magento2 – How to add a JS component via XML?

You can create a checkout_index_index.xml in your module or theme, then add it via a uiComponent, as you can see in this example below.


Then in my JS extend the component.

    ('jQuery', 'ko', 'uiComponent', 'Magento_Checkout/js/model/quote',
    function ($, ko, Component, quote, shipping) {
        'use strict';
        let self;
        return Component.extend({
            defaults: {
                template: 'Vendor_Module/notice'
            showAlert: ko.observable(false),
            initialize: function () {
                self = this;

Do not send XML command with header via TCP / IP using Java

This code is part of the Java application that I use to send an XML command with a header to a server via TCP / IP. The server responds with the XML data.

I want to send an XML request with the help of the following statement:
enter the description of the image here

I would like to ask for your opinion on my code.

import java.nio.charset.StandardCharsets;
import java.nio.ByteBuffer;

public class GDC {
    public static void main(String() args) throws UnknownHostException, IOException, ClassNotFoundException, InterruptedException {
        System.out.println("Attempting connection to GE Reuter Stokes");

        // establish the socket connection to the server
        // using the local IP address, if server is running on some other IP, use that 
        Socket socket = new Socket(, );
        System.out.println("Socket Connected");

        // write to socket using OutputStream
        DataOutputStream dos = new DataOutputStream(socket.getOutputStream());

        // Initializing request content
        byte() request = "".getBytes(StandardCharsets.UTF_8);

        // DataOutputStream.writeInt() writes in big endian and
        // DataInputStream.readInt() reads in big endian.
        // using a ByteBuffer to handle little endian instead.

        byte() header = new byte(4);
        ByteBuffer buf = ByteBuffer.wrap(header, 1, 4);

        // Initializing request header
        header(0) = (byte) 0x060E2B34;
        header(1) = (byte) 0x02050101;
        header(2) = (byte) 0x0F150111;
        header(3) = (byte) 0x00000000;

        System.out.println("Sending request to Socket Server"); 

        // Sending request

        System.out.println("Request was sent. Awaiting response.");

        // read from socket using InputStream
        DataInputStream dis = new DataInputStream(new BufferedInputStream(socket.getInputStream()));

        // Read response header

        // Read response content
        byte() response = new byte(buf.getInt());

        // convert the content into a string
        String message = new String(response, StandardCharsets.UTF_8);
        System.out.println("Message: " + message);

        // close your resources


HTTP Flutter request sending XML data in the body

I would like some help processing an HTTP request in Flutter (in this case, using the SEARCH method to filter files on a WebDAV (Nextcloud) file server) where I have to send XML data in the body of the request.

(x) I can run the command via cURL using the –data parameter:

curl -u user:senha -X SEARCH '' -H "content-Type: text/xml" --data '/files/wprechinfinityimage/pngimage/jpgvideo/mp4'

(x) I can also deal via Postman:


() I can not process this request which has to send a body in Flutter / Dart.
For all other HTTP requests in the project, we use pkg DIO, which worked well and in which it is not necessary to send a body. The closest code is this one:

void _list() async {
final prefs = await SharedPreferences.getInstance();

var us = prefs.getString('id') ?? '';
var sn = prefs.getString('password') ?? '';

String basicAuth = 'Basic ' + base64Encode(utf8.encode('$us:$sn'));

try {
  Dio dio = new Dio();
  dio.options.method = 'SEARCH';
  dio.options.responseType = ResponseType.plain;
  dio.options.headers = {
    HttpHeaders.authorizationHeader: basicAuth,
    'content-Type': 'text/xml'
  String data =
      ' /files/wprechinfinity image/pngimage/jpgvideo/mp4';

  Response response = await dio.request(
      data: data);

} catch (e) {

Server responses range from 400, 404, 500, and 501, depending on how the message is sent:

I/flutter ( 6767): DioError (DioErrorType.RESPONSE): Http status error (400)

Any help is welcome. 🙂

Can not see all XML attributes in the layout editor

I do nott know if I am just to silly to solve this problem or am I missing some point but I canDo not see how to display all the attributes in my XML layout editor. It only shows a few and even if I try to look for them, they do not pop up.

Already tried to rebuild my project with the cleaning cache.

enter the description of the image here

how to install php xml only and do not update or improve anything


I miss php simplexml with my version of php7.0. I want to install it, but at the same time, I do not want to waste my time with the upgrade or … | Read the rest of

Get XML Infopath Form Views Using Rest Api

I might miss it, but it looks like you wanted the content of the form itself?

But you could also look for the actual form?

If you want to get the content of the form submission, you should be able to use the URL:


This will return it in XML format, but you can also run it via Java or Excel depending on your needs.

how to install php xml only and do not update or improve anything


I miss php simplexml with my version of php7.0. I want to install it, but at the same time, I do not want to waste my time with the upgrade or anything else

Is there anyway I can download php simplexml file and download it in php folder will it work?

