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Hello. Strategy Gaming is a huge industry and covers many sub-genres such as RTS, turn based, historical and science fiction. Notable franchises in strategy games are Total War, Command and Conquer, Company of Heroes, Civilisation and Xcom.

I am soon to be launching a new strategy game community and news service. I am looking to recruit between two and four news article writers. Your role will be to check for the latest news in the world of strategy gaming and write a small piece – 100-150 words approx. – to be posted on the frontpage of the site. The article will require a header image and occasionally a video or other media. I am not expecting huge editorial pieces, just simple, small articles.

Requirement for three news posts per week and you will be paid $2 per week via paypal. Bonuses will be paid for exceptional content.

If you are interested please contact me by private message here at FP. Please include your name, age, location on planet earth and a link to an example of your work.

See the attached image for an example of how your work will look.


[WTB] PayPal, CashApp And Western Union Transfer !! Only Serious Partners Needed

PayPal, CashApp And Western Union Transfer !! Only Serious Partners Needed

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WTB – Paid Forum Posting | Forum Promotion

Hi there,

I am the operator of https://envyforums.net/ and looking to buy some paid forum posting (I’ve DMed a few people here who I’ve seen offer it) to help seed my forum with content. If anyone is offering this could they reply with their rates below and I’ll DM as interested?

On a side note, if anyone is interested in helping me with advertising/promotion related things I am also willing to pay for those services depending on what you have to offer.

Thanks in advance,

WTB – Looking to buy general forum / admin forums | Forum Promotion

I’m interested in general admin / forum / community-related forums to help jumpstart a new project. Serious inquiries please PM.

Budget of $500


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Purchase – WTB – Google Drive Scripting Website for Broadcasting Movies | NewProxyLists

Hi, I'm new here. And I wanted to show you some of the things I have created. I am the creator of dragurimu. I am dedicated to providing content delivery solutions to more than 920 sites worldwide and will be happy to welcome new customers to this forum

WTB – In Search of a Home Improvement Website | Forum promotion

Looking for a home improvement website, does not need to be established may be new, but the content must be unique! Check to be sure.

any domain extension, any type of website. From e-commerce to blog.

Budget $ 10 – $ 100 + depending on what you have of course.

[WTB] VPS with 10 IP

Hi, I want to buy a VPS with 10 additional IPs, if you can provide, please post here or send me a message with the price, location.

I don't need high end specs, 1 processor, 1 GB RAM and 10+ hard drives will work.

The payment method is BTC

WTB – Raise Funds | Forum promotion

I am raising funds to get software that I have been wanting for a while now which will help me to be able to be a little more active on some forums I am on and will not end up being inundated the forum with topics that sometimes happen from time to time. The program allows the software owner, the ability to schedule responses and topics, so that if you were to make announcements or make topics or responses in any amount, you can schedule its publication to certain moments (or within a time of each other).

I am ready to offer one of the services that I offer here on FP (My Forum Services or Signature Advertising), the advertising on the fan forum I work on or the advertising signature on my support account ProBoards. If you want me to do something other than what I offer (like advertising, posting on the forum, writing rules, etc.), mention it. I am ready to cut my two service threads up to 50%, if you are kind enough to donate more than the amount I request below.

The amount I'm looking for is US $ 30. Anything above this will be used for the other goals I have right now. If you do not want to contribute to the total amount, but still want to donate, mention it. Remember that you can donate and have me complete an item from one of my sons above for you, advertise in my PBS signature or advertise on my new forum ; or you can be generous and donate. Either way, I will be grateful for the help for my goal.

Minimum amount collected: $ 30
Fundraising for: themaPoster ($ 30 USD)
Funds raised above the $ 30 USD for the above item will be saved and used for future items I plan to work on.

WTB 4l.com, 5n.com or 6n.com

I'm looking to buy 4l.com or 4 character.com
for example WHGC.com, KILO.com etc.

5n.com i.e. the digital domain with 5 letters without 0 and 4
for example
29385.com, 39829.com etc.
6n.com i.e. the digital domain with 6 letters without 0 and 4
for example
369288.com, 398291.com etc.

4l.net only premium Chinese i.e. without A, E, I, O, U, V
for example
PTLC.net, MQQQ.net

Send me your offers
Thank you