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Honestly, I would not recommend it as a way to make a living unless you're a very skilled investor. There are people who have made a fortune since day trading, but the daily changes in the market are much more difficult to determine than the longer term changes. However, if you know the market well, it could be very profitable.

If you want to get into day trading, learn from someone who is a successful day trader. And get to know the markets as best you can before you start, if you decide to get started. In addition, as day trading is such a high risk, you should only do it with a safe portion of your investments. Then you can potentially enjoy it while avoiding burning your money if day trading does not go well at some point.

Is IQmining worth the investment?

I am interested in investing in cryptographic contracts. Is IQmining worth it?

Worth maintaining a blog for a hosting site?

There was another topic on here discussing comments on adding a forum to an accommodation site.

Reading this, I had another idea … What is the opinion of everyone on adding a blog to a hosting site?

Does this help more than SEO reasons? Do customers or potential customers really take the time to read this? Is it worth the constant creation / maintenance needed to maintain a blog?

Existing businesses with a blog – can you share comments or traffic data about it?

dnd 5th – As a half-orc barbarian, is it worth diving a few levels into the fighter class?

TL; DR: like a Grandmaster of armsHalf-orcian Barbarian, is it worth it to take 3-4 (or more?) Fighter levels, to inflict more damage?

I'm going to play a barbaric half-orc in a pure PHB D & D 5E campaign that will start soon, starting at level 1. I decided to use the Grandmaster of arms feat, weaving a sleeve (d12).

A half-orc barbarian can be a decisive success, thanks to Wild Attacks associated to Brutal criticism. However, besides the advantage over the attack throws granted by Reckless attackthere is no way to increase the odds above ~ 10%. I find that a bit unsatisfactory.

I thought I'd take a few levels of the Fighter class, maybe after reaching level 5 with the barbarian, in order to win Additional attack first. With three levels, choosing the Weapon fighter fighting style and the Champion archetype, I can increase both the average damage and the critical strike chance (the latter about + 5%, as I understand the math) while getting Surge Action.

This sounds great but, of course, slows the path to more Brutal criticism dice and more rage uses and damage. Moreover, assuming I reach level 20 (17 barbarians / 3 fighters) of the campaign, I will not receive the last barbaric ASI (at level 19) and Primal Champion, which means, at least, I will not gain +2 attack and damage rolls when I reach 24 strength and +2 AC given by the raise in Constitution, thanks to Unshielded Defense. I could take another level of fighter (16/4) to compensate the ASI, but that would also mean a less Brutal criticism dice (because the barbarian wins the latter at level 17), which goes against the purpose of such a critical construction.

I can not decide to follow this path or to do nothing but the barbarian. I may not have even correctly estimated the increase in average damage and critical risk because I do not really know the calculations.

Will becoming purely barbaric or one of the choices in multiclassing lead to increased damage?

If you have a different class combination to achieve the best damage performance, please report it.

WoW Classic is it worth to be played? Many players are talking about this topic these days. – Forex training

These are two real players, the videos of Frostadamus and Kargoz. Here are the reasons why people are eagerly awaiting the release of Gold of World of Warcraft Classic. The game has attracted tens of millions of players and is still capable of generating hype and bringing players together after 15 years. Today, wowclassicgp will share the reasons why wow classic is worth being played. All the content of this article is quoted from these two videos

World of Warcraft? (WoW) published in 2004 by? Blizzard Entertainment.?

The scale of the game could not be compared to any other MMO at that time, and the famous Warcraft series could not be matched by the emerging competition. World of Warcraft has become the best known, the most impactful and the most inspiring. game of all time.

Tens of millions of hearts and minds have been stolen by this game for nearly 15 years. Many WoW players have dreamed of reliving their adventures of Vanilla World of Warcraft. The perfectly imperfect masterpiece that is World of Warcraft Classic.

Magic vanilla WoW

World of Warcraft was not just an MMO, and it was a game that crashed on the scene, immediately capturing the hearts and attention of many players. The game has sold more than 240,000 copies during its first 24 hours, which is more than any other PC game in history at this time. More and more people were eagerly waiting to connect and experience Azeroth for themselves.


In WoW vanilla, the community was a breath of fresh air. The players played together, regrouped and worked together for a common goal: to open the doors of Ahn & Qiraj. There was a sense of friendship even between the players of opposing factions. The server communities were linked. The players on the server knew each other by their reputation, and when they sped on, there was always that moment of recognition on the battlefield. It was a lively and animated community of diverse personalities, all linked together for a common reason: a love of Warcraft and a love of captivating play.

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Is the Caddy Web server worth trying?


Has anyone used the Caddy Web server in production? Rumors say that its robustness and efficiency are better than those of NginX.

Please … | Read the rest of

pathfinder 1e – Is hellish healing really worth it?

Hell Healing is a spell that gives you fast healing 1 for 10 rounds, healing 10 HP damage. It can also be used just before the fight to stabilize automatically in case of a fall. Some people claim that it is the most effective healing of the game.

However, it has a material component: impure water, which costs 25 gp per vial, and you need a vial for 1 Infernal Healing casting.

A healing wand, Light Injury, costs 750 GP, or 15 GP per charge if you have to pay a high price. It heals 5.5 HP per charge, on average.

When you make a wand with a spell with a hardware component, you must supply it 50 times. In the event of an infernal cure, the flow rate is 50 x 25 inches, or 25 bps per charge.

In short, it is to treat an average of 5.5 HP in one round for 15 gp (2.73 gp for 1 healed HP) or exactly 10 HP in 10 turns for 40 gp (4 gp for 1 HP cured).

Is there a reason to choose the slowest option? What should be so "tempting" about the Infernal Healing Wand so that it can justify the slow corruption of your soul?

As for me, an infernal healing wand seems too expensive compared to a wand to heal minor wounds.

Trading 212 – Free Stocks worth up to £ 100 / $ 100 / € 100

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You must wait 3-5 business days before closing your position on the stock., I would choose 5 days, so that you do not seem to exploit the system.

If you invest your initial deposit between £ 30 and £ 35, you also get a link that you can share with your friends and make the same promotion. The first 20 friends you invite will receive a free random share that you can leave for an investment or a withdrawal.

5. To withdraw funds, click on your account in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and then choose the "Withdraw Funds" option from the drop-down menu to withdraw your funds from your card / bank account.

You can then close your Trading212 account if you do not need it by sending an e-mail to (protected email) or using the chat option. If you choose to keep it open, simply swap once every 6 months to avoid inactivity charges. You can also keep the account balance at zero because no idle costs are incurred in this case.

Is it worth it to include a gaming site in Google News?


I want to include my website in Google News because I have read many posts saying that it was worth it and that you will get a lot of traffic and so on.

The question is: Do they allow the inclusion of gambling information sites in Google News?

A password of a thousand characters is worth the security on my personal accounts?

It's not worth the shot.

The security of the password can not be greater than the security of the hash algorithm used on the server to store your password. The password you used, regardless of its duration, will be hashed and stored in a fixed size hash. Virtually all commonly used password hashing algorithms are 256 bits or less, so using a password longer than this will mathematically provide no additional security.