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microsoft excel – Write variating numbers after specific text

I have a standardized text with different information. I would like Excel to automatically extract that information. The text can be:

Bietet (schriftlich): KP 10.700.000 EUR / Maklerhonorar nicht geklärt

I would like Excel to extract the “schriftlich”, “10.700.000” and “nicht geklärt”
It would always stand like this, and the data I want extracted can vary.

Is it possible?

How to write to different Columns using Python to CSV

I am trying to write some values onto a CSV file but all the vlaues are getting jammed into one column how do I use a different colomn for each value? Please go easy on me I am an absolute beginner with programming. It would be really helpful if someone could write an example code on how to solve this issue

Here is my code:

with open('log.csv', 'a',) as file:
    fieldnames = ('Timestamp', 'Overall result', 'Soll-orderno', 'Desired-HW-Version', 'Desired-SF-Version',
     'Desired-productcode', 'Desired-device-type', 'Scancode', 'Wbm-orderno', 'Wbm-HW-Version', 'Wbm-SF-Version',
      'Wbm-mac-address', 'test-product-code', 'combined-product-code' , 'wbm-device-type', 'test-device-type')
    writer = csv.DictWriter(file, fieldnames=fieldnames)

    writer.writerow({'Timestamp':now, 'Overall result':'Blank', 'Soll-orderno':d_ordernum, 'Desired-HW-Version':d_hw_version, 'Desired-SF-Version':d_sf_version,
     'Desired-productcode':pc_praefix, 'Desired-device-type':d_dev_typ, 'Scancode':scancode_string, 'Wbm-orderno':ord_nmr, 'Wbm-HW-Version':v, 'Wbm-SF-Version':b,
      'Wbm-mac-address':mac_addr, 'test-product-code':'Blank', 'combined-product-code':product_code, 'wbm-device-type':dev_typ, 'test-device-type':'Blank'})

when I open the csv file using Excel it SHOULD look like this:
What the excel sheet is supposed to look like

But unfortunately my CSV file looks like this when i open it with Excel
What the excel sheet looks like now

As you can see all the values have gotten jam packed into one colomn instead of 1value:1column I would really appreciate it if you guys could show me how to do this. I think i am doing everything correctly but it still gets written only to one column. Please show me a solution for this problem if you guys can.

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postgresql – how could my patroni clusters split read and write queries in load balance?

I want to ask to split queries in load balancer level or on patroni servers because we can not fix or add connectionstring to in app.
In patroni, does pg_pool2 not work? Should i use two connectionstring for my app? can select queries not automatically go secondary?

node_id |    hostname     | port | status | lb_weight |  role  | select_cnt | load_balance_node | replication_delay | replication_state | replication_sync_state | last_status_change  
 0       | | 5432 | up     | 0.400000  | master | 315        | false             | 0                 |                   |                        | 2021-04-18 15:27:05
 1       | | 5432 | up     | 0.600000  | slave  | 0          | true              | 0                 |                   |                        | 2021-04-18 15:27:05
(2 rows)

I am trying to write a function to add recession shading to my Dygraph in R

I have been trying to find or write a function to add the shading for each period instead of manually adding each recession. The Recession data is a dummy variable in FRED. I think the main issue if coming from trying to manipulate a xts object.

National_unemployment_rate<-fredr(series_id= "UNRATE")
National_unemployment_rate<- National_unemployment_rate(,c(1,3))
South_Carolina_unemployment_rate<-fredr(series_id= "SCUR")
South_Carolina_unemployment_rate<- South_Carolina_unemployment_rate(,c(1,3))
NSCUR<-merge(National_unemployment_rate, South_Carolina_unemployment_rate, by="date", all.x=TRUE)
colnames(NSCUR)<- c("date", "national unemprate", "south caroline unemprate")
### Recession Data
recession<- fredr(series_id="USRECD", observation_start= as.Date("1948-01-01"))
recession<- recession(,c(1,3))
recssion<- as.Date(recession$date)
recession<- as.xts(recession, order.by = recession$date)
NSCUR<-merge(NSCUR, recession)
colnames(NSCUR)<- c("date", "national unemprate", "south caroline unemprate", "recession")
NSCUR<- xts(NSCUR, order.by = NSCUR$date)
graphTwo<- dygraph(NSCUR, main = "Unemployment Rate", ylab = "Unemployment Rate", xlab = "Date") %>%
  dySeries("national unemprate", label= "National", color = "#B22234") %>%
  dySeries("south caroline unemprate", label= "South Carolina", color = "#003366")

this is the function I have so far but it does not work

for (i in 1:26769){
  if(recession(i,2) > 0){
    count_recession== "count_recession+1"
    graphTwo<- graphTwo %>%

beginner – Is there a cleaner/better way to write this Contact Manager in React?

I am learning React by doing a Contact Manager, I am trying to write this code more efficiently. Any ideas…good practise, component splitting, formatting tips are accepted too. Thanks in advance

P.S. Sorry for my English…I am from Italy.

