Can I apply for 2 years Schengen Visas first Time?

You don’t get to specify a duration of validity on the standard form. The only dates you submit are those of your first trip to the Schengen area. What you can do is check the box asking for a multiple-entry visa and provide evidence of your need to travel to the Schengen area regularly. If you have a very specific and very convincing reason to want a two-year visa (as opposed to the generic flexibility afforded by a multiple-entry visa), you could write a letter to explain that and attach it to your application but there isn’t really a way to apply for a two-year visa. Depending on your personal situation, it would be unlikely to get that on a first application and the dates of validity of your visa are still entirely up to the consulate.

If granted, a multiple-entry visa would go beyond the dates of your first trip and typically be valid for at least 6 months. The recommandations of the Handbook are not always followed but the EU Commission recommends issuing a one-year visa first, to be increased to two and then three years on renewal. UK residents sometimes get five-year visas on the first application, even without asking for it, but that doesn’t help you if you reside in Nigeria.

formulas – How to calculate probability in Google sheet based on previous years data

I was trying to get a leave taking trend and predict based on the trend that which dates are more likely to have higher number of leaves.

I have a data set of date wise leaves taken by hundreds of employees over the two years. I have calculated all week number and date name for all the leave dates. My objective is to find a pattern or trend or probability based on this data where if I input a particular date in future, it can show me how many leaves will more likely be taken on that particular date.

Here to be mentioned, as the total headcount of the employee is increasing day by day or year by year, their should be a growth factor to be considered for future prediction.

This is what I have done with the leave data:

Leave data

I have another sheet with the date wise employee headcount for the last 2 years which can be used for considering growth factor.

I am confused with the data if I can find out any trend to predict for a future date. How to use any probability functions here or any distribution functions.

litecoin – What is the future of Bitcoin and Cryptocurency in the next 1 – 5 years?

litecoin – What is the future of Bitcoin and Cryptocurency in the next 1 – 5 years? – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

BuyVM / Frantech review. I've been a customer for 8+ years and have been kept happy.

It’s rare for me write reviews, for several reasons. But I figure after eight years of services with BuyVM / Frantech, that I can comment on… | Read the rest of

Case Converter site lower, UPPER, Capitalized, 11 years domain

I’m selling my website change text case
This website will help you easily convert text between different cases, maybe you Accidentally left the caps lock on and typed a text , you can use this tool instead of retyping the text again

Text conversion cases?
you can choose between:
Sentence case
lower case
Capitalized Case
aLtErNaTiNg cAsE

Additional Features:
• It uses a light weight script
• Easily to customize and change
• It shows the conversion without reloading the page

The sale includes
The .com domain
Clean Premium html template

How can i make money?
You can use Adsense or any PPC alternative like Infolinks and Clicksor
you can use Amazon affiliate, clickbank which offer 75% commission

Why are you selling this site?
i just need some money.

Does this site come with any social media accounts?


How much time does this site take to run?
There is no time needed to run the site. It does not even require a database to run.


Emails from INMOTION cpanel go to SPAM after 2 years of failed support attempts

I have a managed VPS plan on inmotion VPS1000.
I am almost to the end of the contract, and after 2 years of dealing with their support peop… | Read the rest of

visas – 10 Years UK travel ban

I got a 10 years ban for UK student visa in 2009 for deception, now after 12 years my wife is planning to apply for student visa. what are the chances for me to get dependent visa based upon my previous record? we have a 3 years old kid and I’m working in middle east since last 6 years. Please advise.

sql server – Too many Partitions, removing older years

This is a follow-on to this question a few years ago Splitting Existing Partitions in SQL 2014 where now there are partition years for 2011 all the way to 2021.

I need to archive partitions 2011 to 2015 by moving the data from these partitions to a new table/database, and then archive this database, and remove the partitions for 2011 to 2015 from the original Log table.

I’m successfully moving the data out to a Log_Archive table with the following statement.

