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WoW Classic Beginners Guide

WoW Classic has been one of the most popular games in the last two years. Some of the reasons behind people’s obsession with classic are that it’s down the earth and quite challenging. There’s also much more of an incentive to party with other players, which leads to a plethora of friendships and memorable interactions. However, WoW Classic can be very overwhelming for those who enter the Classic world in the first place. There are a lot of aspects to be learned.

The video below is from a real player Platinum WoW, in which he went through some basics and tips for new players.

Character Creation (Server, Faction, Race, Class)

First, we need to pick a server. There are three different types of servers–PvP, PvE, and RP. PvP is player versus player. It means you can only make a character from one faction on a PvP server. For example, if you make an alliance character, you can only play alliance on that server. PvE is a player versus environment server, which means you need flag yourself for PvP if you want to fight the opposite faction and RP is a PvE server except people role play on it. I recommend a PvP server if you want to get the full classic experience.

Next you need to pick a faction. If you live under a rock, WoW has two factions–the Horde and the Alliance. The big difference between the two factions is Paladin in Alliance only and Shaman in Horde only. Playing either faction is like a whole different game for the most part. For instance, they have totally different questioning hubs and cities, so don’t be afraid to try both of them at some point.

Then pick a race. Each race has specific ratios that you can benefit from. I won’t go over them because they only really matter if you’re really trying to min/max your gameplay. Honestly, you can just choose whatever you think is pretty.

Now to pick a class, I could spend two hours talking about each class. So we’ll keep it short. First, Mages are the traditional wizard type class. They have great CC and can conjure food, water and portals. Priests are the ultimate healers. They are surprisingly efficient to level and can go shadow spec for DPS. Rogues are the thief’s characters, and they can go invisible, ambush enemies, and craft poisons. Warlocks are your evil summoners. They use dots, demons and they also fear their enemies. Warriors use rage as a resource and they make for great tanks and DPS. Drews can take the forms of cats, bears, cheetahs and seals. They can also heal DPS and tanks. Paladins are an Alliance exclusive class that make for great support. They are the best healers, but they can also DPS and tank. Shamans are a Horde exclusive class that are also considered as a support class. They can also heal and DPS. This is just a brief intro on the classes, which is mainly just used to spark interest in a class that you might like.

Starting Your Journey

Once you pick a race in a class, you’ll be able to delve into the world of WoW Classic. When you load in, there will be some tips at the bottom of your screen, which will teach you the super basics of the game. I will go over 2 tips that the game won’t tell you. The first thing you’ll probably notice is that quests do not show up on the mini-map and you have to actually read the quest text to figure out where to go. If you’re still lost, you can look up the quest online or get a quest hopper like custody, which helps you point at the right direction. I’d also recommend turning on Instant Quest Text, which will help save you a bunch of time.

Wow Classic starts out with some pretty slow combat, which focuses more on auto attacks rather than abilities. Mobs with grey nameplates means that they are already been attacked by another player. That is to say, if you kill them, you will gain no rewards for doing so. You can circumvent this by pairing up with a player, but you will get reduced XP for killing mobs. Try to always loot the mobs you kill, because WoW Classic Gold is really hard to come by, so selling what you find off of enemies is an important way to make passive income.

You can also talk to a class trainer to get new abilities. Some abilities are super useful, while others are pretty much useless while leveling. Training new abilities costs a lot of Classic WoW Gold, so it depends on what you think is the most important. Sometimes, instead of getting a totally new skill, you can get a higher rank of a skill that you already have. Classic allows abilities to get stronger at higher ranks. And make sure you’re replacing your skills on your action bar, because it doesn’t do it automatically.

Capital City

And you can move on to the next hub. At some point, your adventures will lead you to a capital city where you can learn some more details about the game. If you talk to a guard, they can help point at the right direction for these useful things. Things like a weapon trainer, weapon trainers teach you how to use new weapons. Classes are limited to using one weapon type, but they can learn more by talking to a trainer. I strongly recommend learning as many as you can, because there isn’t a worse feeling than you are supposed to level up but you can’t use it because you don’t know how to use a sword, for instance. In their awesome capital cities as well as the town hubs, they serve the same purpose as they do in the normal games, you can get XP there. And you can also buy food and water there, which is kind of expensive. So if you can try and buy it from mages instead and tip them, it will be a lot cheaper.

Profession Trainings

Professions are split into two types, primary and secondary. Secondary professions include cooking, fishing and first aid. Cooking and fishing are good ways to make money but they are by no means required. I strongly recommend first aid, because it quickly heals you up and you’ll save tons of time and money. All you need for the first day is just some cloth which you can find through any humanoids questing. Primary professions include crafting and gathering professions. With these skills, you can collect herbs, skin animals, mine or craft armor and conjure potions. You can also take those resources that you craft or gather to the auction house, where you can sell and buy goods from other players. You can make some easy money by selling the gear you found or some reagents you’ve collected. But I strongly recommend not spending a lot of money here. Spending money on the auction house is an easy new trap, so you need to save that money for things like weapon training or getting new skills or most importantly getting your mount up 40.


