java – Log4j2 .xml file configuration on Linux


I have trouble setting the path of my project log file on a google cloud linux virtual machine (Ubuntu 18.04).

At first, I did some tests using the Windows operating system by putting the path (C: logs) and it worked normally. However, when I try to replace a Linux path, it does not work (/ opt / tomcat). Here is the configuration I use.


                %d{yyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS} (%t) %level %logger{36} - %msg%n
                %d{yyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS} (%t) %level %logger{36} - %msg%n

This is the configuration I am trying to use for Linux. For windows, I replaced the at:


Move / change the iTunes XML file path, outside the mapped network drive

I have a similar problem with this post, but slightly different, so I ask separately. iTunes: Move files from a network drive

I'm going from Windows to Mac.

Current iTunes music files are stored on a NAS drive. I mapped the network drive to drive letter A: /

I have exported the iTunes library as an XML file. However, when I look inside the XML, it lists the location of the file as

Major Version1

Minor Version1


Application Version12.10.0.7


Show Content Ratings

Music Folderfile://localhost/A:/

Library Persistent IDDCA8633F96A3132D




        Track ID11111



        Album ArtistAlbum


        AlbumTest (Bonus Track Version)


        KindPurchased AAC audio file


        Total Time239543

        Disc Number1

        Disc Count1

        Track Number3

        Track Count18


        Date Modified2015-08-09T04:45:47Z

        Date Added2016-04-13T00:51:29Z

        Bit Rate256

        Sample Rate44100


        Artwork Count1

        Sort AlbumTest (Bonus Track Version)

        Sort ArtistArtist

        Sort NameName

        Persistent ID12739182731


        Track TypeFile



        File Folder Count-1

        Library Folder Count-1


Without moving the actual music files, how can I change this mapped drive (A: /) because Mac can not find it.

The problem I have, is that when I use a third-party application to play iTunes playlists, it does not find any files on the Mac. I understand why because it looks in the NAS storage drive.

Edit comments in an XML file

Is there a way to edit an XML file from the macOS terminal to remove the comment and line that is currently behind a comment? I tried an XSLT file and a sed command and none worked.

custom publication types – add a static HTML form with api in WordPress backend, this API retrieves data via an XML file another server

I have a html form with api that api works on another website from october server cms. i only have the cms october website i want now add this form to the URL of the API, to add a new website to develop wordpress, c & c To add a html form in wordpress backpress. and I have already developed a wordpress website using a custom and advanced field plugin. I appreciate your answer, thanks in advance

I'm trying to make a simple Android studio application with a video view, I do not know where to start with the .java file, I've set my xml as shown

How can I sign an XML using PHP?

I have a problem with which I need your help, I have to sign an XML file in PHP with a certificate like .pfx, and then send it via SOAP? They know a tool or code that can help me.
Thank you

xml – How to add an RSS feed from to Thunderbird

I discovered that Google had a blog about security and I would like to add the RSS feed to the list of my favorite RSS feeds on Thunderbird:

enter the description of the image here

Unfortunately, offers a weird list of RSS feeds: My Yahoo, Free, Netvibes, SubToMe, RSSOwl, NewsFire, etc. None of these resembles me.

enter the description of the image here

I see someone already facing this problem here The hack


really shows an XML page but I can not paste it into Thunderbird.

Why should old and basic technology such as RSS feed become so complicated? And is there a solution to this problem?

Does actively refuse users to extrapolate the raw XML feed for certain purposes? I do not understand.

xml – Svg Slider in the console but does not show up

I'm trying to build a cursor svg template that I can use to move from the bright theme to the dark theme. The original idea is to try to reproduce a pattern that I saw with a moon, and then positioned in a sun. I've built a basic model [without any graphics yet.]. That I could then animate via javascript. However, I do not even manage to display the basic template in the browser.




Using W3 Document Markup Checker, the file is validated and shows no errors. What did I miss?W3 tagging validator

The latest documentation svg says do not use a document type declaration, but I do not work with or without them.
It is displayed in the console, but no graphics on the screen …
I know that there are many similar questions to this, but each svg is different and their solutions do not work, so please do not mark it as a duplicate ..

java – XML, .dtd helps to ensure its accuracy

I want to make sure to write the code correctly and understand what is needed. My biggest concern is which tags to use (? * | Ect.)

2. The element of food
2.1.The flow of elements begins with a required source element. Must appear exactly once. That's the source of the flow
The second feed-desc element of the element feed is optional, but if it is present, it does not show more than once. This is a description of the stream and its source.
Information on the third item in the item feed is optional, but is displayed only once, if applicable. This is additional information about the flow.
2.4. The last element of the element flow is a required element of stories. Must appear exactly once. A list of stream stories.

  1. The source element
    3.1. The source element has a mandatory name element. Must appear exactly once.
    3.2. The source element has a required url element. Must appear exactly once.
    3.2.1.These two elements may appear in order, starting with the name or first by the URL.

  2. The feed-desc element
    4.1. The feed-desc element contains at least 1 element per. May contain more than one. Represents the paragraph (s) of text.


Thank you.

Can the nodes of an XML start in uppercase?

Basically, I want to know if I can put the name of a node in uppercase.