Is Blesta worth the price? What do you like and hate about it?

Is the $ 750 Blesta Lifetime License Worth the Price? I'm asking because I'm currently at the crossroads between Blesta's lifetime license and Hostbill's starter license for $ 599 USD.

I would also like to know what you like or hate about Blesta and what area of ​​Blesta is missing.

Thank you

NVMe – it's worth it

Depends on whether your current usage is hampered by I / O constraints and whether you are currently using a hard drive or SSD? For us, we have been switching to NVME drives for quite some time and have not looked back.

But considering the small price difference, if you were even considering choosing an SSD configuration, I would strongly recommend reloading NVME drives a little more as this would also help to perpetuate your configuration. Although I suspect export delays from China, prices for SSD and NVME drives will rebound in the current quarter and the next.

dnd 5th – Is the mobile exploit worth it for a monk?

I'm new to dnd and I'm interested in playing a monk character. From the limited research I have done, it seems to me that the monk is a moving character who tries to avoid being touched and who flies in and out of the reach of his adversary, resulting in the main concern of the attacks of opportunity.

There are two solutions to this problem that I know of: spending a ki point to opt out or take the mobile exploit. However, both have problems.

Especially at lower levels, ki points are rare and spending one to disengage as opposed to a burst of blows would seriously hamper the damage. In addition, this can only be done very few times, which weakens the monk's mobility.

Taking the mobile exploit has its own problems. Ability scores are very important for a monk as they are based on three different abilities (dex, wis and con), so taking the mobile exploit to the fourth level will hurt the monk in the long run.

So, in short, is it better to take the mobile exploit or use ki to opt out? In addition, if it is better to take the mobile exploit, should it be taken with the human variant or at the fourth level?

Is it worth it to manage SEO-optimized URLs that could change over time? Or should I use generics that won't change?

I will be using SEO compatible URL slugs for the pages of my website.

But I would like to know how far should I go in this direction.

My specific question is whether I should choose SEO-optimized URLs that may change over time.


Of: /blog/top-3-tablets-for-2019

This might have to change to (in fact, this example would change at least 1 time per year, due to the change of year, but the number of products might also change):

AT: /blog/top-5-tablets-for-2020


Is it worth it? Because each time this slug changes, I will have to manually configure a 301 redirect from the old to the new. This is how I do not lose the ranking of Google pages. Otherwise, Googlebot will see a 404 from the OLD and will treat the new URL as a whole new page.

What I could do:

/blog/best-tablets // <—- THIS WILL NOT CHANGE

And I could always update the page title:

Of: Top 3 tablets for 2019
AT: Top 5 tablets for 2020

So should I take the trouble to update the slug (at least once a year), or should I offer generic slugs that shouldn't change over time. Is there an SEO advantage to taking the more complicated route?

Is Cloudflare's paid service worth it?


Will this dramatically increase site speed and improve the security of websites starting up to use Cloudflare Pro? Or the FREE … | Read the rest of

canada – How can I get high net worth invoices in another currency?

I am traveling from the United States to Canada soon for a wedding and for various reasons (no check-in, no baggage allowance, the couple lives in a small apartment), I would like to donate money as a wedding gift.

From my experience with ATMs, they often only provide $ 20 bills that are not in a condition that I would like to put in a fancy box with a nice note.

Do you have any recommendations? My current plan is just to look for a brick and mortar bank once I'm in Canada and ask, but I'm not sure they'll be ready to accommodate someone who doesn't bank with them.

If $ 1, omega, omega ^ 2, ….. omega ^ {n-1} $ are the roots n, $ n ^ {th} $ of the unit, then $ (1- omega) (1 – omega ^ 2) .. (1- omega ^ {n-1}) is it worth?

$$ w ^ n = 1 $$
$$ omega ^ n-1 = 0 $$
But $$ omega ^ n-1 = (1- omega) (1- omega ^ 2) …. (1- omega ^ {n-1} $$because $ omega, omega ^ 2 …. $ are the roots of the equation $ omega ^ n-1 $

The answer should therefore be zero. But the answer given is c. What's wrong?

UX Bootcamp – is it worth it or not for a beginner?

How can we use a 10 week intensive UX Design bootcamp? (40 hours / week, 2-3 portfolios, resume / placement assistance thereafter) Without prior technical experience, can you expect to find a job afterwards? Or do employers usually seek degrees in graphic design / IT? Any entry helps!

Maybe someone here knows which terminal security platform is worth using?

Hi, maybe someone here knows which terminal security platform is worth using?

USA – ESTA refused. Is it worth applying for a visa?

I recently applied for an ESTA, it was turned down because I was stupid years ago. I have a warning for growing cannabis, and also a conviction for handling stolen goods … is it even worth applying for the visa?

It’s a long life dream to go to New York for my 40th birthday and I just don’t want to spend a lot and not get a visa.