Dungeons are some of the most fun you can have in the early game. Through dungeons, you can make friends and learn a lot about your class. I strongly recommend doing the first dungeons available to you not because you can get XP fast, but because there are a lot of fun and you can gain a lot of knowledge. The first dungeon available for Horde is Rage Fire Chasm at level 14 and for the Alliance, it is around level 17. You got to get all your quests from outside of the dungeon and then travel to the actual dungeon on foot. Threaten aggro also plays a much more important role in classic. It means that the tank in the party wants aggro, so the mobs would hit them and in order to get aggro, they need to gain threat on a mob. Threat is generated by hitting the mob or using abilities. It’s critical that you give the tank a few seconds to generate his threat, so when DPS or healers start using their abilities, they won’t get kicked by gaming aggro. This is another mistake that new players often make.

So that’s the beginner’s guide to the game. Hope that it would help you to learn some aspects of the game. Enjoy your time, immerse yourself in the world and have fun being one of the many adventurers in the world of WoW Classic. If you need cheap WoW Classic Gold and WoW Classic Power Leveling service, would be a good choice for you, on which you can also learn some useful WoW Classic guides.

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Interview: Q&A with Wow Technologies Founder and CEO Erward Osckar on Evolving in a Cloud-First Hosting Industry and Leading the Way

Colocation Provider Wowrack's Founder and CEO Erward Osckar

As we continue our Low End Box Interview Series today we are excited to talk to Erward Osckar, Founder and CEO of Wow Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of colocation and cloud enabled services globally.  Erward and his team are uniquely positioned to shed some light on industry trends and where things are going given his tremendous accomplishments at Wowrack. So, let’s get started with the interview!

Tell me about your background and Wowrack’s history?

My name Is Erward Osckar, Founder and CEO of Wow Technologies, Inc. Jimmy Pandra, my partner, and I started the company as in 2001 as a webhosting company and dedicated server company. We started the company early in our career. In fact, I just got done with my Graduate school program and Jim was still in college when we started. We started the company literally out of Jim’s one bedroom apartment in Seattle. At that time, we were fascinated with the Internet and learnt a lot of things on our own based out of our self-interest. I have always been more fascinated in System and Network Administration and Jim has always been gifted in running physical datacenter and company operation. We talked about opening up our own business as two young kids and made a decision to start up Wowrack after having 15 minutes of conversation. We broke open our piggy bank, maxed out of our credit card, and got $20K in startup monies and launched the company in August of 2001. The rest is history as we have run the company together for almost 20 years now, and have also grown up to be successful entrepreneurs.

Wowrack has an excellent reputation and market position on the West Coast – what do you owe the great results to?

I think our reputation is the result of our hard work, honesty, service-oriented mindset, and just being an all-around easy business partner to work with for all of our clients, vendors and everyone we work with. This is the kind of DNA that we try hard to instill and develop in every Wowrackers and the result shows. We have not only built a great entrepreneurial reputation, but we are essentially operating as an extended families of our clients. Yes, Really! Relationship and uptime is always the primary for us. Business always comes secondary.

Where do you think the future takes the hosting industry?

Over the 20 years in the industry, I have certainly seen a lot of difference changes. I see a lot of hosting / colo / telco providers who had great success in the past being pushed out in the market as they are slow to evolve and adapt to more of the service industry. I always say that the market of selling space, compute, disk space, email accounts are long gone with the evolution of the large cloud or wholesale real estate providers. In order to evolve in this business, one needs to be able to adapt and provide much more value added services to their clients. Selling Infrastructure and platform is no longer a sustainable business (unless you are the hyperscalers). One needs to continue to provide service, or platform, or software, in order to stay relevant in the hosting industry. The good news is that the market is extremely large and there will always be a client for you. Whoever can continue to provide value to their clients will be the one who survive in this continuous evolution of our industry.

What makes your company unique in today’s evolving market landscape? How are you evolving with the times?

Wowrack’s recipe for success has always been centering our decision process around customer’s needs and what’s important for them. I know that everyone in the industry is saying the same thing, but executes differently. We are not largely unique in terms of datacenter, colocation, and the technology that we provide to our clients. However being able to stay consistent and deliver and provide good quality responses to our customers is what makes us stay relevant in the market. In addition, we have never been afraid to learn new things and deliver new technologies to our client. This is also very important as we stay relevant in the industry, makes things exciting for our engineers, and most importantly continue to have fun.

What do you enjoy most about your role? What do you find most difficult?

The thing that I enjoy the most is witnessing how our product and services serves our customer on their day-to-day technological needs. For instance, understanding that there are financial institutions out there that depends on our services for their critical infrastructure puts the criticality of our service to another level. Or maybe going to a retail store or restaurant and knowing that their data goes thru our infrastructure for processing is a very rewarding feeling. This is the kind of thing that I enjoy the most and I try to relay this as much as possible to our engineers. I always told them that what they see as blinking lights, or web server, or firewall rules, or unplanned outage, can have so many different impacts to many people.

What I found most difficult for me is to continually educate and train our employees about the Wowrack values and how to be consistent in our service delivery. Our business is 24/7/365 with so many different variables that can go wrong at any time. Planning, mitigating, and remediation of risk factors are always the number one priority in my mind and its not easy.

Both personally and professionally, what guiding principles ground you?

