javascript – What is the worst security concern that can occur using eval () in Android WebView?

I came across a hybrid Android application – which means that most of its user interface is implemented in a WebView using HTML and JavaScript technologies. The application itself connects to the server and one of the possible responses may include evaluate field, which is then directly executed via JavaScript eval() order.

Is it a security issue? What kind of attacks can the attacker make via this attack vector?

The worst movie you like

What absolutely terrible movie (s) do you like? I love watching Tremors movies because they are terrible comic horror movies, which are not labeled as dedicated horror movies.

Botnet's 10 worst ASNs

No.31 / Jin-rong Street Number of bots: 894443

Bharti Airtel Ltd. AS for GPRS service Number of bots: 698736

VNPT Corp Number of bots: 409368

National Internet Network Number of bots: 363783

AS16509 Inc. Number of bots: 274324

Telecom Algeria Number of bots: 250070

CHINA UNICOM China169 Backbone Number of bots: 248740

Pakistan Telecom Company Limited Number of bots: 238670

Iran Cell Service and Communication Company Number of bots: 233094

Idea Cellular Limited Number of bots: 220152


Wow, Amazon is number 5?

[ Politics ] Open question: no loss of American lives, the 2 worst terrorists in the world are dead. Iran has retreated. America wins thanks to DONALD TRUMP! Aren't you proud?

If this is not the case, a plane leaves every few minutes for Iran Cuba or Venezuela …. GO! grundoon; Het dummass …. "smart people" believe what they see and know to be true, which means we don't believe you or CNN. Communist apostasy: Iran deliberately failed to save face. Are you really stupid?

Bill Clinton or Obama, which president was the worst?

Obama had more class than Clinton.

I would have had a lot more respect for Clinton if he hadn't lied about his use of weeds in college. If he just said "Yeah, I did it. Everyone was doing it, I joined, but I finally grew up and gave up." then it would have been more believable than "I did not inhale".

That and getting an intern to wave the button while he was in the office didn't help him either.

In the worst case, does this algorithm sort the time complexity $ mathcal O (n) $?

It always annoyed me that sorting in $ mathcal O (n) $ It is not possible and I have thought about it from time to time. So, I had an idea but I'm not really sure if it can really sort $ mathcal O (n) $ or if there is an error in it.


So, what are you doing:

  1. Create a circle
  2. Go to position $ phi cdot 2 pi $ on the circle
  3. If there is already a compartment, increase its value. If there is no bucket, add a new bucket and set the bucket value to 1
  4. Repeat 3 when you have items
  5. Go around the circle and collect the values ​​in the buckets.

My argument for which I think it is in $ mathcal O (n) $:

  1. Finding max and min is done in $ n $ not
  2. The addition of objects to buckets is done in $ n $ not. Even if you need to "walk" around the circle, it is at most $ n cdot pi cdot r $with $ r, pi $ to be fix.
  3. Go around the circle and collect the buckets is done in $ n $ not.

IMHO, a human would be able to sort with that in $ mathcal O (n) $ but a computer could not because it does not have a spatial relationship, that is to say it can not follow the circle to collect the buckets. With LaTeX-tikz, it's easy to create an algorithm that adds to the circle. Is this correct or could a computer use it to sort a table?

Worst Speed ​​Site – Woocommerce

Hi guys,

I currently manage an ecommerce website and the speed of my site is only 3.6 on Gmetrix. There is an opportunity to correct.

1. Add Expires headers
2. Make fewer HTTP requests

I have already installed CDN (maxcdn), wprockets and imagify. My target speed is loading time of 1-2 seconds because I am running a PPC campaign. I am sure that will affect.

I hope everyone can share their thoughts and experience.

Thank you!

Has the worst nightmare of editors come true?

George Washington was the leader of an emerging Third World country that brought the world's first values. His nation was able to escape the clutches of a superpower (England) by calling for the help and mobilization of another (France).

His statements were warnings about accepting continued help from superpowers as a "shortcut" to first world status. They have nothing to do with the nations that help each other to denounce corruption. We are the superpower now, so the whole context is different too.

If you want to see examples of what Washington has really talked about, begin to trace all the ways Communist China influences the economy, politics, politics, education system, (even religion) of this country, through the political left. China is a superpower (unlike Ukraine) and their corrupt influence is profound. This is what President Trump is trying to expose and why he is being targeted. The Communist-style "office" system that arrived in our country at about the same time that communist revolutions were taking place elsewhere in the world is the main mechanism of corrupt influence, unnecessary "secret," wasteful and abuse of power like what they are trying to do. to their own president, their nation, freedom and our way of life itself.

Common case or worst case

I am in a project where the scenarios are really different. Should I design for the common scenario or the worst case?

Letsupload worst downloader ever has the worst uploader of all time. I am only a registered user. 80% of the time downloads fail and when they do not fail, the average is 300kpbs at 400kbps and my maximum download speed is 4.2mb. I have sent several times an email to the administrator to get an answer stating that it will be repaired 4 months and a half later and that it is not resolved, I 'm not sure. have finished with this file host. Premium users get 85% of the bandwidth and all the others get what's left, which is not enough. This file host is great, only the download side is the …

Letsupload worst downloader ever