V Systems Airdrop (400 VSYS worth $ 50) | NewProxyLists

It looks like someone pulls a scam.

I apologize for this mistake because that was what I thought the site was giving up. The site is a little confusing and I think I have managed to understand how it works. I assure you I'm not up for a scam. Since I can not edit the original message, I will provide you with an update here

Task Reward – You can earn up to 100 points per day for your registration. This will give you a percentage of 400VSYS per day, depending on your daily rank.
Sponsorship Reward – If you have a sponsorship for a given day, you will get a percentage of the 300 VSYS distributed daily, based on your rank.
Interest – You will get a daily percentage of 100 VSYS, based on your daily rank (which is determined by the amount of VSYS you have accumulated).

Is Yahoo still worth it?

Is it still worthwhile to start working on the positions of my website in Yahoo?

html5 – Is the PWA worth it or is not it avenged?


I was just reading a few older topics that were talking about PWA … I was curious.

See if I understand the right.

I develop a whole responsive website as if it were a computer and add those files to the root of the project to make it a PWA? Or is there more?

Is it still worth using PWA?

How can you do SEO for a video?

Like everyone wants to rank in google or youtube.

But I want to rank my video in google,

Give me tips and suggestions so that I can coach.

bookmarking, ppt, pdf, do not bother to work.

waiting for good advice.


Is paying for SEO worth it?

Is paying for SEO worth it?

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SELENA GOMEZ NET WORTH – Other opportunities to earn money

Ingramer offers the affiliate program with a 30% fee!

Commercial conditions

30% fee

Minimum withdrawal of $ 50 in cash;

payment blocked: 15 days;

payment method: Paypal;

average purchase amount of 1 person per month: $ 34;

payment period: for life (as long as we receive payments from your referrals).

Let's calculate together!

The partner receives 30% of each payment made by the customer who has registered via the affiliate link. A simple example: the most popular module costs $ 34. If you attract 100 new users, you will receive $ 1020 per month!

You can use the online calculator to estimate your future passive income.

Please welcome the Ingramer Affiliate Program!

The Ingramer membership program is a contract between the Ingramer service and the partner.

The basic principle for earning money is the following:

The partner gets the affiliate link and access to the affiliate account of a support team via [email protected]; more info https://ingramer.com/affiliate/

The partner sticks the link to the blog, the website, the Instagram account or any other place likely to attract sponsorship;

If the sponsor registers an Ingramer account via the partner's affiliate link, the partner benefits from a 30% deduction on each payment.

How it works?

Are you ready to look at the real example?

Take a look at the real dashboard of affiliates:

Clicks is a number of leads, which followed your affiliate link;

Registrations is a number of people who have registered on Ingramer;

Accounts is a number of Instagram accounts that has been added to the system.

Membership is a number of accounts that have paid for the trial or other period of use of Ingramer;

The fees correspond to a number of payments made to Ingramer;

Income is your profit, your earnings and your money!

What distinguishes Ingramer from others?

The most accurate targeting of the market, based on the technology of IA

Ingramer allows hashtags targeting by your TA, the location it points to, and the list of usernames you create (for example, your competitors). In addition, you have the ability to add some hashtags, locations and usernames to the blacklist so that Ingramer can not target its actions in this way.

Ingramer has advanced filters for more precise targeting. These are the language filter, the gender filter, the time zone filter.

Best performance results

Unlike its competitors, Ingramer is a product in constant evolution. An average Instagram bot performs 1000 to 1300 actions a day, depending on your configuration settings.

User-friendly interface

It's really a pleasure to work with this easy-to-use tool. Just have a look at Ingramer and appreciate the work of our team of designers. We try to do the best service for each user!


Is it worth using wp_unique_post_slug?

From what I can say, wp_insert_post will automatically add a – # to your post, so why does wp_unique_post_slug exist?

Is it only for historical purposes or is there still a good reason to use it?

Is it worth it to regularly empty the cache, cookies and history of my browser?

The browser cache saves web pages that you visit frequently. The cache is very small and its erasure will not make any difference.

Browser cookies are where all your login information is stored. You can erase it, but then you will be disconnected from all the websites.

If you browse a lot, clearing the browser history and saved images is a good way to make sure the browser is working properly. For me, a month of browsing history is usually about 15 MB and the images are between 600 and 800 MB.

Is Sitelock worth it?

After decades with my old ISP and web host, I move to Hostgator. So, they offer this Sitelock thing.

At first, I thought it sounded like a good idea, and the basic solution included a firewall and a CDN. In fact, for the basic "Search" plan, there is a switch to activate the firewall. That's what I did, but GTMetrix says that there is still no CDN. So I asked them about it and I was told that the Find plan does not include a CDN. And when I look at the comparison chart, it says that it does not even include a firewall. Huh? As far as I know, with my old ISP, I have never been hacked, but I have no idea what kind of security is used. All I know is my domain and the email cost $ 20 a month. Forethought.net

So, I just saw this: (can not use the URL yet) Beware of malware scams – SITELOCK, HOSTGATOR, BLUEHOST, AND THE ANK AGAINST ANGRY DAUGHTER

And I wonder if it is also easy to hack a website Hostgator? Do not they even use a firewall? And should I pay for something like this sitelock, which may scam me with false insinuations, to make me pay by the nose?

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