Verizon Sells Media Division, Including Yahoo!, to Apollo Global Management for $5 billion

Verizon sells its media group, including Yahoo! to Apollo Global Management for $5 billion.

If a contact is deleted in Yahoo mail, will it also delete the contact on the android phone’s contact list?

If a phone number is deleted off of yahoo mail, will the number also be deleted off of the android device? If so, can the number reappear automatically or must it be reentered manually to reappear in yahoo mail contact?

WHY MX record isn’t propagating after pointing a domain to Yahoo Mail Server?

I have bought a domain The domain provider is It is currently pointed to a Hostinger for the web files.

The ** Yahoo mail server** should suppose be working with yahoo now, pointing an MX record to the yahoo mail server.

**Problem: It’s been 5 days now, the mail server isn’t still working. I have asked yahoo and they provided me the value that needs to be added to the MX record. **

Below is the configuration value that has been added to Marcaria’s dashboard.


MX Records: Mail exchanger – Mail Server

Host Name          Server                           Priority     10

TXT Records: Address

Host Name            TXT Value          v=spf1 ~all          v=spf1 a mx ~all   v=DMARC1; p=none; pct=100;; sp=none; aspf=r;

I’m really not sure if this is the correct configuration as it’s the 5th day now. I’m just hoping that I get the correct configuration ASAP.

I only managed to reach yahoo support and not Marcaria (domain provider). Maybe as it’s still easter season and the Domain Provider is still not responding as it’s their holiday.

Parties used:
Domain-> (Working)
Webfiles-> (Working)
Mailserver-> Yahoo Small Business. (Not-Working)

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Why is Yahoo purple?

Why is Yahoo purple? Red was so much better.

python – Optimize Yahoo Finance Code for Analysis

I am trying to analyze a number of companies using financial data I gathered from Yahoo Finance. I am also using the yfinance API to get some more details about the company using functions. Since I am trying to do this for a number of companies Each Iteration needs to be quick. Currently, 1 Company takes about 3 seconds.

Is it because of the API calls or requests? Can I increase the below code efficiency?

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
from pandas import ExcelWriter
import requests
import timeit
import yfinance as yf

def get_industry(stock):
    tickerdata = yf.Ticker(stock) 

def get_symbol(symbol):
    url = "{}&region=1&lang=en".format(symbol)
    result = requests.get(url).json()
    for x in result('ResultSet')('Result'):
        if x('symbol') == symbol:
            return x('name')
def get_currency(stock):
    tickerdata = yf.Ticker(stock) 

quarters = ('Q4-2020','Q3-2020','Q2-2020','Q1-2020','Q4-2019','Q3-2019','Q2-2019','Q1-2019','Q4-2018','Q3-2018','Q2-2018','Q1-2018')
start_time = timeit.default_timer()
r = ()
for i in stock(:1):
        df = pd.read_csv(i+'_quarterly_balance-sheet.csv')
        df = df.drop('ttm',axis=1,errors='ignore')
        df('name') = df('name').str.replace('t','')
        df = df.iloc(:,:13).T
        df.columns = df.iloc(0)
        df = df(1:)
            df.insert(0,'Currency','Not Found')
        df = df.loc(:,df.columns.isin(('Q','Currency','Ticker','Company','Industry','TotalRevenue')))
df = pd.concat(r)
# code you want to evaluate
elapsed = timeit.default_timer() - start_time

3.041297 Seconds

How to mark all unread emails as read in yahoo?

How to make all unread emails as read in yahoo?
Right-click -> mark emails as read works for only 10K emails


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