command line – How to write an argument to a file?

I'm trying to write content to a file while modifying some values ​​that will be passed through the arguments.

I followed this answer
Creating a file with content in Shell scripts

cat> filename << - "EOF"
File contents
More Content

So, let's say when I run the script like this:

./script Abraham

and I want to write something like:

Hello Abraham
More content, etc ...

I come from a Javascript background, so I was trying something like:

`Hello $ {1}, etc ...`

but what I was getting inside the file was:

Hello 1 $
More content, etc ...

because do not let me set the variable of the argument. So, how can I accomplish that? Thank you in advance.

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How to write in the second order logic that one relationship is divisible by another?

Suppose we have the distance relation of 100 meters, R. And from 20 meters distance, M. So whatever the two coordinates a, b are 100 m apart (Rab), there are four other coordinates, say c , d, e, f so that Mac, Mcd, Mde, Mef, Mfb. This can be written in FOL with an identity like:

X∀y (Rxy ∃t∃u∃v∃w (Mxt & Mtu & Mvv & Mvw & Mwy & x t & t u & u v & v v w & w ≠ y))

Suppose now that I only want to declare that R is divisible by M. Thus, without specifying 100m and 20m, we mean that there exists a natural number n, such that there exist n-1 different coordinates of the two coordinates for R and n M relations between them. How can this be written in FOL or SOL?

testing – Write integration tests with React using Jest

Let's imagine we have this Page component:

const Page = () =>

I would like to test an interaction within the Drawer and the contents components in an integration test, fitting our Page component, so I would like to write a model for the Top bar component, because I do not need it, with:

jest.mock (/ ./ upper bar, () => {
const TopbarMock = () => null
TopbarMock returns

Then, our tests will not render this component, which would increase its execution time and it would be less likely to fail due to a bug introduced here, isolating our functionality.

The problem I have is that every time I have to add a new component in the Page component, I have to do the same thing as I did for the Top bar.

My question is whether there is a way to specify the components you will need for this integration test instead of the ones you do not need (exactly the opposite) . Something like, for this feature that I'm currently testing, I'm just going to need the Drawer and the contents components, so do not restore anything else.

Or, is there a better way to write integration tests without having to make fun of it?

amazon ecs – write access for storing Fargate tasks

I have an application that runs on Docker and writes files to a mounted folder. It works on my docker computer but generates a write access error when it is run as a task on AWS Fargate.

Access to the path. /Home/Output/8819/whdvb4cz.r05&#39; is refused.

I have to mount Fargate Task Storage on / home / Exit / 8819 / on task without Reading only check and run the service with AmazonECS_FullAccess, AdministratorAccess, AmazonECSTaskExecutionRolePolicy permissions, but still the same mistake.

I check / home / Exit / 8819 / folder at run time in the fixed menu, the folder exists, an error occurred during the file creation process.

Any help would be appreciated.

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python – Read jobs from (a job portal), categorize them and write them in separate CSV files depending on the kind of job.

I am a beginner python developer and I wrote a python script that retrieves the last 50 jobs of API (a portal for jobs), classifies them by job gender and writes each into a separate CSV file and Excel spreadsheet file. I want my code to be cleaner and more readable, so I really like getting feedback on code structure and how to make the code more readable.
This is my script:

#! / usr / bin / python
& # 39; & # 39; & # 39; This is a simple command-line python program that retrieves at most 50 last API jobs and accept two optional arguments (--category = work category
--title = "job title") and can filter the reduced tasks, then display the result
.xlsxworksheet with three leaves Male, Female and Any depending on the sex of
& # 39; & # 39; & # 39;

import urllib2
import json
import system
import csv
import xlsxwriter
import argparse

# Create an ArgumentParser
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser (description = Extract and list last 50 maximum 
"" jobs according to title, category, with 
both or with out of them.
# Create arguments using an argparse object
parser.add_argument (& # 39; - category & # 39 ;, help = "takes the name of the job category or its username")
parser.add_argument (& # 39; - title & # 39 ;, help = & # 39; takes the title of the job as a string & # 39;)

# Some variables used for flag.
job_title = & # 39;
job_category = & # 39;
flag = True

# Use tyr except to handle the analysis of arguments.
parser.parse_args ([])
args = parser.parse_args ()

# Assgin command-line arguments to variables to pass them to the urlBuilder method
job_category = args.category
job_title = args.title
flag = False
print & # 39; please enter your search like this: --category = "category name" 
--title = "title name" & # 39;

# The general URL of the API
url = & # 39; http: // filter = 1 & per_page = 50 & # 39;

# Create the URL (filter the request) to get the data from the API
def url_builder (category = None, title = None):
if category and title:
title_query = title and & # 39; & position_title = & # 39; + title.replace (& # 39;% 20 & # 39;) or & # 39; & # 39;
category_query = category and & # 39; & category = & # 39; + category.replace (& # 39;% 20 & # 39;) or & # 39; & # 39;
Global URL
return url + category_query + title_query

category elif and non title:
category_query = category and & # 39; & category = & # 39; + category.replace (& # 39;% 20 & # 39;) or & # 39; & # 39;
back url + category_query

title elif and not category:
title_query = title and & # 39; & position_title = & # 39; + title.replace (& # 39;% 20 & # 39;) or & # 39; & # 39;
return url + title_query

url = & # 39; http: // per_page = 50 & # 39;
Return URL

& # 39; & # 39; Get the data from the API as a JSON object and get the specific parts of the jobs and print them
a worksheet in different sheets according to sex.
& # 39; & # 39; & # 39;
def list_jobs (query):
# Use urllib2 to load data as a json object.
json_object = urllib2.urlopen (query)
json_data = json.load (json_object)