Simple. I have always been taught to treat others as you want to be treated. As I have high standard on how I’d like to be treated, I always go out of my way to make sure that I am highly sensitive to the things that are important to others and I would go out of my way to make sure that its met. This is the principles that I taught my own kids and our employees. I honestly believe that human being is overall decent, and we all wanted to be treated right.

Give us some details on new and exciting things you are working on?

On the enterprise level, Wowrack is continuing to work with our customers to deliver uptime, stability and compliancy to their infrastructure. Things on the enterprise level will continue to be exciting for our guys as we often deploy new exciting and fast technologies. Wowrack is also continuing our rapid growth in the Asia Pacific market where we have our secondary Headquarters in. We have acquired real estate and fiber assets and will continue our growth in the infrastructure and telecommunication market over there. Lastly, our team in Asia have also recently launched, a multitenant Cloud platform with numerous local partnership in Asia.

Why should customers trust you and your business?

Our reputation, DNA, and principles as described in points no 2&6 above

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Wowrack - Global Provider of Cloud Enabled Solutions

Jon Biloh

I’m Jon Biloh and I own LowEndBox and LowEndTalk. I’ve spent my nearly 20 year career in IT building companies and now I’m excited to focus on building and enhancing the community at LowEndBox and LowEndTalk.

WOW Classic Players Will Relive the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj

World of Warcraft Classics is slowly bringing the full version of the original MMO experience to reality, and one of the biggest attacks and events in the game will go live on July 28. Version 1.13.5 will unlock the content of "Ahn’Qiraj" and take the player to the sand of Silithus.

On July 28th, World of Warcraft Classic players will relive the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj world event, when thousands of races will take the lead in opening the nominal gate and release groups of angry monsters on Azeroth.

On the day of July, World of Warcraft Classic will enter the fifth stage of its release schedule. This update will add the Scepter of the Shifting Sands mission line and begin the Ahn’Qiraj War – these are two key components of a global event that require the hard work of the guild and the entire server community.

Ahn’Qiraj’s war effort requires players to donate production materials in preparation for combating the evil exterminator Qiraji in the Silithus region. Basically, stacking this kind of inventory is a competition between server communities to understand who can finish the World Series first.

The second part of the event is strictly aimed at Classic’s core players. The Assault Guild will carry out a long and tortuous task to build the Scepter of the Shifting Sand, which is an extremely rare item that only a few players can use on each server. Interestingly, Luke Smith, the director of Destiny 2, was one of the luckiest players when he first participated in the game of Ahn’Qiraj in 2006.

After completing these two tasks, the keeper of the scepter can sound a gong, which will open the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj, triggering a 10-hour war, the entire server can participate in while hardcore raiders will slip through the battle to test their mettle in the two new raids.

This is one of the most ambitious events in the history of World of Warcraft, and I am very happy to see Classic reappear at this moment. The first time the door of Ahn’Qiraj was opened, the chaos caused almost made the server unbearable, leading to various nasty connection problems and lags. But this is an unprecedented conflict in the scale of online games, and it will be fascinating to revisit this moment

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CreeperHost – 3GB OpenVZ VPS from just $3.33/month – Wow – In many global locations!

CreeperHost - VPS and Minecraft HostJake from CreeperHost sent in their first offer to LowEndBox and we’re glad they did – because they’ve been a big player in the Minecraft Hosting space for years. Today’s offer is for a couple different game server friendly OpenVZ deals that are worth checking out. Each package is available in a long list of locations including the UK, Los Angeles, Sydney, Hong Kong, Dallas, Buffalo, Chicago, Tokyo, Brazil and so on.  Because CreeperHost is using Intel Xeon E-2288G CPUs in many of their locations we are designating this offer as “High CPU” because those are some fast processors!

You can check out their TOS on their website and their WHOIS is public. Accepted payment methods: AMEX, MasterCard, VISA, BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, Direct Debit, Bank Transfer, PayPal. CreeperHost is a registered company in the UK (#08401051).

In their own words:

“CreeperHost is the provider of the ultimate game server toolbox. We pride ourselves on our custom-built panel, just for your gaming-server needs. We offer a wide variety of game servers, voice software, MySQL, Docker, NGINX, VNC Desktop, OpenVPN installations – all with just 1-click installs. Our servers also come with full file access via sFTP and also root console access over SSH. We have been a game hosting provider since 2011, and have adapted to provide the best quality product to our customers. Unlike many hosts, we have a completely custom-built panel for our services, tailored to each games needs.

Not only have we served over 315 thousand services, but our involvement in the Minecraft community has made a significant global impact. Our partnership with the United Nations Block by Block initiative has helped turn neglected urban spaces into beautiful new landscapes. Feed The Beast have also been long-time partners, and their new FTB App is backed by our infrastructure, providing over 360 million requests a month.
We’re proud of our contributions to the Minecraft community and hope to continue serving it for years to come!

