web development – How to use Xampp and Git (-hub) to create a website with a friend?

Background information

My friend and I wanted to create a small website. To do this, we needed a service that allowed us to work together. We came across Git (-hub) and learned the basics of using it. Until now, we had never developed as a team and always used XAMPP to work on our local web project (using databases, php, html, css, js, etc.).

The problem

The problem now is that we do not really know how to use Git (-hub) and XAMPP in combination to work in a team.

How can we get the databases created via phpmyadmin (stored in xampp / mysql / data) automatically stored in the github repository? How can we get these databases to be automatically imported into others (xampp / mysql / data)? Or is it even possible?

And if no … are there other ways to work together on a website containing databases?

web – Help Problem with installing Drupal 7.2 in XAMPP

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cronjob configuration on Locathost's Xampp server

Help needed to configure this job in Xampp windows10 * * * * * * wget –quiet -O / dev / null http: // localhost / mywork / cron

Could you point me in the right direction

Thank you

The XAMPP Magento 2 Provider folder does not contain any primary modules

I've tried using Magento 2.3.0 in my Localhost.But provider folder, but the required modules are not required. Please explain why.

apache – How to Fix "This site can not be reached, it took too much time for localhost to respond." trying to connect to localhost via xampp

I am a 15 year old web developer. I used Xampp Control Panel. I installed it about a week ago. That day, it worked without a problem. But after about a week, I started the Apache module in the Xampp Control Panel module that takes the green color shows its PID, Port that is 80 and 443, and the .J & # 39; ve pointed to Google Chrome and when I typed localhost I get the error "This site can not be reached. It took too much time for your local correspondent's response. after about 2-3 minutes of loading. While loading, I see Link... in the lower left corner of Google Chrome.
And I use Windows 10 Home. After installing Xampp, Windows has been updated about twice.

I have tried,
In Xampp -> Netstat there was no other application listening on port 80 except httpd.exe.
I have reinstalled Xampp more than 5 times.
I typed netsh winsock reset and restarted the system (it was a StackOverFlow thread).
I uninstalled Xampp and tried the Web server IIS (Internet Information Services) and everything worked fine. But I have to work in Apache.I do not know why IIS was working and Apache no.

How to solve this problem.I want my Apache server to run without problems.

which is the xampp compatible version of this magento-CE-2.3.1 magento

which is the xampp compatible version of this magento version Magento-CE-2.3.1-2019-03-18-06-24-49 (1)

Excessive memory in Apache Xampp

I have a slightly odd wordpress installed in local, however, throws mysteriously. The VHosts module is activated.

My problem is that the ram that consumes Apache as I use it increases gradually and cautiously, that is to say that when I use Apache, I increase every second of about 100 MB of RAM. I even used 6GB of RAM something that I find excessive. The memory limit does not seem to work.

This is the latest version of xampp v3.2.3

Thank you all for your responses.

Hello everyone knows what is the T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING error), waiting for (& # 39; in C: xampp htdocs Maintainer mainter index.php on line 2

prepare ('SELECT * FROM clients ORDER BY id ASC');
$ sentence_select-> execute ();
$ result = $ statement_select-> fetchAll ();
$ cnn

if (isset ($ _ POST[‘btn_buscar’])) {
$ buscar_text = $ _ POST[‘buscar’];
$ select_search = $ cnn-> prepare (& # 39;
SELECT * FROM clients WHERE names LIKE: field OR names LIKE: field OR region LIKE: field
OR rut LIKE: field OR id LIKE: field; & # 39;

$ select_search-> execute (array (
& # 39 ;: field & # 39; => "%". $ search_text. "%"

$ result = $ select_search-> fetchAll ();





<input type = "text" name = "search" placeholder = "search rut, name or region" value = ""class =" input__text "> New
login Ruth names Last name F. Birth Sex Region Phone
<a href = "edit.php? id ="class =" btn__update "> Edit <a href = "eliminar.php? id ="class =" btn__delete "> Delete

.htaccess – php api rewrite does not work XAMPP goes to the dashboard

I'm running XAMPP and I'm trying to catch all the requests of my Directory

http: // localhost / api works and serves index.php in the api-folder

I do not know if the rewrite works, because all requests to http: // localhost / api / whatever finishes at http: // localhost / dashboard


Alias ​​/ api "F: / src / api"

    Options Index FollowSymLinks includes ExecCGI
AllowOverride All
Order allow, refuse
Allow everyone
Require all granted

.htaccess (in my F: src api folder)

As far as I know, this should redirect all requests to the

Options -Multiple views

    RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule. /index.php [L,NC,QSA]

How can I get my rewrite at work?

64-bit – XAMPP 32-bit 64-bit Fedora

I can not run xampp. The following error is returned: "XAMPP is currently only available as a 32-bit application. Please use a 32-bit compatibility library for your system."
I've already tried to install packages such as glibc.i686, libgcc.i686, libstdc ++. I686, ia32-libs (not found) and some others.
What can I do? Clues?