car integration – Why Bluetooth disconnects when I connect the XR to the car charger?

I'm using Amazon Alexa Auto, which needs Bluetooth to connect to my car. It works wonders, except that as soon as I plug the charging cable of the iPhone, the Bluetooth disconnects (and therefore, the Alexa Auto does not work. I NEED to plug the phone because I need Google Maps (run via CarPlay).

What is the best case for iPhone XR?

I am upgrading my 6 (!!) to an XR player and I think for the first time to give up the Apple Care system and invest in a great case.

Obviously, the OtterBox is the best, even if it's ugly and it's not like I'm running in the forest, etc.

Looking at Amazon, I find a million cases, all claiming to be the most durable – but I thought it was better to ask experts for your overall recommendation.

This is the best slim case that still gives the iPhone a look similar to that of an iPhone, but that allows it to survive a 5 'drop and the trials and tribulations of sharing your life with a toddler.

Thank you so much.

Iphone xr, why does the volume of my ringing sound loud during the first second and then becomes really quiet?

I've checked the sound and haptic settings, phone settings and contacts, but I still do not understand why it changes the volume during the ring. I use basic ringtones.

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how to prove $ Phi vdash forall x.R (x, x) $

I am completely stuck in part 3 of the exercise below and I do not even know how to start proving it, aside from writing all the principles

exercise text

Ag.algebraic geometry – $ dim_k M / xM $ a multiple of $ dim_k R / xR $ for $ M $ -module of $ R $ finely generated, without torsion?

Let $ R $ to be a one-dimensional, reduced and noetherian k $-Algebra (we can also assume that $ R $ is a finished k $[x]$-algebra). Let $ M $ to be a finite module generated without torsion $ R $, that is, no regular element of $ R $ cancels a non-zero element of $ M $. Let $ a in R $ to be regular.

Is there an invariant $ mu (M) $ of $ M $ (maybe depending on the components of $ text {Spec} (R) $) such as $$ dim_k M / aM = mu (M) cdot dim_k R / aR $$
or at least with an inequality in one of the two directions?

I am particularly interested in the case of $ R $ not integral and not local. There are results (Lemma Eisenbud 11.12 for domains, eg Liu 7.1.6 for local rings) linking the length and dimensions above.

In the case where $ M $ is free of finished rank, it seems to me that $ mu (M) = text {rank} _R (M) $. But for more general $ M $ I do not know.

I am grateful for any kind of help or contribution!

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