Here are the offers:

Magma Cube

  • 750MB RAM
  • 2x vCPU
  • 3GB SSD space
  • 3TB transfer
  • 1Gbps uplink
  • 1x IPv4
  • OpenVZ/CreeperPanel
  • 24/7 Expert Game Support
  • Coupon: LOWENDBOX
  • $3.33/month
  • (Order Now)

  • 1000MB RAM
  • 2x vCPU
  • 5GB SSD space
  • 3TB transfer
  • 1Gbps uplink
  • 1x IPv4
  • OpenVZ/CreeperPanel
  • 24/7 Expert Game Support
  • Coupon: LOWENDBOX
  • $4.45/month
  • (Order Now)
Chicken Jockey

  • 1500MB RAM
  • 3x vCPU
  • 15GB SSD space
  • 3TB transfer
  • 1Gbps uplink
  • 1x IPv4
  • OpenVZ/CreeperPanel
  • 24/7 Expert Game Support
  • Coupon: LOWENDBOX
  • $8.35/month
  • (Order Now)

Note: Use the coupon for LowEndBox exclusive offer of 10% off for 6 months!

More information, including network details after the break. Be sure to leave your experiences in the comments below.

GHM – Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK
Test IPv4:
Looking Glass:

LAX – Los Angeles, California, USA
Test IPv4:

SYD – Sydney, New South Wales, AUS
Test IPv4:

HKG – Hong Kong, China
Test IPv4:

DAL – Dallas, Texas, USA
Test IPv4:

CHI – Chicago, Illinois, USA
Test IPv4:

BUF – Buffalo, New York, USA
Test IPv4:

HND – Tokyo, Kanto, USA
Test IPv4:

GRU – Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, BZ
Test IPv4:

MIA – Miami, Florida, USA
Test IPv4:

JBG – Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA
Test IPv4:

SEA – Seattle, Washington, USA
Test IPv4:

ISL – Istanbul, Marmara, TR
Test IPv4:

Please be sure to share your comments below!

Jon Biloh

I’m Jon Biloh and I own LowEndBox and LowEndTalk. I’ve spent my nearly 20 year career in IT building companies and now I’m excited to focus on building and enhancing the community at LowEndBox and LowEndTalk.

Newest, fastest and WOW Prices: 60C/120T 1TB Ram $479 Dual EPYC 128C/256T Monster $679 Intel 10900X

Keeping with tradition of offering the newest hardware first, we are pleased to announce we now have Intel 10th generation offerings in stock. From the i7 10700k (faster than i9 9900k) to the extreme edition platform which has a number of advantages (upto 256GB RAM, Quad channel memory vs dual, AVX512 instructions, etc). We expect to have the i9 10900k’s in a week or two. Let us know your needs as we stock every type of server you can imagine, from these new Intel setups to the fastest dual cpu setup around (Dual AMD EPYC 7742 128 core 256 thread monster). Don’t forget about the Threadrippers, they are beasts and the feedback on them has been amazing.

Check out some pics of the newest hardware shipment, over 20TB of fast DDR4 RAM, massive processing power with 3950x/3900x and 3970x. We should have pictures of these new Intel setups as well as the high end EPYC 256 thread servers soon. -…type=3&theater

** We will have some more pictures soon, as a full semi load of hardware (dozens of pallets) came in recently.

Find a better price somewhere else? Let us know as we have been making deals on high end configs for nearly 20 years!

*** Email for Raid configs, 8/12/24/48 drive configs, Optane, large NVMe and so on

*These promos are in our Utah DC, LA is at least $30 more per server.

**The promos below are just some quick configs. We can build anything you need just email us at and let us know what you need. We can also work good deals on 10+ bulk orders!

***Typical prepay discounts are 7% for 6mo and 20% off on yearly prepayment, so these prices could be 20% lower!

>>>Limited time upgrade specials<<<<

Add a 1.2TB NVMe drive to most servers for only $15 extra a month

Add a 3.2TB NVMe drive to most servers for only $35 extra a month (until we are out of stock)

Add an amazing 7.68TB Enterprise high end 8x 6,000M/s NVMe to most servers for $79

Add a super fast 1TB PCI-E 4.0 5,000M/s and 700k iops for only $25 a month (EPYC or Threadrippers) 2TB drives possible)

almost fastest server right now (its bigger brother 7742 is and this can be upgraded), faster than 4x cpu Intel platinum’s!

AMD EPYC 7702 Dual CPU 128 core 256 thread monster.

256GB DDR4 ECC RAM (1TB DDR4 RAM $400 more a month)

7.6TB High end enterprise 8x NVMe (6,000MB/S 1 million+ IOPS)


/29 5x usable ip’s

100TB over 1Gbps
$679 / Mo Show us a better deal on this monster! Other configs possible, SAS3 Raid, more drives, more NVMe etc

Fast Intel platinum setup with high 3Ghz base clock!