First I used a separate function for everything, then I transformed person variable in an object to use the id and to map the array, then I used the person id to remove people by clicking the side button. Is it possible to do something else?

import React, { Component } from "react";
import "./App.css";

export default function App() {
  return (
    <div className="container">
      <h1 className="title">React Contact Manager</h1>

      <Content />

class Content extends Component {
  state = {
    people: (),
    name: "",
    age: "",
    telephone: "",
    searchTerm: "",

  id = 1;
  people = ();

  getName = (e) => {
    this.setState({ name: e.target.value });
  getAge = (e) => {
    this.setState({ age: e.target.value });
  getTelephone = (e) => {
    this.setState({ telephone: e.target.value });
  getSearchTerm = (e) => {
    this.setState({ searchTerm: e.target.value });

  AddPerson = () => {
    const newPerson = {
      id: this.id,
      name: this.state.name,
      age: this.state.age,
      telephone: this.state.telephone,
    this.setState({ people: this.people });

  RemoveElement = (id) => {
    let newPeople = this.people.filter((person) => person.id !== id);
    this.people = newPeople;
    this.setState({ people: this.people });

  ClearItems = () => {
    this.people = ();
    this.setState({ people: this.people });

  render() {
    return (
      <div className="content">
        <div className="inputs">
            placeholder="Telephone Number"

        <div className="buttons">
          <button className="add" onClick={this.AddPerson}>

        <ul className="result">
          {(this.people || ()).map((person) => (
            <li key={person.id}>
              <div className="values">
                {person.name + ", " + person.age}
                <span className="telephone_span">{person.telephone}</span>
                onClick={() => this.RemoveElement(person.id)}
        <button className="clear" onClick={this.ClearItems}>

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c# – How to iterate through data and write to excel file quicker

I have a pretty simple method that grabs data from an sql query and then puts it inside of a list and finally iterates through two for each loops onto an excel file. It works fine with small amounts of data, but not at all with larger amounts. What would be the best way to iterate and also write to my workbook the quickest?

Here is the code

  private UInt32 AddSheets(SpreadsheetDocument document, WorkbookPart workbookPart, Sheets sheets, string sheetName, UInt32 sheetNumber, List<RentalFeeReportingRecord> currentRecordList)
        Dictionary<int, string> listofCoreBankingIds = new Dictionary<int, string>();
        listofCoreBankingIds = currentRecordList.Select(x => new { id = x.CoreBankingId, regionName = x.RegionName }).Distinct().ToDictionary(y => y.id, y => y.regionName);
        foreach (var coreBankingId in listofCoreBankingIds.OrderBy(x => x.Value))

            WorksheetPart worksheetPart1 = workbookPart.AddNewPart<WorksheetPart>();
            string currentCurrency = null;
            string regionName = null;

            Worksheet worksheet1 = new Worksheet();
            SheetData sheetData1 = new SheetData();

            Row rowInSheet1 = new Row();
            Row firstRow = new Row();
            Row lastRow = new Row();

              excelController.ConstructCell("Region", CellValues.String, 3), excelController.ConstructCell("Merchant - Terminal", CellValues.String, 3),
              excelController.ConstructCell("Fee Charged", CellValues.String, 3),
              excelController.ConstructCell("Currency", CellValues.String, 3),
              excelController.ConstructCell("Processing Date", CellValues.String, 3),
              excelController.ConstructCell("Description", CellValues.String, 3)


            foreach (var currentRecord in currentRecordList.OrderBy(x => x.RegionName).ThenBy(z => z.Currency).ThenBy(y => y.DateProcessed))
                if (coreBankingId.Key == currentRecord.CoreBankingId)

                    regionName = currentRecord.RegionName;
                    currentCurrency = currentRecord.Currency;
                    double currentTotal = currentRecord.TotalFeeAmount;
                    string merchant = currentRecord.MerchantRecord.MerchantID + " - " + currentRecord.MerchantTerminalRecord.terminalID;

                    if (currentRecord.IsPinPad)
                        merchant = merchant + " - PIN Pad";

                    string description = currentRecord.TerminalRecord.description;
                    if (currentRecord.IsProRated)
                        int days = DateTime.DaysInMonth(currentRecord.DeployedDate.Year, currentRecord.DeployedDate.Month);

                        description = currentRecord.TerminalRecord.description + " (" + currentRecord.MonthlyFee + " Fee \ " + days.ToString() + " Days) * " + currentRecord.DaysActive.ToString() + " Days Active";

                    rowInSheet1 = new Row();
                    firstRow = new Row();
                    lastRow = new Row();

                      excelController.ConstructCell(regionName, CellValues.String, 2),
                      excelController.ConstructCell(merchant, CellValues.String, 2),
                      excelController.ConstructCell(currentRecord.TotalFee.ToString("N2"), CellValues.String, 1),
                      excelController.ConstructCell(currentRecord.Currency, CellValues.String, 2),
                      excelController.ConstructCell(currentRecord.DateProcessed.ToString("MMM dd, yyyy"), CellValues.String, 2),
                      excelController.ConstructCell(description, CellValues.String, 2)




            Columns columns = excelController.AutoSize(sheetData1);

            worksheetPart1.Worksheet = worksheet1;

            Sheet sheet1 = new Sheet()

                Id = document.WorkbookPart.GetIdOfPart(worksheetPart1),
                SheetId = sheetNumber,
                Name = regionName

        return sheetNumber;


Any help would be appreciated.

java – How to write proper regex finding my patern

I want to find links with text in big string. I’m looking for such patern: (text)(url), for example (Check it on stackoverflow)(https://stackoverflow.com/) i have regex which finding mosly good results but there is problem when this patern is enclosed in brackets like This is our forum ((Check it on stackoverflow)(https://stackoverflow.com/) maybe you can help)
Regex: /((.*))((.*.*?))/ i do need to put sentence between .* like .*stackoverflow.*. Is there posibility to stop regex after first )?