python – How to write this 7-nested loop in a better way while keeping (or improving) performance?

I’m doing a challenge online, and I have to sum all of the digits to the power of two for numbers from 0 to then I have to find if the sum is inside a given set of integers and if this is true put this number inside a list . At the end I wrote this messy solution to solve the problem :

for a in range(10):
    l = a*a
    for b in range(10):
        l += b*b
        for c in range(10):
            l += c*c
            for d in range(10):
                l +=d*d
                for e in range(10):
                    l += e*e
                    for f in range(10):
                        l += f*f
                        for g in range(10):
                            l += g*g
                            if l in set : list.append(a*1000000+b*100000+c*10000+d*1000+e*100+f*10+g) 
                            l -= g*g
                            if g == 9 : 
                                l -= f*f
                                if f == 9 :
                                    l -= e*e
                                    if e == 9 :
                                        l -= d*d
                                        if d == 9 :
                                            l-= c*c
                                            if c == 9 :
                                                l-= b*b
                                                if b == 9 :
                                                    l-= a*a

But even if It’s good enough in terms of performance it is also very bad written.

I tried this but it’s slower :

from itertools import product
for a,b,c,d,e,f,g in product(range(10),repeat=6):
    k = a*a + b*b + c*c + d*d + e*e + f*f + g*g
    if k in set : list.append(a*1000000+b*100000+c*10000+d*1000+e*100+f*10+g)

I don’t find a way to mantain ( or improve ) efficiency and at the same time writing it in a better way. How could it be achieved?

stm32f7 – Stm32F767ZI SPI Multibyte Write and Read

I have a question about the SPI peripherical in the STM32F767ZI MCU (used in Nucleo144).
I trying to use the SPI peripherical for a future project, so i have implemented a simple test program to see how the SPI peripherical work on STM32F767ZI.
I’m using the LL libraries and I configured the SPI to working with the interrupts. To test the SPI communication I use a nRF24L01+ device so I try to write and read some registers.
I’m able to send and receive one byte of data, but i’m unable to write and read multibyte datas. I think that the problem is the NSS pin, that is managed in hardware. His behavior it’s different from those behavior that is show on the nRF24L01+ datasheet (chapter 8.3.2 SPI Timing). In this diagram, the CSN signal remain low for all trasmission time in both write and read case.
In my case, the NSS signals, go from low to high every 8 bit transmission, as can you see in the next two images:

write data acquisition

read data acquisition

Is the NSS signal the problem, and in the affirmative case, how i resolve? The STM32 documentation it’s not clear for me, so i don’t know how to solve this problem.
I read about manage the NSS via software, is this the correct way to solve this problem?

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SUPolicy to allow custom service to read and write from Internal Storage

I’m setting up custom service with custom sepolicy using this as a base:
How to fix SELinux "avc: denied" errors when launching DNSCrypt as init.d script?

My issue is that I want config and log files to be read and written (respectively) from the internal storage /sdcard aka /storage/self/primary

What are my options?

mac – I want to write a script to open a fixed URL + whats in the clipboard. Ex: Open Safari to Url+clipboard contents “ contents”

Will this applescript work?

Tell Application "Safari" to open location
end tell

Tell Process "Safari"
   Keystroke "l" using command down

Tell application "System Events" to key code
124 using command down

Tell Process "Safari"
   Keystroke "v" using command down
   Keystroke return
end tell

sql – How to write inner join using posts_clauses?

Can someone please show me how I can achieve the same result with this SQL:

FROM wp_2_posts
INNER JOIN wp_2_icl_translations
ON wp_2_icl_translations.element_id =
AND wp_2_icl_translations.language_code = 'en'
WHERE wp_2_posts.post_type = 'properties';

Using posts_clauses ? In other words I’d like a posts_clauses filter to perform the same query as the one shown above in SQL.

I am trying to query posts that are only in English.

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how to write a function to show lists of running processes or while loop functions in php

Please i have a while loop function that am using to insert data into my database periodically, for some reasons i found out that while loop is more easy to use than cronjob, while loop runs without anyone having to visit the site, but my problem is that once a while loop is started it keeps running even if you delete the codes from your php file, it keeps running, and if you amend the code with new values and start it again both the old loop and the new one keeps running.
My question is how can i write a php function that will list out all current running loop processes in my webhost or server and then use another code to end or stop or remove it from running?

Below is my code

$date = date('Y-h-m H:i:s');
$counter = 0;
while($counter < 10){

    $wpdb->query("INSERT INTO a_boy (username, password) VALUES ('cash', $date)");
    $counter + 1;