Intel Dual CPU Platinum 8124M 36 core 72 thread 3Ghz clock, rare CPU


4x 1.92TB SAS3 SSD


/29 5x usable ip’s

100TB over 1Gbps
$459 / Mo Show us a better deal on this monster Other configs possible, SAS3 Raid, more drives, more NVMe etc

Intel’s newest generation i9 10900x Extreme edition setup

Intel i9 10900x newest gen 10 core at fast 3.7Ghz base clock easy upgrade to 18 cores

256G Quad channel memory (double i9 9900k)

2x 1.2TB Enterprise NVMe (Lots of upgrades in stock, raid, 16TB HDD, etc)

On server platform board, IPMI, Intel server NIC’s etc

/29 5x usable ip’s

100TB over 1Gbps
$199 / Mo very limited stock

Amazing bang for buck on super high end compute, ThreadRipper 3990x 80,000 passmark KING

AMD Threadripper 3990x 64 core 128 thread high 2.9hz base clock

128G DDR4 ECC RAM (128GB ECC and 256GB faster RAM in stock)

2x 1.2TB Enterprise NVMe (lots of upgrades as well as PCI-E 4.0 drives inbound)

/29 5x usable ip’s

100TB over 1Gbps
$459 / Mo

Tons of RAM and tons of cores, good for low cost VPS node

Dual Intel Xeon E5-2697v2 24/48 cores

256GB DDR3 ECC RAM (upgrade to 512GB or 1TB RAM!)

4x 1.92TB SAS3 enterprise SSDs add upto 8x more drives to this server!

/29 5x usable ip’s

100Tb over 1Gbps
$239 / Mo (not many of these on hand, grab it fast!)

Top Ryzen CPU right now, 16 core 3950x monster!

AMD Ryzen 3950x 16 core 32 thread high 3.5Ghz base clock >36k passmark score!

64GB DDR4 RAM (Only +$32 more for 128GB RAM)

2x 1.2TB NVMe drives!

On server board w/ IPMI, Intel NIC’s, etc

/29 5x usable ip’s

100TB over 1Gbps
$199 / Mo limited stock, unbeatable price

Newest Gen Intel’s Fastest Xeon E, 2288G 8 Core 3.8Ghz >20,000 Passmark


2x 1.2TB Enterprise NVMe

/29 5x usable ip’s

100TB over 1Gbps

Yes we allow you to use QuickSync / iGPU / Transcoding. These are Intel’s newest cpus and have most of the bugs mitigated in hardware, that alone adds a good boost in performance!
$139 / Mo

Newest generation AMD EPYC (Rome) 32 core 64 thread 7502 at 2.5ghz, tons of PCI-E bw for NVMe

256GB DDR4 ECC RAM (these can upgrade to tons of RAM, the best option if you need more RAM than the Ryzen/Threadripper can do)

4x 1.2TB Intel Enterprise NVMe drives

/29 5x usable ip’s

100TB over 1Gbps
$299 / Mo 8x open bays for SSD or large disks, lots of room for more RAM, etc.

Newest Gen Intel’s Xeon E, 2276G 6 Core Nice upgrade from E3v5/6 servers!

64GB DDR4 RAM (email us for ECC or 32/64/128GB upgrades)

1.2TB NVMe

/29 5x usable ip’s

100TB over 1Gbps

Yes we allow you to use QuickSync / iGPU / Transcoding. These are Intel’s newest cpus and have most of the bugs mitigated in hardware, that alone adds a good boost in performance!
$99 / Mo WOW, lots of RAM, quicksync, fast 6 core all for $99!

AMD Ryzen 3900x 12x cores 24x threads and one fast puppy >32,000 Passmark


2x 1.2TB NVMe add other drives, big spinners, more nvme, sas3 raid, etc

On server board w/ IPMI, Intel NIC’s, etc

/29 5x usable ip’s

100TB over 1Gbps
$175 / Mo These have a massive amount of compute power for low $$$

Intel’s newest 10th Gen i7 10700k Launch (faster than i9 9900k)

Inel 10th gen i7 10700k 8 core 16 thread at base 3.8Ghz Turbo’s to 5.1Ghz! (i9 10900k 10 core in stock in a week or two)

32GB DDR4 RAM (upgrade to 64GB or 128GB for fairly cheap)

480G SSD +$8 for 1.2tb NVMe (more NVMe, raid, and so on possible)

/29 5x usable ip’s

100TB over 1Gbps

**on high end desktop boards quality parts, Intel server nics. Server ipmi boards expected in 1-3 months and can request free swap at that time)
$99 / Mo launch special, we expect to sell out quickly and next batch will be more

Newest Gen Intel’s Xeon E, 2276G 6 Core Nice upgrade from E3v5/6 servers!

64GB DDR4 RAM (email us for ECC or 32/64/128GB upgrades)

1.2TB NVMe

/29 5x usable ip’s

100TB over 1Gbps

Yes we allow you to use QuickSync / iGPU / Transcoding, These are Intel’s newest cpus and have most of the bugs mitigated in hardware, that alone adds a good boost in performance!
$99 / Mo WOW, lots of RAM, quicksync, fast 6 core all for $99

Good bang for buck high clock older dual E5 >21k passmark

Dual Intel Xeon E5-2667v2 16 core 32 thread at high base clock of 3.3Ghz

128GB DDR3 ECC RAM (256/512G upgrades in stock)

2x 400G SAS SSD 1x 10TB Enterprise HDD

/29 5x usable ip’s

100TB over 1Gbps

Lots of possibilities for this configuration, 9x open drives, can do hardware raid, etc.
$129 / Mo shows us a better deal on something like this! One week only promo

Lowest cost newest generation high clock quicksync server

Intel Pentium Gold G5420 dual core 3.8Ghz w/ onboard graphics / full quicksync access


