html – Error "Attempt to get the property" fetch_row "from non-object in C: xampp htdocs connection connection3.php to line 28"

good night.
I study design and they let me plan a PHP database. The problem is that I get a "Notice: try to get the property" fetch_row "from non-object in C: xampp htdocs conexion conexion3.php online 28 "when I open it in the browser. This refers to the line "$ rows = $ result-> fetch_row;"
I do not know how to solve it because, depending on the format used, I changed only the information in the database.
The complete code is as follows:

connect_error) {
die ("Error in connection". $ myconexion-> connect_error);
if not {
echo "The connection has been established successfully …". $ myconexion-> host_info. "



Connection example 2

NameOfficial number

query ("select name, nempleado from auto_veloz");

$ rows = $ result-> fetch_row;
if ($ rows> = 1) {

while ($ row = $ result-> fetch_assoc ()) {


to close ();


Undetected error: calling undefined function mysql_connect () in C: xampp htdocs Mastometer inc functionBD.php: 23

good day to all, I create a database for an imported mobile phone, I created my connection on the basis of the manual of UNIVERSITY, but I have a connection error, which can to be due to xampp version, etc.?enter the description of the image here

and tried everything to change Mysql by mysqli and what can I be fallamado?
Thank you very much, have a nice day.

Can not run the APACHE server on my mac under XAMPP

I'm trying to run Apache on my Mac but I still have the error below:

ERROR: Unable to start "apache": unable to start service: httpd: syntax error on line 522 of /opt/lampp/etc/httpd.conf: can not open configuration file / opt / lampp / etc / extra / httpd-xampp. conf: No file or directory of this type

I tried to find the raw code for httpd-xampp.conf for mac but I could not find it anywhere. It would be great if you could help me with that.

xampp – you have to open port 80 twice to have an accessible website

You have a website configured with the xampp server.
The website is not accessible from other networks unless I open port 80 twice. Suppose the internal IP address of the servers is So I need to open port 80 for this IP address and access the justso website. I need to reopen port 80 again on any other device connected to this network.

Ideas what's wrong?

Server using an Ethernet connection, the wifi is stopped.

XAMPP in another DD

I installed XAMPP in the default path C: // xampp / but now I have to run a virtual host located on disk S: // Server_Beta /
I created the file in the XAMPP folder, I restarted the server and even after, access said forbidden, I do not know where I fail.

amazon web services – How to point xampp in a Windows server

I have a Windows server on Amazon AWS.

A .net application is running on it. - works on .net 

Now we have installed xampp on Windows Server.

It works well when we test from Windows Server 2012.

With this URL: http: // localhost: 8012 / testapp

Now I want to access this xampp server project on our subdomain.

But when I try to access this URL, it shows the home page of the .net project.

I do not understand what we have to change to make it work,

Xampp 7.3 does not start apache in Windows 7

I'm running Windows 7 Professional, I already installed Xampp Win – 32 v 5.6 and it works perfectly, but when installing Xampp any version 7.3, I can not launch Apache (mysql starts correctly). I also can not see the error in the error.log file of the apache folder, it appears in white. boot as an administrator, support XP XP Service Pack 2, I've also tried to disable the firewall, but nothing … of course, the port is the first thing I'm doing. I checked.

any type of advice is appreciated

Which version of xampp supports mysql_ commands?

I need to run a site that uses basic php code and deprecated functions like mysql_connect. I want to install a version of xampp that supports this feature. Could someone tell which version is perfect?

php – Error with move_uploaded_file in xampp

I'm trying to load an img file into a folder, but I get an error. I do not know if it's xampp's fault or what's the problem. I have viewed published errors but none of them has worked or I have not been able to apply them: /

<? php

if ($ _POST) {

// ss
extract ($ _POST, EXTR_OVERWRITE);

if (! file_exists ("photos")) {
mkdir ("photos", "0777");

$ name = strtolower ($ name);

$ dirSubida = $ _SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']. "/ photos / $ name /";

if (! file_exists ("photos")) {
mkdir ($ dirSubida, 0777);

$ photo = $ _FILES['foto'];
$ photoname = $ photo['name'];
$ nameTmp = $ photo {tmp_name & # 39;
$ rutaSubida = "{$ dirSubida} profile.jpg";
$ extArchivo = preg_replace (& # 39; / image  // & # 39 ;,, $ foto['type'])

if ($ extArchivo == & # 39; jpeg & # 39; || $ extArchivo == & nbsp; png & # 39;) {
if (move_uploaded_file ($ numberTmp, $ rutaSubida)) {
echo "";




It's the error:
Warning: move_uploaded_file (C: /xampp/htdocs/qot/qwe/profile.jpg): Unable to open stream: no such file or directory in C: xampp htdocs backend registrar.php at line 39

Warning: move_uploaded_file (): can not move C: xampp tmp php17A8.tmp & # 39; to C: /xampp/htdocs/fotos/qwe/profile.jpg&#39; in C: xampp htdocs backend registrar.php on line 39