I will do yellow pages / google scraping in 24 hours for $5

I will do yellow pages / google scraping in 24 hours

About This GigI’ll do yellow page data scraping 3000 leads within 24 hours.I’ll scrap them manually 1 by 1, so there’ll be no double data.I WILL GIVE YOU THE INFO OF:

  • Name of Business
  • Phone
  • Street Address
  • City
  • Zip
  • State
  • Email (If available)
  • Website (If available)
  • etc.

FILE FORMATS:Disclaimer: Scrapping doesn’t include 100% email capture, so if you want 100% emailfor all the data then It’ll be a different work, I’ll charge an additional fee of $10 per 100 emails.THANK YOU!


Nikon D40 has a rectangle with yellow ‘waves’ in it on the digital screen

The only thing that comes to my mind would be the histogram:

enter image description here

Hit the ‘play button’ so you see the single image (with histogram). Then hit the ‘up’ or ‘down’ buttons on the wheel on the right side of the back of the camera.

That cycles through two information screens, histogram and regular display.

d40 Nikon has a rectangle with yellow ‘waves’ in it on the digital screen

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black and white – How do I remove yellow discolouration from a scanned B&W photo in Photoshop?

I have a b&w photo that seems to have been impacted by sunlight. It’s not an overall yellow cast, but lots of imperfections. I have photoshop, and although not an experienced user, I have some knowledge of the basics such as healing brush. I get a little lost on layers and stuff. Could someone point me in the right direction of the best steps / YouTube videos etc to try and get back to b&w. Ideally I’d like to print it again. It’s my late father in the picture and it’s one of my favourites.image attached for reference. Many thanks

color – Why did eBay choose to go white over their yellow background?

Not that I liked the old yellow background, that was just straining on my eyes as well when I saw how the old site looked like. And I know their strategy was to make the change subtle. However, was there any reason for the change aside from the designer-of-the-day’s preference?

Is a pure white background generally better (if the user preference is “light mode” that is)? Over say something with a lower color temperature.

What are the minor yellow rectangles in Device Manager with exclamation mark, when "This device is working properly"?

What are the minor yellow rectangles in Device Manager with exclamation mark, when "This device is working properly"?

enter image description here

white balance – Why does temperature in Lightroom go from blue to yellow instead of orange to bright blue?

I was wondering why Adobe chose to have color temperature compensation be the B-channel of the LAB spectrum, as it does not look at all like the kelvin spectrum. Does the B-channel compliment Kelvin colors particularly well, or did they just do that because LAB can approximate human vision well? It can capture a wide range of colors and change colors without changing lightness, so I would have picked it too, but I wouldn’t have named it Kelvin because it doesn’t look anything like Kelvin and I’m pretty sure LAB is not based on Kelvin.
I know there’s already threads about this topic and I read them and there was some amazing answers about physics and history and ways to improve your photography but they never really touched on why the B-channel was used except one person who was guessing it was used because it approximated human vision.
Here are the threads I have already checked:

White balance color space

What is color temperature and how does it affect my photography?

Much appreciated!

EDIT: I was talking with Michael C and he says that Lightroom goes from blue to amber and I was wondering if I could get a second opinion because I’m color blind so I wouldn’t know for sure. I increased the temperature on this image to max. It appears yellow to me, not as dark as the amber from Kelvin, so is it just me?
A high temperature image

What does the blue square and a yellow equal sign mean?

Ive seen this symbol a few time on peoples cars and since it looks like my favicon Im curious what it actually stands for. Its just a blue square with a gold equal sign in the middle, do you know what it is?

dnd 5e – Does Yellow Mold continue to damage a creature that’s already at 0 HP (causing failed death saves)?

Yes, the creature continues taking the damage while at 0 HP

Being at 0 hit points does not cleanse a creature of any conditions unless the text of that condition says otherwise. Furthermore, a creature at 0 hit points is still a creature; therefore, they will still take damage at the start of their turns, thereby suffering a failed death saving throw.

They will not necessarily die after three rounds, however. If they roll a natural 20 on a death save, they will regain 1 hit point and become conscious again, causing their death saves to reset. A creature could feasibly survive until the end of the poisoned condition on this way. Alternatively, a creature might roll less than 10 on their first death saving throw and die after only two rounds. (It could even roll a nat. 1 on the first death save, which counts as 2 failures, and thus die at the start of its first turn after being reduced to 0 HP.)

flash – How would one remove yellow eyes instead of red eyes?

On a recent trip to Madagascar, we were able to capture some interesting animals during the night, where of course we used flash. The following photo is not made by me…

Madagascar 2007 - 1245

…but we have many with the same problem as in that photo: yellow eyes. Applying standard red eye post processing on it results in light grey, which looks equally unnatural as yellow.

I was wondering if anybody knows of an easy way to post process this into a natural look, other than of course manual painting, which is a painful exercise. One thing I have tried so far is selective color replacement, but that still is a very diligent process