# Create a workboo using xlsxwriter to write data to it.
workbook = xlsxwriter.Workbook (& # 39; listJobs.xlsx & # 39;)

male_sheet = workbook.add_worksheet ("Man")
male_sheet.write_row (& # 39; A1 & # 39;['PSITION TITILE', 'SKILLS', 'EXPIRE-DATE',
                               'GENDER', 'LOCATION', 'CATEGORY'

female_sheet = workbook.add_worksheet (& # 39; Female & # 39;)
female_sheet.write_row (& # 39; A1 & # 39;['PSITION TITILE', 'SKILLS', 'EXPIRE-DATE',
                                 'GENDER', 'LOCATION', 'CATEGORY'

any_sheet = workbook.add_worksheet (Any)
any_sheet.write_row (& # 39; A1 & # 39;['PSITION TITILE', 'SKILLS', 'EXPIRE-DATE',
                              'GENDER', 'LOCATION', 'CATEGORY'

# Open a CSV file.
csv_file = open ('jobs.csv', & # 39; a & # 39; a & # 39;)

# Create a csv.writer object to write to a csv file.
csv_writer = csv.writer (csv_file)

# Write to a CSV file.
csv_writer.writerow (['Position Title', 'skill', 'Expire Date', 'Gender',
                         'Location', 'Category'

# Counters
any_counter = 1
female_counter = 1
male_counter = 1
account = 0
k = 0

# Loop on the dictionary to retrieve job attributes
for item in json_data['data']:
# Get the elements, encode them and decode them to write them in xlsx files.
title = item['position_title'].encode (& # 39; utf-8 & # 39;)
dtitle = title.decode (& # 39; unicode-escape & # 39;)
skills = item['skills_requirement'].encode (& # 39; utf-8 & # 39;)
dskills = skills.decode (& # 39; unicode-escape & # 39;)
expires = item['expire_date'].encode (& # 39; utf-8 & # 39;)
dexpire = expire.decode (& # 39; unicode-escape & # 39;)
kind = item['gender'].encode (& # 39; utf-8 & # 39;)
dgender = gender.decode (& # 39; unicode-escape & # 39;)

loc = item.get ("location"). get (& # 39; data)
state = & # 39;
for i in the range (len (loc)):
province = loc[i] 
            State = State + province['name_en'].encode (& # 39; utf-8 & # 39;)
dstate = state.decode (unicode-escape & # 39;)

category = item.get (& # 39; category). get (& # 39; data)
category = category['name_en'].decode (& # 39; utf-8 & # 39;)
dcategory = category.decode (& # 39; unicode-escape & # 39;)
# Update the counter to count the number of jobs in progress.
account = account + 1

# Get the genre attribute and check it to specify the sheet to write.
kind = item['gender']

        if kind ==> Male:
male_sheet.write_row (male_counter, k,[dtitle, dskills, dexpire,
                                                dgender, dstate, dcategory
male_counter = male_counter + 1

sex elif == & # 39;
female_sheet.write_row (female_counter, k,[dtitle, dskills, dexpire,
                                                     dgender, dstate, dcategory
female_counter = female_counter + 1

any_sheet.write_row (any_counter, k,[dtitle, dskills, dexpire, dgender,
                                               dstate, dcategory
any_counter = any_counter + 1

# Write to a CSV file
csv_writer.writerow ([title, skills, expire, gender, state, category])

# Close the workbook
workbook.close ()

# Prompt the user based on the result of job retrieval from
result1 = & # 39;
result2 = & # 39;
if job_category == None:
result1 = # any category & # 39;
result1 = job_category

if job_title == None:
result2 = "any title."
result2 = job_title

if account == 0:
print No job / s were found in for the category: & # 39; + str (result1) + 
& # 39; and title: & # 39; + str (result2)
elif job_category == None and job_title == None:
print str (count) + Latest jobs created at for category: & # 39; + str (result1) + 
& # 39; and the title: & # 39; + str (result2) + & # 39; were written in listJobs.xlsx. & # 39;

print str (any_counter -1) + of the work (s) based corresponds (s) to any sex.
print str (male_counter -1) + of the corresponding job (s) corresponds to men.
print str (female_counter -1) + & # 39; of job found / s is / is for women. & # 39;
print str (count) + & # 39; job / s were / were found in for category: & # 39; + str (result1) + 
& # 39; and the title: & # 39; + str (result2) + & # 39; were written in listJobs.xlsx. & # 39;

print str (any_counter -1) + of the work (s) based corresponds (s) to any sex.
print str (male_counter -1) + of the corresponding job (s) corresponds to men.
print str (female_counter -1) + & # 39; of job found / s is / is for women. & # 39;

if flag == True:
# Calls the urlBuilder and assgin method, it returns the URL to the URL variable.
url_query = url_builder (job_category, job_title)
# Call method callJobs with the epecified URL
list_jobs (url_query)

print Run the program with the correct argument pattern & # 39;

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