Thanks for letting me know if it is possible to install without upgrading anything other than php simplexml thanks

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iis 10 – I can not generate an XML file larger than 25.6 MB from IIS (win 2016) with ASP classic

With the help of the ASP object "CreateTextFile", I can not create an XML file larger than 25.6 MB.
The ASP script that reads about 50,000 records on SQL Express runs regularly, but stops the xlm file when the file arrives at that size.
No error is generated.
I've tried everything on IIS configurations, but I can not go beyond that limit.
Do you have any ideas?

That's the source code: `

Dim OggFile, origine, OggTextStream
Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
strPath = Server.MapPath("/")  & "/csv/file/kijiji" 
if fs.FolderExists(strPath)=False then

'elimina vecchi file
if fs.FileExists(strPath & "/prodotti_kijiji.xml") then
fs.DeleteFile(strPath & "/prodotti_kijiji.xml")
fs.DeleteFile(strPath & "/")
'  Response.End()
end if

qry_gia_esportati="SELECT * FROM kijiji_controlloID"
rs1.Open qry_gia_esportati
Do Until rs1.EOF
IDkijiji=IDkijiji & "," & rs1("IDkijiji")
IDkijiji=IDkijiji & ","

qry_prodotto="SELECT " _
& " magazzino.IDmagazzino, magazzino.titolo, magazzino.descrizione_breve, magazzino.descrizione_lunga, magazzino.prezzo, magazzino.IDcategoria, magazzino.codice, magazzino.data_prezzo," _
& " produttori.ragione_sociale as produttore," _
& " distributori.ragione_sociale as distributore," _
& " categorie.categoria, categorie.categoria_uk, categorie.categoria_de, categorie.categoria_kijiji," _
& " iva.valore_iva," _
& " aree.area, aree.area_uk, aree.area_de, aree.idarea" _
& " FROM ((((magazzino " _
& " LEFT JOIN produttori ON magazzino.IDproduttore = produttori.IDproduttore)" _
& " LEFT JOIN distributori ON magazzino.IDdistributore = distributori.IDdistributore)" _
& " LEFT JOIN categorie ON magazzino.IDcategoria = categorie.IDcategoria)" _
& " LEFT JOIN iva ON magazzino.IDiva = iva.IDiva)" _
& " LEFT JOIN aree ON categorie.IDarea = aree.IDarea" _
& " WHERE (((magazzino.disponibile)=1) AND ((magazzino.visibile)=0) AND ((magazzino.IDcategoria)<>256) AND ((magazzino.IDcategoria)<>280) AND ((magazzino.IDcategoria)<>300) AND ((magazzino.titolo)<>'Nuovo prodotto') AND ((magazzino.pezzi)>0))" _
& " ORDER BY IDmagazzino ASC"
'comincia a scrivere nel file   

'crea il file xml e lo apre

fs.CreateTextFile (origine)
Set OggFile = fs.GetFile (origine)
Set OggTextStream = OggFile.OpenAsTextStream(2)
OggTextStream.WriteLine  "" 
OggTextStream.WriteLine  "" 
 OggTextStream.WriteLine  "" 

Do Until rs1.EOF

descrizione_lunga= TogliHtml(rs1("descrizione_lunga"))
if descrizione_lunga="" then descrizione_lunga= TogliHtml(rs1("descrizione_breve"))
IDchk="," & rs1("IDmagazzino") & ","

if instr(IDkijiji,IDchk)>0 then Enum_azione="Inserisci" else Enum_azione="Elimina"
if rs1("prezzo")>0 then
End If
id_chk=id_chk & ", " & rs1("IDmagazzino")

OggTextStream.WriteLine  ""& Enum_azione &"" & rs1("IDmagazzino") & "" & rs1("data_prezzo") & ""& enum_tipo & "" & prezzo & "" & Application("StartEngine_mail_gestore") & "" & Replace(Application("startengine_tel"),"+39","") & "" 

if fs.FileExists(server.Mappath("/") & "/archivio/fotografie/" & rs1("IDmagazzino") & ".jpg") then
OggTextStream.WriteLine  "" 
OggTextStream.WriteLine  "" & Application("startengine_indirizzosito") & "/archivio/fotografie/" & rs1("IDmagazzino") & ".jpg" 
OggTextStream.WriteLine  "" 
end if
OggTextStream.WriteLine  "" 
OggTextStream.WriteLine  "" 
OggTextStream.WriteLine  "" 
if id_chk<>"" then 
id_chk = right(id_chk,len(id_chk)-1)
End If
'svuoto la tabella di controllo con i nuovi dati
qry_del="DELETE FROM kijiji_controlloID "
rs1.Open qry_del
for each y in a
qry_insert="INSERT INTO kijiji_controlloID VALUES ("& y &");"
rs1.Open qry_insert

' creo file .ZIP
dim zip, filepath
filepath = "/csv/file/kijiji/"
set zip = new aspZip
set zip = nothing


wso2 – Addressing an XML value in enriching Mediator

I want to address an XML value in the Xpath field of the enrichment mediator to customize an API response. my xml entry is:


I've tried to access the value 'ABC & # 39; using this code:

$ body // member [@ name = & # 39; ABC & # 39;]

but it does not work for me. any help please?