300GB Intel SSD +$10 for 1.2TB NVMe

/29 5x usable ip’s

40TB over 1Gbps
$45 / Mo upgrade to i5-9600k 6 core for $14 more

AMD Ryzen 3700x 8x cores 16x threads Nice bang for buck 8 core setup >22,000 Passmark


1.2TB NVMe add other drives, big spinners, more nvme, sas3 raid, etc

On server board w/ IPMI, Intel NIC’s, etc

/29 5x usable ip’s

100TB over 1Gbps
$85 / Mo

AMD Ryzen 3600 6x cores 12x threads Nice bang for buck 6 core setup >17,000 Passmark


256GB NVMe or 480G SSD add other drives, big spinners, more nvme, sas3 raid, etc

On server board w/ IPMI, Intel NIC’s, etc

/29 5x usable ip’s

100TB over 1Gbps
$65 / Mo

Monster 60/120 Thread Intel Setup 1TB RAM and lots of SSDs!

4x CPU Intel E7-8895v3 60x Real cores 120 Threads all at 2.8ghz

1TB 1024GB ECC Ram (can upgrade to 3TB!

10x 400G SSD super fast iops!

1Gbps public port and 100TB BW $479 (COLOR=”#0071c5”)WOW!(/COLOR)

**** We are hard to beat on hardware raid storage servers, if you have a better deal now please pass it on and I bet we will beat it! 12/24/32+ drive setups. *****

Yup, 500TB HDD servers are now on WHT, get two and claim you have a Petabyte of storage!
Dual E5-2660v2 20 core 40 thread, 128GB DDR3 ECC RAM, 500TB Raw 50x10TB Enterprise SAS HDD w/ hardware raid 1gb cache w/ cachecade 6/10 & 1TB SSD 600TB w/ 10G port inbound not counted $999 *** lots of ways to configure this. Need multi JBOD and 100x drives to get a full 1PB? ZFS setup? Let us know!

Dual Intel E5-2660v2 20 core 40 thread, 128GB DDR3 ECC RAM, 240TB Raw 24x10TB Enterprise SAS HDD w/ hardware raid 1gb cache w/ cachecade 6/10 & 480G SSD 150TB inbound not counted $399 Limited stock on these bad boys!

Dual Intel E5-2660v2 20 core 40 thread, 128GB DDR3 ECC RAM, 120TB Raw 12x10TB Enterprise SAS HDD w/ hardware raid 1gb cache w/ cachecade 6/10 & 480G SSD 150TB inbound not counted $259 Limited stock on these bad boys!

^^ you can pay a setup fee and lower the MRC of that server, or Prepay 6mo/12mo for deep discounts.

**if you need more CPU power these can be upgraded to Dual E5’s

**Need more storage? We can do bulk deals on these and interconnect at 10/25/40/100Gbps private, larger drives upto 16TB, much larger setups possible, 32 drive, 45 drive, and even 90 drive!.

Looking to get into AI / Machine learning / crypto mining? Tons of new options for you!

These are listed with base model servers, we can build with higher end CPUs, more RAM, faster storage, etc.

(COLOR=”#0071c5”)Simple inexpensive server to play around / learn GPU based projects. Xeon X3460, 16GB DDR3 ECC, 120gb ssd and Nvidia 1050TI GPU $89(/COLOR)

Intel Xeon X3460 4 cores



1x Nvidia 1050TI GPU
$89 / Mo

Newest gen gpu with raytracing enabled

Intel Xeon 1270, 16gb RAM 128GB ssd and 1x Nvidia 2060 Super GPU(newest gen) $139

Intel Xeon E3-1270v3


480gb SSD

1x Nvidia 2060 Super
$135 / Mo

Are you getting a better deal on a setup like these or Don’t see something you are looking for? Please reach out to SALES@WEBNX.COM we stock pretty much everything you could think of, we do custom / bulk prices and often can beat/price match many comparable providers.

More Clearance Servers are listed at

As you are on WHT, you know there are many other providers to choose from, so why pick WebNX? The things that set us apart are:

1. Our Datacenters: In LA we have many cages within Equinix LA3 with our own 24/7 staff onsite. This is a premium datacenter, not some of the smaller LA based setups with a single or 2 UPS’s. There are dozens of UPS’s, another dozen large generators as well as completely redundant cooling systems, we provide a 100% uptime SLA for power and cooling for this exact reason.

2. Our Network: few providers have nearly as many tier 1 providers in their network mix, we don’t cheap out and pick one or two budget providers. We also have a Noction Route optimizer set 100% in performance mode which constantly checks and moves routes to the best provider / fixes packet loss routes. We also welcome client suggestions and can adjust client routes as needed.

3. Our hardware offerings: Few providers offer anywhere near what we have in stock, from pretty much any type of CPU (not just one or two of the base single and dual cpu offerings), to High memory options, to crazy large hard drive offerings (need 100+ HDDs? No problem!), and unique network options from 100Gbps, 40Gbps, 2x 10Gbps to Infiniband offerings, easy to make amazing clouds on our hardware!

