netherlands Hosting Company from which I bought a server, which claims to be protected against DDoS attacks, the host named Maxx. First, he was friendly enough (to sell the service). Then, after the purchase, he started to give no answer if we encountered any problem, the service was not managed, but the problem was related to the hardware (the hardware support Centos 7. mentioned by him) we have waited for the relocation of centos 6,

After this incident, things went well, about a month later, he put our network out of service by saying that we had a DDoS attack, we asked him the logs with the IP addresses on which we have attacks and no data provided, then after 24 hours, everything came back online,

In the meantime, no updates or information were provided, then later that night, the network broke down, saying that we had a DDoS attack again, we checked Dstat, the incoming traffic was regular.

Then we asked him, as you claim, again and again, that we get results of DDoS attacks, please provide us with proof (I said that if you continue to do so, we will not continue from next month, this is not professional).
Listening to this, he ended my services and posted in his Discord community, claiming that he was selling our data for free if anyone wanted him, he could ping him, and he also suspended the service,

I asked for the data because we had essential customer data.
He asked me for a ransom of 250 euros to recover the data and a constant denial.

After that, my supervisor texted him and had a conversation, then he restored the services, but adding a network speed of 1 Mbps and 1 Mbps,

We could not do anything on the dedicated server. Anyway, it was like a dead service, after asking by my superior, he gave back a network of 1gbps, we took backup measures and the next day he canceled the network with IDRAC from our dedicated server saying that you were undergoing a DDoS attack.

This time he provided a screen capture of the incoming and outgoing network, which did not allow in any way to make the link with the DDoS attacks.
Then, after several shutdowns of about 48 hours, my older brother was also fed up with his behavior of not answering this question, or telling us what IP address we had, or whatever something like that He also said why, given your lack of professionalism, do not understand that we have clients to answer, he ended the services immediately.

Without even warning, he formatted the disk or not sure (he may still have the data), he changed the password of IDRAC and ssh and sold to someone else. other.
Attention, this can also happen with you.
I enclose all the evidence

In your opinion, what is the worst time to shut up?

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