    SWITCH PARTITION $PARTITION.pfYearlyPartition_Log('20120101')
    TO dbo.Log_Archive PARTITION $PARTITION.pfYearlyPartition_Log_Archive('20120101');

What I’m not sure of is how I now remove that partition from the Log table, as it’s still there but with 0 rows within it. Can someone advise? You can see below I’ve successfully moved the data from Log to Log_Archive but I’m left with 0 rows in the original Log table that I want to remove.

enter image description here

I’m hoping I don’t need to re-partition the whole table as it’s very large.

python – Code to generate a random date of birth which will always represent an age less than 18 years from current date

  1. I want to generate a random date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy)which will
    represent an age equal to less than 18years old
  2. My requirement is to dynamically generate test data (date of birth)
    to negatively test a system which needs a date of birth (age) to be
    always greater than 18 years old
  3. The system which I am trying to test compares the user’s input
    D.O.B. with the current date and calculates the age, if the age is
    less than 18 years old then throws an error
  4. I have tried to create the below python snippet to generate a date
    of birth (for age less than 18 years old) and kindly need expert opinions to know if this
    is indeed the correct/best approach?
start_date = - relativedelta(years=18)
end_date =
time_between_dates = end_date - start_date
days_between_dates = time_between_dates.days
random_number_of_days = random.randrange(days_between_dates)
random_date = start_date + datetime.timedelta(days=random_number_of_days)
month = random_date.month
day =
year = random_date.year
# Once I have the the day, month, year then I can convert it in ISO date format as per my needs

raindog308’s Journeys: BuyVM, Pony-Powered in the LowEnd Market for 10+ Years!

Most of the companies appearing on LowEndBox submit offers requesting publication.  From time to time, we bring you other companies that our staff has discovered over the years.  Our goal is to provide a full range of options for you to consider in the vast LowEnd marketplace.  Enjoy!

Remember the first few Apple iPhones?  People stood in line – sometimes all night – outside Apple stores in order to be one of the first to lay their hands on them.  Believe it or not, there was a time when 128MB OpenVZ VMs were the same.

Ten years ago, if you wanted a 128 from BuyVM, you had to get up at 2am and wait until Fran (BuyVM’s owner, Francisco Dias) released stock.  There were web sites tracking BuyVM stock and people would wait to pounce on on a free server.

The $15/year 128MB was an early BuyVM innovation.  They also specialized in storage servers before they were popular.  Since their beginning, they’ve added innovations regularly, including

  • DDoS protection in the LowEnd market.  More common now, but it wasn’t when they started.  Many people offering DDoS-protected VPS today are just OVH resellers, but BuyVM has their own contracted DDoS protection.
  • Block storage volumes (“slabs” in their parlance)
  • Anycast VPSes
  • Offloaded SQL.  This was a cool add-on which allowed you to purchase a modest VPS (such as one of their 128s) and then offload your SQL to a much beefier dedicated SQL box.  They still offer this service for $1/mo.
  • Custom control panel.  Their panel – called Stallion – is completely home-developed, giving them a platform to continue innovating.

The company has had hiccups over the years, but has always responded well.  A large power failure in Las Vegas once knocked a lot of VMs offline but the company responded with full transparency is a case study in how to handle such issues.  There’s been some drama over BuyVM’s commitment to free speech – usually when someone in the mainstream media discovers they’re hosting something that particular media source doesn’t like (or BuyVM’s TOR Exit-friendly policies cause people to jump to wrong conclusions).  But these minor problems aside, they’ve been a solid provider for more than a decade.

With service in Las Vegas (NV), New York (NY), and Luxembourg, BuyVM continues to grow and move from strength to strength.  And the odds are to get a VM, you won’t need to get up at 2am to wait in line!

Now read more to see some offers!

Pricing current as of the date of this post.

Slice 512

  • 1 Core @ 3.50+ GHz
  • Fair Share CPU Usage
  • 512 MB Memory
  • 10 GB SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • $2.00 per month
  • (ORDER)

Slice 1024

  • 1 Core @ 3.50+ GHz
  • Fair Share CPU Usage
  • 1024 MB Memory
  • 20 GB SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • $3.50 per month
  • (ORDER)

Slice 2048

  • 1 Core @ 3.50+ GHz
  • Fair Share CPU Usage
  • 2048 MB Memory
  • 40 GB SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • $7.00 per month
  • (ORDER)

Slice 4096

  • 1 Core @ 3.50+ GHz
  • Dedicated CPU Usage
  • 4096 MB Memory
  • 80 GB SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • $15.00 per month
  • (ORDER)

All plans include a free DirectAdmin license!

See their Wiki for more information on available addons!


I’m Andrew, techno polymath and long-time LowEndTalk community Moderator. My technical interests include all things Unix, perl, python, shell scripting, and relational database systems. I enjoy writing technical articles here on LowEndBox to help people get more out of their VPSes.

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