A stupid question on Yahoo Messenger

I hope you know the golden age of Yahoo Chats. It is becoming a great nostalgia now. Let me quickly answer the question. Is there a way for Yahoo to provide me with chat backups for my account? Fortunately, my old Yahoo ID is still working. But I can't find the emails and the conversation I had a long time ago. Do you think it is possible to recover it?

Thank you

Is Yahoo Answers just a group of old conservative white males who think they know everything when they are very uneducated?


I am a white senior curator.

On this site, most of the participants seem to be young liberals who seem totally inexperienced and incapable of applying their "higher education" to real situations.

Age and gain some wisdom in the process.

Why is Yahoo Answers a hell of a right these days?

I have been on YA for 13 years. I remember that YA was a forum with diverse perspectives represented. Now it seems that most of the right views are respected here. If I post a response with a left bias, it is thrown into oblivion (or even flagged). YA seems to be a hell of right group thinking these days.

Is Obama missing something? | Yahoo replies

All I remember that he did was conduct business at sea, increase our debt, and force us to pay horrible insurance. There have been no achievements. I voted for him hoping he would do good, but he never did anything. I don't understand how we could miss it. Trump is a horrible person, but at least his policies are good.

Why are there so many staunch Trump supporters on Yahoo Answers?

Some, without a doubt, are paid. Some are Russian.

But some, you can see, are just posting the same stupid questions and “slogans”. They seem to think that whoever tells the most lies wins again and again.

Yeah, unless you make half a million a year, it's really stupid to think Trump is kidding you. Republicans have figured out how to get middle class people to vote to cut their throats.

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Is Trump really "pro-life"? | Yahoo replies

It is true that Trump boasted about it on Howard Sterns' show. Trump is a compulsive liar and a thief. He bends to the crowd and lies.

The Republicans love the fetus and despise the child and are now planning to take health care away from 2.5 million people, mostly women and children. They then wonder why women have stopped having babies – in the United States.

Just as the Nazis did during World War II, Republicans will find a way to force women to become reproducers to provide military blood for the oil wars.

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Were Native Americans intelligent? | Yahoo replies

Smart in survival in the areas where they lived and

Loyally protected from each other. Unfortunately, 35% of

Americans (Democrats) Want Our People

Death and our economy destroyed. Those

Indians are said to have chased or killed them

Their. Democrats are lucky conservatives

Partly are not Indian with this state of mind.

Dose this infected look? | Yahoo replies

I do not think so. But keep it clean. It doesn't look too bad now. I had similar things clarified there. So I wouldn't worry.

If it starts to hurt, get medical attention. I know doctors are expensive. So you don't want to go there for no good reason.

Sources] Personal experience with similar daughters-in-law.