4. Our stability and staff: We have been around a long time, over 15 years on WHT and we have 30 full time employees. We are not a fly by night operation, kiddie host, or reseller. We have direct leases with the building and own / run everything. I urge you to check our reviews on WHT, you will find some that offer up >6 years of time with us.

cPanel 100 account license $35

Direct admin free on servers of $120+ or $10 a month

Windows Licenses are per real core not HT core:

Windows 2008/2012/2016 STD – $4 per 2x cores (only real cores count)

Windows 2012/2016 Dc Ed – $26 per 2x cores (only real cores count)

Anything legal in the USA and California is OK.

Including legal adult content and proxy servers!

With the exception of no IRC allowed.

Los Angeles network:…fornia-network

Premium Cisco powered network, base network is built on six high end Cisco ASR 9000’s Noction BGP route optimizer

1 x 10Gbps – Level3

1 x 10Gbps – XO

1 x 10Gbps – Comcast

2 x 10Gbps – NTT

1 x 10Gbps – TATA Now online

1 x 100Gbps – Telia

2 x 10Gbps – PCCW Global

2 x 10Gbps – Zayo (down for relocation)

2 x 10Gbps – GTT

1 x 10Gbps – China Unicom

2 x 10Gbps – Any2 Peering Fabric

2 x 10Gbps – Equinix Peering

1 x 10Gbps – Direct Google Peering

2 x 10Gbps – Hurricane Electric

1 x 100Gbps – Cogent (mainly peering / only for optimized routes)

Ping tests to

1G test file –

10G test file

You can also test us on –

If you have any issues, need different routes, etc please let us know as we strive for the best network possible.

The Ogden, Utah network consists of top of the line cisco ASR 9010 routers, route optimization by Noction IRP and these providers:

1 x 10Gbps – Level3 Communications

1 x 10Gbps – XO Communications

1 x 10Gbps – Telia

1 x 10Gbps – Zayo (down while we reroute)

1 x 10Gbps – GTT

2 x 100Gbps – Cogent

4 x 10Gbps – / Hurricane electric

2 x 10Gbps – Links back to our super connected Los Angeles network (different paths / providers)

Speed tests:

10G test file server –

We will announce your IP’s free of charge(with at least $99 a month in services)

If you have other needs please let us know as we strive for the best network possible.

Visit our Website for more info –

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Wow! Forums are always one thing !?

Ha, I'm not really shocked. I made a few just now.
Hi too.

BONUS TIP for cooking in a classic wow

If you want to create treats for your own use, or sell them on the market – don't sell or sell your food that you cooked the cheapest classic wow gold during the leveling process. Especially with regard to Kul Tiramisu and Mon’Dazi. Many of the parties you will use in raids with your team members use these dishes as ingredients. The foods created with these two dishes will give you 100 points to your main stat, for example, and it's not something you should ignore.

The best foods for your use

There are a lot of foods you can cook in World of Warcraft. But in truth, at the end of the game, you will only run through a few foods that will complete your class and build. This is why you will stick to some recipes.

Boralus blood sausage

5x thick paleo steak

3x Foosaka

2x aromatic fish oil

5x Sanguicell

You will receive an increase of 85 points from your main statistic based on your specialization for 1 hour. It’s great food if you want to add that extra "punch" to your character. This cooking will increase your strength, agility or intelligence. It & # 39; sa great buff that should not be overlooked, in virtually all scenarios.

Steak and seasoned potatoes

6x thick paleo steak

5x fresh potato

2x Foosaka

2x aromatic fish oil

Endurance is increased by 150 points for 1 hour. If you need additional health points, this is the dish to choose. 150 Endurance is a matter of migration, and when you survive with these 5 points of PV, you know why you did it.

Honey glazed mints

10x Ham Meat

5x Choral Honey

70 critical hit for 1 hour for the eater. The additional critical strike chance is always a good addition to your character, but it is not your priority. It's a stinking RNG stat that gives you a little extra power, but only when it manages to fire. Useful for everyone, DPS – more damage, Tank – generates more threat Menac cuz, Healers – even more powerful healing. There are certainly better buffs to use, but if you feel like it's your lucky day, go for extra credits.

Sailor’s Pie

10x brackish flesh

5x wild flour

4x Foosaka

4x Frash Potato

Your mastery stat is increased by 70 points for 1 hour. This one is really interesting. The master's degree offers you pretty buffs depending on the specialization you have chosen. Additional mastery points will increase the statistics of these useful addons, making your specialty much stronger. Very good thing to invest.

Spicy snapper

Snapper 10x Lane

5x Foosaka

Versatility stats will be increased by 70 for 1 hour. This is a very good statistic to have as it increases the damage done to your targets, while decreasing the amount of damage received from all sources. Great buff to have, 70 Versatility is something that should not be overlooked.

Swamp Fish & # 39; n Chips

10x slimy mackerel

3x wild flour

2x fresh potato

Haste will be increased by 70 points for 1 hour. Haste will be a must for DPS characters who can deal good damage with their normal attacks, with the addition of skills that have striking abilities. Haste decreases the time that must pass before you can attack again with your right click. It also affects damage over time and healing over time, as it reduces the time between ticks.

These foods will be perfect for you if you just want to eat. However, these will be ineffective when you go on a raid with your people. For master chefs interested in raids, you should all focus on

Holidays – Everyone, enter here

The kitchen in this section is the real deal. This is the time when your guild will respect you even more for cooking and spending time with them. Nothing better than a giant feast before the raid. There are a lot of parties that you can prepare, but there is only one party that will be worth your time. It requires 110 skill levels in cooking, and if you're not there yet, you should let someone else party for your raid.

Generous Captain's Feast

20x Redtail Loach

20x Frenzied Fangtooth

20x stringy nets

20x Meat Ham

12x Kul Tiramisu

12x Mon’Dazi

3x midnight salmon

The list is long and looks scary. However, this is a rank 1 recipe. There are also rank 2 and rank 3 versions. The following ranks do not increase the statistics provided by this dish. Instead, they reduce the amount of ingredients needed to create this dish. That means – opting for rank 3 as soon as possible is the smartest idea, even smarter than taking the next level of cooking as a secondary profession.

Row 3: Feast of the Generous Captain

15x Redtail Loach

15x Frenzied Fangtooth

15x stringy nets

15x Meat shank

10x Kul Tiramisu

10x Mon’Dazi

2x midnight salmon

As you can see, the difference between rank 1 and rank 3 is quite severe. Therefore, reaching rank 3 as soon as possible will be one of the best investments you can make. This will work in the long run, as you will use less money and time (which are the two pillars of na MMORPG) to create the best dishes for your raid group. There are quite a few parties you can have, but if you want to be serious, and provide as much extra statistics as possible – Bountiful Captain & # 39; s Feast will be your appetizer, main course and dessert. a main statistic based on specialization. Such a party will easily feed more than 35 people, so you can easily end your raid.

In addition, if you need WOW classic Gold while you are playing, you can go to to find and get it, it can be delivered quickly and make your game easier.

c # – Random generation of a WoW Classic character

I think the main problem you have here is that you have a very tight coupling, and you made a bouquet classes that really do nothing. Just because you can create a class / object doesn't mean you should. In this case, your use case is simple enough that the simplest solution is probably the best.

For example – the fact that you have 8 classes to represent the breed, which are all literally identical in addition to the class name is a huge smell of code. Despite this, you seem to be using ropes all the time, for no apparent reason.

I have also noticed that you instantiate your classes everywhere, although there is no instance specific behavior that it actually causes.

For your limited use case, simply making change statements will be your best bet:

enum RaceEnum {

enum ClassEnum {

enum FactionEnum {

class WowClassicCharacter {
    public RaceEnum Race { get; set; }

    public ClassEnum Class { get; set; }

    public FactionEnum Faction { get; set; }

    public WowClassicRace(RaceEnum race, ClassEnum klass, FactionEnum faction) {
        if (!WowClassicCharacter.raceIsValidForFaction(race, faction)) {
            throw new Exception("The given race and faction are not compatible");
        if (!WowClassicCharacter.classIsValidForRace(klass, race) {
            throw new Exception("The given class and race are not compatible");
        Race = race;
        Class = klass;
        Faction = faction;

    public static boolean raceIsValidForFaction(RaceEnum race, FactionEnum faction) {
        return faction switch
            FactionEnum.Alliance => race switch 
                RaceEnum.Human => true,
                RaceEnum.Dwarf => true,
                RaceEnum.NightElf => true,
                RaceEnum.Gnome => true,
                _ => false
            FactionEnum.Horde => race switch
                RaceEnum.Orc => true,
                RaceEnum.Troll => true,
                RaceEnum.Tauren => true,
                RaceEnum.Undead => true,
                _ => false

    public static boolean classIsValidForRace(ClassEnum klass, RaceEnum race) {
        return race switch
            RaceEnum.Human => klass switch
                ClassEnum.Warrior => true,
                ClassEnum.Paladin => true,
                ClassEnum.Rogue => true,
                ClassEnum.Priest => true,
                ClassEnum.Mage => true,
                ClassEnum.Warlock => true,
                _ => false
            RaceEnum.Dwarf => klass switch
                ClassEnum.Warrior => true,
                ClassEnum.Paladin => true,
                ClassEnum.Hunter => true,
                ClassEnum.Rogue => true,
                ClassEnum.Priest => true,
                _ => false
            // etc
            _ => false

It would be relatively simple to create a configuration file, database, or anything instead of hard-coded switch instructions, but it seems like your use case doesn't require complexity, so stay simple.

Then your controller looks like this:

public class SelectorController
    private readonly Random random;

    public SelectorController()
        random = new Random();

    private T GetRandomEnumValue() where T: system.Enum
        return random.Next(0, Enum.GetNames(typeof(T)).Length);

    public FactionEnum GetFaction()
        return GetRandomEnumValue();

    public RaceEnum GetRace(FactionEnum faction)
        RaceEnum race;
            race = GetRandomEnumValue();
        while (!WowClassicCharacter.raceIsValidForFaction(race, faction));
        return race;

    public ClassEnum GetClass(RaceEnum race)
        ClassEnum klass;
            klass = GetRandomEnumValue();
        while (!WowClassicCharacter.classIsValidForRace(klass, race));
        return klass;

You can easily create smarter methods than just randomly generating until they are valid, but that gets the message across.

Final points to remember:

  1. Don't create and use classes just because you can
  2. Enumerations are better than strings
  3. If in doubt, prefer simple solutions

Apologies for any errors – my C # is rusty and I wrote it all in the answer box.

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